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Your Tax Dollars in Action.....

Tsarnaev family received over $100,000 in taxpayer funded welfare benefits

"The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance — a bonanza ranging from cash and food stamps to Section 8 housing from 2002 to 2012, the Herald has learned.
“The breadth of the benefits the family was receiving was stunning,” said a person with knowledge of documents handed over to a legislative committee today.
The state has handed over more than 500 documents to the 11-member House Post Audit and Oversight Committee, which today met for the first time and plans to call in officials from the Department of Transitional Assistance to testify."..... MORE

Until last September, the entire family was non-citizens, at least two of them were on terror watch lists, one of them had been arrested for assault, and one of them had a warrant out for her arrest for shoplifting. And they still managed to get welfare checks!

The next time you hear a liberal argue that we don’t need welfare reform or tighter immigration , link them to this article.

2013 NBA Cy Young Winner Jason Collins

Socialists Are Confused By Breasts

 Or, at least, they think we are.
From the N.Y.Post:
"New York City is looking to hire — for up to $73,000 a year — someone to encourage breast-feeding in Brooklyn.
A “Breast-Feeding Empowerment Zone” will target specific areas in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville to “encourage and support” suckling, The Post has learned.
The initiative will offer a range of measures to bolster breast-feeding — including a media campaign, home visits, consultations, and community mobilization, according to the Health Department, which also aims to focus on “male involvement in breast-feeding.”
This, of course, is classic lefty socialism. We need to hire someone, we need an initiative, we need a grant and a media campaign and community mobilization to explain how breastfeeding works. Because it's a new thing, this breastfeeding. Brand new. No one's really ever done it before.

Liberalism means tearing down all of the values and traditions and the unbroken chain of human experiences, treating us all like helpless and victimized children, and then re-installing -- by government initiative and social-welfare busybodies -- what we never really lost in the first place.

And tell me again,  just why is it government's role to engage in "community mobilization"?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Forward Into the Past: CNN Becomes "CNN Classic"

After CNN's disastrous coverage of the the Boston terror attack and in danger of falling  in the ratings behind "The Truth is Overrated Network", better known as MSNBC, the pioneering  cable news network makes a bold move for the future.
The New Yorker - In a sweeping format change that marks the end of an era for the nation's first cable news outlet, CNN announced today that it would no longer air breaking news and would instead re-run news stories of the past “that we know we got right.”
The rebranded network, to d├ębut nationwide on Monday, will be called “CNN Classic.
Breaking news is hard,” said the newly installed CNN chief, Jeff Zucker. “You have to talk to sources, make sure their stories check out O.K., and then get on the air and not say anything stupid. I, for one, am thrilled to be getting out of that horrible business.”
CNN Classic will begin its broadcast day on Monday, Mr. Zucker said, “with round-the-clock coverage of Operation Desert Storm.”

Mr. Zucker did not indicate what impact the new format would have on such CNN stars as Wolf Blitzer, saying only, “I can’t promise that Wolf will be a part of CNN’s future, but he will continue to be a big part of our past.
The CNN chief scoffed at reports that other cable news outlets had eclipsed his network once and for all, throwing down this gauntlet: “We are going to win May sweeps with Hurricane Katrina......” 

Media research organizations and journalism departments from two well known universities gathered last week and spent forty-eight hours watching and combing CNN in the hopes of finding any information whatsoever called off their search early they confirmed today.

After monitoring every minute of CNN’s broadcast for two whole days, all we  found was hearsay, rumors, falsehoods, and a steady stream of inane commentary, as well a one very obnoxious British chap” one participant said. “Everything but information.” The announcement was the second black eye for CNN, which earlier in the week recanted all of its reporting dating back to mid-2009.

The new
CNN chief Jeff Zucker acknowledged that the network had experienced “a rough patch” since he took over earlier this year, but added, “At least no one was watching.”

2013 White House Science Fair Projects you didn’t get to see:

This team won the President’s Science Award for an Advanced Laser Imaging Scope 
that positively identifies homosexuals.

