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The Midget Pissed Me Off Again!

Diogenes - 5/31/2012

Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration,  chairman of Common Cause and professional midget.

True Patriotism by Robert Reich
"True patriotism isn’t cheap. It’s about taking on a fair share of the burdens of keeping America going.
Those who earn tens of millions of dollars a year but pay less than 14 percent of their incomes in taxes, and argue the rich should pay even less, are not true patriots.
Those who defend indefensible tax loopholes, such as the “carried interest” loophole that allows private-equity managers to treat their incomes as capital gains even if they risk no income of their own, are not true patriots.
Those who avoid taxes by putting huge amounts of their earnings into IRAs via foreign tax shelters are not true patriots.
Those who want to cut programs that benefit the poor — Food stamps, child nutrition, Pell grants, Medicaid — so that they can get a tax cut for themselves and their affluent friends— are not true patriots." 

Some might think, Mr. Secretary, that this article is a shot across the bow of one man running for the highest office in the land. And they may be correct. But, when I read your words I cannot help but think of the eminence wealth of a dynastic group democrats rarely mention. That be THE KENNEDY'S. 
"Those who avoid taxes by putting huge amounts of their earnings into IRAs via foreign tax shelters are not true patriots."
Yes Mr. Reich, sheltered wealth allowed a whole generation of Kennedy's to screw and drunkenly stumble their way through American history. "Joe Kennedy set his family trusts so they would be hidden from public scrutiny and many details remain secrets known only to the Kennedys."

Much of the Kennedy wealth was made under the table during prohibition," in 1973 mob boss Frank Costello said he and Kennedy had been bootlegging partners." Much of Joseph P. Kennedy's fortune (estimated at about $400 million at the time of his death in 1969) remains off shore and" the complicated labyrinth of trusts, which dole out small amounts of money to the large Kennedy clan, are invested conservatively and run by financial experts whose goal is to maintain the principal." The trust are protected and the Kennedy's pay taxes only on the government pay they earn as politicians and environmental and society busy bodies.

And I find it quite interesting that one of the first acts by JFK after becoming the 35th president was to lower taxes from  90% to 65%, thus increase the family fortunes, but also as a result spurring economic growth that lasted well into the next decade (a point the leftist democrat's of today conveniently seem to not want to acknowledge). 
"Those who want to cut programs that benefit the poor — Food stamps, child nutrition, Pell grants, Medicaid — so that they can get a tax cut for themselves and their affluent friends— are not true patriots."
Please! For your propaganda here, Mr Secretary, I suggest you read Fuzzy's post below for a proper schooling on these points.....but I must add this, only 21% of students who qualify for Pell Grants finish their second year of education and go on to graduate - 21%! Seems some people shouldn't be wasting our tax money and should learn a craft or trade as a way into the middle class.  

And as for Medicaid, Mr. Obama and your party passed the  health reform law, set to rape the program of billions to pay for OBAMACARE.

Just another little detail that slipped your mind, I sure.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fuzzy's Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives: Number 2

From Fuzzy Slippers

Today’s contribution will examine the Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives: Number 2: Conservatives hate the poor.

"Where to start with this nonsense? I mean, it’s so patently absurd that it’s easy to dismiss, but we dismiss this one at our own peril. It’s their number 2 talking point, their number 2 reason for that annoyingly puffed up (and false) sense of superiority, their number 2 reason for thinking that they are “the compassionate ones,” and importantly, it’s their number 2 means of keeping disgruntled (D) voters in line. It’s also a complicated one to address because it means something so different to us than it does to them, but it gets straight to the heart of the gigantic difference in our ideologies, the heart–really–of what we mean when we think of “America” and “The American Dream...........”
Keep Reading 

Barack John George and Ringo


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God Bless Them All


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Youth Is Wasted Upon The Young...

