Monday, September 30, 2013

DNC Finances in Shambles

And these are the same people who say Republicans
are irresponsibly funding our government?

FORTUNE -- There's another budget crisis in Washington, and it's unfolding inside the Democratic party. The Democratic National Committee remains so deeply in the hole from spending in the last election that it is struggling to pay its own vendors.

It is a highly unusual state of affairs for a national party -- especially one that can deploy the President as its fundraiser-in-chief -- and it speaks to the quiet but serious organizational problems the party has yet to address since the last election, obscured in part by the much messier spectacle of GOP infighting.
The Democrats' numbers speak for themselves: Through August, 10 months after helping President Obama secure a second term, the DNC owed its various creditors a total of $18.1 million, compared to the $12.5 million cash cushion the Republican National Committee is holding.
Several executives at firms that contract to provide services to the party -- speaking anonymously to avoid antagonizing what remains an important if troubled client -- describe an organization playing for time as they raise alarms about past-due bills falling further behind...."

Don’t worry, America. Congress will still get paid.

Naked DC
"No matter what happens over the course of the next 72 hours, you can officially relax, America. Because while you might lose your social services and lesser government workers may end up having a few unpaid days off work, in the event of a government shutdown, Congress still gets their paychecks, so it’s all going to be just fine. 
'We are also hearing that Members are starting to ask increasing administrative questions about the well being of their staff…and privately, asking questions if they can use their own salaraies [sic] to pay staff if there is a shutdown. This is an interesting question…as Members ARE paid if there is a shutdown. That’s because the 27th Amendment to the Constitution prohibits a “varying” of pay for House and Senate members…without an intervening House election. During the ’95-’96 shutdowns, there was a voluntary suspension of pay for members...."
"Technically, most of them probably don’t deserve to be paid while Congress is in session, so paying them not to work when it’s out of session isn’t a vast difference. A government shutdown only affects things the government deems “non-essential” or “discretionary,” which includes most departments not immediately and explicitly authorized by the Constitution. While we might consider Congress non-essential, it’s highly unlikely that the current group of bipedal apes running the legislative branch will agree." 

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

True Blue Liars

Paul Joseph Watson
"In a wide-ranging interview published today by the Guardian, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh  savages the US media for failing to challenge the White House on a whole host of issues, from NSA spying, to drone attacks, to aggression against Syria. Hersh added that the Obama administration habitually lies but they continue to do so because the press allows them to get away with it....."
“It’s pathetic, they are more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on this guy [Obama],” Hersh told the Guardian. During the rest of the Guardian interview, which is well worth reading in its entirety, Hersh lambastes the corporate press and particularly the New York Times, which he says spends “so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would.”
“The republic’s in trouble, we lie about everything, lying has become the staple,” concluded Hersh."
Read the Complete Interview 

Israel TV: Iran will have enough uranium for bomb in 2 months

Talk Straight - Hours after an Israeli newspaper quoted a government security source saying that Iran already has at least one nuclear bomb, Israel’s leading Arab affairs analyst offered only a slightly less dramatic assessment, saying the regime in Tehran was no more than “one to two months away” from having sufficient 92% enriched uranium to build its first bomb.

Ehud Yaari, the veteran analyst of Israel’s top-rated Channel 2 TV News, added that Iran also had more sophisticated centrifuges becoming available soon that could cut that time down to just “two or three weeks.”

But I thought the Iranians promised Obama and Kerry that they only wanted nuclear power for electricity or some other peaceful, helping the little folks reason.

I mean, they wouldn’t be calculating and so sinister as to pretend to be nice and friendly just so they can be afforded the time, by a couple of gullible bafoons, to complete a nuclear bomb. Naw! That’s just silly.

Fishnet Friday

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Abortion Diva Goes for Texas Governor's Seat

The Associated Press reports Davis, who is scheduled to announce her political plans Oct. 3, will jump into the race to succeed Republican Gov. Rick Perry. The AP story is based on two unnamed Democrats with knowledge of her decision.

