Sunday, May 28, 2023

We Can Never Appreciate Enough What They Gave.

I ran across this picture a while back, and it hit home for me. It reminded me of someone I miss, one of the loveliest men I have ever known. He was my Grandfather's twin, my Great Uncle Rupert. I got to see Rupert almost every Christmas as a child, and he lived long enough for me to grow up enough to love and appreciate him as a young lady.

Rupert join the Scottish Air Patrol at the beginning of WWII and flew English channel & North Sea patrols. After the allied invasion of France his squadron was transferred to the Royal Air Force command and was assigned as gunner to a British Stirling Bomber Group.


Rupert flew 30 something missions over Nazi occupied territories, and 17 raids over Germany. When the war was over, now deaf in one ear, he went back to his trade of precision clock making. When Rupert died in 1997, of the 91 surviving members of his RAF Squadron after the war, Rupert was one of only 6 left.    
As someone who grew up surrounded by the blood soak battlefields of two world wars that to this day show their scars, I'm fully aware of what terrible things we are capable of, and can do to each other. 

Rupert spoke of the war in detail to me only once when I told him we were exploring the period in our studies. At times the pain of those years weighed heavy on his face. And one time turning away so as not for me to see. But what I saw in this gentle soft spoken man was someone who did what was necessary, and willing to die that I might breathe free. 

I just wonder now what Rupert would think of the juxtaposition of the world to which he climbed out of his bomber for the final time at the end of the war, and this world as it has become today. 

Thursday, May 25, 2023

One Ton Karen Triggered - Unhinged Rant Down Range

It's always obvious who the left feels are threats and fear the most, the ones they pounce on like a pack of rabid weasels and don't let up. We've seen it many times before. They twist statements into lies in an all out attempt at destruction of character and reputation. Lately they have been laying in wait, preoccupied with the legal struggles of DJT.  But yesterday, the newest target raised up into the main line of fire. So it should be no surprise to you the first to take big time shots would be one of the Dems protected media class, the untouchable black female. In this case, that would be the anti-Semitic, mavin of on-air farting and leader of the pack, the effervescent Karen Johnson.
PJM - "Whoopi Goldberg went on an unhinged rant ahead of Ron DeSantis’ campaign announcement on Twitter spaces: 
“I don’t understand. I didn’t know what he was saying…. This idea of announcement [sic] on Twitter… do that on television, okay?” Goldberg yelled into the camera, to which the menopausal audience enthusiastically clapped. “I wanna see you do it on television.” “I want to see you take real Americans’ questions,” Goldberg added, apparently so bent out of shape she confused a campaign announcement with a town hall Q&A . 
She then moved on to some kind of weird Charles Manson-esque fantasy about race war, asking rhetorically why DeSantis hates people of color and then abruptly pivoting to a reference to some obscure gay riot from 1975: 
“I don’t want to dislike you. I can’t help it, because you don’t give me any reason, because I don’t understand why do you dislike people of color? What’s wrong with American history? What’s wrong with gay folks? You know, Anita Bryant did this stuff in 1975, and gay folks rose up and fought for what they needed. That’s what’s coming, man! It’s coming, it’s coming. That’s not a threat.” 
Frankly, it’s amazing she can dress herself in the morning. The whole rant had a bizarre dementia-like flavor to it reminiscent of a nursing home resident who thinks the minority staff is stealing her non-existent valuables from her room. These people don’t understand what the internet is or how it works or why it’s going to totally supplant the dinosaur legacy media like The View‘s benefactor, ABC. All that they know is the world is changing in ways they can’t understand, like why a presidential candidate would choose to go to Twitter to announce his campaign rather than one of the dying media outlets they work for. 
But her recent tirade wasn’t the first unintelligible anti-DeSantis rant she’s done on air.  Back in March, she gave a preview of what was to come, lamented that the candidate was not prepared to lead America because something… something… diversity: 
“There are things that are going to come up that you can’t hide, that you can’t fix,” she said. “So dude, you’re not ready for America. You’re not ready for this country yet. ‘Cause you haven’t learned that we are a diverse nation... 
So, you can run if you want to, but I ain’t voting for you.”
I'm sure if you are leaning toward supporting a DeSantis run for the Big House, you would consider Karen's terms acceptable?


