Saturday, February 28, 2015

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required *

The Dynamic Duo Will Save Us.......

The democrat Party, blooded, morally bankrupt and out of ideas, set to coronate a corrupt grandmother to run for president in 2016 have come up with their catch phase du jour for the immediate future. The phrase President Obama used in his Spreading of Manure State of the Union Speech was, "The Middle Class Economy" (I hear "A Turd in Every Pot" came in a close second). The democrats, after opening up the national treasury first to Wall Street and then to the unproductive of society, will now save the middle Class!  And out front in this valiant endeavor is none other then two of our favorite left-wing loons.

Earlier this week, the darling of the far left, Sen. Elizabeth 'Fauxcahontas' Warren and fellow Legislative Rep. Elijah " is this microphone on " Cummings launched their new Middle Class Prosperity Project, because they are a couple of democrats who really care about you and would like to see you prosper.

Warren kicked off the first in a series of forums on the middle class and how Big Government can do all matter of good progressive thingies to save it before it is too late and the GOP drowns  it forever in a bathtub.

So let us swoon, together, at Warren professorsplaining it so nice and sweet and making it so easy for all of us to understand:

Now let us look at liz's splanation of the situation:
"For decades after the Great Depression, America built a middle class that was the envy of the world. Everyone shared in our economic growth. From 1935 to 1980, 90 percent of America’s families — that is, everyone except the top 10 percent — got 70 percent of all the income growth in that 35 years. It was a formula that worked. As our country got richer, our families got richer. But starting in the 1980s, something changed. It happened partly because of deliberate choices made right here in Washington. The choice to tax assembly line workers and teachers at higher rates than billionaire hedge fund managers."
Oh Lizzy,  a Democrat named John Kennedy cut top tax rates from 91% to 70% and created one of the largest expansions of the American economy in the post WW2 economies and saved his family a buttload in the process........and passed by a Democrat controlled congress. Ronald Reagan cut top tax rates to 39%......passed by a democrat controlled congress,  and also created a booming economy your party is still secretly envious of.  Middle income tax rates, adjusted for inflation have gone down since 1981.

Check federal expenditures on non-productive, non-taxpayers, Ms. warren. 
"The choice to cut support for higher education and leave students with massive debt.    
Liz. Liz Liz....The skyrocketing cost of higher education is because universities pay professors like you high salaries (like your Harvard gig paying $350,000 to teach one class) to write books and research papers no one reads instead of teaching the students, and building sports facilities for coaches who make millions of dollars. It is not the taxpayers responsibility to finance private education to institutions with billions of dollars in endowments. Taxpayer funding for college educations should be reserved for veterans and high preforming disadvantaged students. 
"The choice to gut funding for infrastructure and basic science research that grows the economy and and saves lives. All while giving corporations fat tax breaks for moving jobs overseas."
Lizzy, we spend almost as much on Research and Development as Europe and Japan combined. And do I have to remind you of all the money that has been thrown down the hole on Scam Solar Energy  Research Companies financed by a recent democrat controlled congress? And ask your boy Barack what happened to the research at NASA that he de-balled in favor of financing green energy. 

As for giving tax breaks for corporations to move jobs overseas, see the North American Trade Agreement and video of Democrat Bill Clinton signing the treaty.........approved by a democrat controlled congress. The jobs go overseas because of one of the highest global corporate taxes rates.  Lower it, they come home. The dirty little secret democrats don't face up to is, your union buddies have killed more job growth in this country then taxes, but we won't talk about that.....   
"Recently Republicans seem to have discovered the struggles of America’s middle class. Out of nowhere, they’re suddenly talking about this problem. Well that’s great, but talk is cheap and when it comes to action.  I’ll believe Republicans care about what’s happening to America’s middle class when they stop blocking legislation that would require billionaires to pay taxes at least at the same rate that teachers and firefighters do."
The top 1% still pay 50% of all taxes payed. And most people who vote republican are middle class. The middle class thrived in this country until.....oh..... a community organizer decided he would follow a proven failed economic philosophy that has kept the economy in the ditch and doubled the debt.  And May I remind you 8 of the 10 most wealthy counties in the country voted overwhelmingly for Obama....twice!
"I could go on, but the point is the same: Talk is cheap. It’s time for action — action that will strengthen America’s middle-class families and build a strong future, action that will produce good jobs now and in the future. It is time to put up or shut up."
Yes Ms. Warren,  talk is cheap.  After 30 years of federal mandates pushed on the states and municipalities, causing higher taxes at the local level, interfering and driving up cost of everything from education, healthcare and commerce, to making it difficult for small business to grow, don't patronize us by acting like you, your party and your bald headed moron sidekick now actually care about the middle class. 

