Saturday, July 28, 2012

I have but one thing to say about this graphic

There are 73 business day between now and election day.

Every state and territory in the U.S. have drivers license bureaus that issue valid picture I.D. cards that are accepted for all forms of personal business. They cost little or nothing, and a couple of hours out of your life to be a responsible American. If you can get to polls, you can get to the  license bureau and get an I.D. to prove you are indeed who you are when you vote. I have heard all the excuses.

...of course, democrats may disagree.


  1. Texas is giving them to anyone who wants one, and I am sure most states will issue one from a DMV...

  2. we're all racists for not wanting illegals to vote.

  3. Priceless Democrat voter registration photo!