Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Media Stepped in the Russia Poop Again

They never learn, do they? After three years of pushing the bogus “Trump/Russia collusion” narrative, only to be utterly humiliated when the whole thing was a complete fabrication, the media are far too invested in the idea of DJT as Vladimir Putin’s stooge to resist coming back for more now. That’s why, for the past several days, they’ve been literally wetting their pants about a supposed report that Russia paid a bounty to Afghan assassins to kill Americans – and that Trump knew!

This is like wanting desperately to believe in Bigfoot, only to have everyone you know sit you down and explain as calmly and rationally as they can that there ain’t no Bigfoot. Then, suddenly, you think you spot some strange brown fur out of the corner of your eye, and you think: I knew it! Yet the reason the media’s narrative is quickly falling apart here is that not even they have a consensus about this nonsense. Contrary to what the New York Times, the Washington Post and the AP are trying to tell you, the intelligence community did not consider the notion credible enough to tell the president about it.

Both NBC and CBS have sources that contradict whoever is talking to the Times, the Post and the AP. That means, wonder of wonders, whatever anonymous sources are feeding this stuff to the Times, the Post and the AP are just lying. Does that shock you? It certainly shouldn’t.

There’s a reason it should be a very rare thing for the media to quote anonymous sources. People who aren’t authorized to talk about a given matter are, by definition, betraying someone. This sounds like a classic case of some Deep State apparatchik seeing an opportunity to generate bad press for the president, and knowing full well that the Times, the Post and the AP would be willing and uncritical recipients of the bad information.

And once again, they look like fools. At least this time it took three days instead of three years to find out the whole thing was bogus.

[Dan Calabrese]

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Monday, June 29, 2020

Another Scourge of Systemic Racism - Misspelled Names

The legendary American showman P T Barnum once famously said: "I don't give a damn what you say about me as long as you spell my name right." Which brings us to Tahlea Aualiitia: an alleged journalist and, it seems, attention-seeker who as a victim of our times laments "The last person I had to correct for the misspelling of my name was someone from my own employer."  
"I was invited to join a panel on representation in pop culture by the ABC News Channel earlier this month, and because the name super (the strap with my name at the bottom of the screen) was added during production, I wasn’t aware my name was spelled incorrectly until after the interview had finished and I was informed by my family and friends. 
Typos happen and I understand how a slip of the finger on the keyboard turned my surname from Aualiitia into Auakiitia."
Ah, like a beer fart through silk, her forgiveness. How refreshing. An apology was forthcoming, too, so I’m sure we’re all ready to move on....
"But while it was the first time I had done a TV interview, it wasn’t the first time I had seen my name spelled wrong in the media."
Scratch that. Incoming.
"Just a month ago, my name was spelled incorrectly by a producer in my own department, the Asia Pacific Newsroom."
Yes, another misspelling of a phonetically unobvious Samoan name. That’s two whole times. A scarring experience, it would seem, one that “can have big impacts among communities that often don’t see themselves reflected in the media.”
"I knew I had to call them out.  It’s no coincidence I’m speaking up about this during the latest wave of the Black Lives Matter movement...." 
Ahh...the sweet chirpings of the young and enraged. Just enough understanding to accurately point out the failings of the establishment left but experience anemic and lacking sophistication.
"It’s hard to explain what racism feels like to someone who has never experienced it.  For me, it feels like walking around with a big target hanging around my neck. You don’t know where the next attack — verbal, physical or systemic — might come from, and lived experience means you know it has to do with the colour of your skin."
Systemic name misspelling. It’s a thing now. A racist attack. And when you're on a public platform like national TV or social media, it feels like that target triples in size.  A sense of proportion is not, I fear, Ms Aualiitia’s strong suit.  We’re then informed, pointedly, that some people can be obnoxious on Twitter. Oh My!

As grounds for a drama of racial victimhood, it all seems a little unsteady, not entirely load-bearing. But apparently, we’re to believe that two occasions of an incorrectly spelled name constitute racial oppression - systemic racial oppression - and a basis for public weeping and some kind of corrective activity.

Perhaps she takes inspiration from artist Kira Puru who wrote a clause in her contract stating that her appearance fee doubles if they misspell her name, after two Australian music festivals spelled her name wrong in promotion material in 2018. 

Such is the fearlessness of our heroine in her ongoing fight against racial bigotry.
"There are countless times where the POC talent I’ve met have audibly exhaled in relief when they saw that me, a brown woman, was the one interviewing them."
And White People are fragile?  