Much like democrat women say about your mythical War on Women, "men just don't understand", well I say what would someone who lives in a $5.4 million mansion' understand about the struggles of the Middle class or the foot on their neck???

Friday, February 27, 2015

That Legacy Thing is Working Out Real Well.....

The Cancer of Multiculturalism

"College campus idiots — and that includes faculty members and administrators — call for the celebration of and respect for all cultures. In their eyes, it’s racist Eurocentrism to think that Western values and culture are superior to others. But that’s the height of stupidity. 
Ask your campus multiculturalist who believes in cultural equivalency: Is forcible female genital mutilation, as practiced in nearly 30 sub-Saharan African and Middle Eastern countries, a morally equivalent cultural value? In most of the Middle East, there are numerous limits on women — such as prohibitions on driving, employment, voting and education. Under Islamic law, in some countries, female adulterers face death by stoning, and thieves face the punishment of having their hand severed. Some multiculturalists are members of campus LGBT groups. Ask them to what extent the Muslim culture would tolerate their lifestyle." - Walter Williams 

And So It Begins......

I hope they deem my 'Good Monday Morning' post as having some
"Educational" or of "Substantial Public Benefit  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

ISIS Destroying Assyrian Cultural Heritage

As If You Need Any more Evidence These Crazy Islamic Murderous Bastards Are Evil

The Associated Press has lifted a video from a social media account affiliated with the Islamic State that purports to show the destruction of ancient artifacts in Iraq's northern city of Mosul.  The destruction is part of a campaign by the ISIS Islamic Jihadist  in order to eliminate what they view as heresy.   

Attack on ancient artifacts with sledgehammers in the Ninevah Museum in Mosul, Iraq 
"The five-minute video shows a group of bearded men inside the Mosul Museum using hammers and drills to destroy several large statues, which are then shown chipped and in pieces. The video shows a black-clad man at a nearby archaeological site inside Mosul, drilling through and destroying a winged-bull Assyrian protective deity that dates back to the 7th century B.C. 
In New York, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the U.N.'s cultural agency, UNESCO, is examining the video. "The destruction of cultural heritage is reprehensible and criminal," Dujarric said, adding that it robs current and future generations of the history of their past.
Among the most important sites under the militants' control are four ancient cities — Ninevah, Kalhu, Dur Sharrukin and Ashur — which were at different times the capital of the mighty Assyrian Empire.
The Assyrians first arose around 2500 B.C. and at one point ruled over a realm stretching from the Mediterranean coast to what is present-day Iran. Also in danger is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hatra, which is thought to have been built in the 3rd or 2nd century B.C. by the Seleucid Empire. It flourished during the 1st and 2nd centuries as a religious and trading center.
Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city and the surrounding Nineveh province fell to the militants during their blitz last June after Iraqi security forces melted away. The region under IS control in Iraq has nearly 1,800 of Iraq's 12,000 registered archaeological sites and the militants appear to be out to cleanse it of any non-Islamic ideas, including library books, archaeological relics, and even Islamic sites considered idolatrous."  
Power tool used to deface a 2500 year old winged-bull Assyrian protective deity 
at Ninevah near Mosul
From the Video: 
"Oh Muslims, these artifacts that are behind me were idols and gods worshipped by people who lived centuries ago instead of Allah."
"The so-called Assyrians and Akkadians and others looked to gods for war, agriculture and rain to whom they offered sacrifices. Our prophet ordered us to remove all these statues as his followers did when they conquered nations."
The damage to Iraqi artifacts in Mosul is the latest episode in incidents that have targeted the nation's heritage.
In January, Islamic State militants ransacked the Central Library of Mosul, smashing the locks and taking around 2,000 books — leaving only Islamic texts. Days later, militants broke into University of Mosul's library. They made a bonfire out of hundreds of books on science and culture, destroying them in front of students."

There was no word whether the militants also destroyed the the un-islamic western tennis shoes they wore during the destruction.....

She Says She's Just One of Us.......

