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Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Overlord Issues Long Overdue DoW Award

"It is a scathing indictment of Modern America when one must consider the distinct possibility that our Vice President's finest oratory was most likely delivered in a seedy motel along a stretch of deserted interstate..." -- The Overlord 

I have not distributed a 'Douchebags of the Week award' in six months.

Primarily, this is because there are typically so many worthy candidates in a particular week that deciding upon a single individual who has achieved excellence in douchedom is a difficult task. In order to relieve myself, somewhat, of this burden, I will begin handing out the awards on a mass basis.

I know: this cheapens the honor and waters down it true value, but then again, we DO happen to live in an unfortunate age where inflation has hit everyone particularly hard and devalued everything else.

And this week's nominees can take a great deal of responsibility for it, too, no matter how much they insist it's everyone else's fault......"

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The Sisyphus of Kabul (Part One)


"Yea and I beheld Sisyphus in strong torment, grasping a monstrous stone with both his hands. He was pressing thereat with hands and feet, and trying to roll the stone upward toward the brow of the hill. But oft as he was about to hurl it over the top, the weight would drive him back, so once again to the plain rolled the stone, the shameless thing. And he once more kept heaving and straining, and the sweat the while was pouring down his limbs, and the dust rose upwards from his head..." -- Homer, "The Odyssey", Book XI.
Excerpts by Our Friend The Overlord @My Planet, My Rules
I would like to speak for a while on the subject of futility.

But first, a little background for those who do not know very much about their future dictator. It is necessary to get this out so that you may understand my current state of abject, murderous rage.

The Overlord is a 9/11 "survivor".

I put that in quotes for the following reason: I was not inside the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th, 2001. In fact, I had just exited the building at the time Mohammed Atta and his 19 religious douchebags unleashed their Kamaikazes for Allah Shitstravaganza.

I had just left the Concourse beneath 1 WTC and was passing by the southeast side of 7 WTC when the first plane appeared directly overhead. I am alive by a matter of yards. Perhaps 40 feet. The half-a-dozen or so people 40 feet behind me were not so fortunate........."

The images now coming from Kabul, the stream of information now flowing through out of the idiot boxes to our brains, all can be reduced to a single word. 

For the last 20 years have been nothing if not an exercise in futility. In the process of "destroying the Taliban" we have, instead, destroyed ourselves. In the attempt to spread "democracy" to every shitty sandhole this side of Suez, we have fatally torpedoed our own Republic. We have, finally, although I think we all had a slight inkling of this thought before it all happened, discovered that the people we have entrusted with our safety, our security and "Our American Way of Life" are not up to the task... they never have been. 

But then again, they never were much interested in such pedestrian goals.

How do I know?

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

On the Olympic Shitfest...

I Swear These Are The Same Guys That Work at the
Garden Nursery Down the Road

Excerpts from Our Friend Matthew @My Planet, My Rules
"I have professed a deep and abiding disgust with the sordid marketing campaign known as "The Olympic Games" on this page (and elsewhere) many, many times. I hardly need, I should think, to regurgitate my talking points on why the Olympics Suck Harder Than Kamala Harris, so I will, instead, shit all over the tertiary aspects of this years shitstravaganza. 
The only reason these "games" are taking place is because of money. Money is the only reason why this farce continues every four years, since the real juice of past Olympic Games -- nationalism -- is now considered uncouth. 
NBC paid a fortune for the rights to televise them. The Japanese government spent billions of yen constructing facilities. The IOC wants nothing more than to pretend that it does something useful and worthy of continued funding. Despite a worldwide pandemic and only 30 or so countries sending teams, not to mention the lack of spectators, these competitions in mostly-unwatchable sports are being pressed forward for the purposes of reaching demographics that are "underserved" in the sports-advertising world, which is to say Gay Men and Women. 
It's also an opportunity for the Kumbaya crowd to express their own repressed feelings of nationalism under the disguise of a "world-unifying event". 
Except their strain of nationalism tends towards the Communist version. 
The guy at the bar who usually turns his back on the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL game on the television and professes no interest in sports (an aspect of White Male Domination and Fascism, of course), suddenly becomes an overnight expert on the Zimbabwean Rhythmic Gymnastics Team and knows all the rules and stratagems of Water Polo. 
But, there has been one event surrounding these games which has garnered a modicum of my attention......" 
Go Read More on the Olympics, in addition to the Overlord's opinion of this ridiculous activity of 'Gender Reveal Parties'👍

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Friday, December 13, 2019

2020 Liberal Lexicon (First Edition)

"Political designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give
the appearance of solidity to pure wind." -- George Orwell

Today we visit an old friend, Matthew Noto @My Planet, My Rules. Matthew sees the world with no filters and his always entertaining and humorous rants are both barrels, take no prisoners affairs.  He has now issued the first installment of what will be a continuing project to identify and define ordinary words as they are used by today's so-called "liberal". All of these words have either been invented out of thin air, or have had their accepted and customary definitions and meanings deliberately distorted and confused for political ends.