I’ll just leave that there, I think.

[David Thompson]

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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Friday, June 26, 2020

Media Now Downplaying BLM Orgy of Destruction

Was there some poll? Did the ratings come in? Did the media realize they beclowned themselves recklessly jumping on numerous hoaxes?  Scanning the front page of NYT and The Washington Post, all the top stories are about Covid19, the big story that the protests had overcome and submerged. But Covid is back with a vengeance.

On the NYT home page, the entire "above the fold" space is devoted to Covid19.  After that, there is one protest-related story,  "How the Philadelphia Police Tear-Gassed Trapped Protesters". On the WaPo home page, the "above the fold" area is full of Covid19 headlines. Then there are a few things about the 2020 elections. Finally, near the bottom, in tiny print, I see "Perspective/Toppling more statues isn’t working when there’s other work to be done."

I really think a big decision was made to stop talking about it! I'm just going to guess: Word got around that the ongoing protests were hurting Democratic Party candidates.

They were waiting anxiously for those right-wing counter-protesters to come in and provide a excuse to shift the blame for the chaos or for the police to get tough and drag the attention back onto them where it was in the early days before the protests had descended into the sewer of radical black activist and their ant-white/anti-america led hate-filled mobs media helped promote.

The mainstream-media ultimately realized that celebrating orgies of destruction and showing protest crowds full of fat white girls yellin' "F**k the Police" wasn't the sort of thing that was going to help their ratings, or their ideological progressive masters they work so hard to shield.
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Thursday, June 25, 2020

The “Woke” Dominatrices “of Color”

"We are now entering the third generation of those who have been indoctrinated rather than educated, which means that the political ideologies of a minority in the Sixties, today are more widespread and embedded in the halls of government, as well as in popular culture and entertainment. We sowed that wind in the Sixties, and now we are witnessing the whirlwind. The longer we appease public violence and disorder, the bolder the protesters become....." 
"We have the spectacle of mayors, governors, and Congressmen abasing themselves before the “woke” dominitrices “of color,” and shedding crocodile tears for offences they never perpetrated and their punishers never suffered. Worse yet, such empty moral preening changes nothing for the people they’re supposed to help. " 
"... It's not just the big cities. Increasingly, small towns have faced similar harassment. The woke mob has targeted local elected officials for the sin of not being sufficiently woke. Its goal appears to be to intimidate conservatives from getting involved at any level of government. It also appears that the mob efforts are expanding faster than anyone realizes..." - Bruce Thornton@FrontPage

This thing is now on the verge of getting out of control. I don't mean necessarily violence; I mean everything and everyone that you encounter on a daily basis and rely on for your sustenance, basic needs, commodities and services will have embraced the anti-American political movement or will go along to get along, as it were.  One way or another, you will be made to care.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Bougie Suburban Empathy Karens Just Can't Stop Believing.

I'm just about at the end of my rope with the over-sensational rush to judgement these days.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Statues in Solidarity - Now They're Fighting Back

In the midst of BLM's orgy of destruction, it seems statues worldwide have had enough, and are now fighting back. Scroll down and look for yourself.

Statues are not to be messed with.   #IStandWithStatues

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Piety Through Neurosis

A concerned parent, a white Slate reader, seeks counsel from the woke hive mind:
"My sons have graduated, and their closest friends are still a mix of black, Hispanic, and white kids. I have never been concerned about the kids having any issues around race..."
That’s nice. However, inevitably, the sky soon begins to cloud:
"But one of our sons mentioned recently how irritated he is by the form he has to fill out regarding a college roommate. He has to specify his race, and all of the profiles of potential roommates he views also include race. He says all he cares about is if they are male or female and what their interests are — he doesn’t care about race..."
At which point, sharp-eyed readers may sense where this is heading.
"I’m doing more reading on racism, and if I’m understanding correctly, not caring about race is almost as bad as focusing only on race. Should he care what race his friends are? Is there something we should be doing or talking to our kids about before they go to college, or is it too late? Are they just as racist as someone who only has white friends, or am I worrying about nothing?"
Slate’s purveyor of progressive wisdom, Michelle Herman, knows a rube when she sees one:
"Not caring about or noticing race is a privilege reserved for people who are white."
A bold, indeed sweeping, claim, evidence for which is not forthcoming, presumably on grounds that time is better spent inculcating neurosis - and habitual, exploitable insecurity - all in the name of piety:
"As the sociologist Megan R. Underhill, who studies race and family, has said, “White people aren’t ‘outside’ of race—they’re at the top of the racial hierarchy.” Dismissing or downplaying this reality only perpetuates inequity and violence..."
Again, the precise mechanism by which these things occur, if indeed they do, is not shared with the unenlightened. We must, it seems, take such things on trust. A kind of woke gospel. However, the expectation of fretting and psychological prostration is harder to miss.