Ma Clinton Has Been Dead Broke and Her Ass is Fat

Hillary Clinton, who has in past had trouble talking about her wealth and life experiences, is intensifying an effort to humanize herself to likely voters.

During a Tuesday speech in Silicon Valley, her first in the U.S. this year, Clinton indulged in self-deprecating humor. She casually joked about being overweight at the conference targeting women and teased that she might have a hoarding problem.

The former first lady again attempted to empathize with conference goers, and showcase her own struggles with everyday issues, while talking about her weight.

Clinton has increasingly made mention of her roles as both a mother and grandmother in remarks, framing her public policies in the context of the hardships she dealt with while raising only child Chelsea.

Playing to her audience Clinton stated that 'in many ways the economy is still operating like it's 1955,' and chastised men who ignore women's issues, saying to themselves, 'Act like you’re listening and this too shall pass.'

And when asked by Swisher whether she's an Android or Apple user, Clinton delicately sidestepped the question by again poking fun at herself. Clinton said she has an iPhone and a Blackberry.

'I don’t throw anything away,' she said. 'I’m like two steps short of a hoarder.'


We Noticed Ma...We Noticed. 

The Fiction of "Net Neutrality".

by Robert Janicki
There is no such thing as Net Neutrality and it could not be further away from the truth.  Net Neutrality, as a concept, has been created by liberals and is anything but neutral and it is as corrupt as a concept could be.  It's a false facade created to stifle free speech and in particular the speech and ideas of the political right.
Like all liberal attempts, Net Neutrality purports to be the answer to a problem that, upon closer inspection, simply does not exist.  Net neutrality as proposed by the Chairman of the FCC will actually slow down internet speeds as it ostensibly seeks a social outcome of egalitarianism between all internet users.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.
As it stands now, an individual can pay an internet provider for the internet speed they want and need and pay the price that meets their needs and objectives.  Individuals, today, have a wide choice of internet providers with an even wider choice of services from which to choose.  With Net Neutrality, internet speeds will be leveled to equalize speeds between all customers.  It is simply an attack on an individual's right to freely choose in the open market place, what they want in internet speeds and related services. 
Net Neutrality, by all accounts of those in the industry, will slow down the dissemination and transfer of information without regard for the rights of individuals.  It is a most serious and egregious interference and attack by government on the First Amendment that can be imagined at the present time.
To think that a federal agency, the Federal Communications Commission, with a committee of five politically appointed members can actually take control of the internet and regulate it at their whim, is a monumental blow to individual liberty and freedom.  
As Net Neutrality purports to give greater access to individuals, in reality it will limit access by individuals and increase the power and strength of the oligopoly of the major internet carriers as they squeeze out smaller competitors.   The major internet providers will thus have the capacity to raise prices on all customers without having to maintain and improve internet communications technology for their customers.  Net Neutrality is a destroyer of competition.  It is competition which produces a better product or service, not government regulation.

Our New $737 Million Dollar Bird Fryer

Just in Time for 4th of July

The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project array is nearly ready to go partially online in Nevada. The $737 Million publicly Department Of Energy funded project is intended to produce 110 MW of energy. There’s just one problem.

130 birds were literally set on fire in mid flight during a recent test run in the span of 2 hours. This is because the array redirects solar energy to a point 1200 feet above ground, right in the flightpath of birds.

Nature World News reports:

“About two hours into the test, engineers and biologists on site started noticing “streamers” – trails of smoke and steam caused by birds flying directly into the field of solar radiation. What moisture was on them instantly vaporized, and some instantly burst into flames – at least, until they began to frantically flap away. An estimated 130 birds were injured or killed during the test.”
According to The Associated Press (AP), many biologists call the number of deaths “significant” and suspect that the streamers are caused by a chain of attraction – that is, insects are drawn towards the bright plant’s light, which in turn attracts birds looking to feast on crispy bugs.

A sturdy chicken catapult and a mess of baked beans and potato salad and we got us a one hell of a 4th of July celebration dinner. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Paging Reverend Sharpton.....

My Job is to “Give Voice to the Plight of Muslims”

Homeland Security" Secretary Jeh Johnson sides with Barack Obama about not getting at the root of the terrorism taking place in the world today, Islam. In fact, recently, Johnson said that it was part of the administration's job to "give voice to the plight of Muslims."