Here are a few choice tidbits to wet your cyber taste buds. You can read Matthew's entire lexicon in the works HERE.
* 1% - a mythical collective constructed of over-privileged, greedy, soulless conservatives and republicans who have "stolen" the wealth and productivity of others, as opposed to having created and produced wealth by their own talents and activities. CEO's, Hollywood actors, musicians, professional athletes, lawyers, politicians, media figures, and academics who all make a fortune decrying the evils of capitalism while extracting a very good living from it who give to or espouse liberal causes are excluded from this mythical and detested caste. 
* Activist - useless, talentless rabble-rouser, usually supported by government or extraction from the taxpayer, who does nothing useful, says nothing useful, produces nothing of value, and who exists to make a living by complaining. Usually about things they have no need, right, or purpose (other than personally profiting) in complaining about. 
* Antifa - (Anti-Fascist) severely retarded, violent and petulant children, poorly-educated, organized into criminal bands, instructed to disrupt normal life, make civilized life impossible, perform acts of physical assault against innocent bystanders and perceived enemies in true Fascist fashion, sent into the street to act as the "shock troops" of angry liberals who are otherwise too lazy (or frightened of retaliation) to go out and violently protest themselves. See also: 'Fucktard'. 
* Constitution, The - an archaic piece of paper written in a style no liberal can read anymore by slave-owning, dead, white men, which purports to lay out the rights of the individual and the prerogatives of government, but which only serves to prevent the liberal from doing all the things they'd really like to, like screw farm animals in public, kill conservatives/Men/Christians/heterosexuals, and re-introduce slavery as a "federal jobs program". 
The Constitution must be subverted, reinterpreted, or ignored as necessary by a liberal, otherwise the liberal cannot have "nice things" (defined as "free" everything, including drugs and pedophilia). 
* Electoral College - an evil system established by dead, slave-owning white men to deprive the coastal-dwelling liberal majority or women, homosexuals and People O' Color, that is clearly intellectually, morally and ethically superior to that mess of pig-ignorant DNA between the Rockies and the Appalachians of their rightful seats at the levers of government power. 
* Environment, The - a word used to evoke a vision of the entire scope of the Natural World and a (feigned) concern for the health of wildlife populations used as a euphemism by the virtue-signaling (see below) upper-middle-class, liberal, suburbanite, gated-community-dweller who wishes to avoid the pollution of his local surroundings by the lower classes, whom he secretly despises, so that the liberal may continue their ostentatious display of crass consumerism and commercialism free of the guilt, shame and blame that accompanies the destruction of eco-systems and exploitation of foreign coolies that the liberal requires in order to obtain an endless supply of granite countertops, exotic and expensive fabrics, iPads, Apple Watches, cell phones, Volvos, indoor spas, expensive exercise equipment, energy-wasting, cookie-cutter McMansions with inflated property values and organic foods that identify them as The Good Guys to others within their (limited) social circle. 
* Equality - a concept in which unequal rewards and benefits will be bestowed upon liberal-favored groups at the expense of non-liberal-favored groups, because equal.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Inordinate Amount of Attention That's Paid to the Least-Intelligent and Relevant Among Us.

By Our Ol' Comrade Matthew @My Planet, My Rules

Americans were always known for thinking Big Ideas and then going out and doing Big Things, and very often these Big Thoughts and Deeds were indicative of a culture that was serious, concerned, vibrant, dynamic, smart, motivated by a desire to do good. Examples abound.  Americans have always sacrificed something of themselves (often, all of themselves) for the benefit of others. Our Founders defied an authority that could have had them executed in the quest for Freedom for the individual. We have shed blood by the gallon on battlefields, most often for the benefit of others and for little other reason than because it was the right thing to do.

And so it is a great sin, a tragedy of our time, that at least some of the inheritors of these sacrifices, people have often done nothing in the slightest to validate or respect that noble bloodshed, nor earn the dividends it produced, should be given a public platform to do little more than to advertise their careless ingratitude and deliberately-cultured ignorance.