You see, by not fixating tediously on every person’s melanin levels and minor variations of physiognomy, by not endlessly categorizing people by their brownness and therefore presumed suffering, and therefore innate nobility and entitlement to favors, you are it turns out, perpetuating violence.

Please update your files and lifestyles accordingly.

[Slate Mag]
[David Thompson]

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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, June 18, 2020

TV Networks Begin Their Own Version of a Soviet Gosteleradio

According to an entertainment industry rag called Page Six, a group of big TV networks, including CBS, MTV and VH1, have hired private investigators (politely called risk consultants) to probe their own stars’ social media accounts to root out any racist comments.

Unlike their increasingly antisemitic betters in hollywood, the network's move comes after a spate of celebrities no one I know has every heard of were recently thrown under the bus because of  resurfaced racist posts. Last week, the Bravo network fired Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens for offensive tweets, and on Wednesday the network canned someone named "Peter Hunziker" for a racist Instagram post. Meanwhile, the CW network fired Hartley Sawyer and MTV let go Taylor Selfridge for similar offenses (although Selfridge claims she quit).

Several networks have hired California-based firm Edward Myers & Associates in an attempt to root out and hide the offensive posts of on-air and production talent and shield their bigotry before they’re made public.  Letters have gone out to stars alerting them that the firm, run by Myers, who has worked as an investigator for LA County’s “hardcore gang division,” which handles the most difficult gang murders, and for Jeff Bezos’ private security chief, Gavin de Becker, will begin its probe soon.

On his Web site, this Myers guy describes himself as an “investigation and risk assessment specialist” and offers services such as “surveillance and counter-surveillance,” as well as “intelligence gathering.” Myers may also be probing some TV classics(?) to root out Nazis and bigoted comments, including “Dating Naked,” “Jersey Shore,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “Teen Mom,” “Game On,” “Vice” and “Love & Hip Hop.” No word on whether CBS’s “Magnum, PI” is among those being vetted.


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Even the NYT is Making Fun of Bolton's Butthurt Notebook

According to the review in the NYT, written by Jennifer Szalai.
"Bolton has filled this book’s nearly 500 pages with minute and often extraneous details, including the time and length of routine meetings and even, at one point, a nap. Underneath it all courses a festering obsession with his enemies, both abroad (Iran, North Korea) and at home (the media, “the High-Minded,” the former defense secretary Jim Mattis)...." 
Trump decided to call off the strikes at the very last minute, after learning they would kill as many as 150 people. “Too many body bags,” Trump told him. “Not proportionate.”  Bolton still seems incensed at this unexpected display of caution and humanity on the part of Trump, deeming it “the most irrational thing I ever witnessed any President do.”... 
The book is bloated with self-importance, even though what it mostly recounts is Bolton not being able to accomplish very much. It toggles between two discordant registers: exceedingly tedious and slightly unhinged...." 
Bolton's book has been written with so little discernible attention to style and narrative form that he apparently presumes an audience that is hanging on his every word."
"Too many body bags." "Not proportionate." Caution and humanity! Obviously, "misconduct." Impeach that guy!

The marquee claim that CNN has been having an orgasm over all morning, is the Chinese concentration camps comment. But it appears Bolton was not even present at the meeting where he alleges Trump said it. From what's said,  there are no witnesses, no transcripts, no recordings of this alleged comment. There is only John Bolton who wasn’t there saying it happened. For two million bucks.

And of course, he didn't take the opportunity to say this stuff under oath. The picnic that is political life in Washington seldom encounters a skunk of the magnitude of John Bolton.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Monster Has Turned on it's Master

The media’s left-wing outrage machine created a generation of entitled, hypersensitive snowflakes that will now tolerate no dissent.  All must march in lockstep with progressive purity.  And now, suddenly the people who championed this attitude are terrified to find themselves in its political crosshairs.

