Monday, February 23, 2015

Some Random Thoughts on Barack Obama's Love of America or Lack Thereof.

by Robert Janicki

Recently, Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City and still thought of as a force in Republican politics by some, questioned whether President Obama really loves America, since Obama proclaimed in his 2008 presidential campaign that it was his objective to "fundamentally" change America as president. Giuliani has been roundly castigated by liberal progressives for his questioning Obama's love of America. Here are my thoughts.
If you love your country, why would you want to seek to"fundamentally" change it? Why, then, would Obama love or even like America? It doesn't make sense. It's just counter intuitive.

Obama has repeatedly gone out of his way to denigrate and belittle America's greatness as the world leader in protecting individual liberty, freedom and human rights. At home in America, Obama often injects race in issues and individual confrontations that have nothing to do with race, unless, of course, you are a race baiter using race as wedge to separate Americans, in which case it is a proven way to move up in liberal progressive politics.

So I often ask myself why Obama is fixated on and so heavily invested in finding race issues under every rock he turns up? In my opinion, Obama is obviously and blatantly using race as a political tool to beat upon his political opponents. The fact that Obama really has not had the personal experiences of racism in his life that living the black experience might bring to a black person raised in a black community and interacting with non-blacks is of little meaning to him. The race card is simply a tried and true means to put opponents on the defensive. Interestingly, if Obama were a black conservative, black liberal progressives would say that he is "not authentically black" since he never really experienced growing up in a black community and its culture. Can anyone say hypocritical?

Instead, Obama has experienced artificial support for his blackness as a means to rise all the way to the highest political office in America. And all this has been done ironically with the direction and financing mostly by rich, white liberals guiding and mentoring his rise to stardom status bordering upon his being a black Messiah come to save America from all its supposed evil and pernicious continuing racism today. If playing the race card regularly if not enough, Obama fails to address, acknowledge, publicize or even promote, all of America's virtues, which are many, if not more than any country in history.  

Instead, Obama and his hatchet man Holder continually claim that "Americans are cowards" when it comes to racism, implying that if you're white, you are racist by their definition and have no idea what it means to experience racism. I'm a relatively intelligent person and rather well educated for the means that were at my disposal. And I say this all without bragging, just stating some fact to make a point. I don't have to jump off a cliff to clearly understand the consequences of such an act, which is a metaphor to say I believe I know racism when I see it and I don't need to be lectured by race mongers seeking to promote themselves politically, using racism as a means to gain political advantage.

President Obama never actually experienced typical black American culture growing up. His early years were spent living in Indonesia in a Muslim culture. He spent time living his white grandparents living in whiter than white Kansas. Later he would return to Hawaii, a widely diverse racial culture, but with few blacks. Now tell me again just how authentic a black man Barack Obama is.

Back to Rudy Giuliani's remark and some perspective and context on Obama's love or lack thereof for America. In the 2008 presidential campaign, Democrat candidate Obama publicly called then sitting President George W. Bush "unpatriotic" for saddling future generations with an additional national debt of $4 trillion dollars. Viewed from today's national debt increase under Obama, which has almost doubled all previous national debt incurred cumulatively by all previous presidents, Obama and all his acolytes in the White House and the MSM, have no leg to stand on in berating Rudy Giuliani for questioning Obama's love for America.

* Editors Two Cents:   If Obama can decide who the Real Muslims are, why can't Rudy Giuliani say who the Real Patriots are???? 

Rob Janicki is a retired educator, strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and all around good guy, as well as owner/operator of the website Wired Right  and owes me 20 bucks.