And this scale model Democratic Elevating Robotic Platform could provide valuable
assistance to those making their way to America.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Topless Lesbian Hate Group Attacks Archbishop


In an astonshing display of gentleness in the face of a vile attack, the head of the Catholic Church in Belgium, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, remained calmly seated with eyes closed in prayer as four topless women attacked him with shouts and curses and doused him with water.

It’s not the first time the bishop has been attacked for standing up for the Church’s teachings on homosexuality and expressing his concern for those who live the homosexual lifestyle. The incident took place at the ULB University in Brussels where the archbishop was participating in a debate on blasphemy laws.

The four women, representing the pro-abortion and homosexual group FEMEN, took to the stage where they disrobed to reveal black-painted slogans on their bare chests and backs, such as ‘my body my rules,’ and 'anus dei is coming.' They also held signs reading ‘stop homophobia’. The women doused the archbishop with water from bottles formed in the image of the Virgin Mary.

For most of the attack, which lasted a number of minutes before the women could be forced off stage, Archbishop Leonard sat drenched with water with eyes closed in prayer. After the ordeal, the archbishop kissed the image of the Virgin Mary on one of the water bottles that was used in the attack. Le Soir reports that one of the interveners said of the archbishop: “He was very calm and maintained a position of prayer. I have to believe he was praying for us.” 


*Irony Alert*
I wonder it it has ever dawned to these women people, that unlike the Catholic Church who just sees it as sinful,  they are surrounded by 300,000 people that would just assume see them headless for their lifestyle.......

Barry and Babs at the Library......

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Kind of Leftist Are You?

Take COSMO’s Latest Hot Quiz to Find Out!

1. You are at a party when someone jokes that Obama “only celebrates one half of black history month.” What do you do?
A. Explode into a seething ball of rage, point your finger in the jokester’s face, and swear profusely.

B. Be too shocked to say anything. Write an anonymous post on Ask Metafilter when you get home.

C. Laugh nervously, and defend yourself against the girl who starts yelling at you.

D. Look at the cute girl across the room to see how they react.

E. Laugh loudly and continue to drink yourself into a stupor.

2. You find out that one of your coworkers doesn’t support gay marriage. What do you do?

A. Tell everyone in the office that your coworker “hates fags,” loudly complain to HR, make up a fake harassment claim, and try to get him fired.

B. Anonymously complain to HR and write a blog post about it. Wonder how someone can still hold such retrograde views in this day and age. “It’s 2013!”

C. Nothing. The guy may believe in something appalling, but he’s a nice enough guy and you’ve never seen him do anything wrong. Maybe you can befriend him and try to change his mind later.

D. Tell the cute girl in the office that you don’t understand how people can still hold such retrograde views in this day and age. “It’s 2013!”

E. Take the guy out for Chick-Fil-A on his day off.

3. A men’s rights group is holding a meeting somewhere in your general vicinity. What’s the proper course of action?

A. This.

B. Change your facebook profile picture and share an article from Feministing. Difference: made.

C. Eh, whatever. Men's Rights Activist  are stupid, but they have a right to free speech.

D. If you’re a woman, show up to the protest in your underwear. If you’re a guy, loudly communicate your displeasure within earshot of the barista.

E. Go to the meeting.

4. Uh-oh! You meant to take the freeway exit for Sunnyvale Lane, but you accidentally took the exit for MLK Boulevard. What do you do now?

A. Are you INSINUATING that there’s SOMETHING WRONG with MLK BOULEVARD? Huh? Are you SAYING that it’s DANGEROUS or something? These people are UNDERPRIVILEGED and SUFFER FROM RACISM EVERY DAY and YOUR PRIVILEGE is showing, BIGOT!!!

B. Are you INSINUATING that there’s SOMETHING WRONG with MLK BOULEVARD? Huh? Are you SAYING that it’s DANGEROUS or something? These people are UNDERPRIVILEGED and SUFFER FROM RACISM EVERY DAY and YOUR PRIVILEGE is showing, BIGOT!!! *locks doors and rolls up windows*

C. Oh crap, this is a dangerous neighborhood. Let me turn around and get back to the freeway. Good thing I have that pepper spray in the glove compartment…

D. Buy drugs.

E. Oh crap, this is a dangerous neighborhood. Let me turn around and get back to the freeway. Good thing I have that pistol under my jacket…

5. What’s your firstborn’s name?

A. “Medical Waste”

B. Aiden

C. Alexander

D. >Implying I want kids

E. Arianna

6. In what kind of society would you be a conservative?

A. …That’s racist!

B. I believe that the revolution is a state of being.

C. You know, that’s an interesting question. I never thought about that…

D. I dunno. What if I wanted to smoke weed and not go to work? What if I wanted to get laid, man? I think if I could do all those things and still be a conservative, I’d be that.

