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A Special Middle Finger Symphony New Years Eve Jam

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Monday, December 30, 2019

After Losing Credibility and Readers, NYT & WAPO Editors Say They Owe Trump Supporters Their Respect

Image via Middle Finger News Service Archives

Dean Baquet and Marty Baron, executive editors of the NYT and Washington Post respectively, joined NBC’s resident Sunday morning soft skull, Chuck Todd, this weekend to talk about how the Trump administration has waged war on the media's sometime unsourced and fact free-based reporting, and what news outlets should do to push back.  When asked about why people support Trump despite Todd accusations of false allegations against the media, both Baquet and Baron agreed that both of their papers have to do a better job of covering Trump supporters.
"I don’t want to be dismissive of people that support our president. They’re owed our respect they certainly have mine. They feel the so-called elites in Washington have not paid attention to them, that they don’t understand their lives…They feel that the president is actually listening to them and addressing their concerns and so they tend to believe him."
Baquet said he agreed with Baron.
“We have to do a better job understanding why some people support Donald Trump. "I think we cannot dismiss everybody whose supported Donald Trump and everybody and we just cannot dismiss them. First off, that’s not journalistically moral, it’s journalistically moral to reach out, understand the world and to be read that’s our job."
It seems a bit late in coming to me, if not downright disingenuous. Now that they have realized they may have just reelected DJT with their leftist propaganda that encouraged hate and cultivated the emotional infancy upon which the left is wholly reliant they see the light?? What changed? Why respect us now after they have dragged us through the mud, dehumanized us, insulted us, threatened us....failing to call out the violence of angry Lefties that are beating anyone with a RedHat.

Enough with the idiotic pretense. You're leftist propagandists. Nothing more. What's worse than a bunch of the disingenuous Hamptons/Martha’s Vineyard/DC/NYC set opining about how to “communicate” with Americans outside their bubble that hold different morals and standards from themselves.


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Sunday, December 29, 2019

DJT is Inflicting Employment on People of Color

The New York Times laments that in August, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers swept up 680 illegal immigrants during raids on seven food processing plants in Mississippi. Without the cheap illegal immigrant labor, the companies were forced to hire Americans to do the work, and black Mississippians are now taking back jobs that were taken from them by immigrants.

The best part of this is the monumental struggle to find something bad in increased employment for Black Americans. But rest assured, the NYTs and the NAACP are on it and had no problem.

The president of the local NAACP compared the raids to slavery, proving once again the NAACP has become nothing more than an arm of the Democratic Party that stopped advancing the interests of Blacks a long time ago. And in typical liberal gymnastic digression the NYTs tells us :
The raids were believed to be the largest statewide immigration crackdown in recent history and a partial fulfillment of President Trump’s vow to remove millions of undocumented workers from the country. The impact on Mississippi’s immigrant community has been devastating. For nonimmigrant workers, the aftermath has forced them into a personal reckoning with questions of morality and economic self-interest: The raids brought suffering, but they also created job openings.
Amazing, isn't it! Their tortured manipulation of the vernacular carefully avoids the salient data; these people were in the country ILLEGALLY, therefore they were employed ILLEGALLY. This is not some ethical conundrum. This is the law. But "the law is a ass" when it conflicts with the NYT's sheltered liberal elite world view that the most important goal of the modern era is the subsuming of America in a sea of unwashed illegals, so finally...FINALLY...their progressive utopia can be achieved. And if that destroys their old and tired weapon of choice (Black America)? Then so be it.

[Ace HQ]

Friday, December 27, 2019

Mr. Kool vs. Bayou Jeaux

College Football Playoff Semi-Final 
Oklahoma Sooners vs The LSU Tigers

Saturday in Atlanta, Oklahoma and LSU will meet for only the third time in their long and storied gridiron histories. The last time was the 2004 Sugar Bowl National Championship Game. Oklahoma was heavily favored but came up short, and a guy named Saban put the football world on notice.

As we await Saturday's kickoff, I find it puzzling that the Sports Monkeys and Vegas guys so underestimate the Sooners, a two touchdown underdog to the Tigers.  Sure, Oklahoma didn't mow down their competition in the same fashion LSU did most all year, but have they forgotten who has had an outstanding year calling signals for the Sooners? Jalen Hurts is as Kool under pressure as any, and let's not forget, he's beaten LSU twice already in his career. Hurts is a 1000 yd. running back playing QB, and can sting you if given the least little chance.  Any real obvious advantage the Tigers have over the Sooners can be neutralized by Hurts running loose. That's why I say this is going to be a great game to watch. I have no doubt Burrows and Co. can score on the Sooners. But the Tiger defense, who have been playing their season best, giving up only 17 pts. in the last two games, are going to have to play the game of the year and keep Hurts in check. Mistakes in this game will be costly for the either team.