Matthew - 5/26/2012
Matthew's Weekend Commentary

That little gem was uttered, I believe by Mark Twain, an American original. It is a truism that youngsters have no idea of what they have -- in fact, it's almost an indictment that youngsters have no idea...whatsoever. It was once axiomatic in my former field of work in the business world, that the best idea anyone under the age of 25 ever heard was usually also the last idea they ever heard. There is a tendency for those who are very young to simply parrot what they've been told, or to make great leaps to illogical conclusions based on faulty and unexplored premises.
 Which is fine: people have to make mistakes, or else they'll never learn anything, and youth is the time to make them.
 And then I was reminded of another pearl of wisdom regarding the stupidity of youth, this one uttered by Winston Churchill, a veritable dynamo of intellect, who said, vis-a-vis. the numbskull factor of the young and their politics:
“A man under the age of 30 who is not a liberal has no heart…a man over the age of 30 who is not a conservative, has no brain…”
The implication is that idealistic libtards eventually grow up, once they're confronted with reality. Unfortunately, many never do, and in this Modern World of ours where growing up is likened to something to be avoided like AIDS, one wonders if the efforts to restrain our youngsters to save them -- and by extension Us -- from their own stupidity is a battle that can be won.
Or, is it just easier to shut them out of the process altogether, figuring that perhaps raising the minimum voting age to 21, or 25, or what have you, will give some of these perpetual adolescents we seem to be raising time to mature?
In any case, it should be readily apparent to anyone with three functioning braincells is that the main problem with things like "Rock the Vote" or "Occupy ______" rallies is that they are, in the main, Leftoid movements which are directly targeted at perhaps the dumbest demographic in the world (other than African-American welfare mothers), that is to say, "the young people". And why not? They're perhaps one of the easiest groups of potential voters to manipulate, somewhere in the mix with Senior Citizens, Welfare Fraudsters and Public Union Workers.
The issue, besides the sheer ignorance of America's Youth, is the trend to translate vague 'feelings" into political movements and action, and the absolute mess this makes of the political system.
Which leads us to another quote, this one slightly paraphrased, and for the life of me, I cannot remember where I read this:
“(Modern) Liberalism is a movement of the ill-informed-but-well-intentioned, led by the well-informed-and ill-intentioned.”
We are now suffering under a regime which was, for the most part, imposed upon us by the youngest voters in America. Barack Odouchebag spoke to these dirty, drug-taking, self-absorbed little dipshits, mostly because he's one of them -- don't let the grey hair fool you; Obama is an adolescent in a man's body -- and partly because he, too, shares their mindless and illogical idealism. The same held true for JFK and Hubert Humphrey, and George McGovern back in the day.
 Which makes one wonder: why the fuck do we even bother listening to these whippersnappers? Why does anyone pay that much attention to a bunch of clueless dumbasses?
Which is exactly what Jonah Goldberg was asking just the other day (a wonderful video!).
And to prove the point that "the best idea was the last idea" meme, try this video on for size. At least in this one, someone took the trouble to convert the poor, demented little bastard to the correct point of view.


Get Your's While Supplies Last!!!


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The Commencement Address That Won’t Be Given

Diogenes - 5/25/2012

By Robert Reich

Members of the Class of 2012,
As a former secretary of labor and current professor, I feel I owe it to you to tell you the truth about the pieces of parchment you’re picking up today. You’re f*cked.

Well, not exactly. But you won’t have it easy.
First, you’re going to have a hell of a hard time finding a job. The job market you’re heading into is still bad. Fewer than half of the graduates from last year’s class have as yet found full-time jobs. Most are still looking.
That’s been the pattern over the last three graduating classes: It’s been taking them more than a year to land the first job. And those who still haven’t found a job will be competing with you, making your job search even harder.
Contrast this with the class of 2008, whose members were lucky enough to get out of here and into the job market. Almost three-quarters of them found jobs within the year.
You’re still better off than your friends who didn’t graduate. Overall, the unemployment rate among young people (21 to 24 years old) with four-year college degrees is now 6.4 percent. With just a high school degree, the rate is double that.
But even when you get a job, it’s likely to pay peanuts.
Last year’s young college graduates lucky enough to land jobs had an average hourly wage of only $16.81, according to a new study by the Economic Policy Institute. That’s about $35,000 a year.  The typical wage of young college graduates dropped 4.6 percent between 2007 and 2011, adjusted for inflation.
Presumably this means that when we come out of the gravitational pull of the recession your wages will improve. But there’s a longer-term trend that should concern you.
Don’t get me wrong. A four-year college degree is still valuable. Over your lifetimes, you’ll earn about 70 percent more than people who don’t have the pieces of parchment you’re picking up today.
But this parchment isn’t as valuable as it once was. So much of what was once considered “knowledge work” – the kind that college graduates specialize in – can now be done more cheaply by software. Or by workers with college degrees in India or East Asia, linked up by Internet.
For many of you, your immediate problem is that pile of debt on your shoulders. In a few moments, when you march out of here, those of you who have taken out college loans will owe more than $25,000 on average. Last year, ten percent of college grads with loans owed more than $54,000. Your parents have also taken out loans to help you. Loans to parents for the college educations of their children have soared 75 percent since the academic year 2005-2006.
Outstanding student debt now totals over $1 trillion. That’s more than the nation’s total credit-card debt.
The extraordinary rise in student debt is due to two related facts: the cost of a college education continues to increase faster than inflation, and state and local spending per college student continues to drop – this year reaching a 25-year low.
But this can’t go on. If unemployment stays high for many years, if the wages of young college grads continue to fall, if the costs of college continue to rise, and if the college debt burden therefore continues to explode – well, you do the math.
At some point in the not-too-distant future these lines cross. College is no longer a good investment.
That’s a problem for you and for those who will follow you into these hallowed halls, but it’s also a problem for America as a whole.
You see, a college education isn’t just a private investment. It’s also a public good. This nation can’t be competitive globally, nor can we have a vibrant and responsible democracy, without a large number of well-educated people.
So it’s not just you who are burdened by these trends. If they continue, we’re all f*cked.