Enter Matt Taibbi, a pretty hard left contributing editor at what was once long long ago the American iconic music magazine 'Rolling Stone' who is admitting the truth of one long-held conservative position: “The American left has lost its mind.” According Taibbi, progressive leaders have jettisoned their supposed beliefs in favor of fascism and of what we’ve come to know as cancel culture and mob rule.
"Among self-described liberals, we’re watching an intellectual revolution. It feels liberating to say after years of tiptoeing around the fact, but the American left has lost its mind. It’s become a cowardly mob of upper-class social media addicts, Twitter Robespierres who move from discipline to discipline torching reputations and jobs with breathtaking casualness. 
The leaders of this new movement are replacing traditional liberal beliefs about tolerance, free inquiry, and even racial harmony with ideas so toxic and unattractive that they eschew debate, moving straight to shaming, threats, and intimidation. They are counting on the guilt-ridden, self-flagellating nature of traditional American progressives, who will not stand up for themselves, and will walk to the Razor voluntarily..."
It’s certainly not the kind of talk you would expect to hear from the Rolling Stone brain trust. So, what could have ignited this bout of introspection?


The monster has been unleashed. After lamenting the fact that this new breed of lefty fascist is empowering their worst actors to target thought-crime, he discusses the real issue. The Frankenstein's Monster that progressive journalists spent decades assembling has turned on its master. Now, this madness is coming for journalism.
"Beginning on Friday, June 5th, a series of controversies rocked the media. By my count, at least eight news organizations dealt with internal uprisings (it was likely more). Most involved groups of reporters and staffers demanding the firing or reprimand of colleagues who’d made politically “problematic” editorial or social media decisions."
Taibbi makes a fair point about free speech and the over-zealous, intolerant and increasingly violent left. His column is worth reading, if only to witness a dawning realization about what American media has done to itself

Dear Professor - Field Report From CHAZ

Unrolled Tweeter Thread from @MattsIdeaShop:

Autonomous Zone Day 1
Dear Professor Whoake, Well, we did it. I can’t believe we are actually dismantling the system! We got the cops out and set up a few co-ops food stands like you suggested. People are very happy. Everyone has really positive status updates. Talk soon.

A.Z. Day 2
Hey Professor Whoake,  So minor set back. A roaming band of homeless steampunks stole the co-ops supplies. We have a few sketchy pieces of fruit and enough water to last until tomorrow when we can resupply. The stores closed tho so I’m not sure where to go? Ttyl

A.Z. Day 2 [dusk]
they took the fruit and water. I don’t understand the steampunk genre. There’s rumors of a rapper warlord wandering around with an ak47. Your classes never taught us how to deal with that. Starting to think need a group of people to enforce our laws...

Day 3
U know what? F*** you “Professor” Yeah. I slept in a hut made from a torn down street sign & a CVS shopping cart. Pretty sure someone used me as a toilet. I have to pay armed guys to charge my device now. paid $13 just to be sure I could text u this ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿผ I’m changing majors.

Day 4 
no escape. a gypsy bartered me to the s/e sector warlord in exchange for the bagel store's wifi password. my warlord's name is Indigo Peaceblade. I recognize him from the Starbucks on Clark Ave. i think his real name is bryce. my job's to collect feces for farm soil.

day 5
the farm has been lost. A meth head took it over and challenged everyone to mortal combat for the farm. Yes, it’s basically just a small pile of soil on top of some cardboard but it’s our small pile of soil on top of cardboard. At least it was. He had two bamboo spears.

day 6
camp was raided by a quartet of unicyclers. i fled during the fracas. While roaming a neutral zone i was confronted by a man known as Big Juice. He controls a very large supply of batteries. He has deals with many warlords. No one touches Big Juice. i'm under his wing.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Unicorns and The Summer of Love. CHAZ/CHOP Creates Conflict Resolution Council

A post appeared on Reddit yesterday that lays out the new Conflict Resolution Council at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle, where anarchists and antifa types have blocked off an area of city streets because you're a racist and mom had to air out the basement. The mayor thinks it’s the 'Summer of Love', and City Council allowed them to take over the police precinct building, so they must have some purpose. It’s a leaderless movement, of course, but nonetheless a purpose does exist. Allegedly.