This is the man who was put in charge of keeping America secure from the inside.....
"We in the administration and the government should give voice to the plight of Muslims living in this country and the discrimination that they face. And so I personally have committed to speak out about the situation that very often people in the Muslim community in this country face. The fact that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and the Islamic faith is one about peace and brotherhood."
Johnson claims not only is it the job of the government to give voice to the plight of Muslims, but then promote Islam as a religion of peace and brotherhood. It's neither Johnson job, the administration's or the federal government's job is to "give voice to the plight of Muslims." 

Homeland Security has, introduced eerie memo after memo identifying at least 72 types Of Americans who are considered "potential terrorists" that include such threats to America as being "Evangelical Christians", "against illegal immigration", and "returning Veterans".  Yet Mr. Johnson, on behalf of Obama's "Fundamental Transformation of America" now see's the need to coddle muslims while the administration insist on the continuing import of potential terrorist refugees from the Islamic third world.

The federal government is charged with a few things in our Constitution. In the branch Johnson participates in, his agency isn't even authorized to be in existence, much less given a voice.

The meaning of Barack Obama's "Fundamental Transformation of America" is becoming more and more clear as the days go bye.....and who he appoints to the positions to help do it.

Project Veritas Expose' of Race Hustler Al Sharpton

Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown families say
Al Sharpton exploited them

Project Veritas has an explosive new expose of race hustler Al Sharpton, and in it are candid remarks from Trayvon Martin’s father, Eric Garner’s daughter, and a lawyer for the Michael Brown family all saying that Sharpton used the deaths of their family members to raise money for his National Action Network. 

Some of the people in this video have backed away from their explosive statements about Sharpton now that this video has been released.  However, the truth is already out there about Al Sharpton.

h/t Poor Richard

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Beginning of 'Obamanet' and Big Goverment Control

"Critics of President Obama's 'net neutrality' plan call it ObamaCare for the Internet. That's unfair to ObamaCare.
Both ObamaCare and 'Obamanet' submit huge industries to complex regulations. Their supporters say the new rules had to be passed before anyone could read them. But at least ObamaCare claimed it would solve long-standing problems. Obamanet promises to fix an Internet that isn't broken.
The permissionless Internet, which allows anyone to introduce a website, app or device without government review, ends this week. On Thursday the three Democrats among the five commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission will vote to regulate the Internet under rules written for monopoly utilities. ... 
This week Mr. Obama's bureaucrats will give him the regulated Internet he demands. Unless Congress or the courts block Obamanet, it will be the end of the Internet as we know it." — L. Gordon Crovitz, Former Wall Street Journal Publisher

A Good Monday Morning

Some Random Thoughts on Barack Obama's Love of America or Lack Thereof.

by Robert Janicki

Recently, Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City and still thought of as a force in Republican politics by some, questioned whether President Obama really loves America, since Obama proclaimed in his 2008 presidential campaign that it was his objective to "fundamentally" change America as president. Giuliani has been roundly castigated by liberal progressives for his questioning Obama's love of America. Here are my thoughts.
If you love your country, why would you want to seek to"fundamentally" change it? Why, then, would Obama love or even like America? It doesn't make sense. It's just counter intuitive.

Obama has repeatedly gone out of his way to denigrate and belittle America's greatness as the world leader in protecting individual liberty, freedom and human rights. At home in America, Obama often injects race in issues and individual confrontations that have nothing to do with race, unless, of course, you are a race baiter using race as wedge to separate Americans, in which case it is a proven way to move up in liberal progressive politics.

So I often ask myself why Obama is fixated on and so heavily invested in finding race issues under every rock he turns up? In my opinion, Obama is obviously and blatantly using race as a political tool to beat upon his political opponents. The fact that Obama really has not had the personal experiences of racism in his life that living the black experience might bring to a black person raised in a black community and interacting with non-blacks is of little meaning to him. The race card is simply a tried and true means to put opponents on the defensive. Interestingly, if Obama were a black conservative, black liberal progressives would say that he is "not authentically black" since he never really experienced growing up in a black community and its culture. Can anyone say hypocritical?

Instead, Obama has experienced artificial support for his blackness as a means to rise all the way to the highest political office in America. And all this has been done ironically with the direction and financing mostly by rich, white liberals guiding and mentoring his rise to stardom status bordering upon his being a black Messiah come to save America from all its supposed evil and pernicious continuing racism today. If playing the race card regularly if not enough, Obama fails to address, acknowledge, publicize or even promote, all of America's virtues, which are many, if not more than any country in history.  