Yes, Mr. Secretary, you may be right of the plight of the Class of 2012. But you fail to mention your part in the situation they your administration, the Clinton administration to be exact, with your blessing partook in the largest transfer of American (military and industrial) high technology to the world, costing us high wage jobs needed to remain a world leader. And your guy Obama's economic policies have stifled growth and do nothing to create jobs of any kind here for highly educated graduates, much less a common man. Yes Mr. Secretary, we're all F*ck as you say, as long as debt continues to pile up, and we spend more as you recommend.

As for the price of an education, there's not enough room here to rant about expensive universities paying stables of  professors absorbent amounts of money to write books and columns instead of the teaching they were hired to do.........  

Fishnet Friday


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Al-Qaeda Prepares for U.S. Drawdown

Diogenes - 5/24/2012
In 1998 Pakistan successful detonated a nuclear device, and soon to follow was a dangerous border standoff with the nation of India to it's south. Today the Pakistan/ Afghanistan border wilderness to the north has a strong presences of Al-Qaeda ready to retake areas now heavily patrolled by NATO and American troops. Withdrawal in 2014 will leave a country vulnerable to the Al-Qaeda warriors bent on revenge.
Having declared the Pakistani military as an apostate force (one that has left the fold of Islam), the emerging Al-Qaeda strategy appears to be targeted at damaging the Pakistan Army's image in the eyes of Pakistani Muslims, assassinating its senior officers through selective killings, and following the draw-down of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2014 annihilating the institution of Pakistan Army thoroughly and executing its personnel for collaborating with the United States.
It appears that Al-Qaeda is seeking to achieve two objectives through this strategy: first, damage the image of Pakistan Army in the eyes of Muslims worldwide but especially in Pakistan; second, divide the loyalty of Pakistani soldiers to their commanders and recruit them to the cause of jihad and Islam. The new Al-Qaeda strategy poses a serious risk for the Pakistani armed forces. This risk is not unreal, as several large-scale terror attacks have taken place in Pakistan recently, revealing the involvement of Pakistani soldiers.
Al-Qaeda leaders began reviewing the role of Pakistan Army a few years ago, perhaps the first trigger being the killing of Arab fighters in Pakistani military operations in the tribal region along the Afghan border.
Ayman Al-Zawahri
Late last month Ayman Al-Zawahri, the successor to Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, appeared in a video to explain the justifications for jihad against the Pakistan and Pakistan Army. In the video, which was recorded sometime in the aftermath of the 2011 U.S. raid on the Salala check-post in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed, Al-Zawahiri sought to play on the Pakistani people's anti-U.S. sentiments, stressing that the U.S. cannot be a reliable partner and urging people to rise up against the Pakistan Army.
In the months following the killing of Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda's statements on the Pakistan Army's relationships with Muslims became more frequent. This trend is likely to continue in the coming years, especially if the Pakistani military continues to carry out security operations against the Taliban and other militant groups in the Pakistani border region.
The threat to annihilate the institution of Pakistan Army ,though not an easy task for Al-Qaeda, cannot be taken lightly, as the terrorist organizations are expected to find a surplus of jihadists in the Afghanistan and Pakistan region after the drawdown of U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan in 2014.
Telegraphing your intentions to an enemy shows the very weakness terrorist take advantage of.  And then there is the problem of the nukes, where are they and who has them?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CIA Releases Translated Bin Laden Journal


I Had That Dream Again...........


Is Ohio Slipping Away from Obama?

Diogenes - 5/23/2012

Earlier this weekend, 'The Architect' Karl Rove said that Indiana and North Carolina were gone for President Obama’s re-election. Based on Salena Zito’s article, it’s sounding like Ohio is slipping through President Obama’s fingers, too.

What Ms. Zito’s reporting indicates is that Axelrod and Plouffe have reason to worry that Ohio is slipping away from President Obama. Again, it's still early but it's apparent there's no reservoir of good will from Ohioans towards President Obama. If he wins Ohio, it'll have to be because of something substantive he does from this point forward.

In fact, the quotes in this article indicate that opinions are hardening each day. That's trouble for the Obama campaign. Adding Ohio to Indiana and North Carolina spells trouble. It's also 45 electoral votes. Subtract 45 electoral votes from 338 and you're at 293. That means his path to re-election is tricky at best. At that point, President Obama has to keep Virginia's 15 electoral votes in his column. It also means he can't afford to lose Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado or Florida.

Losing Florida, Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina spells defeat for Team Obama.  

It’s that simple.

