Friday, December 13, 2019

2020 Liberal Lexicon (First Edition)

"Political designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give
the appearance of solidity to pure wind." -- George Orwell

Today we visit an old friend, Matthew Noto @My Planet, My Rules. Matthew sees the world with no filters and his always entertaining and humorous rants are both barrels, take no prisoners affairs.  He has now issued the first installment of what will be a continuing project to identify and define ordinary words as they are used by today's so-called "liberal". All of these words have either been invented out of thin air, or have had their accepted and customary definitions and meanings deliberately distorted and confused for political ends.

Here are a few choice tidbits to wet your cyber taste buds. You can read Matthew's entire lexicon in the works HERE.
* 1% - a mythical collective constructed of over-privileged, greedy, soulless conservatives and republicans who have "stolen" the wealth and productivity of others, as opposed to having created and produced wealth by their own talents and activities. CEO's, Hollywood actors, musicians, professional athletes, lawyers, politicians, media figures, and academics who all make a fortune decrying the evils of capitalism while extracting a very good living from it who give to or espouse liberal causes are excluded from this mythical and detested caste. 
* Activist - useless, talentless rabble-rouser, usually supported by government or extraction from the taxpayer, who does nothing useful, says nothing useful, produces nothing of value, and who exists to make a living by complaining. Usually about things they have no need, right, or purpose (other than personally profiting) in complaining about. 
* Antifa - (Anti-Fascist) severely retarded, violent and petulant children, poorly-educated, organized into criminal bands, instructed to disrupt normal life, make civilized life impossible, perform acts of physical assault against innocent bystanders and perceived enemies in true Fascist fashion, sent into the street to act as the "shock troops" of angry liberals who are otherwise too lazy (or frightened of retaliation) to go out and violently protest themselves. See also: 'Fucktard'. 
* Constitution, The - an archaic piece of paper written in a style no liberal can read anymore by slave-owning, dead, white men, which purports to lay out the rights of the individual and the prerogatives of government, but which only serves to prevent the liberal from doing all the things they'd really like to, like screw farm animals in public, kill conservatives/Men/Christians/heterosexuals, and re-introduce slavery as a "federal jobs program". 
The Constitution must be subverted, reinterpreted, or ignored as necessary by a liberal, otherwise the liberal cannot have "nice things" (defined as "free" everything, including drugs and pedophilia). 
* Electoral College - an evil system established by dead, slave-owning white men to deprive the coastal-dwelling liberal majority or women, homosexuals and People O' Color, that is clearly intellectually, morally and ethically superior to that mess of pig-ignorant DNA between the Rockies and the Appalachians of their rightful seats at the levers of government power. 
* Environment, The - a word used to evoke a vision of the entire scope of the Natural World and a (feigned) concern for the health of wildlife populations used as a euphemism by the virtue-signaling (see below) upper-middle-class, liberal, suburbanite, gated-community-dweller who wishes to avoid the pollution of his local surroundings by the lower classes, whom he secretly despises, so that the liberal may continue their ostentatious display of crass consumerism and commercialism free of the guilt, shame and blame that accompanies the destruction of eco-systems and exploitation of foreign coolies that the liberal requires in order to obtain an endless supply of granite countertops, exotic and expensive fabrics, iPads, Apple Watches, cell phones, Volvos, indoor spas, expensive exercise equipment, energy-wasting, cookie-cutter McMansions with inflated property values and organic foods that identify them as The Good Guys to others within their (limited) social circle. 
* Equality - a concept in which unequal rewards and benefits will be bestowed upon liberal-favored groups at the expense of non-liberal-favored groups, because equal.

~ Thank You WHATFINGER NEWS for the Linkage! ~

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