When you're the #4 team in the nation and are considered to have little chance, that makes you dangerous. I'm sure the Sooners are tired of hearing the underdog thing and will be playing with a big chip on their shoulder. Both teams will be without a major piece of their success so far, but that's football.  I just don't believe that with all the Tigers have achieved on and off the field this year, there's any way they let their goal slip away Saturday. 

Last year after an very emotional loss to Jalen Hurts and his former SEC team mates, Coach O' announced "We're coming.......and we ain't backing down". Some people quietly laughed.
No one is laughing now......

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Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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To All The Friends and Readers of DMF

I'd love to wish each and every one of you personally a holiday greeting, but since that's not possible, I'll take this time to wish all the friends of DMF a Very Blessed and Very Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Things You Probably Wouldn't Want to See on Christmas Day

Christmas is a day for family (well at least the ones you like), friends, food, giving and receiving. But, there are some things we hope we don't have to see.


A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Lizzy Warren - Jedi Princess??

Def-Con - She’s trying so hard to be relatable. Wealthy out-of-touch Elizabeth Warren has tried to convince people she’s “regular folk” by drinking beer, dancing like a goober, and using a fake hillbilly accent when she talks to the peasants. Now she’s hoping to grab support from Star Wars fans by acting all Jedi and shit. She doesn’t have a great track record for claiming ancestry, so chances are if she does, she is only 1/1024th Jedi.  

You can hear her story now: Her grandpappy was a Jedi knight who had to elope with her Indian grandmammy because a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, mixed marriages were not tolerated by the Empire. Thankfully the Death Star got blowed up a couple of times and eventually they were able to settle down in Tattooine, the Oklahoma of Star Wars planets, and start a family.

The beauty of Warren claiming Jedi ancestry is that unlike that Indian thing, no one could prove her wrong. There is no DNA test that can check for Midi-chlorians, which are intelligent microscopic life forms that live symbiotically inside the cells of all living things. Another advantage is that at this point there’s only one Jedi left. It’s not like there are tribes of Jedis who can call her out for lying about her ancestry.

If Lizzy wants to find a Star Wars character to believably associate with, she needn’t look farther than Jar Jar Binks. He’s a goofball with bad ideas, who makes jerky unsettling motions and speaks in mostly gibberish. She’s comically awkward, wants to destroy America, shakes her head like a chicken eating corn, and expresses her opinions with gobbledygook. They are one in the same.

[Brian Anderson @Def-Con News]
[Team Lizzy]
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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Retailers Hit Back at Annoying Shoppers

It's Payback Time Bitches!

By Middle Finger News Consumer Affairs Reporter Toylett Bole

Industry Launches Website 'RateThatCustomer'

MFNS - Following the growth in review sites where consumers can rate the services they use, retailers have welcomed the launch of the new website RateThatCustomer which allows them to rate and review their experiences with individual customers.

"It’s finally payback time," said Scarlet Greene, assistant manager of 'The Reefer Bookshop' in Chicago which has already joined the new site. "A recent customer left us negative feedback because we wouldn’t give him a 60% discount and one of our cashiers ‘has acne’. Now we can go to RateThatCustomer and let everyone know that he’s a tight ass cheap bastard who only needed 60 minutes a month on his phone contract because he hasn’t got any friends to call."

Frogmella Dees - Expert in
Peculation of Retail Merchandise
With a 5-star rating function and the ability to upload a photo of the customer being reviewed, RateThatCustomer already has over 5,000 businesses subscribing to the service. Customers are marked on their ‘browsing-to-buying ratio’, ‘politeness to staff’, ‘suggestibility’, and even their ‘looks and appearance’.

Gus Napolo, Owner of 'Gus' Lingerie Shop' told us he now has an outlet to not only give customer reviews, but also give problem customers a piece of his mine. "This customer always makes a point to tell me how much cheaper products are at other stores  'Here’s an idea. asshole. Go there and shop. You always smell like F**kin' disappointment anyway."

Peachy Keene - Infamous Serial
Merchandise Returner and
General All Around Pain in the Ass
And Candy Mann of 'Michele's Used Candles and Tire Repair' wrote "this regular customer was on their cell phone the entire time I am ringing them out. I’m sure that telling your bff about your super-hot date with the mega rich lawyer is way more important than taking four seconds to acknowledge there is an actual person standing in front of you and  put down the phone. If you don’t, next time I’m going to fart in your bag so there will be a death cloud hitting you in the face when you open it." 
Anyone in retail knows you can’t just lavish high-quality customer service on everyone who comes through the door,’ explained the site’s founder. RateThatCustomer helps retailers to avoid expending effort on the serial complainers and the timewasters who’ll never buy anything. In fact data from the site shows that the customer is always right only 0.3% of the time.