Davis has become a Democratic Party sensation across the country for her marathon filibuster in June against a bill to restrict abortion. Though the Fort Worth lawmaker temporarily succeeded in blocking the bill, the measure eventually passed the Legislature and was signed into law by Perry.

Despite her near-celebrity status among Democrats, Davis would have an uphill fight in a campaign for governor. No Democrat has won a statewide Texas office since 1994.

An Absolutely Priceless Performance

H/T Mad Jack

The U.N. Convenes for Annual International Circle Jerk

It’s late September, so that means the United Nations has convened its annual General Assembly and International Circle Jerk / Political Masturbation conference in New York this week. Right now world statesmen are gathering together to make speeches, eat expensive food, and enjoy New York's finest Ladies of the Evening and gay night clubs. They certainly won’t be solving any problems, because as everybody knows the UN isn’t for that. It’s for, … talking and paying transnational bureaucrats extravagant salaries, bashing Israel and occasionally endorsing wars.

Is that overly cynical? Maybe. I don’t know. Probably not. It’s hard to care as the UN is, officially, totally rubbish as the Brits would say. I believe General Secretary Ban Ki-moon said as much himself the last time a bunch of blue helmets returned from a rape expedition in Africa, Although he didn't actually say it that way, of course.

At the opening of the General Assembly in Manhattan on Tuesday he made the following declaration in his opening address:

“This is an era of wondrous opportunity. Ours is the first generation that can wipe poverty from the face of the Earth.”

Given that Mr. Ban is 69 and is statistically likely to pop a tube within the next 8 years (the average male life expectancy in South Korea is 77.4) this can only mean that he has secret knowledge about a cure for the endemic inequality that has beset our species since time immemorial. If he really does know how to end poverty I’d like him to call me, and urgently, because I want to buy a new car but can't afford the one really want.

Alas I fear he was talking rubbish.

The rest of Mr. Ban’s speech meanwhile consisted of worthy platitudes about empowering women, the environment, the horrors of war, etc, all of which are things he and the UN are powerless to do anything about. Why he insists on talking about them, year after year, I am not sure.  Oh wait: It’s his job.

A few years ago, the UN was at least a source of mildly amusing headlines. I remember well that in 2009 batshit crazy Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinerjacket showed up and started waffling on about the Islamic messiah, the Mahdi. Last year he also rambled on about the End Times, inviting mankind to prepare the way for the “Hidden Imam.”  This year his replacement Hassan Rouhani is in town and lots of journalists and politicians are pretending that this signifies an important change. There’s lots of pointless blather about why Obama will not meet with him, and why we should'nt all be really concerned because of course Obama’s “strategies” for the Middle East have all been staggeringly successful so far, haven't they?

Then there was the year Gadhafi talked for 90 minutes in an astonishing stream of consciousness. That was amusing too, so long as you weren’t one of his subjects. But of course Gadhafi’s gone now, lynched by angry Libyans, with a little help from US bombers of.
The mention of Gadhafi brings to mind one of the other things the UN does, which is to vote to decide which of America’s wars are officially awesome and which are un-awesome. Actually, only the handful of countries on the Security Council gets to decide on the awesomeness of each war, but you get my gist. The logic governing UN decisions as to what makes a war awesome or not is very mysterious. Or maybe there’s simply no logic to it whatsoever.

Well, at least the General Assembly is not about making war. Rather, a bunch of people talking. Apparently the UN has 193 members and each one of them gets a chance to ramble on the main stage about… you know… Israel, American imperialism… whatever.

North Korea, Norway, Canada, Saudi Arabia: free or un-free, groovy Social Democratic paradise or woman-oppressing theocratic nightmare zone, all are equal in the eyes of the UN and each statesmen will get at least 15 minutes to sound off. And sound off they will, until next Tuesday, when the last of the speakers will finish waffling and everybody will go home again.

