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November 6th: A Monumental Flush

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An Unexpected Birthday Surprise

After being gone all day, and out for the evening, I found a welcome surprise early this morning as I was reading through my birthday email greetings from friends and readers. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the hit counter rolling over and what I never expected to see so soon.
So I grabbed a quick screen shot ........

Thank you all who visit, and comment here regularly for your support in my little endeavorer. Yeah, you know who you are.....

WallStreet Betting on Romney

"With just 100 days left until the U.S. presidential election, investors are beginning to make bigger bets on which candidate will carry the day."
"The fact that the election is so close now speaks volumes about how much we are concerned about the current economic situation in the United States, the conventional wisdom indicates that Wall Street would rather see a fiscal conservative Republican win. That's sort of a free-market capitalist concept, except for the fact that history doesn't play that out. What's typically better for Wall Street is some sort of gridlock. "At the end of the day, we are not really worried that Europe is going to be 'solved' or that its economy will strongly grow. 
"With the polls showing a race still ripe for the taking, the economic picture of the last four years and the next four years likely will come down to 100 days' worth of news."
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Capitalism's Image Problem

 Mitt Romney’s résumé at Bain should be a slam dunk. He has been a successful capitalist, and capitalism is the best thing that has ever happened to the material condition of the human race. From the dawn of history until the 18th century, every society in the world was impoverished, with only the thinnest film of wealth on top.

Then came capitalism and the Industrial Revolution. Everywhere that capitalism subsequently took hold, national wealth began to increase and poverty began to fall. Everywhere that capitalism didn’t take hold, people remained impoverished. Everywhere that capitalism has been rejected since then, poverty has increased.

Capitalism has lifted the world out of poverty because it gives people a chance to get rich by creating value and reaping the rewards. Who better to be president of the greatest of all capitalist nations than a man who got rich by being a brilliant capitalist?

Yet it hasn’t worked out that way for Mr. Romney. “Capitalist” has become an accusation.

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A Good Monday Morning


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Defining Religious Liberty Down

Ross Douthat
The words “freedom of belief” do not appear in the First Amendment. Nor do the words “freedom of worship.” Instead, the Bill of Rights guarantees Americans something that its authors called “the free exercise” of religion.
It’s a significant choice of words, because it suggests a recognition that religious faith cannot be reduced to a purely private or individual affair. Most religious communities conceive of themselves as peoples or families, and the requirements of most faiths extend well beyond attendance at a sabbath service — encompassing charity and activism, education and missionary efforts, and other “exercises” that any guarantee of religious freedom must protect.
 Jesus didn’t limit his ministry to the four walls of the church and there seems to be a great deal of confusion about this point in the leadership today.
You can see this confusion at work in the Obama White House’s own Department of Health and Human Services, which created a religious exemption to its mandate requiring employers to pay for contraception, sterilization and the days-after pill that covers only churches, and treats religious hospitals, schools and charities as purely secular operations. The defenders of the H.H.S. mandate note that it protects freedom of worship, which indeed it does. But a genuine free exercise of religion, not so much.
Now we have the great Chick-fil-A imbroglio, in which mayors and an alderman in several American cities threatened to prevent the delicious chicken chain from opening new outlets because its Christian president told an interviewer that he supports “the biblical definition of the family unit.” Their conceit seemed to be that the religious liberties afforded to congregations  do not extend to religious businessmen. Or alternatively, it was that while a businessman may have the right to his private beliefs, the local zoning committee has veto power over how those beliefs are exercised and expressed.
Of course every freedom has its limits. We do not allow people to exercise beliefs that require, say, forced marriage or honor killing.  
It may seem strange that anyone could look around the pornography-saturated, fertility-challenged, family-breakdown-plagued West and see a society menaced by a repressive puritanism. But it’s clear that this perspective is widely and sincerely held.
It would be refreshing, though, if it were expressed honestly, without the “of course we respect religious freedom” facade.
If you want to fine Catholic hospitals for following Catholic teaching, or prevent Jewish parents from circumcising their sons, or ban Chick-fil-A in Boston, then don’t tell religious people that you respect our freedoms...... 
Say what you really think: that the exercise of our religion threatens all that’s good and decent, and that you’re going to use the levers of power to bend us to your will.
There, didn’t that feel better? 
Now we can get on with the fight.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Some Thoughts on the Olympics…

Matthew N.
Matthew's Weekend Commentary

 I have a few things to say about the Olympics, particularly as they relate to the “modern” games. As for last night’s Opening Ceremonies, let’s just list the issues:

1. If the idea behind last night’s three-hour, tour-de-force of complete crap was to out-spectacle Beijing, then sorry, Britain, you’ve failed. The entire thing, which supposedly was all about the history of English Civilization, was short on history and chock-full of Stagecraft 101 chintz, to my mind. I mean, really? Fifteen minutes devoted to the nightmares of children in hospitals and Mary Poppins? The Industrial Revolution as an extended dance routine? Granted, it’s difficult to pick out individual highlights of the whole of English History to highlight, but the ones chosen left much to be desired, and were not, truth to tell, very inspiring.

The nation which gave the world Elizabeth Tudor, Victoria, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Shakespeare and Churchill (who both got but cursory nods), Magna Carta, the Empire which gave birth to some 50 democracies, the English voyages of Discovery of Darwin and Cook, the nation that stood stalwart in the defense of Freedom against Napoleon, the Hohenzollern's, the Nazis and Communism, was barely introduced to the world, but for a minutes' silence to honor the war dead of Flanders.