The Always Annoying Dirk Blinker 
and His Poo Flinging Monkey Hillary
Some customers have criticized the new service, however. After stumbling across her review by chance when Googling herself, Doreen McAllister was furious at receiving a 1-star rating from retailer 'Monsiers Dress Shop' for trying on four different sizes of the same underwear without buying any of them, and then ‘loudly announcing that the quality is better in Brickeners ’. 

"The review makes me look like some kind of snob", said Doreen. "They said I asked for assistance with absolutely everything and called me a ‘pestomer’ rather than a customer. But what they said about my appearance was just spiteful. It’s not at all the case that I was too fat for any of the dresses, and I certainly won’t be taking their advice and going to 'Academy Sports' to pick up a tent instead."

Toylett Bole is Middle Finger News Service Consumer Affairs Reporter. Ms. Bole is a expert on retail business, earning her Associate Degree in Retail Lost Prevention while attending the Mississippi State Correction Facility for Women. She Later earned her full Degree in Merchandising while attending the Caddo Correctional Center in Louisiana.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Dem Debate #87 - Viking Witch Mops Floor With Mayor Dude.

I really didn't know the Democrats were planning to annoy the listeners of their local Public Radio stations until, while tidying up and doing some decorating, I walked into the room and heard the unmistakable voice of Lizzy Warren screeching from my magical wireless receiver of frequency modulation radio waves. Fortunately, I was moving in and out of the room and didn't have to punish myself for very long at a time to grab a few thoughts of the proceedings for you, sketchy as they are.

It seriously was like walking in and out of a three stooges movie, you heard what's said, but had no idea why. At one point I remember hearing Bernie Sanders, a millionaire himself,  yelling about millionaires and billionaires destroying the country while standing on the stage with his fellow millionaires and a billionaire.  I heard Joe Biden butting heads with Bernie's over his 'Medicare For All' crap because it's a scam and not viable, which really brought out the hand waving, gruff commie curmudgeon that we all know and love. Along the line, Bernie took time out to remind us he was old and white for a reason I cannot tell, and was called out by a moderator for responding to every question up to that point with the same answer, Climate Change! 

Speaking of being white, someone needs to tell Andy Yang to look in the mirror. He's ASIAN, not a person of color. He was standing next to Senator Lizzy who's skin is darker than his! Stop It! Stop It! I was stunned when later I heard him say "if you get too many men alone and leave us alone for a while, we kind of become morons." I said to myself, whoa, a democrat telling the truth? Then I wondered if NPR had just changed programming to a stage play or something, only to learn he was commenting on the need for more women in politics. Yeah, those founding father who gathered together so often back in the day were real morans, huh Andy.

Up until a point Mayor Pete had come across sounding like a very practiced puppet as usual. Then out of the blue, Lizzy started berating Pete about hanging out with his big buck donors in private and drinking $900 bottles of wine in a cave........ I really don't want to know. 

Not long after, the delightful Senator Amy Klobu..blah blah reminded everyone she was from Minnesota and a Woman and she gets things done!  Then she turned into the Viking Witch and proceeded to mop the floor with Mayor Pete over his disrespecting all the legendary legislators he had the privilege standing among. In a back and worth Mayor Pete attempted to defend himself, but the Viking Witch clipped his fairy wings forthwith, showing she can swing a sword with the best of em'.

He had a bad night from what little else I heard. There was also some guy named Tom Snyder or something on stage I never heard say anything.  And far as I know Biden didn't pass out or wander off the stage, and what little I heard him speak to was full of wise gems, like we have to build houses that don't leak. 

Most everything else I heard was just like yapping dogs in the distance.  One wonders if Kamala what's her name was watching, and throwing shoes at the TV and sticking pins in dolls.   Long Live Spartacus!   

Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Visit From Nadler Claus

By Seamus Muldoon
(with apologies to Clement Moore)

'Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the House
Not a critter was stirring, not even a louse;
The Articles were filed in committee with care,
In hopes that Impeachment soon would be there;

The Democrats were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of quid pro quo danced in their heads;
And Nan with her Botox, and Schiff Pencil-neck,
Had just wrapped their heads 'round th' impending train wreck,

Then on the South Lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
On my way to the stairs I threw on my trousers,
Turned on the computer and opened my browser.

