Sunday, February 28, 2021

Alyssa Milano & The 'Blue Cult' of Conspiracy Theories Do CPAC

They're all sharing the same image that they just learned about today. They genuinely think the floor design of #CPAC2021 is a Nazi dog whistle. 
"Having worked with Norse and Elder Futhark iconography for years, I’m quite alert to the glyph shapes and their associations in the modern world and history. So, why is the #CPAC2021 stage an Odal rune, and specifically one with serifs (or wings) that was used by the SS?" 
And what’s a conspiracy theory without Alyssa Milano to help push it on the tweeter machine? After all, she is may be Hollywood's foremost expert at spotting Nazis.
The venue hosting CPAC has been threaten with boycott, but released a statement basically saying shove off.

The mania behind this is laughable and it shows just how easily the impressionable are led down a path by these propagandist.  It’s also a bit concerning that none of these people have enough critical thinking skills at all to understand that’s not a rational conclusion, and they go on to repeat anyway.  It also shows how unfamiliar they are with Republican thought, they only know what they’ve been told.  While you think that CPAC would be a fun event with interesting speeches and things to do, they think it’s a cabal of racists and white supremacists sharing secret symbols built into the stage, and “attacking” Jim Acosta because attendees chanted “CNN sucks” at him, which was why he was there.

These people are unwell. Take away all their hate, and what's left is a bunch of sniveling crybabies. And I'm being nice. 

[Vic Media]
H/T Broadside Betty
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Friday, February 26, 2021

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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On the morning of Sunday, October 14, 1962, Juanita Moody exited the headquarters of the National Security Agency, at Fort Meade, Maryland, and walked the short distance to her car, parked in one of the reserved front-row spaces. The sky was a crystalline blue, “a most beautiful day,” she recalled later. Moody had just learned that the U.S. Air Force was sending a U-2 spy plane to take high-altitude photographs of military installations. Moody was worried for the pilot—twice already in the past two years a U-2 had been shot out of the sky. American military leaders and the intelligence community believed that something unusual was up. Exactly what, no one could say. “I went out and got into my old convertible at the precise moment I had been told this pilot was going to get into his plane,” Moody said.

What unfolded over the next two weeks was arguably the most dangerous period in the history of civilization. One of the most extraordinary omissions in this story to date is the central role played by Moody, a 38-year-old during the perilous fall of 1962. Even today her name is largely unknown outside the agency, and some details of her contributions to the nation’s security remain closely guarded.

Moody, who died in 2015 at age 90, and quietly buried at Arlington National Cemetery, was forever discreet. When asked about her past, she would deflect. As one friend remembered her saying, "Oh, I’ve done lots of interesting things for a country girl from North Carolina."

This is a long but interesting read of a time and place much different than our own. A time many of you lived through. I highly recommend you take the time and read her story.
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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Progressives' Good Riddance Attitude Toward Small Business


Progressives have become increasingly cavalier about the economic consequences of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. One such disciple of doom to small business is Rep. Ro Khanna (D–Calif.) who said on CNN earlier this week when asked about whether hard-pressed small businesses would be able to absorb the mandated pay hike "I think $15 is very reasonable in this country."

Khanna's seemingly blasé acknowledgment that the Democrats' minimum wage proposal would force some small businesses to shut down sparked immediate criticism. But progressive allies of Khanna claim if a business is unable to pay a $15 minimum, that business should not be considered a viable enterprise. In other words, Good Riddance.

It must be noted here that Ro Khanna is a lawyer and former Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of Commerce in Barky Obama's regulation happy Administration, has never produced or sold anything and obviously should, but doesn't, know what small business have to do to stay afloat.  But a callous attitude towards small business owners in light of the difficulties they're already facing amid a pandemic and related public health restrictions is par for the course for these regressive troglodytes.

Given how many mom-and-pop operations would struggle to cope with a $15 federal minimum wage, these progs like Khanna are writing off a huge number of existing businesses that are the back bone of America as essentially worthless.  Nationally, about a third of small businesses have closed since the start of the pandemic.  And even if one isn't inclined to shed a tear for mom-and-pop businesses, it's not like the current lower-wage employees of those businesses would be made better off either. They'd stand to make $0 an hour if their employer shuts down. And even if the business does survive, those employees still risk cuts to their hours.