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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The Slow Strangling of the American Ideal

“The percentage of Americans owning homes - the modern equivalent of the founding ideal of land-owning an empowered citizens is again declining.  The average net worth of Americans at retirement is also plunging.  About 40 percent of American adults can only make minimum payments on their mounting credit-card debt.  Such stagnation occurs at a moment the federal government is is borrowing trillions of dollars for the greatest array of redistributive entitlements in history.

All these statistics have consequences for the nation as a whole.  The ages at which Americans marry, have their first child, or buy a home have risen to new highs.  American fertility rates reach new modern lows.  The native-born population of the United States shrinks and ages.  In circular fashion, once middle-class viability erodes, an ever-expanding government is asked to subsidize Americans in vain attempts to provide some of the entitlements that citizens once confidently earned themselves.

The result is the very government-induced dependency about which the nineteenth century Americanophile Alexis de Tocqueville once warned: an ennui of prolonged adolescence replacing the pride and dynamism of the self-reliant citizen.”  

Victor Davis Hanson - Western Citizenship

Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Dems are Seeing Lots of Red These Days

 At no time has this graphic been more relevant than it is today.

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Friday, May 19, 2023

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

 ~ No Tuxedos Required ~

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Big Ass Mid-week Open Thread

Your Beloved Blog Editrix Reluctantly Turns Things Over to You, the Reader.
But I am Interested in Your Thoughts on this Week's News, so I'll Relent. 
So Don Your Blogging Thongs and as Always, Keep All Weapons in Plain Sight
.......and Use the Damn Coasters.

This Week Your Glorious Exercise in Free Speech is Brought to You By:
The Biden Administration's Green Energy Department's New 
Low Fart Emission Plug-in Hybrid Cow.
"It's a Game Changer. A Big Fuckin' Deal!"- Joe Biden

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Biden to Return From G7 Early, Reducing Opportunities for Regular Embarrassments on World Stage

With surely a temporary sigh of relief by his staff, the White House has announce the President has decided to cut his trip to Japan short and return to the Washington on Sunday immediately following the completion of the [Group of Seven summit], to pretend to arm wrestle over the debt.

Biden had plans to meet with leaders in Australia and Papua New Guinea to discuss China and climate initiatives after the meetings. The summit is to be held in Hiroshima, Japan, where Joe will embarrass America to our economic allies answering for his potential coming wreckage of the global economy, then before leaving Biden will meet with victims of the atomic bomb drop that help defeat Japan in WW2, which opens up a gigantic window for Biden as usual, say something really really stupid and embarrassing. 

After watching Biden from afar, the Japanese probably picked Hiroshima thinking he's bumbling and ignorant enough to actually do something.......... like apologize.  Or maybe he'll just tell a good 'ol Biden story about how he used to witness atomic tests in the Nebraska desert while everyone gets sloshed on sake.  One thing is for sure, from shitting his pants, to forgetting where he is, nothing is out of the realm of possibility when Joe is involved.  You know the State Dept & WH press offices hold their breath every time he leaves the sight of a teleprompter......

Monday, May 15, 2023

A Pair of Testicles With Glasses Talk Trump vs DeSantis

         Rick Wilson - Lincoln Pedo Project                     Zippy Velshi - MSNBC Leftist Mouthpiece

It's so easy to see who democrats fear the most in 2024.  From the slobbering left wing media talking faces to the clucking hens of 'The View', democrats have laid on thick the attempt to disgrace Ron DeSantis, even though the Governor has yet to announce he's running for the Big House. So much so, they even have gone to actually praising DJT. *RED FLASHING LIGHTS* 

Yesterday, the disgraced co-founder of  the shady group Lincoln Project, Rick Wilson, joined some verbose turd named Ali Velshi on MSNBC to talk shit and once again played the Trump card:

Wilson began by attacking DeSantis's personality, claiming that he "doesn't like humans, has to pretend to be human." He insisted DeSantis has a "mean streak." 
Yes, Rick Wilson said that, without any introspection about his own behavior. In contrast, despite being sure to get on record that he dislikes everything about Trump, Wilson argued Trump does have "charisma" and "energy." 
In a particularly gruesome metaphor, Wilson then predicted that in a debate, Trump would "tear Ron DeSantis 's head off and kick it around like a soccer ball......."