Well, let’s look on the bright side. At least it’s a year until the next one.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Come on America....... Love Me!”

MFNS - So how does America top the electing of the nations first black president....twice? Why of course, naturally it's time to put a woman in the oval office now! Only one women is evident.  Performing brilliantly as First lady for two successful terms and as Secretary of State, single handedly bringing peace to the Middle East when no man could, the choice is clear.

Hillary Clinton is the strong favorite in the 2016 race, leading in polls against all potential democratic and republican rivals by sizable margins. But Clinton herself isn't so sure it's her time to take the Oval Office, repeatedly telling reporters that she's struggling with the decision. Today, MFNS uncovered in a brief phone interview with Hillary herself precisely what that struggle is all about... attention and praise.

“I feel like I want to run, and I'd do a great job as president if I were to win, but I don't know if I'm running yet or not,” Hillary began. “I'm still not sure if the American people would get behind me if I ran. There needs to be a little more evidence to support that. I need a little more praise and attention before I make up my mind.”

“I'm leading in every poll, even the right-leaning ones,” Clinton continued. “There are a bunch of TV miniseries', documentaries, and feature films being made about me. I'm on the cover of magazines and newspapers in every one of the fifty states, and I nearly won in 2008, and would have if I didn't cry on television. Political groups I'm not even personally affiliated with are raising millions of dollars for me before I've even announced if I'm running. Heck, even `Pantsuit Aficionado Magazine' named me their `person of the year' like, twelve times, mostly consecutively! That's about as high an honor as a person can get, shy of winning the presidency of course.”

But none of that seems to be enough praise for the former First Lady. “I need more love and affection hurled at me from the media, my fellow political figures, and the public at large. I won't make a final decision until I'm 100% confident that I'm the most beloved lady in America, shy of Oprah of course. I mean, come on, being more popular or famous than Oprah is just flat-out crazy talk. But I can get a little closer to that than I am now. And once I do, that's when I'll make my final decision. So come on America... love me!”  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Obama's Answer to Debt Reduction: New Taxes and Supermodel Nipples

MFNS - With the impending government shutdown, growing debt and a rebellious House of Representatives on his tail, the president announced today that while his administrative White House staff works feverishly to bring about new a jobs bill, he'll be single-handedly working like a laser beam on fiscal responsibility, penning his own debt reduction plan. The President says that the new bill could have our national debt completely obliterated within three years.

“When President Eisenhower occupied my office, the tax rate for the top bracket was 90%,” Obama explained. “We can't raise taxes these days without those right wingers throwing a conniption fit, but I think we can probably find ways of taxing those @&*%#s without them actually realizing it.”

The President's plan, which is still in its early draft phases, will create a special 60% sales tax on golf equipment, luxury vehicles (including cars, aircraft, and yachts), fillet mignon, cigars, homes costing seven figures or more, maid services, and administrative costs for anyone naming their newborn child `something that ends with III.'”

But the real ingenuity in the President's plan comes in the form of his income tax system. “I spend a lot of time around wealthy people,” President Obama said. “They may not always realize it, but they're always willing to pay more for something if they think it's special, or higher-class. So we're going to raise the income taxes for everyone earning $1 million per year or more to 70%, but tell them we're lowering their taxes to 10%.”

The President watched the confused press pool scratch their heads for a moment before continuing.

“Here's where it gets clever, are you ready for it? The other 60%? We'll tell them they're special, higher-quality taxes on very special tax forms. These special taxes forms are made in the Swiss Alps by hand from endangered Rafflesia flowers from the Amazon by the US Women's Olympic Swim Team, in the buff, with ink heated in a special diamond-encrusted gold oven, fueled by humpback whale oil, before it's thinned with rare Taiwanese squirrel monkey liver oil. The final result is ink that coke-laden supermodels use to dip their nipples in, and with that, all of the letters on the tax forms are inked.”