Grocery stores are particularly sensitive to sudden increases in their labor costs given the typically tight margins those businesses operate on. Even if one thinks it's fine for businesses that pay low wages to go extinct, their shuttering also means fewer job options for low-wage workers and fewer entry level jobs for young adults in poorer communities. There's no social justice in that.

I must also note here, as I have about others in previous posts, that Rep. Khanna is another first generation child of immigrants, who's parents came through the system and immigrated legally, were welcomed with open arms and granted all the advantages and privileges' of the native born, contributed to America greatness and lived a successful life, only to have their regressive douchebag offspring go to work to tear it all down in the name of cancerous progressivism. This putz need to be unseated and sent back to chasing ambulances for a living.

[Reason Mag]

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Card

In a rare public appearance, President 46* pulled out a card made for him so he can remember important facts, like he's the president not a Senator. He forgot he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about the card.

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Beware: New Right Leaning News Platform 'Rightly' Is Brought To You By The Folks At Al Jazeera

According to Politico, Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news network that has previously sought
unsuccessfully to become a liberal media force in the US, is now going to burn more piles of cash launching a platform to target conservatives.

The new effort, called 'Rightly', will target Republicans who "feel left out of mainstream media".  It will be led by a former Fox News journalist Scott Norvell (?) also of the defuncted news site Heat Street. 

Al Jazeera became a significant presence in the US in 2013, when it launched the left-leaning Al Jazeera America news channel and website.  The network funded by the state of Qatar, closed down the US TV channel in 2016.

Privately, some Al Jazeera staff expressed dismay at the launch of Rightly, wondering how it squared with the network’s previously stated commitments to giving voice to marginalized communities.  Al Jazeera has been seen suspiciously by many on the right for what appeared to be left-wing bias when reporting the news.  Al Jazeera America, launched with great fanfare in 2013 with an outlay of $500 million and hired high-profile journalists from CNN to launch the rivalling CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, only to crashed and burn in three years.

In the current political climate in this country, I don't see an Arab venture into the open sewer of the American news media any more successful than the previous attempt to lure lefties.  Nor would I trust it as a source any more than the Russian 'RT' network.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Merrick Garland: Portland Riots May Not Be ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Because They Are At Night

Nominee for Attorney General, Merrick Garland, took questions in his Senate hearing yesterday in support of his nomination by President 46*.  When asked his thoughts on "assaults on federal property in places other than Washington, DC", he replied in essence that while the attack on the Capitol was domestic terrorism, the attacks on federal buildings over the summer in Portlandia and Seattle likely were not.
"Do you regard assaults on federal courthouses or other federal property as acts of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism?”  
"Well Senator, my own definition, which is about the same as the statutory definition, is the use of violence or threats of violence in an attempt to disrupt democratic processes. 
An attack on a courthouse while in operation, trying to prevent judges from actually deciding cases, that plainly is domestic extremism, domestic terrorism."
So, it seems if attacks on police and federal courthouses take place after hours when court was not in session, it's just a run of the mill vandalism?? 

Look, I spent many an evening and into early mornings watching live streams of large contingents of well organized jacked up black clad, meth enable fascist, when not destroying store fronts and setting fire to a Starbucks, attack news crews, intimidate bystanders, using industrial fireworks, bats, bricks and frozen water bottles against police, and setting fires at doors while blocking other exits to the the federal buildings with police inside in Portland and Seattle. They have killed before. 

In Portland, their main objective were/are the jails and releasing the inmates, mostly of color, held by the racist courts on the upper floors of the court house. If they were to breach the building there wouldn't have been anything like you saw at the capital building. There wouldn't be just ransacking of offices and feet on desk. They were intent on releasing the inmates and burned it to the ground. And you can bet that with their numbers, there would have be more than one dead federal agent as was the case in DC. These are real Domestic Terrorist, Judge.

And no, my good Judge Garland, you don't and never will belong on the Supreme Court with your anti second amendment views.  And if you spend your time and our money chasing small unorganized groups of zealot hillbillies in red hats who most are probably more of a danger to their wives than our democracy, and not removing these  destructive Antifa anarchist off the streets by any means necessary, then you have no business being the Attorney General of the United States either!   *Drops Mic*

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Your Sunday Open Thread

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Party of Science Continues It's Mockery of Science

One of the biggest lies of the present decade is that the democrats are the "Party of Science." It fits quite nicely with their soviet style mantra of 'only they know what passes as truth'.  And now they propose to set some of their Legalistic Utopia and Alternative Reality in stone.