E. A society with something to conserve.

How Did You Answer?

Mostly A's:

You are a true true believer. You don’t just drink the kool-aid, you chug it straight out of the vat. You're probably in college, have a  Tumblr blog, or working for the Cathedral in some capacity,  a journalist or grad student. If reality mugs you, you'll excuse reality for being underprivileged.

Mostly B's :

 You are a true believer. If aliens observed your behavior, they might conclude you were an undercover klansman who really likes recycling. You love to join left-wing progressive causes whose meetings look like a Norwegian Heritage conference crossed with a Seder.

You feel guilty for being white, but only enough to do some theatrical gesture that makes you feel better. You can explicitly condemn and implicitly endorse an idea without ever being aware of the contradiction. A housing project is just not environmentally sound in your neighborhood!

Mostly C's:

You’re a moderate leftist. You don’t like all that crazy stuff that’s so far out there, but you agree with most of the goals of leftism. Equality is good, human rights are good, but free speech is good too.

Maybe there’s a left-wing or centrist cause you support, but it’s probably nothing to do with identity politics or grievance-mongering. Mostly you just go with the flow.

Mostly D's

You’re a rice leftist. You love the weed, porn, easy sex, low standards, and lack of discipline that leftism demands. You drink the kool-aid because that’s what’s served at the party. If most of the hot chicks/alpha males in your area changed their tack, you probably would as well. You’re just one google search away from becoming a really bitter asshole.

Mostly E's

You're a leftist apostate.  If you had tenure or a trust fund, you'd burn the ears of every other leftist on this list. As it is, you’re probably muddling along, making the right gestures, and hoping the Day of the Rope comes during your lifetime.


DAILY MAIL has Tavon White's picture

Tavon likes his money
He makes a lot they say
The World's Most Interesting Newspaper, the Daily Mail, comes through again, posting a picture of Tavon White.

Tavon is the head of the Black Guerilla Family prison gang inside a Baltimore jail, where he fathered five babies by four lady prison guards. Thirteen female corrections officers essentially handed over control of a Baltimore jail to gang leaders. The officers were charged Tuesday in a federal racketeering indictment.

I'm not sure why the Washington Post and other American media  outlets hadn't posted Tavon's picture. Perhaps they were trying to battle racial stereotypes. After all, without pictorial evidence, how could anyone have guessed that Tavon White is black? Or maybe they couldn't find a picture of Tavon at age 12 like they found of Trayvon?

Why Russia Warned the FBI About Tsarnaev

.. and why the FBI didn't investigate aggressively.

The Russian tip to the FBI about Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years before the Boston bombings was a result of his frequent visits to a mosque in Dagestan known for producing extremists . Tsarnaev came to the attention of Russian security forces after becoming a regular at the Salafist mosque during a 2011 visit. I seems here wasn’t enough time in 2011 to come to any conclusions about the extent of his involvement in Islamist extremism.  While sources in Russia say Tsarnaev was never observed making contact with insurgent leaders, he very likely heard sermons that pushed "the idea that America and Israel are the axis of evil. 

 After receiving the tip, the FBI interviewed Tsarnaev and searched its databases before quickly closing the case; Tsarnaev returned to Dagestan for an extended trip the following year—a trip that has become a "key thread" in the bombing investigation. The FBI's 2011 moves are now being heavily scrutinized, but the FBI shouldn't be expected to aggressively pursue every tip from Russia's FSB security service.

The service has been criticized for being used as a tool to attack the Russian regime's political opponents, and there doesn't seem to have been any indication that Tsarnaev posed a threat to the US. "The FSB is mad at a lot of Chechens," says former CIA director Michael Hayden. "Not all of them are terrorists, and even fewer of them are dangerous to the United States."