"These rich bastards are willing to pay $8,000 for a cigar from Mexico that's labeled as being from Cuba, then screw it, they'll over-pay for just about anything they think is uppercrust. While we're at it, maybe we'll lie and tell them that this money won't be going toward building schools, or feeding the hungry, or giving health care to poor children and senior citizens. Let's just say the added taxes go to building new golf courses. I'll bet they won't mind paying their fair share if that's the case!” 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dozens Sickened, Hospitalised At Navy Yard Memorial Service

by MFNS correspondent Earl of Taint
A mysterious gas released during today’s memorial service for the Navy Yard victims has hospitalized dozens of people exposed to the noxious substance. Witnesses on the scene reported a stench so foul that it was difficult to breathe before it dispersed, approximately 12 minutes after it was first emitted. Police have yet to identify the source of the gas, stating they cannot rule out terrorism at this point.
Read the Complete Report Here 

Hillary Pays a Visit......

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Chance to Put on the Feedbag With Moochelle Obama

this via WZ
"This DCCC email just came in:
Drew –
We wanted you to be the first to know:
Michelle Obama is joining us for brunch — and you could be there! Here’s the deal: if you win, we’ll send you and a friend to San Francisco to meet Michelle, grab brunch, and get a picture. We’ll even cover your hotel and airfare!
Seriously, you don’t want to miss this chance. A brunch and picture with Michelle Obama is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you’ll be showing your kids and grandkids for years!"

If I won the invite to the brunch, these guys are who I'd send in my place.....

The Amazing Statue of Genghis Khan

Amusing Planet
To the outside world, Genghis Khan, the fearsome Mongolian warrior who conquered half the known world in the 13th century, is remembered for his brutalities and destruction that he brought upon the conquered regions resulting in the death of forty million people. But to Mongolians, he is a national hero, a larger-than-life figure and the symbol of Mongolian culture, and for good reasons. Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history, revived the Silk Road, uniting warring tribes and was responsible for cementing the position of Mongols in the world’s map.
After Mongolia overthrew communist rule more than 20 years ago, there appeared a slew of monuments and products celebrating the famous personage known locally as Chinggis Khaan.
Photos and story Here 

How Come No One Fights in Big Famous Nations Anymore

Middle Finger News Service


Washington, D.C. - A delegation of American high school students today demanded in front of   the Senate Armed Services Committee that  the United States stop waging war in obscure nations such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Syria, and instead attack places they've actually heard of, such as France, Australia, and Austria, unless, they said, those last two are the same country.

"Shouldn't we, as Americans, get to decide where all wars are fought?" asked sophomore Kate Shermansky.
“People claim we don’t know as much geography as our parents and grandparents, but it’s so not our fault,” Josh Beldoni, a senior at Fischer High School in Los Angeles, told  Committee. “Back then they only had wars in, like, Germany and England, but we’re supposed to know about places like Somalia and Syracuse.”

“Syria,” corrected committee Chairman Carl Levin of Michigan.

“See?” said Beldoni.

Beldoni’s frustration was shared by nearly three dozen students at the hearing, who blamed the U.S. military for making them look bad.

“I  like totally support our soldiers and all that, but I am seriously failing both geography and social studies because I keep getting asked to find Croatia or Yemvrekia, or whatever bizarre-o country we send troops to,” said Amelia Nash, a junior at Clark High School in Orlando, Fla. “Can’t we fight in, like, Italy? It’s boot-shaped.”

Chairman Levin however, explained that Italy was a U.S. ally, and that intervention is usually in response to a specific threat.

“OK, what about Arulco?” interrupted Tyler Boone, a senior at Bellevue High School in Wisconsin. “That’s a country in Jagged Alliance 2 run by the evil Queen Deidranna. I’m totally familiar with that place. She’s a major threat.”

“Jagged…?” said Levin.

“Alliance. It’s a computer game.”

“Well, no,” Levin answered. “We can’t attack a fictional country.”