This is what happens when a Great Nation becomes infected by Political Correctness to such an extent that it feels as if it must pick-and-choose which aspects of it’s history to celebrate on the world stage; whichever milquetoast, untalented hack gets to make the choice, usually chooses the wrong crap for the wrong reasons. In this case, I would suspect that no one who had say in this debacle wanted to play up these English achievements for fear of “giving offense”.

2. Arctic Monkeys. Great cover of “Come Together”. I may have a new fave band.

3.. Paul McCartney looks about ready to have that fatal stroke. The voice is gone, and “Hey Jude” was hardly an appropriate selection for such a venue. Yes, we know you were Beatle, but you’d think that someone who is supposed to be one of the greatest songwriters/composers of the 20th Century, might have spent a little time arranging an original composition for the event. You know Elton John would have.

4. I must admit to having had no idea that there were 204 countries sending athletes to the Olympics, and had nary a clue that there were 204 countries on Planet Earth. However, it would seem that the majority of them consist of what I think Lawrence of Arabia once referred to as “Tribes With Flags” (don’t quote me on that), and that Parade of Nations just convinced me, more than ever, that the United Nations is a waste of time, effort and money. There is just no way in hell that anyone, or any deliberative body, could forge a consensus on anything from that stinking pile of humanity…excuse me…Mass of Diversity.

5. The only things missing from the initial pastoral stage were J.R.R. Tolkien's hobbits, because the “Forging of the Olympic Rings By the British Factory Proletariat” thing reminded me of the opening minutes of The Lord of the Rings.

6. Rowan Atkinson ceased being funny the second he stopped being “Blackadder”. What’s the matter? The Monty Python guys were too busy ripping themselves off with cheap stage reproductions of their masterworks to come to the ceremony?

 Now, onto the entire concept of the Olympics, themselves........

I have but one thing to say about this graphic

There are 73 business day between now and election day.

Every state and territory in the U.S. have drivers license bureaus that issue valid picture I.D. cards that are accepted for all forms of personal business. They cost little or nothing, and a couple of hours out of your life to be a responsible American. If you can get to polls, you can get to the  license bureau and get an I.D. to prove you are indeed who you are when you vote. I have heard all the excuses.

...of course, democrats may disagree.

Obama Wants to Be in Your Holiday Photo

Political Clown Parade

It’s not enough that your wedding registry may be centered around Obama donations. Now, Obama wants to be featured in your Christmas holiday family photo.

Need to update your Facebook photo? Thinking about which family photo you’ll use in your next holiday card?

Have no fear. The errand boy sent by grocery clerks has a “once-in-a-lifetime” solution.

 Comb your hair, put on a clean I’m With Stupid T-shirt and start practicing your camera-ready smile. Whisk your way to the Big Apple in a few weeks when Teh One visits there and a photographer will be waiting to snap a pic. While everything else is free with this regime, the photos ain’t. You’ll need to chip in $25. 

 Hurry while this offer still lasts because this will be the last “holiday” in which you can get a tacky picture taken with the worst president evah and don’t forget to say “Cheese”.


Vintage Media Lap Dogs Panic

Hitting Obama for 'You Didn't Build That' Is Racist

With Rasmussen showing Romney enjoying a five-point lead (and that's a pollster everyone in media knows is reliable, which is why they prefer juiced NBC polls), the media is now in pure panic mode. Furthermore, Obama's Media Palace Guards know that when the full context is played of Obama's revealing "you didn't build that" quote, it's absolutely devastating for Obama because the full context of those comments show the President openly ridiculing America's small business owners.

So what's a panicked media to do?

Well, at first the corrupt media lied about Obama being taken out of context. But that's a desperate lie and everyone knows it, which means the Romney campaign was comfortable to keep on keeping on with its use of the President's comments.

So NOW what's a desperate media to do?

Well, I think we all know what the media does when it's at its most desperate to protect Obama, don't we, boys and girls?

That's right, the corrupt media screams... RACISM!

Mitt Romney’s plan of blatantly lying about President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” speech is clearly drawing blood. But what makes the attack work so well is not so much the lie itself but the broader subtext of it. Watch Obama’s delivery in the snippet put together by this Republican ad[.] ...
The key thing is that Obama is angry, and he’s talking not in his normal voice but in a “black dialect.” This strikes at the core of Obama’s entire political identity: a soft-spoken, reasonable African-American with a Kansas accent. From the moment he stepped onto the national stage, Obama’s deepest political fear was being seen as a “traditional” black politician, one who was demanding redistribution from white America on behalf of his fellow African-Americans.
So desperate to reelect Obama he's unafraid to embarrass himself, that's a flailing Jonathan Chait in New York Magazine and this is the ad he's attempting to declare racist.

Sorry, Jonathan, but the only one "blatantly lying" here is you. And your vile race-baiting is equal parts hilarious, maddening, unAmerican, and just plain pathetic.



Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Sasquatch


"Nay, faith, let me not play a woman; 
I have a beard coming" - Bill Shakespeare 

Lend Our Liberal Friends a Hand


A Message from the Empress

< Message forwarded to Diogenes >
             for immediate release:

"I have recently been declared Empress of the World. Let us not waste time explaining why or how; let's all simply accept the fact that we are better off as a result; and hence, my first decree:

"Empress  Decree No. 1a - The Empress calls for an end to the improper use of the word “Hero.” A hero is a person who performs a heroic act (The Empress New Collegiate Dictionary, pg.332). While many people should, for instance, be deeply praised for choosing selfless and noble careers (firemen, for example) or for exemplifying great courage (surviving cancer, for instance) we will, henceforth, reserve the use of the word “hero” for those who have performed heroic acts. The fireman doesn't become a hero when he gets a position in the department; he becomes a hero when he saves a life. The cancer survivor doesn't become a hero for surviving cancer; they becomes a hero when they dedicate their life to raising money for cancer research."