The girl with the breasts on the news - CNN,
Gave a lustre of half-truth to objects within,
When before my own eyes, well how 'bout that,
Was a kangaroo court and 8 career diplomats,

With a little old Chairman so lively and merry,
I knew in a moment he must be St. Jerry
Weighed down by their burden his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:

"Now, Vindman! now, Sondland! now Yo-van-o-vich
On, Volker! on, Karlan!, Fiona you witch!
To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
Now smash away! crash away! thrash away all!"

As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky;
So the witnesses in front of the House they all stood
With St. Jerry's sleigh, chock full of falsehoods

Then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As I drew in my head, and was set to announce,
Down the chimney ol' Nadler Claus came with a bounce.

Dressed in tailor-made suits, from his feet to his gut,
His clothes were all tarnished with food stains and smut;
A bag of false charges was flung on his back,
And he looked like a peddler just opening his pack.

His eyes—they were beady! his hygiene, how scary!
His manner was greedy. Physique? sedentary!
His pinched little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
The spittle on his chin was as white as the snow;

The cloth of his pants was as tight as it gets,
With the waistband cinched snugly around his arm pits;
He had a broad face and a big round belly
That shook when he spoke, like a bowl full of jelly.

He was flabby and plump, a right sleazy old elf,
But I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;
The twitch in his eye and the shape of his head
Soon told me the Prez'nint had nothing to dread;

He spoke to the press, with a visible snerk,
Filled the stockings with coal; then turned, what a jerk,
And picking his nose, he said "Great! Just my luck!"
His ass was so fat, in the chimney he stuck;

He got to his sleigh, just a little bit miffed,
And they drove down the road, due to not enough lift
But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight—

“Happy 'peachment to all...
...and to all a good night!”

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

CNN Goes Full Baghdad Bob On Impeachment

RS - CNN is really hitting its stride this morning. Jake Tapper opened the hearing by asserting that his audience was about to hear the GOP lie over and over. Because real journalism is pre-judging something and then proclaiming that everything one side of the aisle says is a lie before they even say it.

The other thing CNN is doing is playing up the idea that today is a heart wrenching, solemn occasion for Democrats, who’d otherwise prefer to be supporting the President and not impeaching him. This is what living in a bubble looks like. No one outside of the beltway, except the crazies in the street that will protest a cloud passing over head, are really even paying attention right now, much less viewing this as a “momentous” occasion.
Democrats are not solemn about this and not even liberals actually believe that. This impeachment is not grave, nor can it be felt in the air. Most of all though, it’s laughable to suggest that Nancy Pelosi is actually against the attempted removal of Trump. She’s been hoping for this day since he took office, as many of her members have publicly stated. The only reason she might wish this wasn’t happening is because of the bad political consequences her party will now suffer.
And just to drive the point home of how not solemn Democrats actually are, they had to be instructed not to clap and cheer after the passage of the articles later today. Because when you are truly solemn, you need to wear certain color dresses and purposely hold in your emotions so as to appear solemn or something. Makes sense.
CNN may be doing it’s best to mimic Baghdad Bob, proclaiming something that’s clearly not true as defeat nears, but everyone knows this is a joke. No amount of frowny faces and well acted TV hits will change that.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Federal Judge Allows Dead Purged From Georgia Voter Rolls - Dems Claim Voter Suppression

Governor In Her Own Mind - Stacey "Tank" Abrams

We all know the cemetery constituency has traditionally been important to the dems from way back, our own Huey Long is known to have won an election or two with the help of one corner of the N.O. Jewish cemetery. They're said to have been very helpful in many mayoral races over the years.

And now we read in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that following a ruling by U.S. District Judge Steve Jones Monday, the number of registered voters in Georgia is about to be reduced by approximately 309,000 names. Georgia law requires voter names purged after voters fail to vote in elections for several years, one of nine states with similar requirements called “use it or lose it.” All states are bound by federal law to regularly update voter rolls.

In his Monday order, Jones wrote:
“It appears that any voter registration cancellations can be undone at a later date. The technology is in place for any deleted voter names to be restored, should developments warrant."
Protecting the voting rights of the dead and apathetic, the progressive voting rights group Fair Fight Action jumped into action and filed an emergency motion to stop the purge. Fair Fight Action is the voting rights group founded by Democrat Stacey Abrams and her soft skull allies after her loss in the State Governor race in 2018. Abrams, showing typical progressive lack of class, has yet to concede her election loss. She lost because she got fewer votes, and that's not fair.

