Saturday, February 13, 2021

Well, He Did Say "F**k around and find out."

Rick Wilson - Co Founder of the Circle Jerk Lincoln Project

Social media, along with Tweets from various bylined writers whose names you will recognize, are patting themselves on the back for "skeptical" thoughts they had about the Lincoln Lads....five minutes ago.

Even after being warning that maybe it was not the wisest choice for Liberals to pin their hopes on a barrel of testosterone-poisoned, recently former Republican mercenaries and assholes......nasty knuckle dragging con men, perverts' and grifters. This crowd of self-guilding political "operatives" has been gradually exposed as slugs on the regular in recent weeks. 

First it was the son of a mailman John Kasich's former campaign strategist and political grifter with a fetish for young boys, John Weaver.  The latest now being one the sleaziest of the group, the nasty pointy headed Project Co-founder Steve Schmidt, is resigning after former staffers said it was the “recent public behavior” of co-founder Schmidt that had forced them to go public because they “do not feel safe” engaging with the group’s leadership privately.  Schmidt was a regular on conspiracy TV, MSNBC, and a contributor at the progressive propaganda arm, Daily Beast.

Project mouth piece Rick Wilson, who's appearance is what it would look like if you put glasses on a testicle, once famously taunted a congressman on twitter:
Well Ricky, someone fucked around, and we are finding out.

I predict we will be amazed by all in the media and Lincoln Project former-Republican "affiliates" who are
privately weaseling out of any responsibility for promoting this shit pile of bigots and perverts' they have been exposed as being, swearing that they never had idea what was really going on during all the time they were giving airtime and money and legitimacy. 

Makes you wonder how many of these fellow Anti-Trump donors who handed over $90Mil. into these political grifters operation are as sleazy and corrupt as their good friends at the LP?    

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