According to Breitbart, President 46* released a statement Friday urging Congress to “swiftly pass” H.R.5.- The Equality Act, a bill that would eliminate the legal recognition of male and female sex, cater to gender ideology, and designate protection for the unborn as “pregnancy” discrimination. This legislation, which would rewrite civil rights law to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” as protected classes, not to mention mock biological science, and would likely upend the national culture as Americans have known it.

Ryan Anderson Ph.D., president of Ethics & Public Policy Center (EPPC) an expert on bioethics, religious liberty, and political philosophy released a statement on this Equality sham. In part:
“The so-called Equality Act is legislative malpractice that turns equality on its head. It isn’t drafted as a shield to protect vulnerable minorities from unjust discrimination, but as a sword to persecute those who do not embrace new sexual and gender ideologies.”
Anderson underscored the impact the legislation will have on the privacy of women and girls, as well as the punitive consequences to which faith-based institutions and organizations will be exposed at its hands.  Anderson noted that any questioning of transgender medical treatments and surgeries would be labeled “discrimination” if the Equality Act becomes law.
“And any refusal to support or provide abortions would now be treated as ‘pregnancy’ discrimination,” he continued. “And no one—not even the act’s sponsors—can tell us what would be required under the act to avoid committing ‘discrimination’ in the case of ‘non-binary’ gender identities.”
The problem is that the Equality Act wouldn’t protect people in need of protection as much as it would fundamentally change civil rights law for the worse.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Perseverance is His Middle Name 🤣

Brian Williams Reports from Perseverance Landing Zone

I Will Not Be Participating in Your New Culture Wars

There I was, stranded by a snowstorm and nothing better to do, reading up on what a journalist unjustly pushed out of his left-wing muckracking gig (one with whom I disagree about nearly everything) had to say about the forced resignation of a reporter from a newspaper I no longer read over the meta-ethics of using a racial slur in a non-derogatory context during a field trip for rich kids to South America that probably cost more than six months of most people's mortgage.

Then I checked my social media "feed",  only to discover that my attention was needed elsewhere. You see, an actress I have never heard of, who rose to prominence in a sport I loathe, had been fired from a television program I have no plans of ever watching on an online streaming platform that I would never subscribe to for employing a tired but once-popular Holocaust-derived analogy in an argument about well, I really don't know, but I was supposed to be thrilled that she is now engaged in an unnamed new film venture with another journalist whose work I don't care to read

Sandwiched between these two incidents was at least one other pseudo-controversy involving the inconsistent application of privacy rules at the aforementioned paper. It led to a once-pseudonymous blogger, who was supposed to be the subject of an abandoned profile, outing himself and then being written about in a somewhat nastier manner by the same publication. This in turn gave rise to dozens of impassioned defenses of the unlucky scribe by countless other 40-something male bloggers, including one prominent defender of polygamy.

What the hell am I doing reading this crap in my precious extra time I thought. In all of these and goodness knows how many other cases or whatever the word is supposed to be for these extended online sessions, what was being elicited was an intense fury that, upon a moment's reflection, I realized I did not actually feel. 

This is not because I do not care about truth or justice or any of the rather grand-sounding words trotted out by online sophist whenever we do these things, but because even when I squint and see how they enter at least proximately into the incident, it is not clear to me what my being outraged would accomplish.

I think the best way of illustrating my point is to mention what brought me to this point of thinking. It was yet another recent example of the tendency I am simultaneously decrying and refusing to engage with: the increasingly commonplace and utterly ludicrous contention that Western art music is the product of some kind of white supremacist conspiracy that is perpetuated every time someone praises or even listens to a work such as 'Fidelio'. 

Attempting to rebut a person who says that Beethoven was merely an "above-average" composer and that the centrality of tone in 19th-century music is a racist plot is a mug's game. One's intended interlocutors are simply not arguing in good faith.

There are only three conceivable responses to such idiotic assertions. The first, that of the indefatigable John McWhorter, is to attempt meaningful adult conversation, which is a bit like trying to convince someone making fart noises that your preferred translation of an 11th-century Japanese court romance is worth reading.