Instead, Obama and his hatchet man Holder continually claim that "Americans are cowards" when it comes to racism, implying that if you're white, you are racist by their definition and have no idea what it means to experience racism. I'm a relatively intelligent person and rather well educated for the means that were at my disposal. And I say this all without bragging, just stating some fact to make a point. I don't have to jump off a cliff to clearly understand the consequences of such an act, which is a metaphor to say I believe I know racism when I see it and I don't need to be lectured by race mongers seeking to promote themselves politically, using racism as a means to gain political advantage.

President Obama never actually experienced typical black American culture growing up. His early years were spent living in Indonesia in a Muslim culture. He spent time living his white grandparents living in whiter than white Kansas. Later he would return to Hawaii, a widely diverse racial culture, but with few blacks. Now tell me again just how authentic a black man Barack Obama is.

Back to Rudy Giuliani's remark and some perspective and context on Obama's love or lack thereof for America. In the 2008 presidential campaign, Democrat candidate Obama publicly called then sitting President George W. Bush "unpatriotic" for saddling future generations with an additional national debt of $4 trillion dollars. Viewed from today's national debt increase under Obama, which has almost doubled all previous national debt incurred cumulatively by all previous presidents, Obama and all his acolytes in the White House and the MSM, have no leg to stand on in berating Rudy Giuliani for questioning Obama's love for America.

* Editors Two Cents:   If Obama can decide who the Real Muslims are, why can't Rudy Giuliani say who the Real Patriots are???? 

Rob Janicki is a retired educator, strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and all around good guy, as well as owner/operator of the website Wired Right  and owes me 20 bucks. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Online dating services are now a dime a dozen. And while I have never partaken in an adventure like that myself, I have often wondered what it's like to put a profile of yourself out there for strangers to see while trying to woo a potential love interest. During a break in a movie lastnight, a commercial for Black People came on the television. The gears started to spin.

Having become an expert at shooting down unwanted advances by black men, I wondered what a profile on this all black dating website might look like, so I took a look for myself.....

Name: Joy Ann Reid
Sign: Leo
Occupation:  MSNBC Network TV Host and Expert Political Commentator
Likes: Bubble Baths, Handcuffs, Having My Toes Sucked While Feeding Me Cream of Chicken Soup 
Dislikes: Conservatives, Velcro, MSNBC programmers, Cantaloupe, Loud White Girls on Fox News 
Contact Info: Joy@MSNBC

Name: James 'Kocaine' Washington Jr.
Sign: Middle Finger
Occupation: Independent Pharmaceutical Distributor 
Likes: 9mm's, Extra Beef Burritos, Moon Lit Nights, BJs
Dislikes: Rip-offs, Snitches, Yoga, Alex Trebek 
Contact Info: P.O. Box 756 Caddo Correctional Center,  Inmate #12589, Shreveport La.

Name: Janette Pace
Sign: Aquarius 
Occupation: Massage Therapist 
Likes: Walks on the Beach, Mad Dog 2020, Elephants  
Dislikes: People from Outer Space,  Lunar Eclipse, Dumpster Truck Drivers, Flying Bricks   
Contact Info: Alley behind The Ace of Spades Bar-B-Que, 121 West Morton Street, East St. Louis Mo.

Name: Leroy Jerome Bates (aka 'Little Pee Pee')
Sign: Sagittarius 
Occupation: Rap Artist Extraordinaire
Likes: Big Booty, Rainbows, For You to be My Baby Momma 
Dislikes: Hangers-on,  Kanye West, That Bitch at Walmart, Satirical Bloggers.
Contact Info:
Miami FL. 