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Win Yourselves a Leftist Icon Figurine

The Cultural Experts (?) at Dangerous Minds are giving away a genuine Leftist Cultural Icon Doll of the greasy Beat Poet and notorious pedophile / most famous NAMBLA member, Allen Ginsberg. A perfect companion to your Che Guevara hero action figure.
From the website:
"Awesome six inch tall figurine of the king poet of the Beat generation, Allen Ginsberg. Comes with Uncle Sam top hat, glasses, beaded necklace, a groovy coat plus a CD of Allen live at the Knitting Factory in 1995! The CD includes five previously unreleased spoken word pieces. The perfect addition to your shrine to the awesomeness that is the Beats! Figure designed by Archer Prewitt of The Cocktails and The Sea and Cake!"

"Post your caption in our comment section and Dangerous Minds’ readers (the most discerning readers on the planet) will pick the winner by clicking the “like” button. The caption that gets the most likes, wins!"
"The contest will run through Memorial Day weekend and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 29. Good luck and have fun."
(My devil horns appear).... I could think of quite a few caption for the contest picture....... 
No word on whether included with the prize is your very own NAMBLA membership.

Is Criticizing Bain Working for Obama?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Said "No" when asked if Obama is "angry" at the Democrats such as Newark N.J. Mayor Cory Booker who criticized Obama for attacking Romney over Bain Capital supposedly destroying jobs.

I think we all know better......


Guess He should Work on His People Skills


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Hard Decisions at the G8

 The debate was long and heated.
Finally, around 2am, the the G8 had come to a decision. It didn’t make
everyone happy but a good consensus rarely does.

They would play Cranium first.

Florida Digs Up 53,000 Dead Voters

Set to Purge Voter Rolls
Democrat Opposition in  3....2...1...

J. Christian Adams at PJ Media has learned that Florida election officials are set to announce that the secretary of state will purge the voter rolls of the dead. Surely in a hotly contested state like Florida, a political party well known for their voter fraud tactics and a vulnerable  sitting President wouldn't think of taking advantage of having dead voters on the rolls during election year, now would they......
Read his Story Here 