According to Fair Fight CEO Lauren Groh-Wargo:
“Georgians should not lose their right to vote simply because they have not expressed that right in recent elections. Georgia’s practice of removing voters who have declined to participate in recent elections violates the United States Constitution.”
Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Georgia’s voter lists must be maintained for accuracy.
"Proper list maintenance is not only required by long-standing laws but is also important in maintaining the integrity and smooth functioning of elections."
States cannot cancel voter registrations based solely on inactivity. Election officials are required to also mail notifications before registrations are canceled, as Georgia officials did this year.

As always with dems, it's not about protecting the rightful vote of a legal citizen of the United States.  It's about, in the name of what progressives call their version of 'fairness', casting votes in so loose of a soup of regulations and gimmicks like poorly verifiable same day registration, that open up our elections to the fraud dems are so good at and claim never happens, unless they lose. 

The mark of the Progressive ideologue is that they never want to think deeply about the complexity of the world, only about the complexity of his plans for the world. Laws protecting my legal vote is not voter suppression. But protecting the voting rights of the dead is so progressive.

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Dear Spartacus, Why Are You Still Here??

When Democrats can’t succeed within an established rule set, they do one of two things: Ignore them or move the goal post. We’ve seen this time and again. Can’t beat Bernie fair and square? Collude with the party to push him out of the race. Can’t trust yourself to win a debate? Get the questions in advance. Can’ win an election? Scapegoat the ‘red menace,’ impeach, and demand the elimination of the electoral college!

Likewise, if you can’t qualify for your party’s next debate because you spew crazy ideas and no one cares anymore what you have to say, you lead the charge to lower the entry requirements.

Spartacus Booker has been languishing near the bottom of the Dems’ 2020 polling since he entered the race. He’s frustrated, his staff is frustrated, and his legions of very few supporters are frustrated. He’s not raising money, and his campaign appears to be dead in the water. But.... He’d still like to be in the debates. So, he’s assembled a pack of other also-rans and together they’re petitioning the DNC to change the rules.  Spartacus, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Tom Steyer, Andrew Yang and Amy Klobuchar have all signed a letter requesting the party “consider alternative debate qualification standards” that would allow for more participants.

Front runner Joe Biden also signed the petition, but he probably just thought it was an autograph for his old pal Cornpop. Honestly, I have to wonder. If you haven’t managed to gain any traction after a year of constant appearances, why are you still running? Isn’t the writing on the wall? Sorry, also-rans, you had your shot.

Maybe the DNC will issue participation trophies. But really, it’s time to empty out the clown car. So step off bugeyes. The Crazy Lady from Chappaqua is coming.

[The Hill]

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Greta Threatens to Hold Her Breath Until Evil World Leaders Capitulate To Her Demands


MFNS - Climate activist Greta Thunberg apologized after saying that world leaders who don't act on climate change should be put "against the wall." The sixteen year old provocative pig tailed propaganda purveyor who has been striking against climate change by skipping school claimed on Saturday that the Swedish to English translation incorrectly implied she thought politicians should be killed. It was reported she said we must hold our leaders accountable and unfortunately said 'put them against the wall'. 

That’s Swenglish: “att ställa någon mot väggen” (to put someone against the wall) means to hold someone accountable," she said. "That’s what happens when you improvise speeches in a second language."

Greta went on to correct the record and say what she meant was "I will hold my breath until you evil rat bastards capitulate to my demands. Failure to do so will result in my demise as well as mother Earth and you will burn in HELL! Understand!!??"

Greta took no questions as she then excused herself to rush to meet her reservations for a first class, climate controlled private compartment on mass transit powered by fossil fuel produced electricity and continue her 'How Dare You' tour.

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Friday, December 13, 2019

2020 Liberal Lexicon (First Edition)

"Political language...is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give
the appearance of solidity to pure wind." -- George Orwell

Today we visit an old friend, Matthew Noto @My Planet, My Rules. Matthew sees the world with no filters and his always entertaining and humorous rants are both barrels, take no prisoners affairs.  He has now issued the first installment of what will be a continuing project to identify and define ordinary words as they are used by today's so-called "liberal". All of these words have either been invented out of thin air, or have had their accepted and customary definitions and meanings deliberately distorted and confused for political ends.