“Yeah right,” Boone mumbled.  

The students’ testimony was supported by a cross-section of high school geography teachers, who urged the committee to help lay a solid foundation for America’s young people by curtailing any intervention abroad.

“Since the anti-terror war began, most of my students can now point to Afghanistan and Iraq on a map, which is fine, but those same kids still don’t know the capitals of Nevada and Ohio,” said Richard Gerber, who teaches at Doodywood High School in Atlanta. “I think we need to cut back on our activities overseas and take care of business at home, and if that means invading Tallahassee (Fla.) or Trenton (N.J.) so that students learn where they are, so be it.”

“I’ve always wanted to stick it to those bastards in Connecticut,” said Sen. John McCain. “Oh shit, is my microphone on?”

The hearing adjourned after six hours. An estimated 2,000 more students were expected to hold a march in the nation’s capital, but forgot which city it was in.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lead Booger Eater Taunts Republicans on Twitter

It's hard to move on, Harry, when you're watching a train wreck 
while we're occupying one of the seats!

The Media Protects the Democrat Brand at all cost

"In the first year of his second term, the president has failed on virtually every front. He put his prestige on the line to pass federal gun-control legislation–and lost. He made climate change a central part of his inaugural address–and nothing has happened. The president went head-to-head with Republicans on sequestration–and he failed. He’s been forced to delay implementation of the employer mandate, a key feature of the Affordable Care Act. ObamaCare is more unpopular than ever, and it’s turning out to be a “train wreck” (to quote Democratic Senator Max Baucus) in practice. The recent jobs report are the worst in years, with the Obama recovery already qualifying as a historically weak one. Immigration reform is going nowhere. And then there’s Syria, which has turned out to be an epic disaster. (To be sure, Mr. Obama’s Middle East failures go well beyond Syria–but Syria is the most conspicuous failure right now)."
And even now, the frothing at the mouth investigative journalist of  not so long past remain virtually silent as scandal after scandal rises from the political swamp scum.
"In watching the Obama presidency dissolve before our eyes, there is a cautionary tale to be told. Every presidency falls short of the expectations that the candidate sets. But no man has ever promised more and delivered less than the current occupant of the Oval Office."
Note: 144 Golf outings and counting since taking office......
"All of the extravagant promises and claims–of “Yes We Can!” and “we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for;” of hope and change and slowing the rise of the oceans; of claiming his candidacy would “ring out across this land as a hymn that will heal this nation, repair this world, make this time different than all the rest”–lie in ruin. (I’d urge you to watch this short video clip from the 2008 campaign to more fully appreciate the crushing disappointment that results from what Mr. Obama said he would achieve versus what he’s been able to achieve.)"
"In all of this one is reminded of the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs, which warns that “pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” The president has been shown to be a man out of his depth time and again.  Mr. Obama’s failures have inflicted great and durable harm on the United States. This may be worth keeping in mind the next time an eloquent community organizer decides he’s ready to be commander in chief."
I believe history shall be kind to Barack Obama, remembering him fondly wowing the world with his teleprompter reading skills.... 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Obama to Attend Asia Summit and Attempt to not Further Embarrass Self on World Stage

The White House announced the President will be away from the White House duties Oct. 6-12 for a trip described as "part of his ongoing commitment to increase U.S. political, economic and security engagement with the Asia Pacific", or I hope I don't look like a mental midget standing in the middle of all these short guys summit. 

"He'll start the trip in Bali, to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders meeting. He missed last year's summit in Russia, which came weeks before the presidential election. Depending on the status of Syria talks, the summit could include a showdown between Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who's also expected to attend. Obama will also hold a bilateral meeting with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono."
"Obama will then travel to Brunei for the U.S.-ASEAN Summit, the East Asia Summit (EAS) and a meeting with the Sultan of Brunei, who he hosted at the White House earlier this year. In Malaysia, Obama plans to meet with Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia and to deliver the keynote address to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, an effort Obama launched in 2009 to help promote job creation through entrepreneurship.
In the Phillippines, he'll meet with President Benigno Aquino III "to reaffirm the strong economic, people-to-people, and security links between our two countries."  