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The wrong verse is winning

By Donald Sensing
"After terror attacks that appear to have an Islamic connection, such as last week’s Boston massacre, we often hear defensive talk about how Islam is a “religion of peace.” To back this up, Muslim commentators like to quote a verse in the Koran (Surah 5, verse 32) that mentions the Talmudic idea that if you kill one human being, it is as if you have killed an entire world. 
The problem, though, is that commentators usually fail to mention the verse that immediately follows, which is anything but peaceful: “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement.
Verse 32 works for me. Verse 33 turns my stomach.
The way I see it, the future of Islam and its reputation in the world will hinge on which verse will win out—verse 32 or verse 33.
So far, it looks like the wrong verse is winning. Since 9/11, close to 20,000 acts of terrorism have been recorded throughout the  world under the name of Islam, many of those against Muslims themselves."
Sense of Events 

But...But He Said They Would Love Us

The Muslim World Hates the U.S. More Than Ever
Mona Charen  -
If there was one thing the left was certain about in 2008 it was this: George W. Bush had catastrophically undermined America's world reputation with his unprovoked aggression and use of torture. The advent of Obama would reverse the damage. As Andrew Sullivan wrote in 2007, among best assets Obama brought to the "rebranding" of America was "his face." The election of Obama and his friendly approach to the Muslim world would make the United States safer as well as more just.
No one believed this tale more fervently than Obama himself. His first official act was to direct the closing of Guantanamo Bay within one year and the elimination of harsh interrogation techniques. The "message we are sending around the world," he intoned, "is that the United States intends to prosecute the ongoing struggle ... in a manner that is consistent with our values and our ideals." In Cairo a few months later, he declared, "a new beginning" of relations between America and the Muslim world.
Obama participated in erecting a Bush straw man — a Bush who disdained and caricatured Muslims in general and committed war crimes in the name of national security. In fact, Bush had gone to great pains, within hours of the 9/11 attacks, to appear with imams and to stress that Islam was a "religion of peace."
Because Iraq had been Bush's war, as Obama saw it, he squandered the hard-won victory by failing to obtain an agreement that would have kept a stabilizing American force on the ground, electing instead to withdraw completely. And because Afghanistan was the war that Bush allegedly neglected, Obama sent 33,000 more troops (fewer than the generals requested) — a surge that, unlike Bush's in Iraq — failed, but not before causing 70 percent of the American deaths in that conflict.
Most of all, the Obama administration fled from the concept of a struggle against Islamic terrorism as if fighting jihadis (the small subset of Muslims who've declared war on us) were equivalent to warring against all Muslims. Orwellian language flowed. The war on terror became "overseas contingency operations." When Major Nidal Hassan gunned down his fellow soldiers shouting "Allahu Akbar!" the president warned against jumping to conclusions (a caution he failed to show himself in the Trayvon Martin and Henry Louis Gates cases). His administration later dubbed Hassan's attack "workplace violence" rather than jihadism or terrorism.
When Faisal Shahzad attempted to explode a car bomb in Times Square, the administration at first declared it to be a lone wolf attack, only later reluctantly conceding that the Pakistani Taliban had been culpable. When the consulate in Benghazi was attacked (undermining the administration narrative that al-Qaida had died with bin Laden), the administration conducted a prolonged disinformation campaign designed to deny the obvious.
Tiptoeing through language after the Boston bombings, the administration at first declined to use the word "terror," perhaps fearing that to use the word would imply a Muslim connection. "You use those words and it means something very specific in people's minds," explained David Axelrod. Besides, he continued, the president suspected "tax day" protesters.
What has this excruciating torture of the language and elaborate "rebranding" achieved? The U.S. is not safer. Terror attacks have been attempted at the same rate as during the Bush years (and have been thwarted slightly less successfully). As for U.S. standing in the Muslim world, the Guardian reports that a 2011 poll found favorability ratings for the U.S. have plummeted. "In most countries they are lower than at the end of the Bush administration, and lower than Iran's favorable ratings." A 2012 Pew poll of six predominantly Muslim nations — Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan — found U.S. approval ratings below those during the Bush Administration and well under the popularity of China.
It's one thing to create a bogeyman for political purposes. Obama did it to Bush in 2008 (for use against McCain), and he did it to Romney in 2012. It's quite another to believe your own propaganda and make policy in response. Bush was no anti-Muslim bigot. If he erred, it was in believing too credulously in the readiness for western-style democracy in the Arab world.
As for Obama, his doubletalk about the nature of our enemies — jihadis — has achieved neither greater safety for Americans nor improved popularity in the Muslim world. He's 0 for 2.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weiner Rises: Coming Run for Mayor Anticipated with New Twitter Account