"Nor does a soldier become a hero for simply donning a uniform, they become heroes for placing themselves in harms way for our freedom. And henceforth, no make-believe comic book fantasy characters shall be used to denigrate the true meaning of Hero by being referred to as such by anyone over the age of 12 years old.    

"There are many wonderful, important and praiseworthy people out there who are not heroes, and never shall be except in their own minds (insert any politician's name here) Heroes are a special category of wonderful people — unless, of course, we continue to call all wonderful people heroes."

"The Punishment: Those who continue to misuse this word will be required to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants, in public, and in addition shall be forced to attend Barack Obama rallies.

Now, go forth and obey.
< end message >


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things aren't going well at Obama For America 2012 Headquarters these days.....


No More Real Time Biden

Naked DC
I think We're Talking Damage Control Here

The press is being told that they are no longer allowed to Tweet Joe Biden’s commentary in real time. Remarks can be reprinted in their entirety later (even 20 minutes later), but on-the-scene reporting will be discouraged, according to White House sources.

The implication here is that Joe Biden does not deliver pre-written speeches as they are pre-written, as pre-written speeches could easily be sent to reporters ahead of time. Obviously, this means that you will no longer be able to experience real-time Joe Biden, which is a shame, particularly if you’re interested in such intriguing topics as Joe Biden’s parents’ sex lives, the unique characteristics of certain ethnic backgrounds, and complete reports on what Joe Biden had for lunch.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If Nancy Pelosi had never become a Politican


Cause I Got Nothing Today

A repost from last year......

Obama Rejected by Dancing With the Stars 
 Another Embarrassing Failure 

Middle Finger News Service - It was revealed to Diogenes today that President Obama failed a super secret audition for the the new season  of the popular television show 'Dancing with the Stars'. Officials with the highly rated program told us that the White House had requested the secret preliminary try-out as a way of boosting Obama's popularity rating with the American people. "Unfortunately, the guy can't dance either" a spokesperson for the show said, referring to Obama's handling of the economy.

For maximum viewer ratings, Obama was originally paired with 2008 election foe, the graceful Republican Sarah Palin. But Mrs.Palin later was said to say "This guy has three left feet! Go figure." She also told producers  "if they issued dancing licenses, his would be revoked for endangering the public safety!" The political friction showed in their first dance routine , a basic Foxtrot, in which Obama's moves were said by unnamed production staffers as "resembling a chicken on acid."

Obama was later paired with dancing star  Tameka McHughes, doing a classic disco number. "This guy was all over me." Ms. McHughes told us. "It was like prom night with Steve Urkel!"

At first, the White House initially denied the secret audition, but confronted with pictures, finally had to admit the embarrassing episode. No further comments were issued on the matter.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Good Monday Morning


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Puttin' Her Up On The Rack


As you can see, I've been busy this weekend making some major changes to DMF. I decided to go to a cleaner, less cluttered look to be easier on the eyes and render better on wide screen laptops and mobile devices most people use today. The page is a combination of a WordPress CSS and a standard Google Blogger page with a set of custom fonts, which I was told was impossible to do. I proved them wrong, but not without a few headaches. Only after an all-nighter, a bottle of Cabernet and a lot of hair pulling did I succeeded.

Some minor tweaks are left to be done, but after testing it renders fine in all the major browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Safari and the only one I use, the Opera browser ( if you're still using IE you are on your own there, I don't go near it ).  The formatting is 16pt. font for easy viewing ( I despise manufacturer's default 10pt. font ) so all I can say is it works fine and looks good from this end.

If you encounter anything about this page that is not right in looks or operation other than the sidebar loading after the main page, please email me and let me know.

No animals were harmed and no government assistance was required in this undertaking.
I made it happen Obama!


Friday, July 20, 2012

It Must Be Tough Being Obama These Days....


Fisher-Price Launches New Barack Obama Toys

The Spin Cycle

My First Teleprompter
 The Fisher-Price  Corporation, a leading manufacturer of children's educational toys, has announced a new line of toys designed to allow children to use their imagination and play at being Barack Obama, the current President of the USA. Two exciting and educational new Fun With Barack™ toys will be released later this summer, with several additional models being released before the Christmas shopping season.

The hope is that if children have these creative toys to play with, they can emulate their role model, and perhaps someday aspire to the same high level of achievement as President Obama has accomplished.

The first model in the Fun With Barack™ series will be My First Telepromter™ and will encourage small children to develop language skills. This toy will help children aged 3-8 to overcome their fear of public speaking and help prepare them for future careers in public service and politics.

The second model, to be released simultaneously, will be "Lets Play Golf!™"

This fun toy will allow children aged 5-10 to enjoy playing president by simulating President Obama's daily workload.

Let's Play Golf
 With this highly creative and entertaining toy, children can go out on their imaginary golf course (usually a back yard) and face the daily rigors of playing challenging holes and battling devious sand traps.

Their friends can play the roles of visiting foreign dictators, and they can schmooze them and negotiate disarmament deals that leave the USA virtually disarmed and helpless.
It will provide the perfect opportunity for them to play "Take Some Stimulus Money, The Taxpayers Won't Care."