A Good Monday Morning


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obama's Strategery

Matthew's Weekend Commentary
Okay, I can finally see it now; the Grand Strategery (as George W. Bush would say) by which one Barack Hussein Obama figures to win re-election this November.
Mind you, it was incredibly difficult for me to discern the President's master plan, as it was cloaked in such marvelous subtlety, such painstakingly nuanced language and symbolism, and a healthier-than-usual dose of democratic party crapspeak, that one would have just thought the President an incompetent boob in way over his head at first blush.
However, that facade of stupidity, that shield of sheer Carter-like mediocrity, that veneer of maladroitness has been, all along, merely the cover under which the masterstroke that will ensure victory in 2012 was concealed.
It has to be thus: for no one could be this amateurish, this ineffective, this confused, inept and bungling, even deliberately so.
So, it would appear that Barack Obama will run on the following platform come this election season: 
1. He will continue to lie through his teeth about the economy.  He will cite obviously-cooked government numbers that no one in their right mind believes. He will continue to insist that, economically, up is down, in is out, black is white, that ever-ballooning Federal Deficits and National Debt are actually good things -- investments in the future, as he likes to call them. Obama will continue to try to sell a bill of goods that a federal government that takes more more money out of circulation -- through higher taxes and increased entitlement spending -- at the same time that it continues to pump MORE cash into the economy through a 24/7/365 printing press operation and equally-disastrous "quantitative easing" programs. is just the economic medicine that we need.
 Obama will continue to beat the drum of Class Warfare, trying to pit the Evil Rich (whom he can't seem to stop asking for money with which to berate and attack them, and assholes that they must be, they keep giving it to him) against the Permanent and Professional Poor, citing the emotionally-appealing argument about "fairness" that he's made for near-on four years, but has yet to adequately explain in a way that actually makes sense.
 Soon, very soon, Obama will suddenly "pivot" (lie) and refute three years of his own economic policy, demanding a (mostly -symbolic) reduction in taxes, a (mostly-symbolic) lessening of the regulatory burden, demanding sudden accountability from a government apparatus -- his own base of support --that leaks money like a sieve.
 There will be a continued insistence on throwing money down the toilet in the form of "government investments" in Green Energy, the Educational Establishment, new-and-improved mortgage scams that basically will allow deadbeats to keep their houses -- at least for a few months longer -- at taxpayer expense, more Cash-for-Clunkers type stupidity, in other words, economic policies which do nothing to improve the economy as a whole, but do everything to destroy resources that otherwise might have gone to raise general standards of living (thus making people too comfortable and, therefore, not needing government intervention in their lives). This is still the best way to go, according to Obama, even though it is obvious that these policies do nothing to improve the employment situation and only pile up heavier and heavier debts.
 Barack Obama does not know how to fix the American economy, because he knows nothing about economics; this much has been clear since Day One of this Administration. Three-plus years of the worst experience one might imagine on the topic has convinced Obama that the way to go is to simply double-down on stupid and hope no one notices.
2. The Obama Machine will continue it's largely manufactured "winning issue" of a so-called Conservative War on Women. The fact that this ersatz blitzkrieg against the fairer sex was, in fact, started by his own side over an issue which means ultimately nothing, will be conveniently forgotten by most people with room-temperature IQ's, and vehemently denied by most democratic talking heads and Obama surrogates on television and in the press.
The issue was, and always is, abortion. It may be wrapped in other guises -- a fight over subsidized birth control, the funding of Planned Parenthood under the screen of providing breast cancer screenings, and so forth -- but it always about abortion, the Birth Control of Last Resort, and the only way a Feminist can ever truly express her complete contempt for both freedom and human life. It is a false flag issue, a red herring designed to whip the libtard foot soldiers up into a frenzy, and to distract their opponents by making them have to answer false allegations and charges, taking them off message which is "it's still the economy, and we're not stupid..."
 Expect more of this teacup tempest gender guerrilla warfare in the weeks to come. Pretty soon, we'll see a congressional food fight over several domestic violence bills before the House, we'll probably be treated to a few dog-and-pony shows over private sector hiring practices, more nonsense coming soon on things like family leave policies, and what have you, that will all be woven into the fabric of this make-believe War on Women.
 Please note that the actual people who may be carrying on an actual war -- like the people who put out that Obama Campaign Julia presentation -- will wrap themselves in the noble mantle of "fighting for Women's freedoms" while they make the argument that the only truly free and equal woman is one who is a slave to the government with the ability to abort her inconvenient children.
3. In foreign affairs, the strategy seems to go something like this:
 a. Stall on Iran, hiding behind the fig leaf of "diplomacy" which anyone with two functioning brain cells knows hasn't got a snowball's chance in Hades of ever working.
 b. Hide behind the U.N. and E.U. and NATO as often as possible.
 c. Negotiate our eventual surrender to the Taliban and withdrawal from Afghanistan,leaving a significant terrorist infrastructure in place, because God forbid we're not building schools and teaching Afghans not to wipe their asses with the same hand they eat with before we've actually defeated the enemy.
 d. Cower before the Chinese, either out of pure cravenness, or perhaps out of sympathy between the Obama Administration and the Chinese Communists Party. After all, it's not like one is able to distinguish one from the other, most days.
 e. Continue to let the Chinese and Russians cornhole us, and dictate our course of action on a wide variety of issues, including Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Energy independence, missile defense, economics, and so forth.
 f. Continuing to avoid having to explain the bizarre notion that the Muslim Brotherhood was a democratic force for good in Egypt, that American involvement in war in Libya was in the national interest, while inaction in Syria is somehow an enlightened policy. I'm still waiting to hear how Candidate Obama -- who opposed America at War in Iraq -- justifies War in Libya in terms that don't include the phrases "The Arab League", "The United Nations", "The European Union"..
 Barack Obama will try to sell you the following bill of goods: the world is more peaceful than it ever was under his tutelage. America is once again respected around the world. we have strengthened old alliances and made progress against the enemies of freedom. We have "won" the War on man-Caused Catastrophe, or whatever they're calling it this week, and the proof is that Usama Bin Laden git his fuckin' face shot off, dude!
4. In domestic affairs, Obama will champion-while-not-really-championing fringe social issues, particularly Gay Marriage. It was vintage Obama to come out in favor of Same-Sex Marriage in the same week that it was soundly rejected in North Carolina (imagine this: Obama heads into the convention in Charlotte, beating the drum for gay nuptials, in the middle of a state that overwhelmingly and publicly rejected such a thing), calling for more understanding and less rancor, while promising to do everything he could to eliminate the obstacles between Lance and Brad and that $14,000 Vera Wang wedding dress, except...
 ..that there's not a whole lot that Obama can do, even as President.
 Marriage is defined and licensed by the States, not the federal Government. So, Obama has pledged unyielding support to an issue he can hardly do a thing to advance. Which is pretty much the story of the entire Obama Administration to date, so don't be disappointed; you voted for this slug, and this is what you got.
 This is terrific red meat for the Leftard Base, but it ultimately costs Obama more votes than it gets him, when you stop to consider that African-Americans, in particular, are vehemently opposed to gay Marriage.
 On other domestic fronts, Obama will continue to play the race card at every opportunity. In fact, he's having the entire deck re-stacked with nothing but race cards, and they should be flying faster-and-more-furiously the closer we get to his Doomsday. In the coming weeks, asking Eric Holder to answer subpoenas from Congress on Fast and Furious and things like that will be condemned as "racist". Any republican that steps forward against this or that bit of federal welfare spending will be tarred with the epithet "racist". It will soon be "racist' to even mention Barack Obama in polite conversation if you're white. The election will be cast as an Us vs. Them sort of convention, with a return to Jim Crow and full-blown Slavery with all the AIDS you can handle should Obama be defeated.
 ObamaCare will still be touted as the Greatest Thing, Evah! Despite the fact that it STILL doesn't truly kick in for another 2 years, no one STILL knows just what the fuck is in it, and the Supreme Court just might strike the whole thing down as unconstitutional, anyway. That sort of defeat will be painted as a victory for the racist republicans who hate women, children, the elderly and Blacks, and who want to live in a world up to their armpits in filthy air and water.
 You will hear more of the "obstructionist Republican" meme that has been an Obama standby for the last two years, despite the fact that his own democratic-majority Senate hasn't brought a single bill of consequence up for a vote, and hasn't submitted a single budget proposal during the entire Obama regime.
 The Obamatards will distance themselves from the Occupy Wall Street movement they once fostered, after the truth about such collections of hippies could no longer be hidden; these are lazy, disgusting, violent retards, with a criminal and terrorist fringe, gathered under the banner of the democratic party for no good reason and to do little else but disrupt, cause chaos and intimidate. What once looked like a potentially valuable adjunct to the Obama campaign has now been disowned faster than the proverbial red-headed stepchild.
 Expect electoral day violence. Expect voter fraud accusations up the ying-yang. Expect to see huge crowds of union goons and Black panthers and Nation of Islam dipshits standing outside poling places ready to beat up and intimidate people doing their civic duty -- and possibly saving their own lives -- and voting for Anybody But Obama.
 It'll all be hyperbole 24/7/365 from now until Election day, and even then, expect trouble; if you thought the Al Gore Extended temper Tantrum in the fall of 2000 was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Obama people (particularly Michelle) are perfectly capable of taking Sore Loser-hood to newer and uncharted heights.
So, in a nutshell; Barack Obama's strategy is to continue that which he has done from Day One, which is to lie, to dissemble, to split hairs, to make shit up as he goes along. He will continue to gloat over his one, real victory (the killing of Usama Bin Laden), and portray all of his failures -- too many to list here -- as the results of obstructionism, racism, sexism, class-ism, et. al., in a repeat of the infamous Soviet meme of "a conspiracy of Reactionary forces against the Revolution". It's a sorry state of affairs.
Then again, Barack Obama was always a sorry excuse for a president.
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Asshat of the Year: Are Republicans ‘Manchurian Candidates’?