Putin, Obama Horseback Ride.

Clicky for larger image
via Flicker

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gullible is not a Strong Enough Word.

It was announced that the US and Russia had reached an agreement on eliminating Syria’s WMD stockpile. According to this post, Syria’s WMD stockpile must be eliminated by the middle of 2014:
GENEVA — The United States and Russia have reached an agreement that calls for Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by the middle of 2014, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday. Under a “framework” agreement, international inspectors must be on the ground in Syria by November, Mr. Kerry said, speaking at a news conference with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey V. Lavrov. 
An immediate test of the viability of the accord will come within a week when the Syrian government is to provide a “comprehensive listing” of its chemical stockpile.
Anyone that thinks Russia will operate in good faith to eliminate Syria’s WMDs is delusional or simply lying to the American people. The chances that the Russians will live up to their agreement are about the same as President Obama living up to enforcing every provision in the PPACA or meeting its implementation deadlines.

It’s getting tiresome watching this administration getting treated like prison bitches by other nations. Kerry’s flippant remark in London opened the door for the Russians. The minute he said that, Putin and Lavrov jumped at the opportunity to use Kerry’s statement to keep Assad in power.

At the time Libya offered to get rid of its WMDs, they weren’t at war. It’s taken 8 years to get Libya’s WMD stockpiles under control. They’re still finding stockpiles of it. By comparison, Syria is in the midst of a bloody civil war. Further, they’re doing everything to shift their WMDs to new locations.  Sryia is insisting that the US take military strikes off the table before letting the weapon inspectors into their country.

The odds that Syria’s WMDs will be gone by July, 2014 are about as high as me getting hit with lightning while holding 2 winning lottery tickets. It’s a fiction, just like the community of nations, the Easter Bunny and unicorns are fiction.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Really Happened to John Kerry's Face....

Later that night....


Defending the President with a Straight Face.

"the American people appreciate a president who doesn't celebrate
decisiveness for decisiveness’ sake."

The White House Carney
Roll Call:
"President Barack Obama’s Syria strategy may not have been particularly decisive, but that’s not a bad thing, according to the White House. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney defended his boss Thursday after a blistering few weeks of criticism in Congress and elsewhere over his handling of the Syria crisis." 
"Carney said the American people “appreciate a president who doesn’t celebrate decisiveness for decisiveness’ sake.” He also said Americans like that Obama is open to “new information” and adjusts his course accordingly. Carney said that in the end, the president will deserve credit if the diplomatic initiative with Russia to get Syria to give up its chemical weapons arsenal succeeds...." 
Read More

I swear his ears get bigger every time he lies....

Threats of Jail Hang Over Tech Companys

Yahoo CEO: We faced jail if we revealed
NSA surveillance secrets...  

Yahoo Chief Exec. Marissa Mayer
Many tech companies have come under fire since Edward Snowden’s leaks revealed that firms like Yahoo, Facebook, and Microsoft often “voluntarily” hand over mass amounts of data to the NSA without notifying their customers. Well, as it turns out, that relationship wasn’t quite as “voluntary” as it at first seemed. Today, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said that she and her counterparts at Facebook and Google “faced jail” if they revealed the NSA’s spying programs.

The Guardian:
"Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook struck back on Wednesday at critics who have charged tech companies with doing too little to fight off NSA surveillance...." 
"During an interview at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Mayer was asked why tech companies had not simply decided to tell the public more about what the US surveillance industry was up to. "Releasing classified information is treason and you are incarcerated," she said...."
 Read More

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Network Accidentally Airs Footage of Syrian Air Strikes

Middle Finger News Service

The White House and Pentagon officials are furious with CNN today after the network accidentally aired Defense Department pre-packaged footage of a successful Navy cruise missile strike from the second week of the upcoming attack on Syria.