The Lets Play Golf™ cart is powered by a 6 volt rechargeable battery and is Eco-friendly and appropriately recyclable so they can be "green."

The Fisher-Price Corporation is a subsidiary of Mattel Toys Inc. Five percent of the proceeds from the sale of these toys will go to the Barack Obama Reelection Committee.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

The History Revisionist are at it Again

Now they claim the Founder of the Boy Scouts was Gay
"With more and more American institutions becoming inclusive and even openly gay-friendly, the Boy Scouts of America has just reaffirmed its unregenerate straights-only status: a special committee, formed in 2010, recently announced the organization's intention of sticking with the 2000 Supreme Court decision that it is within its constitutional rights to exclude gays from leadership roles. All this is richly ironic in view of the fact that the founder of the Boy Scouts, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (raised to the peerage as Lord Baden-Powell) was in probability a gay man himself — though closeted, of course, considering the circumstances." 
"A Victorian military hero who skyrocketed to fame after his valiant defense of the besieged city of Mafeking during the Second Boer War, Baden-Powell was one of the British Empire’s most adulated soldiers, looked to as the very model of muscular Christianity. Baden-Powell, the author of the hugely popular and influential “Scouting for Boys” (1908), inspired a national cult of manliness even as he entertained serious worry about his own sexuality....."

History is being cherry picked for every hero, intellectual , creative mind or hand in history with an unusual marriage arrangement, that bore no children or remained unmarried, sometime with a close public confidant, and turned into a Rump Ranger Icon by revisionist with scant proof or no evidence at all. Perhaps these people were just smarter than we are.
Who shall it be next?

Keep reading if you can

Obama Down Two in the Fourth Period.......

"If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help."


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let’s open the discussion of potential felonies Mr. President.

Scotty Starnes 

Anyone Remember Obama’s Felony with
Joe Sestak/Andrew Romanoff Job Bribes?
So, Team Obama wants to slander Mitt Romney with false felony charge over Bain documents. I have a long list of laws Obama has broken with all his executive orders to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, No Child Left Behind Law, Immigration laws and Welfare Reform laws. But one that nobody seem to be pointing out is that Democrat Joe Sestak claimed Obama’s White House offered him a job if he didn’t run against Republican, turned Democrat, Arlen Spector. Spector’s switch gave Democrats a filibuster proof Senate.
Spector’s payoff for switching parties was to run unopposed and to make this happen, the White House offered Sestak a job bribe. Sestak slipped up and revealed the felony bribe, so the White House went into spin mode until eventually Bill Clinton saved them by admitting he was the go between that offered Sestak the White House proposed job. Clinton must have received a bribe himself because he also admitted he wasn’t the go between. No matter what the story is, it’s still unconstitutional (Article 2, Section 4) and a felony (18 U.S.C.Section 201) even if it was an “indirect” bribe (18 U.S.C. Section 600).
There was no investigation into the admitted job bribe due to the Democrat controlled House Judiciary Committee blocking it.
Then we had the Andrew Romanoff job bribe. Team Obama, led by Obama puppeteer Jim Messina, offered Romanoff a job with USAID, if he didn’t run against Obama-supported Michael Bennett for the Senate seat.
Obama-crony, Eric Holder, refused to investigate these admitted felonies
Then we have the Romanoff job bribe.
There’s a long list of bribes associated with the ObamaCare law. The Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase are just a few examples of bribes that were used by Team Obama. Obama approved the bribes.
Last time I checked, offering bribes is a felony. Ask Obama’s buddy Rod Blagojevich. Another felonious bribe scandal involving Obama.
So, let’s open the discussion of potential felonies Mr. President.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Guide to Winning the Goriest Campaign in 184 Years

The White House Dossier
"When I look at the campaign, I wonder, really, whether there has ever been an event quite like it in presidential politics before.
The Obama campaign is offering up a narrative that has so little connection to reality, but seems to be working so well, that I am pondering if it is possible for Romney to wage anything resembling a normal campaign at all.
Obama and his operatives smear Romney, accuse Republicans of racist intent, claim that George W. Bush is responsible for the current economy, declare Romney unqualified to be president – when Obama himself had not a single qualification to be president – I simply cannot believe the things I’m hearing and seeing.
I’ve come the conclusion that there is no way to avoid an unmitigated mud fight. This is going to have to be the most vicious campaign since 1828, when Andrew Jackson’s wife was accused of committing adultery with him and John Quincy Adams was said to have pimped out a servant girl to the Russian Czar.
Recognizing reality, I offer my advice to each of the campaigns on how to conduct themselves, or rather, misconduct themselves.
You think this is tongue in cheek? It might be, but I’m not so sure....."

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Diogenes' Man on the Street

Middle Finger News Asks:
Will Hillary Replace Joe Biden for the 2012 Election?