The second is performative indignation, as seen best in it's natural habitat, the Tweeter. This often feels good and occasionally allows us to enjoy feelings of camaraderie. But among other things I worry that when something becomes a wedge issue in these culture-war arguments, sooner or later the actual object (in this case the music of Beethoven) recedes into the horizon, merely instrumental if not irrelevant. This is a familiar pattern in the so-called "canon wars" of the last few decades: The entire modern history of the conservative movement might as well be the story of otherwise intelligent 20-somethings devoting their lives to defending "the products of Western civilization" without betraying even the slightest familiarity, much less sincere interest, in this vaguely defined corpus.

The third possible response is the one that seems to me the most reasonable. It is silence. Never mind the other considerations. The truth is that I cannot change the fact that all of America's institutions, political, economic, cultural,  are controlled by mendacious philistines.

But I can ignore these people, robbing them of the only thing that really matters to them: their ability to impose their will upon me and millions of others.   *burp*

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The TIK-TOKers Celebrating Rush Limbaugh’s Death Look EXACTLY How You’d Expect Them to Look.....

H/T White Rabbit

Biden Administration Hires Madison Avenue PR Firm to Spin Their Body Blows to America

History will show a dumbass with a pen is far more
dangerous than a smartass with a tweet.

Democrats are known, not just for being whiny little vengeful bitches when they lose, but for also rallying the faithful to spin and cover their ineptness and corruption when in leadership. So why should we expect anything different from Joe and VP kneepads??

The duo is stepping up their game from the irrelevant hollywood weird B list star power of the War-wagon of the 'Impeachment Task Force.' According to POLITICO:
“Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW) on Thursday announced the formation of a new public affairs unit focused specifically on public sector clients." 
"As the new administration ramps up, many agencies will need to develop and launch compelling strategic communications campaigns to disseminate President Biden’s priorities, policies and objectives to the American public,’ said Dan Doherty, BCW’s executive vice president for North America public affairs and head of its crisis practice, in a statement." 
"The new unit is already under contract with a handful of federal agencies including the VA, Commerce Department, Pentagon and HHS."
BCW is a GIANT, multinational, decades-old New York City PR machine. We’re talking Madison Avenue on steroids. They have about 4,000 employees – and their own Wikipedia page. And this giant Madison Avenue PR machine is now being paid GIANT amounts of OUR money. To attempt to sell us on what the Joe Biden Administration is doing to us. This is government attempting to peddle government awfulness just like Ben & Jerry’s peddles ice cream. Except Government Flavor tastes terrible. No matter you sell it.

BCW has a lot of experience selling terrible: Burson-Marsteller consultants were brought in by Union Carbide to conducted public relations work  cover their ass after The Bhopal disaster that killed over 2,000 people at a plant in India.  And Burson-Marsteller conducted public relations work was brought in to cover the asses of  Babcock & Wilcox, the plant’s manufacturer after the Three Mile Island accident of 1979.

Government already has plenty of high paid in-house shills. And now we have government using lots of our money to hire one of Madison Avenue’s hugest shills, one with a long history of spinning really terrible things.

Because the Biden Administration knows they have a lot of terrible things to spin.

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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Your Valentines Day Open Thread

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❤️ And She Expresses This Day Heart Felt Hopes Everybody Gets Laid. 💋

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Well, He Did Say "F**k around and find out."

Rick Wilson - Co Founder of the Circle Jerk Lincoln Project

Social media, along with Tweets from various bylined writers whose names you will recognize, are patting themselves on the back for "skeptical" thoughts they had about the Lincoln Lads....five minutes ago.

Even after being warning that maybe it was not the wisest choice for Liberals to pin their hopes on a barrel of testosterone-poisoned, recently former Republican mercenaries and assholes......nasty knuckle dragging con men, perverts' and grifters. This crowd of self-guilding political "operatives" has been gradually exposed as slugs on the regular in recent weeks. 

First it was the son of a mailman John Kasich's former campaign strategist and political grifter with a fetish for young boys, John Weaver.  The latest now being one the sleaziest of the group, the nasty pointy headed Project Co-founder Steve Schmidt, is resigning after former staffers said it was the “recent public behavior” of co-founder Schmidt that had forced them to go public because they “do not feel safe” engaging with the group’s leadership privately.  Schmidt was a regular on conspiracy TV, MSNBC, and a contributor at the progressive propaganda arm, Daily Beast.

