Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Chuck Schumer Steals the Show at NY Met Gala

Ah Yes, the night all the beautiful people and freaks and weirdos of the Fashion & Entertainment world gather together in NYC for no really good reason other than to remind each other they are indeed wealthy freaks and weirdos spending 50K to see who can outdo every other freak and weirdo.  And it's always good to see so many oppressed black millionaires represented and a combined close knit community of self important woke drama school pretenders, autotuned pop stars and music industry lip sync expert's, as well as other names the great unwashed more than likely never heard of, all waltz up the Great Met Staircase.

Here is just a few samples of what we all missed Monday night:

Here's said to be beautiful songbird Rihanna looking somewhat like a toad peeking through foam floating on the edge of a scummy pond on an early morning. (This person is actually worth $1.4 Billion) 

Here's extra heavy-duty songstress Lizzo, wearing a slimming vertical striped inelegant number that's looks like a design by someone who paints white stripes on highways and parking lot spaces. It seems to work though. You'd never believe she's a 400 pounder. 

Not sure who or what the bloody hell this is.......or why. 

Former ESPN Sports Commentator, former MSNBC News Anchor,  notorious beta male and sad little man, Keith Olbermann, was a big hit with the light in the loafers crowd wearing a creation from his new fun line of Drag Party Evening Wear by 'The House of OBO'.

But all eyes were on the Senior Senator from NY, Chuck Schumer, who never passes up a chance to get in front of a camera and draw attention to himself, actually stole the show like a Chinese Bandit and was the talk of the night  with his floor length Blue & White Chiffon Gown with inflatable safety shoulder accents from the Harlem 'House of Itchie & Shillong'.  Nice!

Dolly Macintosh is MFNS Health and Fashion Editor. Dolly is a graduate of the Alabama Dept. of Corrections Finishing School for Young Ladies where she earned a degree in Fitness, Fashion and Sensual Massage. She is also the author of three unpublished books. 

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