Little Anthony Weiner used to use Twitter under the handle @RepWeiner. We all know how that ended......resigning from Congress after he tweeted a photo of his **** to his 50,000 followers, setting off an avalanche of lies, cover-ups, and general unethical douchebag behavior.
But now Weiner is back with a brand new Twitter account. He's using the handle @AnthonyWeiner, and his account is verified. Weiner is rumored to be considering a run for New York City Mayor. 
We outside NY can only pray he wins - you know there will be comedy gold in them hills, but for those who would have to live through it in the big apple, you have my sympathies. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

No coincidence Earth Day is Lenin’s birthday


By David Ziemer - April 22 is Earth Day. Very appropriately, and not by any means coincidentally, Earth Day is celebrated on the birthday of the socialist tyrant Vladimir Lenin.

It’s appropriate that the two are celebrated on the same day, because there is no relevant difference between the socialist and environmentalist agendas in this country. Saving the environment is simply a euphemism for eviscerating the rights of property owners and creating a dictatorship.

But you already know that; the purpose of this column is to illustrate how much of our current debate on a host of contentious issues can be explained by looking to the environmental movement.

Essentially, the insatiability of the environmentalists for restricting property rights is a powerful motivation for activists of all stripes to reject any initiative of their opponents, however reasonable.

Whatever anyone’s agenda may be, the environmentalists have taught us all that acceding to the opponent does not satisfy the beast’s hunger, but only makes the beast stronger and more dangerous.

I remember drinking out of the Milwaukee River when I was young. Let me tell you, it was not the relatively pristine waterway that it is today; it was disgusting. But if you were thirsty enough, you drank out of it anyway.

I remember when the whole city of Milwaukee smelled like filth because of the air pollution – all day, every day. Now, the government occasionally declares “Action Days.” Of course, even on the worst “Action Day,” the air is fine – infinitely better than it was every single day back in the 1970s. And if the government didn’t announce them, no one would even know that, by some Earth muffin’s arbitrary standards, the air was “unhealthy” that day.

And yet, the environmentalists will not declare victory. Instead, they have invented the myth of anthropogenic global warming. Property owners have discovered that their compromises with the environmentalists did not solve anything. Their agenda will never end, until western civilization is destroyed and we return to the Stone Age.

It is because the environmentalists’ insane agenda is so clear, and has so far been so successful, that other activists, like supporters of abortion rights and the right to bear arms, know they must employ knee-jerk reflexive opposition to any and all proposals of their opponents.

Suppose, for example, that opponents of the Second Amendment propose a restriction on gun ownership that is genuinely a reasonable one. Many supporters of the right to bear arms have to oppose it anyway, simply because they know what the real goal of their opponents is – to totally disarm the citizenry and leave it wholly at the mercy of a socialist police state.

It is the same with abortion. Many abortion rights activists don’t actually oppose any and all limitations on abortion. But they must oppose any restriction of abortion-on-demand, because they know that the ultimate goal of their opponents is criminalization of all abortions. And once they get that, their goal will be to increase the maximum prison sentences for women who get abortions. And once they get that, they’ll lobby for mandatory minimums. And so on.

These folks know, from the success of the environmentalists in eliminating property rights, that every success of their opponents will merely embolden them. Their opponents will never decide that what they’ve accomplished is good enough and go home; they will always be there, always pushing for more.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why it seems that reasonable people have lost the ability to reach reasonable compromises, look to the environmentalists for your answer. That is the lesson to be learned on Earth Day.

h/t The Peoples Cube

A Good Monday Morning

Intruder Exchanges Gunfire with Security at Tennessee Nuclear Power Plant

Via Poor Richards News

Now here’s an unsettling story to start your week off. An intruder on the grounds of the TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant shot at a security officer before escaping on Sunday morning.

