Saturday, June 27, 2015

Diogenes' Middle Finger Turns Five

This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of the beginning of this little venture called Diogenes Middle Finger.  And I can say again this year, it has been by far the best year yet. It was never an intention, nor a dream to ever receive the recognition or the honors from fellow bloggers that it has. I thank my many blog brothers and sisters.   

And thanks in part to our new found fame being labeled as  "Unamerican / Uncosmopolitan Despicable Hooligans" as we are called by John Kerry, and our ongoing feud with the Hilton Hotel Chain, our growth in readership has increased at an amazing pace. I thank You All who come here and spend time.

This will be the last celebration of it's kind here until year number 10, that's if we last that long, and avoid being scooped up be the Secret Service or interred in Re-education Camp. 

So I must take time to thank my regular commenters for you wit and serious discussions on my topics (and for your corrections of my sometime poor English ;) ) and especially to my sometime collaborator and friend, The Incomparable Earl of Taint. And a Thank You to Cardigan for the generous linkage and all the gang at IOTWR, as well as my many readers from Michelle's Mirror
I pledged two things at the start (1- give readers something different than the same stuff they see on 20 other blogs they may read before they come here  (2- make them wonder what they will find if they do come back. I feel I've succeeded on both counts.

Thank You All for making what I do here worth the time and effort. - Jan