Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Media Stepped in the Russia Poop Again

They never learn, do they? After three years of pushing the bogus “Trump/Russia collusion” narrative, only to be utterly humiliated when the whole thing was a complete fabrication, the media are far too invested in the idea of DJT as Vladimir Putin’s stooge to resist coming back for more now. That’s why, for the past several days, they’ve been literally wetting their pants about a supposed report that Russia paid a bounty to Afghan assassins to kill Americans – and that Trump knew!

This is like wanting desperately to believe in Bigfoot, only to have everyone you know sit you down and explain as calmly and rationally as they can that there ain’t no Bigfoot. Then, suddenly, you think you spot some strange brown fur out of the corner of your eye, and you think: I knew it! Yet the reason the media’s narrative is quickly falling apart here is that not even they have a consensus about this nonsense. Contrary to what the New York Times, the Washington Post and the AP are trying to tell you, the intelligence community did not consider the notion credible enough to tell the president about it.

Both NBC and CBS have sources that contradict whoever is talking to the Times, the Post and the AP. That means, wonder of wonders, whatever anonymous sources are feeding this stuff to the Times, the Post and the AP are just lying. Does that shock you? It certainly shouldn’t.

There’s a reason it should be a very rare thing for the media to quote anonymous sources. People who aren’t authorized to talk about a given matter are, by definition, betraying someone. This sounds like a classic case of some Deep State apparatchik seeing an opportunity to generate bad press for the president, and knowing full well that the Times, the Post and the AP would be willing and uncritical recipients of the bad information.

And once again, they look like fools. At least this time it took three days instead of three years to find out the whole thing was bogus.

[Dan Calabrese]

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