Here are a few choice tidbits to wet your cyber taste buds. You can read Matthew's entire lexicon in the works HERE.
* 1% - a mythical collective constructed of over-privileged, greedy, soulless conservatives and republicans who have "stolen" the wealth and productivity of others, as opposed to having created and produced wealth by their own talents and activities. CEO's, Hollywood actors, musicians, professional athletes, lawyers, politicians, media figures, and academics who all make a fortune decrying the evils of capitalism while extracting a very good living from it who give to or espouse liberal causes are excluded from this mythical and detested caste. 
* Activist - useless, talentless rabble-rouser, usually supported by government or extraction from the taxpayer, who does nothing useful, says nothing useful, produces nothing of value, and who exists to make a living by complaining. Usually about things they have no need, right, or purpose (other than personally profiting) in complaining about. 
* Antifa - (Anti-Fascist) severely retarded, violent and petulant children, poorly-educated, organized into criminal bands, instructed to disrupt normal life, make civilized life impossible, perform acts of physical assault against innocent bystanders and perceived enemies in true Fascist fashion, sent into the street to act as the "shock troops" of angry liberals who are otherwise too lazy (or frightened of retaliation) to go out and violently protest themselves. See also: 'Fucktard'. 
* Constitution, The - an archaic piece of paper written in a style no liberal can read anymore by slave-owning, dead, white men, which purports to lay out the rights of the individual and the prerogatives of government, but which only serves to prevent the liberal from doing all the things they'd really like to, like screw farm animals in public, kill conservatives/Men/Christians/heterosexuals, and re-introduce slavery as a "federal jobs program". 
The Constitution must be subverted, reinterpreted, or ignored as necessary by a liberal, otherwise the liberal cannot have "nice things" (defined as "free" everything, including drugs and pedophilia). 
* Electoral College - an evil system established by dead, slave-owning white men to deprive the coastal-dwelling liberal majority or women, homosexuals and People O' Color, that is clearly intellectually, morally and ethically superior to that mess of pig-ignorant DNA between the Rockies and the Appalachians of their rightful seats at the levers of government power. 
* Environment, The - a word used to evoke a vision of the entire scope of the Natural World and a (feigned) concern for the health of wildlife populations used as a euphemism by the virtue-signaling (see below) upper-middle-class, liberal, suburbanite, gated-community-dweller who wishes to avoid the pollution of his local surroundings by the lower classes, whom he secretly despises, so that the liberal may continue their ostentatious display of crass consumerism and commercialism free of the guilt, shame and blame that accompanies the destruction of eco-systems and exploitation of foreign coolies that the liberal requires in order to obtain an endless supply of granite countertops, exotic and expensive fabrics, iPads, Apple Watches, cell phones, Volvos, indoor spas, expensive exercise equipment, energy-wasting, cookie-cutter McMansions with inflated property values and organic foods that identify them as The Good Guys to others within their (limited) social circle. 
* Equality - a concept in which unequal rewards and benefits will be bestowed upon liberal-favored groups at the expense of non-liberal-favored groups, because equal.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

No Biggie. DJT Gets Re-elected We'll Just Impeach Him Again

Impeachment is a ridiculous bit of theater that has failed in its most basic mission. It was supposed to damage the President while convincing American voters that DJT, and by extension Republicans, were criminals. They were supposed to reject both the man and the party in favor of some joke-candidate like Joe Biden. Polls show that’s not going to happen.

They’re out of ideas, their Hail Mary is failing, and their 2020 field is such a mess that even the most stalwart lefties are rolling their eyes. So, what are Dems to do? They’re going to do the same thing all over again, that’s what. Behold “the definition of insanity.”

In other words, “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.” If this is the kind of thinking that’s going on behind closed doors, the Democratic Party is truly imploding. They know they’re headed for a 2020 loss… and They. Have. Nothing. Else.

[Robert Laurie]

The Trifecta Of Genius

Here we see the Trifecta of Genius seeking to impeach President DJT. One questioned a Navy Admiral under oath if Guam would tip over in the Pacific with to many U.S.Marines, one brought a bucket of Fried Chicken to a congressional committee hearing, and the other, who wears what looks like a go-cart tire on her head, once questioned NASA fight controllers why the Mars Rover didn't land and take pictures of the Apollo 11 landing site. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, a Democrat Impeachment Tour de Force......

Johnson - Cohen - Jackson Lee

Some Check and see if this rambling idiot every even graduated from high school.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Queen Was Not Amused!!

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All The Media Lying to Manufacture Hate for DJT, He's Still More Popular Than Barky

Renowned Leftist Pillow Bitter and ABC Daytime Media Hate Spewing Bozo-Sapien 

Breitbart - Real Clear Politics, a non-partisan (and indispensable) site that tracks countless polls and averages them, also tracks the job approval numbers for President Trump and former President Obama in a way that allows us to see how the two presidents compare on this same day during their respective presidencies.