Oh, How original be he......
On Friday’s basement dwelling MSNBC's  Martin Bashir show, New York Times economic columnist Paul Krugman added new dimensions to the art of hyperbolic overstatement when he wondered aloud whether the GOP in Congress wholly consisted of moles attempting to “bring down America” from within. When asked by Bashir if House Majority Leader Rep. John Boehner was working to “further undermine America’s standing” in his efforts to insist that the debt ceiling not be raised again without accompanying spending cuts, Krugman agreed and said “Sometimes you do wonder if these guys are moles –Manchurian Candidates – for I don’t know who.”
Krugman stated that President Barack Obama had correctly embraced the counterintuitive notion that the way to avoid succumbing to the fate of debt-laden Greece is to "run an unsustainable high national debt." In Mr. Krugman's world there is never enough taxation and government spending despite the common knowledge Keynesian economics is proven a failure. 
No Mr. Krugman, I suggest you stick your head out of that Ivory Tower and really look at what your chosen savior has done to this country.

It has been said repeatedly, but only because it so often bears repeating, that it was Krugman who took to his blog in the New York Times hours after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot through the head by an extremist, to blame the episode on Republicans. And for his 9/11 Anniversary column was awarded the prestigious Diogenes' 2011 AssHat of the Year Award  by unanimous vote.
Once again Mr. Krugman, My Middle Finger Salutes You!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Obama Inserts Himself in More Than Just Presidential Bios


On the Road with Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden was on the road Friday to tout one of the successes of the Obama administration's  economic recovery and job creation policies. He visited the scene of two newly created lawn maintenance jobs at one of Virginia's area most historic places.   

While speaking at Thomas Jefferson's historic home, Monticello,  Biden paid tribute to the founding father and nation's third President, telling an audience of supporters, “We must never forget the wisdom of Jefferson, and his wife, Wheezy.”

Biden said that “at a time of our history when the American people needed leadership, it was Jefferson who said the immortal words, ‘We’re movin’ on up.’  Proudly speaking of America's greatness he said Let us have the ingenuity of Benjamin Franklin, who invented the electric chair, let us have the honesty of George Washington who told his father that he chopped down a cherry tree because it was blocking his view of the Potomac , and let us also have Washington's perseverance which he demonstrated during that harsh winter at Valley's Gorge.”
And of American hero, Paul Revere he said, “In his famous cry, ‘One if by land, two if by row boat,’ Paul Revere proved that you don’t have to know how to count higher than two to be a great American.”