In this Summer of Love utopia, apparently conflicts have arisen. Is there a “warlord,” or is he simply a fellow traveler who wants the best for humanity? Luckily, one of the folks living in the street commune took to Reddit to provide us the answers:
"Basically, Fox News has been saying Raz Simone (a resident artist) is our “leader” or “war lord” and he’s designating himself as the police force. This is all nonsense. Raz Simone is a peaceful supporter of the movement and a powerful shepherd, however he’s no more of a leader than you or me. The Zone has no leadership. We have a decentralized local governance structure, and we oppose all hierarchical structures."
Well, that clears that up. Except that conflicts have still continued, which means that a Conflict Resolution Council sprung up. Mind you, this is no hierarchical structure (the leaderless leaders oppose those). Here’s how it will work:
"We will form a unique system called the Conflict Resolution Advisory Council. We hold a community democratic vote to appoint three people to the Council. 
To eliminate prejudice, we elect one Black man, one Black woman, and one white woman. Each person should undergo at least one 45 minute sensitivity and political training session which we can help organize. Whenever there is an internal conflict in the Zone, it will be put to the Council. Both people will have an opportunity to present their side of the story to the Council to review. The Council members will decide on a fair resolution and provide it as advice. 
Initially the Council will be advisory only. In the future the system could evolve to become more mature with binding resolutions, impositions, retribution, enforcement, and imprisonment. 
The appointed people will hear out and settle any internal disputes within the Zone. We’re not suggesting that this Council members become leaders or judges, only referees in case of internal conflicts."
Some of the comments led the Redditor, moeys91, to find their process a bit unfair, so they had some fun and helped them to be more PC by adding some edits to the Council explanation. These are gold.....
Edit 1: After receiving feedback about inclusiveness we shall include in the council one Black man, one Black woman, one trans Black person, one non-binary Black person, and one white woman (5 4 people). 
Edit 2: On more feedback we will add to the Council 1 Asian non-male, 1 Native American non-male, and 1 Latinx non-male, and then 4 additional Black men and women to balance it out. In total there are 3 + 4 + 4 = 11 members. 
Edit 3: We’ve received some feedback about including disabledpersons (mental and physical) and homelesspersons on the Council. 20% or 40% of the Council should be persons with lived experience of disability. At least 10% should be experiencing involuntary homelessness. 
Edit 4: We realize LGBTQIA communities are being under-represented in the Council so far and are working on proposals to rectify this. The final composition of the balanced Council will likely include 10-50% people who identify as LGBTQIA. 
Edit 5: We have agreed to add 3 more seats, two of which are to give a voice to the disadvantaged LGBTQIA community, and one to give children equal representation and fairness. The new seats include one for a LGBTQI-identifying Black disabledperson, one for a LGBTQI-identifying Black homelessperson, and one for a non-white or mixed race child between the ages of 8 and 15.
These edits perfectly illustrate how tied up in knots these people could get when they try to fill out their intersectionality bingo cards..... 


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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Jonathan Pie Might Not Be A Household Name In America, But He Should Be.

Sir Winston Churchill 

Chaos is king in progressive politics at the moment and in America the tendency is to believe all outrage is organic and borne of latent rage over the sins of our past.  Because we are told that if we're good people, and we want to admit to, correct, and atone for things we had nothing to do with, we will bow down to moral superiors of color.

Across the pond, the current outrage is much more organized than organic and more political than polemic.  Otherwise, why would the English outraged be so invested in the local affairs of a Midwestern U.S. state?  With growing clashes between rioters in the UK and native born ENGLISHMEN in ENGLAND who’ve decided to protect their 3000 year history and heroic statuary from vandals (while being labeled by US media as "The Far-Right") the current unrest begins to look more and more like an attack on shared Western values than a reactionary response to perceived abuse at the hands of rogue law enforcement.

All of which makes this video from British comedian Tom Walker, using his character of journalist Jonathan Pie, to issue one of the better indictments of the current social disarray at the hands of latter-day Marxists in a video that’s gotten many UK viewers praising it as the essence of what they think but cannot say for fear of the rage mob and cancel culture.

For context, the character of Jonathan Pie is a popular parody of an English journalist who regularly films commentary addressing the news of the day.

His commentary on the current civil unrest is one for the books. Language warning:
The Brits have always been particularly skilled at skewering social insanity through humor (see literally anything Monty Python has ever made) and bless them, they’re doing it again. Bloody brilliant.

[Sarah Lee@RedState]

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Friday, June 12, 2020

Racial Arsonists

(Disclaimer: Any and all resemblance to any persons/douche bags, living or dead in the following post is purely intentional.)

Imagine a man – let’s just for now call him Dom Lemmon – sees another man set a building on fire with people inside it. But instead of sounding the alarm, Dom Lemmon picks up and throws a nearby can of gasoline on the growing blaze, and then calls the local Fire Department to report that there’s a fire, on the other side of town. Then, he proceeds to record ensuing events on his phone for YouTube and Instagram.