This is Wilson doing the left's dirty work to help tear down DeSantis because he and the Dems see him as the biggest threat to Biden. 

Imagining DeSantis's head being torn off and kicked around is in keeping with Wilson's creepy penchant for violent fantasies about Republicans. In 2019 Wilson said of Trump, "If you cut him, he'll still bleed," advising Democrats to up the Trump admin "body count," encouraging Dems to inflict a "death of 1,000 cuts" and "raise the pain level."

Rick Wilson is one unwell dude.

[Video at NewsBusters]

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Sunday Soothingness

For your Sunday Soothingness, another choice morsel drawn from your Beloved Blog Editrix's personal digs, from the album 'Sweet Release' (2019) a cover of the Stevie Ray Vaughan tune 'Riviera Paradise' by Reese Wynans with the help of a couple of friends, KWS & JB.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

I don't Even........

I don't even to know where to start. There is a shit load of stuff coming down the mountain and in the next few days, and I can't even gather enough thoughts on one thing or another to write a post.  Supposedly today, after the Chairman of the House Intel Committee read the riot act to the FBI over a subpoena or something, plans to spill the beans on Biden family corruption and try and put somebody's nuts in a vice.  And then tomorrow 46 throws open the back door and the entire third world population of the western hemisphere is going to begin a bum rush toward our border to be welcomed by the US military, and the urban natives are getting restless again, to name just a few. 

Starting at 11am this morning, the studio is booked 38 of the next 48 hours. And 14 hours Sunday. So I will have little time post, if at all, so I'll leave this post open until further notice.

It's here for your thoughts on the news as it happens and whatever else floats your boat. I would appreciate y'all dropping a few update for me with your takes. I'll be checking in often. I really don't like being so far away from home when I have feelings like I do now, cause crazy shit tends to happen. That's a post in itself now that I think about it......

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Grievance Politics Is Destroying Civilized Society

By MatthewBoose @ American Greatness
Arguably, the greatest indictment of leftism is its preference for the vagrant and the criminal over the law-abiding citizen and victim. In politics, there are all kinds of disagreements about the role and scope of the state, but the one thing the state must do is protect the innocent. Without security, there is anarchy. And where there is anarchy, the state can command neither legitimacy nor respect. 

Yet racial idolaters on the Left have pushed society to forgo basic expectations of public order and civilized conduct. The Left has a warped infatuation with society’s most entitled, recalcitrant, and destructive elements.

Their latest martyr is a lunatic named Jordan Neely, who was killed while threatening commuters in Manhattan. The man, portrayed by sympathetic media as a “Michael Jackson impersonator,” was throwing garbage at people and making vaguely threatening statements about his willingness to go to prison for life. A reasonable person would feel afraid in this situation, as passengers doubtless did. A heroic vigilante intervened. The Left has demonized the vigilante for his “barbaric” supposed “lynching,” but this gets it precisely backward.

In places like New York City, criminals are a protected class. Just days ago, a homeless man stabbed a commuter with an ice pick. Jordan Neely himself had 42 prior arrests and an open warrant for assaulting a 67-year-old woman at the time of his death. He is widely reported to have been a menace to the safety of others, in short, a net negative on society. But rather than permit the “injustice” of locking up violent blacks, governments in places like New York empower criminals to terrorize innocents. This is called “social justice,” and it’s happening everywhere.

Roving caravans of “youths” in Chicago regularly riot and loot with impunity. The city wrings its hands over a lack of “resources” in the hood and stages ineffectual “awareness” campaigns. Civilized society is extorted, literally and morally. The left will always find a way to justify the criminals and blame the real victims, whose cries for justice are drowned out by the endless wailing of black entitlement. We are often told that the politics of “white grievance” is transforming America into some kind of authoritarian state, but the opposite is true.

It is impossible to have civilization when it is a crime to hold members of a protected class accountable for their conduct. In Manhattan on last week, justice momentarily took the reins away from “social justice.” The normal course of state-sanctioned disorder was disrupted by a brave onlooker, who very well could have ignored the threat, like most commuters have been conditioned to do. Instead, he chose to act at great risk to his safety, reputation, and freedom.

And of course, the media does their part:


Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sunday Soothingness

We lost last week one of the Great Troubadours of the Late Twentieth Century. One of his most perfect and beautiful compositions was 'Seven Island Suite'. It happen to have been one of the favorites of Lydia Marie (1961-1995)

This is for Her. I Miss You Mom.