At the end of his speech in Monticello, the Vice President said that he was excited to be on his way to speak at Arsenio Hall in Philadelphia, “the home of the Taco Bell.”

 Biden leads supporters in a chorus of 'Movin' on Up'

Obama's Famous Kenyan Spaghetti Maker

The Looking
Check it Out!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third Annual Biden Clown Bash for the Press

NBC biggie Tom Brokaw’s criticism of press schmoozing with the president and his team hasn’t put the kabosh on one of the most exclusive annual newsie-administration love-ins: Vice President Joe and Jill Biden’s Beach Boardwalk Bash.

Reporters who’ve received the invitation to the third annual shindig say it occurs Saturday June 9 from 1-3:30 p.m at their Naval Observatory home. The event in the past has been focused on kids and complete with clowns, plates of chicken nuggets, pizza, waterslides and super soaker guns.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One and Half Men

Adaptation of a photo found on facebook

Fuzzy's Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives: Number 3

From Fuzzy Slippers

So we’ve seen the Number 5 (Conservatives are fascists) and Number 4 (Conservatives are anti-science Neanderthals) lies that Leftists believe about conservatives, so let’s explore Number 3:


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ringling Brothers Circus Sues Obama Administration

Contemplates Suing Democrat Party

Middle Finger News Service - Ringling Brothers Circus is suing the White House for infringements on the copyright claim of  ‘The Biggest Circus In The World ’. The Ringling Brothers, for a century the largest traveling circus on the circuit, is now upset that the White House and Democrat party are now stepping on their trademark and cutting into their business.

Our clowns are at least professional!” stated Ringling Manager Pepe Roni , a midget trapezes artist with the circus.  “When we get laughs it is because we intend to. And we don't wear no three piece suits trying to look normal.  Believe me, the world is not a happy place when the clowns are pissed off!"
“It’s disgusting.” said Sue Flay, the Amazon strong-woman. “I put on a quality act wrestling boa constrictors and throwing cannon balls through stone walls, things that take real nerve and talent, and here's that crazy ass Debbie Wasserman Shitts going on stage acting a fool, talking out her ass and gets big buck contributions from all the lard butted businessmen who really just want to get in her pants. It is so unfair!”
“They are all cutting into our territory.” said Craven Moorehead, the chief clown and part time manure raker for the the circus. “We all spend years in clown school to perfect our craft, spending hours cramming into small cars, learning more about makeup application than Revlon will ever know and we get sidelined by this First Lady who obviously pays an ex-clown to dress her an give fashion tips. An those patent black leather shoe conformists like Nancy Pelosi who stand totally still on stage ranting like bad lunatic comedian about this amendment or that and they get all the air time in the world. And who the hell does her makeup, Stevie Wonder? They never have to endanger themselves with a prat fall or get shot out of a cannon. No! The worse thing they ever sprain is their jaw from so much blabbering."
Tess Steckle, the gate cashier and most normal person we could find to interview had this to say; “It is just disgusting. In all my years at the circus I have seen our people endangering life and limb to entertain people and these amateur clowns get more camera time than we have gotten since the fucking tent burned down in Pittsburgh back in 68'. They get Ma and Pa Small Town U.S.A. to come to their rallies and the media to cover them every time they fart . How are we to compete with that?”
Clown Car driver Jim Shorts ask us  “Why is it that America looks now to Joe Biden, mush-mouth Barney Frank and a sorry Bozo like Jay Carney and all these others for their comic relief? We're the ones out here trying to put on a professional show! These others are all rank amateurs. We're thinking of changing over to wearing suits to compete. I never thought I would see the day we'd have to stoop to being straight, but it appears to be the only way we can keep up with these guys. It is so humiliating!”
The Washington Law Firm of  Soo,Yu & Lovett have been retained to represent Ringling Brother. The White House legal team refuse comment from their weekly Ping Pong tournament at the time of this writing. 