"Absolutely. I do think Obama should replace Biden with Clinton. It can only help his re-election. And if Joe Biden is looking for work, I have use for a guy who can disparage half the population in a single sentence".
Brad Nittwith - Internal Revenue Service

 "No, I don't think Biden should be replaced! Preezy Obama and Joe Biden have done a great job with the economy. Hell, back in 2007 even a King didn't have the luxury of a Vodka and Red Bull mix."
Belinda Twittel - Wal-mart Cashier

"Yes! It's about time we have a woman of Hillary's caliber in high power in this country. After all, she's single handedly brought peace to the Middle East! Suck on that Condie Rice!" 
Shelia Lovett Bigg - Public School Educator

"Means nothing to Faruk! All America is but imperialist infidel running dog jackals that will ultimately feel the sting of Allah's wrath .....Praise Be to Allah!"
Faruk Al Squworme - Taxi Driver

"You axing  Laquita? I don't know how to vote.... but if I did I'd sure nuff vote for Barack cause all the free sh*t  he gets me and my babies wiff my EBT card!.... know what I'm sayin....free cell phones and rolling papers for Dontrell.  Barack gets my 16 year old free sh*t for her two babies too!"
 Laquita Jones - Homemaker

"Get off my sidewalk you #%*+&@+ hate filled ringwing nut!"
Holota Wadsworth - Women's Reproductive Health Center Director

"Yeah. Hillary is a great Idea. Biden is the ultimate Washington insider. Obama should have picked somebody who knows absolutely nothing about politics. It might be good for Obama seeing that the people voting in the next election are going to be angry, intolerant white people. You would have to be a fool to miss a chance to vote for a beautiful smart lady like Hillary?"
Pat - Famous  Daily Kos Basement Blogger  

"Hillary for Biden? I think it's a great idea! And I really like the idea of a do-over election thing because I totally blew my first vote on Stephen Colbert last time.  I've purposely avoided upward mobility and social progress so I can benefit from all the free money I get from my trust fund."
Lance Farnsworth III - Occupy Wall Street Organizer

"Get out of my way you little worm..... 
 I said get out of my face!"
Some Angry White Guy


Another Wealth Lib Dodges Their Taxes

Nonsensible Shoes

When Wealthy Liberals Abandon America
Denise Rich, the wealthy socialite, former wife of pardoned billionaire trader Marc Rich and big buck contributor/fund-raiser  for the Democrat party has given up her U.S. citizenship - and, with it, much of her U.S. tax bill. She's leaving her citizenship behind in order to escape taxes, hot on the heels of Eduardo Saverin, Facebook billionaire, doing the same thing.
Rich, 68, a Grammy-nominated songwriter and glossy figure in Democratic and European royalty circles, renounced her American passport in November, according to her lawyer.
Her maiden name, Denise Eisenberg, appeared in the Federal Register on April 30 in a quarterly list of Americans who renounced their U.S. citizenship and permanent residents who handed in their green cards.
By dumping her U.S. passport, Rich likely will save tens of millions of dollars or more in U.S. taxes over the long haul, tax lawyers say. 
Her husband,  the Belgian-born Mark Rich, who became a multimillionaire commodities trader in the 1960s, fled the United States in 1983 after he was indicted on charges of tax evasion related to his oil-trading business, as well as violating the US ban on trade with Iran. Bill Clinton ultimately pardoned Marc Rich in the last days of his presidency. 
An interesting side note, the Deputy Attorney General at the time for Clinton, was one Eric Holder. It came up as an issue during the Holder confirmation hearings. Even the New York Times in 2008 questioned the merits of the pardon and Eric Holder's role in it.
Meanwhile president Obama continues to excoriate Mitt Romney for supposedly offshoring jobs while his party and his policies, are offshoring wealth, and wealthy citizens.
It amazes me that Democrats continue to get away with painting a picture that Republicans don't care about the middle class and Democrats are the protectors of the middle class. Clearly the Democrats have disdain for the middle class. They only care about protecting what they themselves have. They are the party of the wealthy, unscrupulous elite, and they have duped half the country into seeing things completely backwards.
Read More on the Eric Holder Implication Here

Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Doubt......


Mitt and Official Blackdom

Matthew / The Lunatic's Asylum

Matthew's Week End Commentary:

With Your Shield, Or On It...
The writers of antiquity tell us that Spartan Mothers -- the original Obamaesque Julias -- would send their warrior sons into battle with just this admonition ringing in their ears:
Come back from battle with your shield...or on it.
In other words, do your duty and bring victory for your country, or die in the attempt, and never, ever dishonor yourself in any way. So, what does this have to do with Mitt Romney and the NAACP? Hang out a few, and I'll explain it to you.
The Big News of Romney's address to the NAACP is not, as the press has been quick to point out, that he got himself heckled and booed. This is par for the course when any Republican addresses the General Motors of Official Blackdom in America; no, the Big News was that the NAACP has proven itself, again, to be something other than what it claims to be, and in the process, proves for the umpteenth time that while the claim that the "last vestiges of Racism" in America are still felt in many quarters just might be true, it would appear that those last few strongholds are not to be found in so-called "White America" circles.
Now here I must stop and explain a thing or two. When I say "Official Blackdom", I do not mean that to be some sort of racial code; there is, sadly, a division in African-American Land which pits the bulk of African-Americans against a self-selected elite, mostly composed of the Old Guard Civil Rights leaders and organizations spiced with a smattering of individuals who enjoy status as the favored pets of the democratic party, i.e. the Official Blacks. This is a form of self-segregation which is harmful, in the long run, to us all, regardless of race.
 Why? because organizations like the NAACP are trapped in a romantic past. The organization still lives off the notoriety and moral standing it assiduously built up during the struggle for equality, and rightfully so, but there is also an emotional attachment to that past within the "leadership" that...ahem...colors... it's advocacy on just about every other subject under the Sun. It's as if the NAACP leadership, and most of it's rank-and-file, have been living in a bubble: having won the war for equality, they are content to continue fighting the old battles over and over, as if they live in a real-life version of Groundhog Day.
The rhetoric of the NAACP is still the same. One would think listening to the likes of the NAACP leadership that nothing in America has changed since 1954. That people are still being denied basic human rights and subjected to the worst of Jim Crow and poll taxes, segregation and degradation, inequality in hiring, housing, education, and before the law, and this is simply not true. And even in those rare cases where an injustice does occur, the legal system in this country does it's level best to right the wrong.
 No, the NAACP is not about "advancement" because if it was, it would have moved forward with the rest of us. It's all about using the past to beat Whites up with the memories of days gone by, and in doing so, to ensure that there's enough guilt-by-association, enough intimidation, enough sheer whining to ensure that whatever idiocy Official Blackdom advocates today gets a fair hearing -- for better or for worse -- in the corridors of American Power.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Nothing better than a Frappuccino at a Funeral