Even though Dom Lemmon didn't start it, he is just as much an arsonist, and possibly even more responsible for the lives lost, the injuries sustained and the property damaged in the fire as the man who did. The media is Dom Lemmon.

To be more exact, when it comes to anything having to do with race in America, the media plays the role of Dom Lemmon the Arsonist. They may not start the fire, but they make sure they throw in more fuel and sabotage any effort to extinguish it for as long as possible.

Ask yourself; has there ever been any situation with any possible racial cast to it, in the last 20 years, in which mainstream journalism has actually urged calm and carried out a dispassionate examination of the facts before leveling the most incendiary charges? Has there ever been an interracial altercation in which the media did not deliberately seek to exacerbate racial and ethnic tensions and pit Americans against each other? The answer is no.

From the editing of George Zimmerman’s call with the police in the feral Trayvon case to the false “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” narrative in Ferguson, Missouri, to treating as legitimate Tank Abrams’ claims of losing her election to “disenfranchisement”, the media takes every opportunity to drive a wedge between the races.

I used to wince whenever I heard DJT call the media the “enemy of the people.” Now, I believe he undersold the situation.

By refusing to call out and denounce the rioting and destruction on screen, and instead offering defenses for them and attacking people trying to restore order as was done on with great zeal at CNN, the media added fuel to the fire.  Not only did the most venerable names in journalism; ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. throw gasoline on the fire, they slashed the fire engine’s tires and cut the hoses.

In a former world where the media was actually motivated by a good faith desire to shed more light than heat, Americans would hear that there were just 9 unarmed black victims of fatal police shootings in 2019 versus 19 white unarmed victims in a country where 900 thousand law enforcement officers registered 375 million on-the-job interactions with civilians. This is not accounting for the fact that at least 5 of the unarmed men were attacking officers when they were shot.

The killing of George Floyd and the aftermath has revealed a particularly ugly truth about the media. After stoking the flames, scenes of widespread looting, vandalism and assaults were described as “mostly peaceful” even as thousands lost hard-won livelihoods and more than a dozen people have lost their lives. 

MSNBC's media whore Ali Velshi standing in front of burning building insisting that he was witnessing a “peaceful protest” is the most apt example of the media’s role as America’s Chief Racial Arsonists.

[Martin Knight Diaries]
[DMF Institute for the Study of Mental Defective Progressives]

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We are living in extraordinarily dangerous times......

.....reminiscent of the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution, in which professors guilty of wrongthink were publicly denounced and fired at the behest of students who insisted on absolute ideological orthodoxy. It’s a way of instilling terror in other students, faculty, staff, and society, so that others shut up and don’t voice dissenting views." - William Jacobson - There’s an effort to get me fired at Cornell for criticizing the Black Lives Matter Movement

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Only on The Tweeter Can We See the Rise and Fall of Homophobic Warlords in Real Time.

The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, world's most ambitious anthropological experiment, has received its first warlord. Took only one day for the "monopoly on violence" to be discovered... what will happen next?

....and Mark Dice is having a delicious time.....

Seattle's Announces New & Improved Diverse Production of Williams Golding's Classic "Lord of the Flies"

On the new rebel state’s first night, the atmosphere was festive and triumphant. Hooded men spray-painted the police station with slogans and anarchist symbols, renaming it the “Seattle People’s Department East Precinct.” Raz Simone, a local rapper with an AK-47 slung from his shoulder and a pistol attached to his hip, screamed, “This is war!” into a white-and-red megaphone and instructed armed paramilitaries to guard the barricades in shifts. Later in the night, Simone was filmed allegedly assaulting multiple protesters who disobeyed his orders, informing them that he was the "police" now, sparking fears that he was becoming the de facto warlord of the autonomous zone. A homeless man with a baseball bat wandered along the borderline and two unofficial medics in medieval-style chain mail stood ready for action.

The City of Seattle and police made the decision to abandon the East Precinct and surrender the neighborhood to the protesters. Officers and National Guardsmen emptied out the facility, boarded it up, and retreated. Immediately afterward, Black Lives Matter protesters, Antifa black shirts, and armed members of the hard-Left John Brown Gun Club seized control of the neighborhood, moved the barricades into a defensive position, and declared it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone—even putting up a cardboard sign at the barricades declaring “you are now leaving the USA.”

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is a lawless occupation and taking of hostages: none of the neighborhood’s residents voted for Antifa as their representative government. Rather than enforce the law, Seattle’s progressive political class capitulated to the mob and will likely make massive concessions over the next few months. This will embolden the Antifa coalition—and further undermine the rule of law in American cities. 