On the very same day the deranged media and demented Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against Trump, his average job approval rating is higher than Obama’s was on this same day during his first (failed) term as president. As of today, Trump enjoys an average approval rating of 45 percent. On this same day during his (failed) presidency, Obama averaged just a 43.5 approval rating.

We are now entering our fourth year of a media jihad against Trump, a hate campaign unlike any other in modern history. Literally, billions and billions and billions of corporate dollars are being spent by every corner of the establishment media to destroy one man, this one man: Trump. The “Very Fine People” Hoax, the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Fish Food Hoax, the Brett Kavanaugh-Rapist Hoax, the Kurds Are Being Exterminated Hoax — I’m forgetting a hundred more — and now we have this laughable Impeachment Hoax.

Compare that to Barry Obama, a man this same media spent billions and billions and billions of corporate dollars to shield, to protect, to assure and reassure the public of his unique magnificence, competence, and holiness. And after all of that, all of this propaganda, all of this effort and money, according to not just one poll, but all the polls, Trump is more popular. What’s more, he is more popular while the Democrat Party and the media are rigging nothing less than his impeachment.

For six weeks now, the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) have rigged the impeachment process to make Trump look as terrible as humanly possible. In an effort to smear him as a traitor, as an extortionist, the president has been stripped of his due process rights, even as Democrats held secret hearings in the Capitol basement and selectively leaked lies to a willing media. All this media lying to manufacture hate for Trump and all the media lying to manufacture worshipful adoration for Obama, and Trump is still more popular.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Behind The Scenes, Media Are Wetting Their Britches With Glee

Democrats have unveiled their articles of impeachment. They are, in what might be the understatement of the decade, incredibly weak.

The first is ‘Abuse of Power’ stemming from a non-existent quid pro quo in the Ukraine phone call. There was no investigation, Ukraine got their aid, and – as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer – Trump was well within his purview to ask them to examine the Biden family’s affairs. Democrats don’t care.

The second is ‘obstruction of Congress.’ This is based on the President’s refusal to let administration officials testify. Adam Schiff could have obtained a court order forcing them to appear, but he didn’t want to. That would draw out the process.  And as we all know the longer this goes on, the more it hurts Dems. So Schiff’s inaction is somehow impeachable. In other words, impeachment article 1 is "opposing congress" & article 2 is "He used presidential power that he shouldn't have been given & it makes us feel abused".

The charges are expected to face an approval vote before the end of the week and be voted on in the House. Assuming Nan has the votes to pass them, and she most likely will,  they’ll be sent to the Senate where they will fail.…Badly.

If you don’t see the truth of this, you haven’t been paying attention. The charges are nothing more than a hollow pretense, based on someone's interpretation of someone else's words. They’re a facade which disguises what the Dems and their media cheerleaders believe to be President Trump’s real impeachable offense: Orange Man Bad.

Nancy Pelosi toasted the media after Articles of Impeachment were announced, celebrating reporters on Capitol Hill at a special holiday event raising her glass to the “guardians of democracy.”

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The Great Shakedown

The Democratic Party and its liberal supporters are perplexed. They presented hours of evidence of an their perceived impeachable offenses, although they studiously avoided charging DJT with impeachable offenses also carried out by Democrat presidents, including little things like the continuation or expansion of presidential powers, violating due process and misusing executive orders. Because civics is no longer taught in most American schools, they devoted a day to 'constitutional scholars' who provided the Civics 101 case for impeachment. The liberal press, cheerleading the impeachment process, saturated the media landscape with live coverage, interminable analysis, constant character assassination of Trump and giddy speculation reminiscent of a teenage girl choosing a prom dress. And yet, it has made no difference. Public opinion remains largely unaffected.

Perhaps, supporters of impeachment argue, they failed to adopt the right technique. Perhaps journalists, by giving such a large megaphone to rabid proponents of impeachment who live in a world not based in fact, created a false equivalency between truth and lies. The liberal class and the Democratic Party leadership have failed, even after their defeat in the 2016 presidential election, to understand that they have squandered their credibility. No one believes them. And no one should.

This attempted shakedown of a rightfully elected leader has led to bizarre conspiracy theories and fabrications peddled freely by media commentators, deceptions bolstered by the lies told by those in the media tasked with keeping the society rooted in truth and verifiable fact. This shakedown is leading to the end of the rule of law and the destruction of democratic institutions that, if they fail to function as designed by more insightful people than we are governed by today, could prevented the rise to power of a true destructive leftist demagogue. 