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Saturday, May 6, 2023

Chucky Three-Sticks Mounts the Throne.

Unlike the Great Kings of England of lore, Charlie III will not be fighting those nasty uppity French or Austrians on the continent for land and riches and fame. Nor will Chuck be separating the heads from bodies of his detractors or those who might partake in Palace Intrigue. Nor will Chuck be forced, for the purpose of military or political alliances, to take some butt ugly princess as his queen (that part is already taken care of). 

These days Chucky Three Sticks, as the new King of All England, biggest battles won't be against foreign Emperors or pissed off crazy cousins with large armies marching through neutral countries to threaten the British Empire. No, his battles will more likely be with with his little pedo prince brother Andrew and with the little tart Yoko Markle and her English Setter puppy Harry, from further disgracing the family and bringing down the Monarchy.  

It's also expected Chuck will be annoying his subject with his special interest, climate change, and advocating for all the Globalist agenda of making of the lives of his subjects even more uncomfortable than they already are. It also been said that as King, despite his increase in duties of the Monarch, Chuck will continuing to make time for his love of talking to plants in the royal garden. 
 So Pip Pip Cheerio and 

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Friday, May 5, 2023

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Big Ass Late Week Open Thread

Your Beloved Blog Editrix Reluctantly Turns Things Over to You, the Reader.
But I Do So Because I'm Interested in Your Thoughts on this Weeks News.

So Don Your Blogging Thongs and as Always, Keep All Weapons in Plain Sight
.......and Use the Damn Coasters.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Joe Biden: Beating Swords into Stripper Poles

RS- Decades hence, when historians are seeking the exact moment when relations between the West and the Muslim world turned the corner to become a model of trust and mutual respect, they will land on the day the Biden administration reached out to help “Transgender Youth” in Pakistan. No, really. There are trans kids in Pakistan, and they need “professional development".

And now our far-sighted administration is offering a $500,000 grant to teach Pakistani kids English. One of the conditions of the grant is that the recipient provides “intensive professional development courses for Pakistani transgender youth.

The grant’s goals, according to the administration, are:
In this specific grant, the Department provides funding for “Non-Mainstream Institutions” for English-language learning, an integral skill that helps unlock educational and employability opportunities, for marginalized communities, in this case transgender youth.
The grant asks applicants to specifically address one of the most pressing questions of our time: What is the most effective way to reach the greatest number of Pakitranny youth and Afghan teachers, students, and young professionals from diverse locations across Pakistan?

Let's hope that definition of 
“Non-Mainstream Institutions” is not so expansive as to include, say, homeschoolers. U.S. tax dollars shouldn’t be going to help create badly socialized, maladjusted Pakistanis.  

You see, trans and gay stuff like drag shows isn’t super popular in Muslim countries ya know. So there’s a dearth of role models around to mentor budding drag queens. Something to do with a being thrown off the top of a building or something.  Joe & Co. saw this tragedy as an opportunity. If American aid can build an English-speaking Pakistani community of trained twerkers, we can begin to melt the differences that separate us. This is the “soft power” diplomacy that will bridge the cultural divide with Islamic nations. Joe is beating swords into stripper polls.

I'm sure someone in the dark bowels of the Biden administration are bouncing around the idea of a grant to set the Pakitranny kids up with TikTok accounts and Disney Plus subscriptions. Just give them time. 

(DMF Institute for the Study of Progtards and Democrat Mental Defectives)

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Chuck Schumer Steals the Show at NY Met Gala

Ah Yes, the night all the beautiful people and freaks and weirdos of the Fashion & Entertainment world gather together in NYC for no really good reason other than to remind each other they are indeed wealthy freaks and weirdos spending 50K to see who can outdo every other freak and weirdo.  And it's always good to see so many oppressed black millionaires represented and a combined close knit community of self important woke drama school pretenders, autotuned pop stars and music industry lip sync expert's, as well as other names the great unwashed more than likely never heard of, all waltz up the Great Met Staircase.

Here is just a few samples of what we all missed Monday night:

Here's said to be beautiful songbird Rihanna looking somewhat like a toad peeking through foam floating on the edge of a scummy pond on an early morning. (This person is actually worth $1.4 Billion)