Their List of Demands

[City Journal]

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Democrats Suddenly Outraged by Large Crowds Again

You were supposed to stay home. You were supposed to lock your doors, cower in your basement, socially distance, and wait for the coronapocalypse to blow over. The worst thing you could do is be in a crowd. Unless, that is, you were protesting. Protesting trumps everything. If you were thinking about joining peaceful protest, or even a riot, you were encouraged to abandon the safety of your bunker and get out into the streets. Progressives wanted boots on the ground, and the lockdown was suddenly unimportant.

It didn’t matter how many other people were out there. It didn’t matter who was out there or what they were doing. All that mattered was “optics.” Just ask Frau Whitmer, the “Queen of the Quarantine.” Unfortunately, that’s all over. Now that they have planted George Floyd, quarantine reprieve has come to an end. Now, crowds are bad again. What has caused this oh-so-shocking about face? Take a guess…

Apparently, the Kung Flu virus discriminates. Anti-Trump mobs are totally safe. Trump crowds are dangerous carriers of death and disease and will, no doubt, cause the explosive return of the Chinese Death Virus. The hypocrisy is obvious…

So, to review: Republican 1st Amendment expressions bad. They will be called out by your media superiors. Left-wing 1st Amendment expressions, or violent riots good. They will therefore get a pass.

[Robert Laurie]
[Detroit Free Press]

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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Reader Email

Since the [onslaught] of the Chinese Virus and resulting stay at home orders, reader email to your Illustrious Editrix has experienced an unprecedented uptick, mainly chit-chat and some personal questions.  Some were interesting *cough* and some made me laugh, some surely written before the medication took affect, and some I thought should be answered publicly in the name an informed citizenry.

That said, you guys can stop requesting I send pictures of my breasticials, as the sheer vision of their magnificence could possibly trigger a cardiac episode in some valued readers, and I would feel responsible. So I find that a bad idea.  So Stop. Ain't gonna happen.

from bejohnce@.....................

Dear Ms. Sarcastica, 
Look me in the eye baby and tell me how boats work.

Dear bejohnce, this is simple string theory metaphysics. You see, water wants to go down, so does the boat, so water pushes the boat up to get boat out of the way. The trick is you need to find a boat that wants to go down less than the water does. Once you've done that, the boat remains on top of the water (which is real slippery) you can push it.  Your welcome, and don't forget to floss.  

from crispy_fried@...........................  

Yo Dio,
Is it gay to be a man??? I mean assuming an Aristotelian view of mind-body dualism, you'd be inside a man at all times, No?

Dear Crispy, 
There are two things that come to mind when reading your question, things that modern man should refrain from participation. (1- never sit duct-taped to a chair, locked in a room with a three year old playing with a loaded gun. (2- never attempt to explain our present world gone crazy in terms of the ancient philosophers. Were they alive now, they'd be standing in a pool of their own pee on a street corner in Berkeley yelling at passing cars.  But to answer your question, Yes you're Gay.

from bactrac24@......................... 

You once mentioned you had some Scottish blood. Me Too, cousins maybe?  What is one of you favorite memories of Scottland?

Dear Bactrac, Yes, my paternal grandparents are proud Scots. I mean, Really Proud.  Some of my fondest memories are of summer travel in the Scottish countryside.  You don't know what fun is until you witnesses a drunk on the Edinburgh to Glasgow train screaming "a hate fuckin' hedgehogs...come at me ya jabby wee cunt" while angrily circling a hairbrush that's been dropped on the floor.  

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


Brought To You By BLUESJUNKY: Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

Trump Tries to Kill Press Corps with Chairs, Acosta Pees His Pants at Sight of Soldier, DJT Retreats to Land of The Whites.

See how easy it is ? Just twist a few words and you too can be a journalist with a breaking story.  Just never you mind that there are images & video clips of what really happened that dispute your version. Someone will cover you. 

Yesterday was a perfect example, another epic flip-out Friday for the media after a disappointing morning as the job numbers came out and ruined their prepared negative screeds about DJT's flailing economy and failed policies. It took most of the day to find a way to spin the positive numbers. 