"An unidentified suspect fired multiple rounds at a security officer on patrol at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant early Sunday morning, and at least one round hit the security officer’s vehicle, an official said.
The Tennessee Valley Authority nuclear security officer fired back, also shooting multiple rounds. The suspect appeared to have initially been on the ground but may have fled in a boat, TVA spokesman Jim Hopson said.
The shots were fired just after 2 a.m. this morning on the east side of the 1,700-acre plant, near the Tennessee River, toward the plant’s southern boundary, TVA said. The officer was several hundred yards outside the protected area where the reactor and power equipment are located.
Hopson said some information can’t be released yet, such as the identity of the security officer, or it is not available, such as the total number of rounds fired. Hopson didn’t have a description of the suspect.
“Many of the details I won’t be able to share,” he said. “The investigation is still ongoing.”
TVA declared an “unusual event,” the lowest of the four Nuclear Regulatory Commission emergency classifications.
“There was no threat to public safety during the incident and no threat to the security of the plant due to the location outside of the plant perimeter,” TVA said in a Sunday morning statement. “An investigation is under way.”
TVA said the plant remains under a heightened state of security."
Read More... 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Area Stoners Recount Harrowing 18 Hour Lockdown

Massive Law Enforcement Presence Interrupts Regular Bong Hits

BOSTON - As the country eagerly watched authorities go about the hunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  some Boston area residents were under a strict lock down for almost 18 hours. The harrowing experience was especially hard on the cities stoner community because of cabin fever/stir-craziness and the fear of police house to house searches.  Waterpipes, rolling papers and bongs neatly hid away and out of sight, left stoners disoriented and confused.

Water Town Stoner and MIT student Chas Mcgreedy said " With the cops doing door-to-door searches because of the exigent circumstances of a lunatic bomber on the loose we were in fear the door would be knocked down and in would come Dick Chenney  and we would all be water-boarded and tortured for information and the cops would confiscate our donuts and our 11th amendment rights be violated. Not being able to smoke a doobie for over 18 hours is just....like...it's...like stepping in peanut butter or something. We actually had to sit and watch television while being totally  straight. Like... we watched Jon Stewart and Dave Letterman and we didn't even laugh once man! 

Polly Ester Bing, Boston student and social activist told us the lock-down put a real damper on the excitement of planning the coming Earth Day celebration on Monday. "Like...terrified to fire up a joint all we could do was pretty much throw darts at our George Bush dart board..". She went on to tell us "one of my professors told my class not long ago our eyes were just to young to see that ....like....we are  living in a far right-wing psuedo-martial law society.  Like ...today I believe my eyes are all grown upThe man is a profit.

After the bomber suspect was taken into custody and the lock-down lifted, convenience stores in the Watertown area reported a massive run on Cheetos , Bean Dip and 2 liter bottles of Mountain Dew.  

Photo of Dzokhar Tsarnaev Being Arrested

I’m not sure how this came to turned up on the internet but it looks for real to me. The hoodie he’s wearing appears to match the one from the ATM camera last night:

h/t Poor Richard

Friday, April 19, 2013

Obama’s Lear-Like Rage

Peter Wehner
"In a Rose Garden statement in the aftermath of his failure to persuade the Senate to move on any of his gun control proposals, the president raged, Lear-like, against his opponents. It was a rather unpleasant mix–one part petulance and two parts anger. 
What Mr. Obama has been attempting to do throughout this gun control debate is to build his case based on a false premise, which is that the laws he’s proposing would have stopped the mass killing in Newtown. The families of the Newtown massacre are being used by the president in an effort to frame the issue this way: If you’re with Obama, you’re on the side of saving innocent children from mass killings–and if you’re against Obama, you have the blood of the children of Newtown on your hands.   
Obama’s effort at emotional blackmail has failed, and in bitterly lashing out at those who called him out on his demagoguery, he went some distance toward confirming that he is, in fact, a demagogue. 
Three months into his second term, Barack  Obama is becoming an increasingly bitter and powerless figure. When a man who views himself as a world-historic figure and our Moral Superior commands things to happen and they don’t, it isn’t a pretty sight. 
See Wednesdays Rose Garden statement for more." 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Huffington Post admitted that the liberal media was deliberately ignoring the Gosnell trial because they are afraid of it undermining abortion.