Name: Latisha Cameroon
Sign: Virgo
Occupation:  Horizontal Bop Technician 
Likes: Cash, Bling, Weaves, Strip Poker  
Dislikes: Undercover Cops, Horny Circus Clowns, Jim Carey
Contact Info: Corner of Albert St. and Brookings Ave. Boston Mass. between 7pm - 4am Nightly

Name: Shelton Jackson Lee
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Independent Film Maker
Likes: Professional Basketball, Pretending to be an Important Cultural Icon,  Looking Angry and Agitating White Folks
Dislikes: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Referees, George W.Bush
Contact Info:

Name: Professor Lilly McDonald White 
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Adjunct Professor of Black Womens Studies, Smarmy College, Vt.
Likes: Gangsta Rap, Unicorns, Barack Obama
Dislikes: When People Try to Convince I'm Not Really Black, Toenail Fungus, Hula-Hoops
Contact Info:

Name: Blind Boy Lemon Chitlins
Sign: Libra
Occupation: Blues Musician
Likes: Fender Stratocasters, Hot Naked Women, Menage-a-threes, Beet Smoothies
Dislikes: Bumping into Things,  Fox News, Brazilian Dwarfs, Kanye West , Seasonal Jock Itch
Contact Info: - New Orleans La.

Friday, February 20, 2015

OH NO.......Tell Me It Ain't So Reverand AL

Sharpton's MSNBC Show May Soon See The Chopping Block

Truth Revolt
"Thursday, MSNBC announced the cancellation of Ronan Farrow's and Joy Reid's afternoon bombs—a move many saw coming for some time now with both shows consistently tanking in the ratings. But inside sources say that the dual cancellations are just the beginning of a major shakeup at ratings-challenged MSNBC, as the network attempts to move back toward the center after veering far left. Next on the chopping block: Chris Hayes and possibly Al Sharpton.
 Citing two "well-placed sources," The Daily Beast reports that in addition to canceling Chris Hayes' struggling 8 p.m. show in the "relatively short term," Al Sharpton's weeknight 6 p.m. show is likely to get the ax "in the longer term," with the controversial host relegated to a weekend slot.
 Sharpton's "PoliticsNation," though popular with African Americans (accounting for 35 percent of the audience), has continued to underperform—as has the host, who is regularly mocked for his teleprompter gaffs and insincere posturing. Sharpton's self-promotional version of civil rights activism, his deplorable tax record, and controversy-ridden past have frequently resulted in unflattering headlines during his stint at the network.
 MSNBC President Phil Griffin's personnel and programming changes are part of a larger move away from the left-wing political commentary that has become MSNBC's trademark toward straight news reporting.
“Everybody in the food chain from top to bottom understands that the Olbermann era is over,” said one of the sources. “Going left was a brilliant strategy while it lasted and made hundreds of millions of dollars for Comcast, but now it doesn’t work any more...The goal is to move away from left-wing TV.”
Frankly, I think they should keep Rev. Al on in Prime Time and scoop up the Ad Dollars, seeing most of his viewers don't agree with him but watch because he can be much more entertaining than anything on Comedy Central. 

Nebraska Woman Dropped from Three Different Obamacare Health Insurance Plans.

by Robert Janicki

Pamela Weldin's story is just one anecdote of what could be a tsunami of such results in the coming days and months of Obamacare across America in 2015.  Her third and latest Obamacare non-profit health insurance carrier has been taken over by the state insurance agency.  58 year old Pamela Weldin is now forced to once again seek out an Obamacare approved health insurance plan.  

I cannot imagine the magnitude of the emotional frustration, turmoil and personal disruption to Ms. Weldin's life and medical experiences as she tries to make sense of who, among her current medical providers, will take Obamacare insurance and which institutions and specialists in her local area will also take whatever Obamacare insurance she can obtain.

One medical specialty group that I see twice a year for a checkup simply does not accept CaliforniaCare (the state version of Obamacare).  Another provider, my dermatologist, has limited the number of CaliforniaCare patients he will add to his patient load, because of the poor reimbursement rates of CaliforniaCare.  I don't know if either of these two medical specialty groups even take MediCal (the California version of federal Medicaid) since they reimburse at a lower rate than even most Obamacare or CaliforniaCare insurance plans.

Moving on, lets look to Obamacare Co-ops around the country and where they stand and their financial condition.