To no ones surprise, Jim Acosta and PBS' disrespectful yelling dim bulb Yamiche Alcindor were among the triggered White House reporters over the seating at the morning rose garden press conference,  called a "a flagrant violation of CDC guidelines on social distancing and a move that puts reporters at risk for the purpose of turning the press corps into a prop for a so-called ‘press conference." While Alcindor headed over to MSNBC to do her daily "Trump is a racist",  CNN treated the seating arrangement like a crime against humanity, covering it four times on Friday afternoon. Acosta breathless told host Wolf Blitzer that he “was in the Rose Garden and saw the whole thing firsthand.” Blitzer call the incident "Dangerous".

One comenter on the tweeter asked why didn't they just move the damn chairs?? Why, because then it wouldn't be about them, and they would have had to talk about the good job numbers. Oh Hell No!
And later, in Dear Diary moment, Acosta tweets out a picture of a military vehicle in DC:
OMG! He’s eating! He probable had a real gun too! Yo Jimmy, looks like you spilt something on your pant leg there big guy.  Guess he was too triggered to walk up and ask the soldier how he felt to be a pawn in DJT dictatorial hoax of protecting the streets of DC from peaceful monument defacing protesters that attempt to burn down churches. 

And not to be outdone, over at CBS, Paula Reid, CBS’s version of one of CNN's Brook Baldwin's epic makeup experiments gone terrible wrong, was uncovering some insipid DJT racism:
Vermont is actually the whitest state in the country and is no coincidence, represented by the whitest person ever, Bernard Sanders. I foolishly wasted my time looking for tweets or articles from CBS accusing Bernie of racism for representing such a white state.

This is what things look like when the liberal media has run out of stupid crap to bitch about. In one single day, they lied about a Trump quote, accused him of trying to kill journalists with chairs, cried about a soldier eating lunch, and accused the President of racism for visiting Maine. This is why nobody trusts these dregs of humanity to deliver the truth and they wonder why their popularity rest somewhere between a rat turd and a root-canal.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Nothing Says Peace & Unity Like a Black Power Fist in Your Face

It's good to see the experts in serving burnt coffee with those Medieval Feminist's Philosophy or Ancient African Aviation Studies Degrees displaying their university education so well.

~ Thank You MJA@IOTWReport for the Linkage! ~

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Lao Tzu Leaves For the Mountains

Pundits are twisting themselves into pretzels as they wrestle with the death of George Floyd and the ensuing demonstrations, riots, murders, looting, and government enabling of said chaos.  The self-righteous and sputtering circumlocutions call Looney Toons to mind: “George Floyd shouldn’t have died … but lynching the police officer who kneed Floyd isn’t justice … but we must acknowledge and respect the understandable anger of American blacks … but looting and arson are never right, especially when the businesses and homes belong to blacks … but protestors and rioters must be distinguished from one another … but ….” Absurdity has overtaken and overwhelmed even the cleverest commentators.

The mythical Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu–credited with authoring the Taoist wisdom classic Tao Te Ching–left his city to live alone in the mountains during an analogous period in Chinese history. The takeaway from the legend is clear: wisdom and virtue have no business in a civilization coming unglued.  Ideas don’t matter; dialogue isn’t useful or appreciated; and traditions distilled from millennia of life might as well be a third antler on a deer.  In the midst of the confusion, many Americans are coming to realize that–particularly in big, progressive-controlled cities–moral and law-abiding citizens no longer have any reason to persist.  Politicians have no interest in protecting or encouraging urban middle-class citizens, only dancing a jig to the social justice tune played by underclass minority demagogues and wealthy liberals.  Law enforcement’s hands are tied from keeping order, lest even a single racism unfold and provoke Armageddon.  Citizens are certainly not allowed to protect themselves, their homes, their communities, or their businesses.  That would be vigilantism, and the police are uncharacteristically enthusiastic about squashing anyone who stands up to casual lawlessness and intimidation.

As W.B. Yeats observed more than a century ago, we have entered an era when “the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Herein lies the crowning absurdity.  The opera of ‘St. George and the Blue Dragon’ unfolding across America’s stage has nothing to do with the unfortunate story of the man George Floyd and everything to do with panic over President Trump’s campaign to lay bare both classical and progressive liberalism’s inherent contradictions and impending collapse.  The hastily concocted George Floyd myth is one more pawn advanced up the board to corner the King.  Liberals do not apprehend they are committing the age-old fallacy of hating the player instead of the game.

As I write, looting continues and police are being violently attacked. Meanwhile, law enforcement leaders are kneeling with protesters to show their “solidarity”. Winston Churchill’s quip comes to mind: “Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough it will eat him last.”

Excerpted from a longer essay by CLINT FARGEAU