Is the state of abortion so fragile that covering a murder trial, even one involving the exploitation of minority women and the death of at least one, would undermine it? Maybe so. The gruesome testimony in the murder trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell just keeps coming. The savagery that took place in Gosnell’s office is sickening, and this new detail is no exception. Reading this you can certainly see why the media chooses to turn their heads the other way.

Life News - Former abortion clinic worker James Johnson testified today during the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell and provided jurors with a nauseating account of the horrific conditions at the abortion facility.

Johnson worked as a janitor, maintenance man and plumber of sorts and he was the common-law husband of 51-year-old Elizabeth Hampton, who is Gosnell’s wife’s sister. He told jurors some of the morbid details that appear in the grand jury report — including how he threatened to quit working at the abortion clinic because he refused to pull any more flesh from aborted babies out of the plumbing.......
Keep Reading

A Look I Hope to See More Often in the Future.....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Severe Binocular Shortage Plagues North Korean War Preparation

* Headline Stolen from Vanderleun 

A North Korean soldier looks out of the window of a guard tower, on the banks of Yalu River, about 62 miles from the North Korean town of Sinuiju, opposite the Chinese border city of Dandong, on April 16. 
North Korea issued new threats against South Korea on Tuesday, vowing "sledge-hammer blows" of retaliation if South Korea did not apologize for anti-North Korean protests the previous day when the North was celebrating the birth of its founding leader. - NBC News.com

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Obama Snub: Refuses to Attend Thatcher Funeral

Denise McAllister- 
When he first entered office, President Obama sent back the bust of Winston Churchill. Now he is refusing to attend former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, and no one serving in his Administration will be going either. Not Vice President Biden, not Michelle, not even Secretary of State John Kerry.
The decision was made before the bombing in Boston.

Who is going? George Shultz and James Baker; both served as Secretary of State while Thatcher was prime minister.

Obama’s snub hasn’t gone unnoticed in Britain. Sir Gerald Howarth, chairman of the Thatcherite Conservative Way Forward group of MPs and peers, said, “The bonds forged between the UK and the US through Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher was instrumental in ending the Cold War and liberating millions of people. That the present administration feels unable to be represented as the world marks the extraordinary contribution Margaret Thatcher made will be a source of disappointment to those who served with her in that great endeavor.”

Former defense secretary Liam Fox, a close ally of Thatcher, said, “I think it would be both surprising and disappointing if after President Obama's fulsome tribute to Lady Thatcher, the American administration did not send a senior serving member to represent them.”
The Republican Party is sending three members of the House of Representatives: Marsha Blackburn, Michele Bachmann, and George Holding. Newt Gingrich will also be attending, along with Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger. None of the former presidents will be going, including George W. Bush.
As Obama stays home, other world leaders will be in attendance: Stephen Harper of Canada, Italy’s Mario Monti, and Donald Tusk from Poland.
When President Ronald Reagan died in 2004, Margaret Thatcher attended his funeral as did Prince Charles, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, French President Jacques Chirac, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, among many others.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Joe Biden Vows ‘To Be The First In’ During Any North Korea Nuke Strike