There is zero chance DJT will be removed from office in a trial in the Senate. The Democrat Party elites have admitted as much. They carried out, they argue, their civic and constitutional duty. But here again they lie. They picked out what was convenient to impeach Trump and left untouched the rotten system they helped create. The divisions among Americans will only widen. The hatreds will only grow. And leftist tyranny will continue to slowly wrap its deadly tentacles around our throats.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Caveman Says Trump Must Be Impeached Because of Slavery

Anyone who has tuned into cable new shows on a weekend knows it's a wasteland of third string backups hosts that you may recognize as giving the traffic reports on your local news last year, and their no ratings minority set asides like the verbally challenged Rev. Al Sharpton, and intellectual nutty Negress, Joy Reid. They have guest one else will have on and say things that leaves you looking at the wall going  Huh?  In some cases the stunning stupidity can only be compared to bad SNL skits that just end.....with no ending.

This weekend was no different. I present to you The GEICO Cavemen.

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Friday, December 6, 2019

To Be King of All You Survey: CFB Conference Championship Weekend

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The Southeastern Conference Championship
The SEC East Georgia Bulldogs (11-1) vs The SEC West LSU Tigers (12-0)

The LSU Tigers' march across the south and defeat of all of those who came against them now brings them to Atlanta and The SEC Championship Game against SEC East Champs, the Georgia Bulldogs.  Loftier goals remain for the Tigers, but Saturday is about representin', and kicking the Dawg's mangy butts and making sure the SEC Championship continues to reside in the West. Where It Belongs!

This will be only the fourth time LSU and Georgia have met to decide the SEC Champion, the Tigers taking two of the three previous games. This Saturday will be a battle of an up tempo offense built to confuse defenses and striking fast with explosive plays, against a defense built to force you to put together long drives. It's a classic showdown of the league's best offense against the league’s best defense (statistically speaking). Auburn had some success slowing down the tempo of LSU’s pass offense, but the Tiger's run game stepped up and gassed the Auburn defenders. 

Joe Burrow put together a season that belongs on the shortlist of the best ever. His next TD pass will break the SEC’s single-season record. He broke the single-season passing yards mark last week. And in the backfield with Burrows is one Clyde Edwards-Helaire, 10th in the nation in all purpose yards. The defense is now healthy and at full strength. Coach O' has the Tigers focused. And Hungry. 

Georgia QB Jake Fromm will have to have a career day against the Tigers. The Dawgs have managed to put up 400 yards and 27+ points just once in their last 6 games, and Fromm has completed less than 50% of his passes in 4 consecutive games. 

The Bulldogs defense has played well holding 9 of 12 opponents below 100 yards rushing and all but one below 4.0 yards per carry. They have allowed only one rushing touchdown all season. The Dawgs are the only team in the nation that has held every opponent to 17 points or less in regulation, but ranks in the bottom half of the SEC in both tackles for loss and sacks.

Georgia plays a boring 'Kirby Ball' (i.e. Alabama Offense circa 2011). Wrestle control of the tempo in the first half, stake out a double-digit lead in the second, retreat into a shell, and sweat out a possible late rally by the opposing offense in the fourth quarter. If Georgia’s defense can do to LSU what it has done to every other offense it’s faced this year,  then the Bulldogs will be perfectly content to grind out another 20-something to 17-ish victory along the usual lines. I find that unlikely.

Part of the fun of watching the 2019 LSU Tigers this year has been listening to the skeptics as they aced every test, hit every note and defy every odd en route to the championship stage. Joe Burrow has done stuff that has made it impossible for the Tigers’ opponent to win.  This game won’t be any different. No blowout, but a solid win.  Beer and Flea Baths for everybody!

20 Reasons It's Better to be an LSU Fan Than a Georgia Fan 


The Big10 Championship
Big East Wisconsin (10-2) vs Big West Ohio St. (12-0)
I really really really want to call upset. But I hesitate. It's extremely difficult to defeat a good team twice in one season (believe me, I know of what I speak) But as good as the Badgers are, the Bucknutts are not going to be denied the top CFB Playoff seeding even if it means resorting to sacrificing virgin cheerleaders to the football gods on the sidelines. 

The ACC  Championship
Clempston (12-0) vs Virginia (10-2)
Daboo is awful whiny for a defending National Champion.
Bless his heart. 

BIG 12  Championship
Oklahoma (11-1) vs Baylor (11-1)
Their first meeting was a squeaker. This one is a complete toss-up for me. Their one loss each was by a combined total of 10 points.  And I have to say, it would be great to see Jalen Hurts be the first Quarterback to lead two different teams to the College Football Playoff.  

PAC 12 Championship 
PAC North-Oregon (10-2) vs PAC South-Utah (11-1)
I hear Utah is pretty this time of year.