Coffins & Coffee: Starbucks to Open Inside Funeral Home

EASLEY, SC --Those grieving the dearly departed at Robinson Funeral Home in Easley will soon have a little something extra to soothe the pain: a cup of Starbucks' joe.
The fourth-generation funeral home and crematory is adding a new section to its existing facilities which includes business offices, a chapel, and a special wing aptly named "Coffee Corner," where soon a Starbucks will open.
The owner, Chris Robinson, explains how coffee has always been part of the family business, saying his great-grandfather started the funeral home inside a main street general store, where people would gather and drink coffee.
Robinson, who's a bit worried people will get the wrong idea about the coffee shop, says it's simply one more service for people to choose, but one that's certainly not mandatory.
"You walk in the front, and it's off to the side," Robinson said. "It's not like it's right up front."
Robinson has hired staff to run the Starbucks franchise which will be open to the public, not just to those attending services.
Starbucks will install equipment and menus at the end of July, and Robinson expects the shop to open sometime in August.
I wonder if it will come with the usual Starbucks loud annoying music and perverts on their laptops using the free Wi-Fi?? 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood opens new AllahCare clinics

Dr. Ali Ben Twfeek administers Allahcare to Muhammad Mahmoud Shiitt

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

As If You Need Another Reason to Believe Islamic Militants are the Scourge of Humanity

Diogenes - Tuesday 7/11
Muslim Clerics Call for the Destruction
of the Great Pyramids

Anyone who has stood at the foot of the Great Pyramids of Gaza and marveled at the feat of engineering and human accomplishment, unsurpassed until the building of the Cathedrals of Europe and the moon landing, may have a hard time stomaching this story.

It comes on the heels of the destruction of tombs In Timbuktu, 14th Century Tombs On UNESCO World Heritage List…

From Frontpagemag.com
"According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids—or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi‘i, those “symbols of paganism,” which Egypt’s Salafi party has long planned to cover with wax. Most recently, Bahrain’s “Sheikh of Sunni Sheikhs” and President of National Unity, Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud, called on Egypt’s new president, Muhammad Morsi, to “destroy the Pyramids and accomplish what the Sahabi Amr bin al-As could not.”
"This is a reference to the Muslim Prophet Muhammad’s companion, Amr bin al-As and his Arabian tribesmen, who invaded and conquered Egypt circa 641. Under al-As and subsequent Muslim rule, many Egyptian antiquities were destroyed as relics of infidelity."
"Now, however, as Bahrain’s “Sheikh of Sheikhs” observes, and thanks to modern technology, the pyramids can be destroyed. The only question left is whether the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt is “pious” enough—if he is willing to complete the Islamization process that started under the hands of Egypt’s first Islamic conqueror."
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George's Rejection Letter

Middle Finger News Service  -  During the dark days of the Monica Lewinsky Affair President Bill Clinton, fearing democrats losing womens votes in the next election, was rumored to have convinced  one of his senior advisers we will call "Lil' George" to submit a centerfold layout to PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE in an attempt to head off some of the damage from the fiasco.
Come to find out, despite it all Clinton remained popular and Al Gore just turned out to be a turkey. But in the long run the poor adviser Lil' George, wound up getting  the ultimate Middle Finger - a rejection letter.
Middle finger News believes we have uncovered that letter while perusing the dark recesses of the Clinton Presidential library archives.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Hollywood Equine Wisdom


A Good Monday Morning


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beatings to Continue Until Morale Improves...