With the continuing possibility of North Korea escalating on the threat of a nuclear attack against US bases and possibly Hawaii or the westcoast of the US mainland, Joe Biden reassured Democrats during a recent California speech that he’ll personally take the fight to the enemy.’  “I’ll get myself on a B-52 and drop the damn thing myself if that fat little pinko chink bastard Kim tries anything funny.”
 Biden promises he’ll take the fight right to old Kim Jong Un 
and his asshole buddies himself if necessary!
Again, Biden claims it’s all a show and the North Koreans go through this each spring when food and fuel supplies have dwindled over a long winter.
“These commie clowns are just looking to stir stuff up and are trying to get a few handouts from folks like us, ” said Biden as he tried to ease the tension among west coast supporters who find themselves in the eye of the storm for the first time since WW II. 
Biden supporters cautioned California voters to hang tough and possibly dig a few really deep holes in their backyards just in case and mentioned that the Vice President probably won’t be visiting again for awhile.
In Washington, the President’s inner-circle have prepared a proposal that would give the North Korean regime EBT cards, or as they’re more commonly know as..Food Stamps, to ease the annual shortages of food and other household staples. According to Valarie Jarrett, the President’s most trusted advisor, “Look those people over there are real skinny and not much over 5’6″…So really, how much can they possibly eat anyway? Besides, we have half the world’s fat people on EBT and WIC cards now so, what’s a few more skinny ones?”
The Vice President’s staff say Biden is being realistic about fighting for our country and in fact, has taken the afternoon off to participate in a one-on-one Kung Foo class just in case the B-52 gets shot down or crashes.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Obama the Amateur or a Man with a Plan?


"It’s very disconcerting when you hear more and more conservatives that seem resigned to dismiss ideology as fringe, conspiratorial talk. What do I mean? Simply that many people wish to give Obama a pass on his rigid ideology and just chalk up his errors in governance as inexperience or ignorance. I assume the thinking is that incompetence is more disparaging. Certainly there is resentment in that Obama was re-elected despite a horrific track record in office. Discarding someone as somewhat irrelevant due to their inadequacy is a reaction to that deep disappointment.

Anytime you misjudge an adversary, you are at a disadvantage. Did I just call Obama an adversary? Absolutely, anyone that enacts policies that restrict our rights and confiscate private property is not a friend. The fact is that liberty is an impediment to Obama’s agenda and he will continue to attack it at every opportunity.

Whether it’s healthcare, the economy, energy policy, foreign policy, you name it, the policies that Obama has been implementing pay no heed to what is considered a traditional standard for success. In fact, the opposite must be true. A successful economy is a negative for the President’s agenda. Yes, it’s true. Confiscatory tax policy, a more stringent regulatory environment, income and wealth redistribution schemes, etc., all require a failing economy in order to secure the public support necessary to implement his agenda.

This is why it is folly to simply label Obama an amateur. His belief system that has been molded over his lifetime has given him a very clear thought process as how to achieve his goals. There is nothing remotely conspiratorial in this. His ideology is a paradigm shift in traditional American values and the foundation the Founders put in place. Thus you get his promise of fundamentally transforming America.

Obamacare was always intended to collapse the private healthcare system. It has to in order to shift to a government run system. This is where Obama realized years ago that a step process would be required in order to get to a single payer system. Obama’s energy policy is similar. He promised us skyrocketing energy prices in order to force a change in behavior. In other areas, he practices the Cloward-Piven strategies designed to overwhelm the system and enact change.

What’s been astonishing about the entire progression of his agenda is that you can find either video or audio of Obama throughout the years detailing his plans. There really are no surprises with the guy. Some like to think that Obama has a unique ability to connect with mainstream America and accordingly garner support for his agenda. I’d be more inclined to liken it to a perfect storm.

Clearly, Obama is not a very good public speaker. Just listen to him stammer and stumble if he doesn’t have a teleprompter handy. He has no gift for uniting people as we’ve never seen a more devisive public servant in America. He just has the right combination of ethnicity, skin color, being in the right place at the right time (read beneficiary of a financial crisis), and he has mastered the rhetoric that is very effective on a society in transition. America was ready for Obama, however, I think they were just as ready for a female.

If you’re the person I’ve described, you’re not doing yourself any favors by searching for a profile that fits a President in over his head. Why does it matter? Conventional thinking was that the poor economy would sink Obama regardless of his message demonizing the rich and promoting envy and greed. Obama was never attempting to promote his economic plan as superior to his competitors. You don’t need to put forth a viable alternative if you’re successful at directing blame.

The Obama routine of ceaseless campaigning and refusing to govern is no accident nor it is due to incompetence. It is just an ideologue at work. Obama doesn’t make a move that isn’t calculated to elicit a certain response. It’s allowed him to stay ahead of his detractors as they twist in the wind trying to sell the public even now after his re-election that he isn’t qualified for the gig." 

It’s good to be King.