Project mouth piece Rick Wilson, who's appearance is what it would look like if you put glasses on a testicle, once famously taunted a congressman on twitter:
Well Ricky, someone fucked around, and we are finding out.

I predict we will be amazed by all in the media and Lincoln Project former-Republican "affiliates" who are
privately weaseling out of any responsibility for promoting this shit pile of bigots and perverts' they have been exposed as being, swearing that they never had idea what was really going on during all the time they were giving airtime and money and legitimacy. 

Makes you wonder how many of these fellow Anti-Trump donors who handed over $90Mil. into these political grifters operation are as sleazy and corrupt as their good friends at the LP?    

Friday, February 12, 2021

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Pelosi's Spiteful, Maliciously Childish Pettiness on Full Display

In the years since DJT upended American politics by destroying the planned coronation of Hillary Clinton as President, Democrats have been revealing themselves almost daily as the most bitter and spiteful politicians in the country’s history since the last time their party tried to destroy it in the 1860s.  And if this is the kind of unity Democrats are pushing now, they going to be in for a real surprise when they find out 75 million Americans aren’t buying it.

On January 3rd, every member of the 117th Congress was permitted to have a family member witness the official swearing in from the House gallery. Today speaker Pelosi denied the request for Rep. Claudia Tenney’s son to be in the gallery. Newly elected New York Rep.Tenney and her family have waited three months since the November election for Tenney to finally be sworn-in to the seat she flipped red.

According to The Daily Caller, Tenney’s son, a graduate of the prestigious Naval Academy, and now an officer in the United States Marines, was not allowed to attend the ceremony.

Most sane Americans would consider that the kind of man you’d trust your life to – considering the country is entrusting its existence to him and to men and women like him and has been for more than 200 years now. But apparently “most sane Americans” doesn’t’ include a vengeful and bitter Nancy Pelosi or her staff.

The Democratic Party has made no secret of the fact that it distrusts the military, look at the insulting “vetting” process for the National Guard that took place before the swearing-in of president 46* on Jan. 20.  But it is surprising that this kind of distrust would be placed on such a personal level.  Representative Tenny was first elected in 2016, then lost to Democrat Anthony Brindisi in the 2018 midterms, but has regained her seat. That means she’s at least somewhat of a known quantity. And if her son were the kind of military officer liberals like to pretend are hiding under every bed ...“white supremacist,” dangerous to democracy, bent on overthrowing the government they’ve sworn to protect etc.... it’s a good chance Capitol security would know about it.

All of which makes this look like an exercise in typical Pelosi pettiness rather than any actual security measure. A Punitive response of a 5 year old on the part of Pelosi attempting to demonstrate power and control.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Senate Kabuki Theater - Episode 2

In Episode one of the United States Senate Kabuki Theater production "Impeachment 2.0", we witnessed the Senate Dems proclaiming constitutional righteousness and officially the good guys. With the help of a a slick professionally produced video production, highly edited for effect, the case was made for Dems and a few Repubs to vote for an extended run of their made for cable news mini series.  (Senator William Morgan Cassidy, we need to talk!!)

Pointless as this process is, they fool no one with the High Judge of the production also a sitting juror. And it's not lost on anyone he happens to be a juror who also publicly pronounced the defendant guilty as charged. Just like an old movie western.  Judge, Jury and Hangman.

The reviews so far are generally pants wetting good from the Hollywood hate cheering section. The cable news pundits are fired up and ecstatic.

There's is no advanced word if, or who may be the Dems designated weeper for today's session. They may have to go to the bench since so many high profile Dems have already done their weeping emotional performance for the media during the run up to the hearings.

UPDATE:  There are rumors that ace Middle Finger News Correspondent 'Earl of Taint' may have slipped into the DC disguised as a 'Lady of the Evening' to report on the proceedings. If so, you'll read it here.   


Monday, February 8, 2021

You Know What We’re Long Overdue For? A Great PJW Video. Here You Go!


A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Some Random Notes on 46* from the Cheap Seats

The past few weeks have been kinda like a surreal extended road trip with a crazy neighbor that started out as just a simple trip to the 7-11 for beer and smokes as we watched President 46* with his box of pens sign executive orders rescinding just about everything this side of the primary color chart and the Laws of Gravity, even throwing a bone to the gender confused crowd, all while VP kneepads stands over him like a patiently waiting vulture.