The Liberal Disappointment in Obama

Diogenes -Tuesday, May 15
If you trace liberals disappointment with Barak Obama to its origins, to try to pinpoint the moment when his zealous supporters realized that this was "Not Change They Could Believe In", the souring probably began  in December, 2008, when Obama announced that conservative Evangelical pastor Rick Warren would speak at his inauguration.  MSNBC's Ricky Maddow rode the story almost nightly: “I think the problem is getting larger for Barack Obama.” Negative 34 days into the start of the Obama presidency, the honeymoon was over. 
Since then, the left's gloom has only deepened, as Obama compromise alternated with Obama failure. Liberals speak of Obama in unceasingly despairing terms. “I’m exhausted from defending you,” one supporter confessed to Obama at a town-hall meeting last year.
Justin Ruben, executive director, told the Washington Post, "We are all incredibly frustrated and  disappointed in Obama". The assessments appear equally judgmental among the most left-wing and the most moderate of Obama’s supporters  In early 2004, Democrats, by a 25-point margin, described themselves as “more enthusiastic than usual about voting.” At the beginning of 2008, the margin had shot up to over 60 percentage points. Now as many Democrats say they're less enthusiastic about voting this election.
The cultural enthusiasm sparked by Obama’s candidacy drained away almost immediately after his election. All the passion now lies with the critics, and it is hard to find a liberal willing to muster any stronger support than halfhearted drivel about the tough situation Obama inherited, or vague hope that maybe in a second term he can really start doing things.  Obama has already given up on any hope of running a positive reelection campaign and is girding up for a grim slog of a negative campaign, with the full compliance by some Republican haters in the vintage media. 
Why are lefties so desperately unhappy with the Obama presidency?
Liberals are dissatisfied with Obama because liberals, on the whole, are incapable of feeling satisfied with a Democratic president. They can be happy with the idea of a Democratic president,  dancing-in-the-streets delirious, but not with the real thing. 
For almost all of the past 60 years, liberals have been in a near-constant emotional state of despair, punctuated only by brief moments of euphoria and occasional rage. When they're not in charge, things are so bleak they threaten to move to Canada; it’s almost more excruciating when they do win elections, and their presidents fail in essentially the same ways: He is too accommodating, too timid, preaches to the choir  but unable to inspire the people. (Except for LBJ, who was a bloodthirsty warmonger.)
 Chris Matthews, who famously thrilled to Obama’s inspirational rhetoric, now complains, “Word is out that Obama is a ‘transactional’ politician.” Jon Stewart put it in even more anguished terms, expressing his disappointment that politics itself did not change under Obama: “He ran on this idea that the system and the methodology are corrupt. It felt like the country was upset enough that he had the momentum needed to reevaluate how business is done. Instead, when he got elected, he acted as though the system is so entrenched that it has to be managed.”
The unhappy moderate liberals seem to be the most irritated component of Obama’s let-down supporters. Enraged left-wing bloggers may harbor unrealistic notions of what Democrats could achieve, but they are at least correct that Obama does share their goals. I believe liberal melancholy hangs not so much on substantive objections but on something more emotional:
A general feeling that Obama turned out not to be Their Ronald Reagan.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Monday Morning


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Bad Week in O' Town

Anytime an incumbent is below 45% in approval ratings, that incumbent should hire a real estate agent because his time is up.

This polling should trouble Axelrod, Obama and Plouffe:
"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Mitt Romney earning 50% of the vote and President Obama attracting 42% support. Four percent (4%) would vote for a third party candidate, while another three percent (3%) are undecided. This is terrible news for President Obama. It’s one thing to be trailing at this point. It’s another thing when 60% of likely voters are rejecting President Obama’s message and his ‘accomplishments’."
We haven’t seen numbers this bad since George H.W. Bush ran for re-election. We know what happened that year, don’t we?
This polling is tied directly to Obama’s unpopular policies decisions and ‘accomplishments’. Obama knows that he can’t win if the conversation is about O’Care, the stimulus, the failed economy and the regulatory overreach by the NLRB and the EPA.
If that’s what we’re talking about this September and October, Michelle Obama will be thinking about where she, President Obama, Sasha and Malia will live the rest of their lives.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Giving Up on Conservatism

Euripides Throws in the Towel.....Kinda
By Euripides@Self Evident Truths

I give up. I'm tired of defending conservatism, so I've decided to give it up in favor of becoming a liberal.

Let's face it, being a modern liberal is a lot easier than defending the Constitution, social institutions, religion, or capitalism. It's also a lot easier to give in to an ideology where I no longer have to be responsible for my actions or my decisions, since, if they agree with liberalism, that is all that really matters. It's much easier to believe what I'm told to believe and to do what I'm told to do. Personal responsibility is so freeing. Plus, there are many benefits to becoming a liberal:

1) No matter how dumb I may sound, other liberals, and especially the media will never question my intelligence.

2) I can now claim group status with any oppressed group I want to, and gain government benefits and entitlements just by virtue of my claim. I can also say whatever I want to about my chosen group and be treated as if I were a spokesman, er, spokesperson for all. Anyone who disagrees with my status in the group is a racist.

3) I no longer have to give to charity, saving myself a lot of money in the process, as I can now just tell rich people to pay more taxes to support government programs that will benefit me. Hence, I can feel compassionate and superior without really having to do anything myself.

 4) I can now take the moral high ground on every issue by telling anyone who disagrees with me that he or she is a racist......."
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