Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Come on America....... Love Me!”

MFNS - So how does America top the electing of the nations first black president....twice? Why of course, naturally it's time to put a woman in the oval office now! Only one women is evident.  Performing brilliantly as First lady for two successful terms and as Secretary of State, single handedly bringing peace to the Middle East when no man could, the choice is clear.

Hillary Clinton is the strong favorite in the 2016 race, leading in polls against all potential democratic and republican rivals by sizable margins. But Clinton herself isn't so sure it's her time to take the Oval Office, repeatedly telling reporters that she's struggling with the decision. Today, MFNS uncovered in a brief phone interview with Hillary herself precisely what that struggle is all about... attention and praise.

“I feel like I want to run, and I'd do a great job as president if I were to win, but I don't know if I'm running yet or not,” Hillary began. “I'm still not sure if the American people would get behind me if I ran. There needs to be a little more evidence to support that. I need a little more praise and attention before I make up my mind.”

“I'm leading in every poll, even the right-leaning ones,” Clinton continued. “There are a bunch of TV miniseries', documentaries, and feature films being made about me. I'm on the cover of magazines and newspapers in every one of the fifty states, and I nearly won in 2008, and would have if I didn't cry on television. Political groups I'm not even personally affiliated with are raising millions of dollars for me before I've even announced if I'm running. Heck, even `Pantsuit Aficionado Magazine' named me their `person of the year' like, twelve times, mostly consecutively! That's about as high an honor as a person can get, shy of winning the presidency of course.”

But none of that seems to be enough praise for the former First Lady. “I need more love and affection hurled at me from the media, my fellow political figures, and the public at large. I won't make a final decision until I'm 100% confident that I'm the most beloved lady in America, shy of Oprah of course. I mean, come on, being more popular or famous than Oprah is just flat-out crazy talk. But I can get a little closer to that than I am now. And once I do, that's when I'll make my final decision. So come on America... love me!”  


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