Drawing on Joe's vast knowledge and business acumen, his first order of business was to put people out of work and piss off  some injuns. And there are these White House press briefings...every day....with this pasty redhead that when she's not shaking down the press for their questions ahead of time, never gives a straight answer to any questions, but reminds everyone their are now three lefthanded Ethiopian lesbians on staff at the Department of Commerce. Diversity Baby!! And we hear President 46* got on the phone with Vladimir Putin, not his first world leader call but like his ninth, and he actually laid down the law about a hundred things while Vlad clipped his fingernails and laughed in the background we're sure.

President 46* and VP Kneepads also ventured over to the State Department where 46* forcefully delivered (well, as much as a 80 Year old who has to be reminded the zipper goes in front when putting on his pants can) his first major foreign policy address about strengthening the alliances DJT scared shitless by telling them America ain't F**king around no more and making them pay for their defense rather than the US taxpayers. Biden has projected America's might to her enemies by ordering Gay rainbow flags posted in front of all US Embassies.

And we once again have a president who squeezes time into his busy day to sit down with his care taker, whom he loves, and shoot the shit with People Magazine about whatever. In the People interview we find out while Joe is at his pretend job at day care, the first lady...I mean Madam First Lady... uh.. Dr. Jill , is continuing to teach English at Northern Virginia Community College, while Joe remains confused why she teaches English to people who already speak English.  46* said Dr. Jill leaves him important thoughts and messages on the bathroom mirror to make sure he sees them while he's shaving, like to be sure and use a blade.

I'm sure all the wisdom and knowledge gained during the 8 years of important behind the scenes work Joe did as Barky Obama's VP will eventually make it's itself apparent.  🤣🤣🤣  

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Friday, February 5, 2021

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, February 4, 2021

David Hogg to Launch New Line of Pillows for the Under-served Progressive Pillow Biter Market.

Axios is reporting David Hogg, the pompadoured punk pimp of the gun control movement, tweeted today that he and a software developer named William LeGate are launching a pillow company to compete against Mike Lindell's MyPillow. Hogg wrote that he and LeGate hope to “sell $1 million of product within our first year” and to launch in six months. "Mike isn't going to know what hit him—this pillow fight is just getting started." 

That Time John Kerry Had His Fill of DMF/Middle Finger News Service and His Cheese Slipped Off His Cracker

Since Joe Biden has chosen to grace us again with the always effervescent public presence of one of our favorite kickballs, none other than the Earl of Ketchup, John Kerry, we decided to open the dank archives of DMF and drag out into the light some of our favorite John F. Kerry post from the long ago Barky Obama years. Good Times. Good Times.

MFNS - Secretary of State John F. Kerry (he fought in Vietnam you know) has called out 'Middle Finger News Service' as a pitiful Unamerican / Uncosmopolitan “satire” outlet and threatened humanitarian annihilation, if we do not shape up.

Below is a partial transcript of his remarks at the "Societe De Douchebag Internationale" convention yesterday, and I promise you, sh*t  getting real.....

"The illegitimate 'Middle Finger News' editorial regime and its vicious hack collaborators, for too long, have defied the wrath of the International Community.   These despicable hooligans truly are “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry Military-Industrial Complex,” and its about time they started to show accountably for their venomous use of free speech and abuse of the people's Internet. 
Their crimes against breadsticks are simply intolerable. It is over 72 hours since either a new post or even a meager, petty, individual comment on MFNS has mentioned the Olive Garden fiasco. How much longer does Our Common Humanity have to wait?"
"I know not with what weapons President Assad has fought with, because we haven't had a chance to think about this one yet. But what I do know is that our war of eternally compassionate and brutally sympathetic attrition with the bitter, hard-boiled Middle Finger News dogmatists and ideological fanatics will be fought with… um, Syrian cooking pots.”
"You know who said that? Yes, that’s right.
No, not Assad, he’s kind of our second-best frenemy right now. I mean, it's getting to the point where he needs us more than we need him. Unacceptable. But kinda acceptable too.  Or is it?
No, not that Indian guy. No, not Einstein either. Someone a bit closer to home. A great man of peace.  I Thought it was pretty obvious who is the Great Emancipator and Man of Eternal Pacific Justice in our time.
Anyway… I've told you what's what, and who our enemies are for the time being…Until we decide (or at least do not decide) otherwise, in light of the purely value free and objective given constraints and opportunities. 
You know, I really hate these guys. Just ‘cos.  Well, that's enough, right?  Well, maybe.
Still, the other side of this dilemma, which is equally important, and of equal strategic importance to us all, is that Middle Finger News Service is an eternally radiant beacon of Voltairean irony and satire, carrying the eternal flame of Paine and Jefferson across all the boundless, blooming spaces of the information superhighway…...the sole and sufficient hope in which all meager, starved, and sore thirst seekers of satire may put their trust; and ever abide in the tender bowels of humor, the greatest gift among gods and people.
No, shut up!
No, don’t worry, that was technically a malapropism, not a flip-flop as such. Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it.  Nope! Sorry! You're not having that one. No woolly compromises. 
This time. No, no, no! This time, it's gotta be one or the other."

