Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Socialists Are Confused By Breasts

 Or, at least, they think we are.
From the N.Y.Post:
"New York City is looking to hire — for up to $73,000 a year — someone to encourage breast-feeding in Brooklyn.
A “Breast-Feeding Empowerment Zone” will target specific areas in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville to “encourage and support” suckling, The Post has learned.
The initiative will offer a range of measures to bolster breast-feeding — including a media campaign, home visits, consultations, and community mobilization, according to the Health Department, which also aims to focus on “male involvement in breast-feeding.”
This, of course, is classic lefty socialism. We need to hire someone, we need an initiative, we need a grant and a media campaign and community mobilization to explain how breastfeeding works. Because it's a new thing, this breastfeeding. Brand new. No one's really ever done it before.

Liberalism means tearing down all of the values and traditions and the unbroken chain of human experiences, treating us all like helpless and victimized children, and then re-installing -- by government initiative and social-welfare busybodies -- what we never really lost in the first place.

And tell me again,  just why is it government's role to engage in "community mobilization"?