Matthew - 7/8
Matthew's Weekend Commentary

Watching the news lately it becomes painfully obvious as to what the Obama re-election strategy is: simply to deny, deny, deny the facts of failure, and to continue to push a false narrative, more fairy tale than reality. There will also be a concurrent campaign to paint Mitt Romney, and republicans in general, as a bunch of reckless, patrician douchebags, lacking in both basic common sense and human compassion.
This idea came to me, yet again, while watching our Commander-in-Chump make a series of stump speeches -- in between mega-million-dollar fundraisers with the very same reckless, patrician douchebags of the sort he's supposed to be running against -- where the old, Obamaesque, tingle-up-the-leg-inducing lofty rhetoric has been replaced by a constant drumbeat of outright lies.
Obama talks up the Economy, Part One: the the private sector keeps adding jobs, neglecting to point out that the private sector is hiring at a snail's pace. The supposed continued stream of anemic, yet always just perceptibly upward, movement on employment in private business is supposed to represent a steady, if slow, indication of economic recovery. The truth is that if we're talking a healthy economy, these employers would be hiring by the hundreds of thousands each month, and not at the average of about 70k a month. All the while, even more unemployed simply drop off the grid as their benefits run out, or they get discouraged.
Obama talks up the Economy, Part Two: Green Energy is still the wave of the future, despite the fact that it doesn't work, and so far has only proven that as an industry the only thing it can produce is government subsidies which mysteriously disappear. The jobs created -- so few of them, to begin with -- largely turn out to be temporary in nature, for as soon as the subsidy money dries up, so to the companies that depend upon it for survival.
Obama talks up the Economy, Part Three: Obama "saved" GM, much in the same way that Peter Arnett once described a Vietnam-era debacle by saying of a certain village that "it was necessary to destroy it in order to save it.". GM is not "saved"; auto workers are being laid off just as they were before the government "bail out". The stockholders have been shafted. the bondholders were blatantly robbed in broad daylight with the blessing of the courts. The concept of a free market was well-and-truly pissed upon. GM now builds cars that no one wants, can't be supported by the present infrastructure (gas stations abound, recharge stations, not so much), and which are so expensive that even the few that have been purchased came with a large, taxpayer-funded bribe attached.
Obama talks up the Economy, Part Four: According to President Odoofus, there's more oil being pumped, there's more exports, there's a higher stock market, and all of that is, somehow, his triumph, and yet, employment is at a record low since anytime after the Great Depression. The Keystone Pipeline remains in limbo. Gulf Coast Oil drilling has, for all intents and purposes, ceased after the oil spill.
Obama on Health Care: He wins, and yet, he still loses. Primarily because the Supreme Court figured out a way to make the Affordable Care Act legal for him, primarily by pointing out that what Congress euphemistically calls a "fee" and the Obama administration calls "a penalty" is rightfully defined as "a tax". In fact, the entire ACA, when fully activated, will be the largest tax increase in American History.It is a great indication about how inept, how devious, how dysfunctional the Obama administration is, that even their victories invariably carry with them the seeds of defeat, whether it's healthcare, stimulus, bail-outs or giveaways.
Obama talks up his Questionable Foreign Policy Achievements, Part One: Iran is still arming itself with nuclear weapons, sending weapons and extremists across the border into Iraq, and threatens to close the Straits of Hormuz, while Obama lets the Europeans talk for us in front of the Ayatollahs. The opportunity to really stick it to the Iranian regime, perhaps to even change it, was squandered as Iranian protesters died under Islamic-terror-sponsor bullets. Russia is flexing it's muscles in Eastern Europe and Syria, and Obama caves on missile defense so that Vladimir Putin will like him again. The Arab Spring, supposedly a harbinger of nascent democracy (even if it was infected with theocrats) turns out to be a Khomeini-lie exercise in fundamentalist stupidity. After decrying the Iraq and Afghan wars for a decade, Obama starts a third -- with no clear American interest at stake -- in Libya. As for Afghanistan, the Taliban might as well be back in charge, since we're no longer fighting anyone, the only purpose behind keeping this sham going is because one must burnish one's anti-terror credentials, because even after shooting Bin Laden in the fucking face, no one believes you're serious about cracking down on terrorists.
Obama talks up his Questionable Foreign Policy Achievements, Part Two: there's still a dictator in North Korea building missiles and nuclear weapons, selling them all over the planet, and thumbing his nose at Uncle Sam. China has made it clear that it considers itself to, finally, be a power on par with America, and even arrests a dissident inside the American Embassy. Pakistan is not our friend, and has become more hindrance than help in the War on Terror, and yet, Obama will not call out whichever Kim is in charge of Munchkinland, not deploy an aircraft carrier to make the Chinese think twice, or cut off all the American aid to Pakistan. We are universally laughed at in the United Nations, where President-Won-the-Nobel-Peace-Prize-for-being-Half-Black is eager to sign away American sovereignty over the fake threat of Global Warming, Sea Treaties, Nuclear non-proliferation agreements which we assiduously keep and no one else does, and Human Rights commissions chaired by the worst sorts of despots. The Obamabots talk a good game, but reassure their enemies in vague, ineffectual statements and non-action that they are, indeed, weak.
Obama Talks Up Questionable Foreign Policy Achievements, Part Three: Obama blames much of the American economic malaise on Europe. Mostly because the old litany of excuses -- republicans, George W. Bush, Japanese earthquakes and tsunamis, bad horoscopes, bad hair days, Michelle being on the rag just before a certain key economic report is issued -- have worn thin. The economic genius who spent a trillion dollars on a stimulus package which produced something like 37 jobs nationwide, and ensured that turtles can cross busy interstates with safety -- assuming they can follow the signs to the new underpasses built specifically for their use -- now lectures Europe on the need for "austerity'.
The man who believes that pouring half-a-billion dollars into a company which produced useless solar panels at $6 per, and sold them for $3 retail (Solyndra), is now handing out economic advice to the leaders of the countries that produced Hayek, von Mises and Smith. The man who promised to cut the federal deficit in half, and then planned to borrow another $5 trillion to fund an expanded welfare state, is going to tell Greeks and Spaniards that they must do with a smaller welfare state, so that Wall Street can recoup it's loses, or at least slow it downward slide? Fat fuckin' chance, bub!
 And yet Barack Obama would have you believe that not only is his way working, and bettering, our lives, but that a reversal of his policies (which have only served to bankrupt us, make us look stupid in the eyes of the world, and confuse the ever-loving fertilizer out of us) would be the next-best-thing to child rape, is out there stumping for a second term? On what planet, one wonders, does this incredible idiot live on?
This is all you will hear for the next four months: under Obama everything is better, or soon will be; under his opponents, things will only go back to the way they were. Which, in retrospect, bearing current experience in mind, doesn't seem to be all that frightening a proposition.
Crossposted @ The Lunatic's Asylum 

Matthew is a friend and weekly contributor to DMF
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm Taking the Weekend Off....