The news network immediately apologized for showing the grainy, 10-second clip of a cruise missile bearing down on an chemical weapons depot outside of Damascus. It came on screen just as anchor Wolf Blitzer was heading into a commercial break, and took him by surprise.

“When we come back,” Blitzer said, “amazing video from Operation T.B.D. of U.S. air strikes on an Syrian  military facility that the Navy says completely destroyed… hold on. I don’t think we’re supposed to use this yet … Are we? … No. So our viewers should… to our viewers, that’s… just ignore that.”

The Pentagon provided substantial footage of the upcoming air strikes, currently labeled ‘Operation To Be Determined’ pending focus group results, to all major news networks last week, asking it not be shown until the conflict starts, most likely in early November. Such embargoes are common, notably in business journalism, where reporters are given advance notice of a news stories or announcements but are asked to delay publication until the source is ready to announce.

At MSNBC, editor Kelly Parsons said the network never considered blowing the whistle on U.S. war plans, concluding it would damage what little creditability the president has left.

“If we expose the war now, we jeopardize literally weeks of hard work by our staff,” she said. “We’ve got the escalation of war segments, the last minute diplomatic attempts, a two-hour ‘On the Brink’ special slated for November, and the big U.N. vote, not to mention all the highly practiced feigned hyperbole of Chris Mathews and Special Ed Schultz.   

“Clearly the existence of this false footage proves America intends to bomb Syria, said Gen. Walid Kaboom of the Syrian Army.  "But when they do, we will be ready. We have already prepared footage of that same strike, but in ours the missile actually hits a Hookah factory and kills 9000 innocent civilians. Syrian anti aircraft batteries also shoot down six American planes and capture a dozen pilots, all of whom confess to something. We haven't decided what."

Follow Alinsky: Call Obama’s bluff

By Neil W. McCabe
"In his famous primer, “Rules for Radicals,” Saul Alinsky made two points that help illuminate how President Barack Obama has chosen to lead America. The first point is that Alinsky instructed his acolytes to manufacture a crisis—any crisis—and to then use that any crisis to polarize the community for and against the community organizer."

"For the last five years, this has been how Obama has led the nation, crisis-to-crisis, and always leaving the middle ground for compromise like the no man’s land between the trenches.
Syria is the most recent example, but as the White House has matured in power, it has learned to layer crisis atop scandal atop cliff, creating the chaos and tumult that gives the president leverage as the eye of each storm.
The point of Alinsky’s that applies to the Obama White House is to always call the opponent’s bluff. By calling the opponent’s bluff, Alinsky said the opponent is more often than not forced to carry out an emotional threat he is not actually set up to execute or that is practical.
Obama betrayed his Alinsky training in the 2011 budget fight, when he blurted out to House Majority Leader Eric I. Cantor (R.-Va.): “Eric, don’t call my bluff.”
This, of course was a bluff, and the subsequent Republican cave in gave us the Budget Control Act, and sequester—a device the president insisted on, apparently so he could blame it on Republicans.
Syria is the crisis and bluff event before us now......"
Keep Reading


by DiploMad 2.0

Monday, September 9, 2013

A legacy for Barack Obama

Between Ba-rock and a Hard Place

The blustering threats and the likelihood of U.S. action in Syria  is occupying hearts and minds of some at this year’s Toronto film festival. But when it comes to Hollywood's usual outspoken voices publicly weighing in on the debate over U.S. intervention in the territory, all we hear are crickets.
"The Hollywood Reporter tried to get comments about the war from Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, but were told they were "unavailable for comment."
 Included in the "unavailable for comment" list were other predictably anti-war Hollywoodans such as Josh Brolin and Penn Jillette. To give you an idea just how strong the anti-war silence is in Hollywood, one TIFF attendee was apparently willing to speak with THR until his film's distributor cautioned him against doing so........" - NewsBusters

Who Better than Susan Rice to Argue for Force Against Syria?