And then it got weird.

I was… let’s say, I was in agreement with half of what Kerry said.
Work it out for yourself.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Your Wednesday Evening Open Thread

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Cancerous Left's Racial Bigotry and Fake Righteous Indignation Marches On

Just Days after the San Francisco Unified School District board (SFUSD) moved to rename 44 schools, including those named after Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson, because their namesakes were "inappropriate",  the School District's art program decided to drop its former name, "VAPA," because.............."acronyms are a symptom of white supremacy culture." I shit you not.

As reported in the WFB, according to district art department director Sam Bass, the acronym, which stood for "visual and performing arts," could "alienate" non-native English speakers. Alienate???

The decision to change the art department's name was one of a handful of so called feel good antiracist measures the district voted to implement. The art department is working to prioritize "antiracist arts instruction." San Francisco school board president Gabriela López said the board is "committed" to dismantling "symbols of racism and White supremacy culture."

I spent most of my morning coffee time trying to rationalize this decision by the SFUSD to no avail. With two degrees in Music and having spent many hour in "visual and performing arts' departments in various schools of higher learning with students from around the world, I'm puzzled by how art of any kind, much less an acronym for a art curriculum could be offensive. My only conclusion is that this is nothing more but than continuing minority leftist anti-white bigotry parading as cultural enrichment. More bluntly, a cancerous pustule on America.
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NBC Censors All Mentions of Andrew Cuomo's Complicity in Nursing Home Deaths

Now that the New York Times signaled open season on 'Cuomo the Elder', how many more media outlets will suddenly discover how badly the media star “Love Gov” has handled the COVID-19 response? CNN may not be the only media outlet having to account for its brown-nosing coverage of Cuomo, although they certainly have much to explain.

Via tedious gasbag, reported by Fox News, a women named Dawn Best who lost her father to Cuomo's murderous policies kept finding that any mention of Cuomo was cut out of the interviews she did for the media. She says she began mentioning Andrew Cuomo in every sentence so that they couldn't cut out references to him in editing. So, then they straight-up told her not to blame Andrew Cuomo, but to blame "New York State," if she felt obligated to blame anyone. And she says it wasn't just NBC -- other propaganda mills also covered up for the Democrats.

She also says that Cuomo -- I mean, "New York State" -- has forged the death count for the nursing homes beyond that what is already reported. They rigged the numbers this way: if someone in a nursing home has to be rushed to a hospital because they're dying, and then they die at the hospital, Cuomo ordered that death to be counted as a hospital death, not a nursing home death, even if the patient began coding in the nursing home.

Also via tedious gasbag: The New York Times notes that nine public health experts have recently resigned from Andrew Cuomo's government, I mean, New York State's government. The reason seems to be that Cuomo keeps disregarding the "experts'" plans.  The decision to seed the nursing homes with covid victims was done at the behest of rich hospital association donors, and the decision to make nursing homes immune to lawsuit due to their inability to quarantine sick patients was also done at the behest of rich donors.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Media Hall Monitor Puts Happy Face on Censorship. Calls for Renaming It "Harm Reduction"

It amazes me that of all the people who should be offended by the present atmosphere of censorship, members of the news media, should be shouting "foul" from the mountaintops.  It just proves once and for all that truth and freedom are taking a back seat to ideology and political parties, as if they think no one notices. And as for the claim that CNN has not played part in trying to deplatform their competitors, Tater Stelter just flat out lied.

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