Co-ops are no stranger to the insurance market, and lawmakers hoped the nonprofit insurance companies would help infuse competition and choice into markets where there were limited options.
However, the co-ops created under the law would be slightly different from those already in existence—to help the new insurers get off the ground and meet state reserve requirements, the federal government provided $2 billion in startup and solvency loans. 
One Year After Obamacare’s Implementation, Taxpayer-Funded Co-Ops Struggle to Survive
Twenty-three co-ops serving 26 states were ultimately licensed and received federal loans including CoOportunity.
According to the latest quarterly filings, more than 520,000 people enrolled in insurance coverage through the co-ops through September.
An analysis conducted by The Daily Signal earlier this month, though, found that all but one of the co-ops experienced operating losses through September.  
It becomes obvious that many of these co-ops will either go bankrupt, thus seriously  jeopardizing Obamacare or taxpayers will, once again, be on the hook to subsidize these co-ops.  That's the story of liberal programs, which can't stand on their own abilities.  Government must step in and subsidize these failures with taxpayers funds to avoid collapse.

If a government program, such as Obamacare, cannot survive on its own financing without a taxpayer subsidy, it should be abolished.  Of course this is political heresy, since so many other federal programs would have to be canceled with this concept. 

Attaboy Barry....

via RightWing News

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I did it again, contrary to good sense....

by Robert Janicki

On Wednesday, I watched and listened to President Obama once again publicly support Islam in a rambling nonsensical rant, as if he were lecturing the rest of us for not embracing Islam as the religion of peace. I'm sorry, but I will never embrace Islam as a religion, let alone a religion of peace. The historical facts speak to the contrary. Islam is far more a paramilitary political ideology than a religion. What religion in world history was founded by a brutal and savage murderer of his opponents?

The historical record is undeniable. It's Islam. 

I'm tired of Obama's haughty elitist demeanor in talking down to those who have legitimate disagreements with Islam. It's so typical of liberals to look down at those who oppose them, as if we are ignorant or stupid low life cretins or Neanderthals. Obama's comments were a sickening and rambling nonsensical lecture. He stumbled, mumbled and tried to place the blame for radical Islam, in part, on the victims of radical Islamist Jihadists. His solution was more a sociological treatise than facing the reality of radical Islamist Jihadists and their responsibility for their own actions. 

Of course Obama went on to blame ISIS for hijacking Islam. I take exception to that thought. ISIS has not perverted Islam. Every thing that ISIS does is clearly stated in the Quran, especially the later and much more strident and virulent verses, which supersede similar earlier verses. The fact that ISIS has dwelled upon the most fundamental views expressed in the Quran does not mean ISIS has hijacked Islam. They have simply taken a different approach to the ultimate objective of Islam. ISIS is certainly a death cult that is interested in bringing the end times of the Apocalypse to fruition.

Creating economic opportunities for ISIS members is nonsense. ISIS fighters are making much more money than the opposing military force aligned against them. That fact alone destroys the Obama administration's thought that we should be doing more economically for these poor misguided souls, giving them alternatives to joining ISIS. 

I'm sorry, but that thought simply doesn't take into account the greater psychological drive of ISIS fighters that have bought into the end times of the Apocalypse and their supposed ascension to meet Allah and their 72 virgins.

That's like saying John Hinckley would not have tried to assassinate President Reagan, if he only had better economic opportunities in his life.

Inaugural Inductees into The DMF "Snark Hall of Fame"

After much drinking, debate, discussion and pocketing of bribes  counting and recounting of votes, the soon to be highly coveted DMF/MFNS Inaugural 'Snark Hall of Fame' Awards are today announced.   Honored are 3, for their wit, insight, writing and photoshop talents, as well as their amazing ability to avoid being scooped up by the secret Service.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Is Hillary Starting Her Courtship with the Left Wing Fringe?

Democrat Party’s Far Left Cheers Clinton-Warren Meeting

The left wing of the Democratic party cheered news Tuesday that presumed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently met with progressive hero, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Clinton and Warren, who has has focused on the issue of income equality, held a private, one-on-one meeting at Clinton’s Washington home, the New York Times reported. The meeting came at Clinton’s invitation.
Warren, a Massachusetts freshman who was appointed to Senate leadership this year, is being lobbied to run for president next year. But she has repeatedly said she is not interested.
“It is positive news that Hillary Clinton is meeting with Elizabeth Warren and other progressives -- and it will be even more positive news if economic populist thinkers are appointed to her inner circle,”said Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. “The way for Democrats to win the general election in 2016 is by actively campaigning on an Elizabeth Warren-style economic message -- big ideas like expanding Social Security benefits, a national goal of debt-free college, and stopping Wall Street banks from wrecking our economy again.
One must remember this:  Elizabeth Warren-style economics is Barack Obama Economics repackaged.