"In an astonishing display of either ignorance or brazenness, the White House will mark the first anniversary of the Benghazi terrorist attack this Wednesday by sending National Security Adviser Susan Rice to Capitol Hill to argue the administration's case for military force in Syria......Sending Rice to Congress to brief members on Syria is like sending Typhoid Mary to lecture on public health. Her credibility is, to use a diplomatic term, limited." — John Fund, NRO

Good Monday Morning

Pentagon Grumblings Over Syrian Operation Name

Washington - With congress dragging it's feet on a vote to approve the president's wishes to pound some vacant Syrian military installations, Generals in the high command are worried about the upcoming Operational Name, historically give to such military endeavors. 

Pentagon Officials have cautioned that further delays on Syrian intervention will seriously restrict the Pentagon's choice of military monikers. Unscrupulous patent trolls have already reserved the names and web addresses "Operation Syria Slap Down", "Operation Gettin some Ass-ad" and the Defense Dept's preferred name,"Operation Recover the Weapons We Sold em".

"We all know the problems associated with rushing to pick a name," explained a Pentagon spokesman. Any future use of  "Operation North West" has already been taken by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian" Planned Parenthood  has ambivalently objected to the use of the word  "Operation", " Syria" is named after a place and Jay-Z has said ‘no’ to anything ‘with a hyphen”.

Congress faces legalized extortion from patent trolls if US forces are to avoid going into battle under the copyright-free names. Even the word "Operation" may already be owned by toy manufacturer Hasbro Inc. 

"We've got to get rolling here" the Pentagon insist.

If precious time continuous to past, The Pentagon may be forced into employing mime artists to depict the conflict on news broadcast and in Pentagon press briefings. The only hope is that the Syrian campaign can somehow be effectively communicated by a man stuck in a box, drinking a cup of tea while grabbing a rope.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Democrats Suddenly Realize What They Miscalculated About the World: Everything

"As we await Congress’s decision on authorizing the use of U.S. military force in Syria, Democrats are suddenly realizing that their foreign-policy brain-trust completely misjudged the world.
Being nicer to countries like Russia will not make them nicer to you. The United Nations is not an effective tool for resolving crises. Some foreign leaders are beyond persuasion and diplomacy. There is no “international community” ready to work together to solve problems, and there probably never will be.
You can pin this on Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Susan Rice, but most of all, the buck stops with the president. Those of us who scoffed a bit at a state senator ascending to the presidency within four years on a wave of media hype and adoration are not quite so shocked by this current mess. We never bought into this notion that getting greater cooperation from our allies, and less hostility from our enemies, was just a matter of giving this crew the wheel and letting them practice, as Hillary Clinton arrogantly declared it, “smart power.” (These people can’t even label a foreign-policy approach without reminding us of how highly they think of themselves.) They looked out at the world at the end of the Bush years, and didn’t see tough decisions, unsolvable problems, unstable institutions, restless populations, technology enabling the impulse to destabilize existing institutions, evil men hungry for more power, and difficult trade-offs. No, our problems and challengers were just a matter of the previous hands running U.S. foreign policy not being smart enough." - Jim Geraghty, NRO

No Time for the Children

Obama Giving Interviews To Every Major TV News Network

Ahead of his address to the nation about Syria Tuesday the President will give interviews to the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, PBS, even Fox News on Monday.

Deliciously absent was MSNBC, the network so deeply in bed with Obama that there's hardly room for the First Lady.  In reality, he can't possibly speak for himself any better than that organization's shills.

Better still is the anger this will generate when liberals across the fruited plain find out that Obama believes it's far more important to make his case about Syria to Fox News watchers than the limited patrons of MSNBC. 

Whatever the reason, it's absolutely spectacular seeing this industry laughing stock get snubbed by the man they all seem to work for.