See Ya Monday Morning....

Friday, July 6, 2012

GM unveils the 2013 Baracko

And just like its namesake......

*Location of Production - unknown
*Cost tax payers a fortune
*Limited Edition  - creates few jobs
*It's instruments lie constantly  
 *Obscured vision of the road ahead
 *Designed to make left turns only
*Smokes when no one is looking
*Can change color to fit the situation
*Requires expensive upkeep and frequent downtime
*Will be sold to America on television by shysters

(Available with eco- friendly Nancy Pelosi plastic head hood ornament)

And Coming this Fall: 

The 2013 Biden


***Required four D cell batteries not included***

Fishnet Friday

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Brief History of Useful Idiots

Diogenes - 7/5
The phenomenon of intelligent people saying stupid things about tyrants is a constant of 20th century history and continues unabated into the 21st.
Take Mussolini for instance. You might think he was just a blustering fool in a fez, but once upon a time many people took him very seriously. I learned once from my history teacher that Churchill had spoken approvingly of the black shirts in the 1920s. This week I was reading a biography of the first Fascist and learned that Winston was not alone. Franklin Roosevelt praised the Italian dictator as a gentleman; Chiang Kai-shek asked for a signed photograph; and even Gandhi (yes lovely, non-violent, vegetable-munching Gandhi) described him as the “Savior of Italy.” Hmmmm. That’ll be the guy who let his soldiers use live Ethiopians for target practice and ended his political career shipping Jews to Hitler for extermination? All right then!
The USSR under Stalin is a Klondike of intellectual embarrassment and/or mendacity, ranging from the reporting of Walter Duranty, the Pulitzer Prize Winner who defended Stalin’s show trials and denied the Ukrainian famine, to the bumptious witterings of George Bernard Shaw who in 1932 declared (as millions were starving) that reports of a famine in the USSR were “nonsense.” How did he know? “I have never eaten as well as during my trip to the Soviet Union.”

It was Lenin who first identified the genus of Western intellectual known as “the useful idiot,” but it was Stalin who showed how incredibly easy it was to seduce them: a free holiday, dinner, a little flattery and wa-hey- the knickers are off! But then Stalin died, the USSR became much less violent and the useful idiots lost interest.
Searching for a new utopia, many pinned their hopes on revolutionary Cuba, where a bearded mega-bore named Fidel Castro was in the process of transforming a corrupt satellite of America into a corrupt satellite of the USSR, even poorer and less free than before. Like Papa Joe, Fidel knew how to flatter and soon he had the likes of Picasso, Norman Mailer and Susan Sontag (“the Cuban revolution is astonishingly free of repression”) eating out of his palm. My favorite Castro quote comes from Abbie Hoffman, a justly forgotten 60s radical bed-wetter who compared Castro to… well, read for yourself:
“Fidel sits on the side of a tank rumbling into Havana on New Year’s Day… girls throw flowers at the tank and rush to tug playfully at this black beard. He laughs joyously and pinches a few rumps. .. He is like a mighty penis coming to life, and when he is tall and straight, the crowd immediately is transformed.”
Then there was Castro’s pal, Wee Ernie Guevara, a totalitarian loon who praised Mao, invaded the Congo and died in Bolivia after attempting to inspire revolution among people he knew nothing about. Jean-Paul Sartre declared him “the most complete human being of our age.”
Speaking of Mao, he had his celebrity admirers, too. In 1973, Shirley MacLaine, who was very good in The Apartment with Jack Lemmon, went on a tour of some Potemkin villages in China and wrote a glowing report afterwards. She was especially approving of the absence of advertising billboards, and the general atmosphere of calm which left her feeling “serene.” She never thought that perhaps China was quiet because 60 million people had just been murdered and everyone was very, very scared. Mao was a big hit among 60s students and one of his erstwhile fanboys, Jose Manuel Barroso, is today president of the European Commission.
But Mao and Castro weren’t the only totalitarian despots considered groovy in the 60s and 70s. Eldridge Cleaver, a prominent Black Panther leader, declared that while America was a hell-hole of oppression, North Korea under Kim Il-sung was the best place in the world. In the run up to the Iranian revolution, Michel Foucault, a Frenchman, paid several visits to Iran and later praised the “political spirituality” of the Ayatollah Khomeini who, given the chance, would have had him executed for his homosexuality.
And so on, and so on. These days, it’s not quite as bad though I hear Hitler has his fans in the Middle East and Hollywood morons, inspired by 60s nostalgia, still show up in Cuba from time to time. But it’s hard to find the pure strain of tyrant admiration, though for a while I was fascinated by a blog entitled Reflections on the Ruhnama, written by “Steve from Wisconsin” who apparently took at face value all the gibberish the deceased Turkmen tyrant Saparmurat Niyazov had scrawled with a colored crayon in his notorious book.
Maybe it has something to do with the loss of religious faith. You know, these intellectuals no longer believe in paradise, so they project their yearning for redemption onto some exotic place, then climb through the wardrobe of their imaginations and emerge in magical lands governed by wise talking lions. Yes, I like that, though surely vanity also comes into it. It pleases certain intellectuals to adopt counter-intuitive positions, believing it gives them “depth” and “sophistication.” And thus clever people are often the easiest to fool.
And what about today.....Just look around.