There are three varieties of these clueless, walking mouthpieces who have elbowed their way to a Prominence of Fucktard polluting our culture: the least-important (but loudest) is a new generation of leftist politician, usually the progeny of immigrants from all the waste places of the Earth, who befoul our public spaces with their unceasing whining about how hard it is to be them and how America could be made better by turning it into the Sudan or Venezuela (see: The Squad).

The second is a parade of even more-useless mouths who's primary (and largely unnecessary) function is the entertainment of the lowbrow, with names like DeNiro, Baldwin, Swift, or DiCaprio.

The last is a generation of "branded" (in the commercial sense) athletes who do things every society can easily do without, like catching touchdown passes, hitting home runs, or dunking basketballs.

The one common thread among all of these useless mouths is that they occupy a position -- socially, economically, culturally -- that is directly a result of the sacrifices of others, but disproportionate to their own, quantifiable contribution. The American Athlete, once great figures that stood for something, whether it was just the "integrity of the game", the idea that in America every little kid could be a slugger or World Champ, or something more-important, like a struggle for equality and freedom, has become, like the actor or the television "personality", not just a tragic figure, but a comic one. Because they have, just as their counterparts in politics and entertainment have, been given this stupid idea that anyone really cares what they think, do or believe when they aren't sweating in shorts for 20 or so minutes a night.

It's not as if we're talking about some of the real heroes in sports of my youth, here. The Lebron James' of the world did not have to struggle, and in the process, advance the character and quality of American Life by their example, like some of my childhood heroes did. Lebron James is no Hank Aaron, suffering death threats for being good enough to threaten a cherished record, or being a -- maybe THE -- visible symbol of the pernicious, past influence of racism.

James wouldn't be judged worthy to hold Muhammad Ali's jockstrap, on his best day. He certainly couldn't make you think about a common humanity, couldn't be a universal symbol of hope, like Ali did and was.

Jim Brown would run Lebron James over and trample him into the dirt, demanding respect. Just respect. James will never have the grace, the quiet dignity, or garner the universal love, of a Gayle Sayers.

In fact, James is most likely the visible symbol of the moral decay and decadence of the Modern Athlete, and symptomatic of the greater trend in society wherein people who obviously couldn't find their own asses with both hands and a road map consistently have microphones shoved in their faces with an expectation that they will -- as if by magic -- make some profound statement that will occupy the intellect and nourish the soul.

Because "they're famous", and the assumption is that fame carries with it some form of genius, some proof that by virtue of notoriety one vicariously ascends the intellectual and moral ladder until finding oneself upon the virtual Olympus of the Consequential with the likes of Einstein, Shakespeare, Lincoln, Archimedes, MLK, Hawking, Ghandi or Mother Theresa.

And so it was that Lebron James, inheritor of the sacrifices by which he is a free man, by which he has become the first "Billion Dollar Athlete", through which millions of young children dream of one day imitating his exploits on a basketball court, was somehow asked to make a comment regarding pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, the NBA's response to them, and his personal views on the entire smorgasbord of self-interested douchebag that surrounds the entire production.

James insists he stands with the forces of righteousness. Until, of course, the circumstances of righteousness demanded that he make a sacrifice. With his wallet. And then he puked up a self-serving statement -- which cast him and the other NBA players as something of victims in this whole thing! -- and...came out against righteousness. Which makes everything he's ever said on the subject of freedom and equality in other contexts completely invalid.

Society can survive without what you do, Lebron. It survived before Naismith invented your retarded game; it will continue without it. You add nothing to the fabric of life by tossing a ball through a hoop, and serve about as much use as a flea does to a dog. In fact, one could make the argument (I certainly am) that when it comes to parasites, NBA players are at the top of the list. 

What you do is not important. Therefore, neither are you.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Y'all Listen Up.......

Yesterday I was delighted to received an email from an old friend of DMF who I had loss touch with. Some of you longtime readers may remember from years past the writer / blogger named Matt, former proprietor of the "Lunatic Asylum" who I sometime cross-posted here on this page.

He informed me he has now embarked on a new venture - "My Planet, My Rules".  Matt is alway opinionated, doesn't mince his words, funny and is Snarky in the DMF tradition. And as he himself says "not for the easily triggered, for the fragile snowflake who goes into menstrual convulsions at the mere expression of a dangerous thought."  I encourage you to bookmark his new site and go by and say HI from a DMF reader, and wish him much success with his new bloge.