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A Parable on Muslim Immigration.

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November 28. 2010

A young girl was trudging along a mountain path, trying to reach her grandmother's house. It was bitter cold, and the wind cut like a knife. When she was within sight of her destination, she heard a rustle at her feet. Looking down, she saw a snake. 

 Before she could move, the snake spoke to her.

He said, "I am about to die. It is too cold for me up here, and I am freezing. There is no food in these mountains, and I am starving. Please put me under your coat and take me with you."

"No," replied the girl. "I know your kind. You are a rattlesnake. If I pick you up, you will bite me, and your bite is poisonous."

"No, no," said the snake. "If you help me, you will be my best friend. I will treat you differently."

The little girl sat down on a rock for a moment to rest and think things over. She looked at the beautiful markings on the snake and had to admit that it was the most beautiful snake she had ever seen. 

 Suddenly, she said, "I believe you. I will save you.
All living things deserve to be treated with kindness." 

The little girl reached over, put the snake gently under her coat and proceeded toward her grandmother's house. Within a moment, she felt a sharp pain in her side. 

 The snake had bitten her. 

"How could you do this to me?" she cried.
"You promised that you would not bite me, and I trusted you!" 

 "You knew what I was when you picked me up," hissed the snake as he slithered away.

(Author Unknown

 Radical Islam is the Antithesis of Western Culture

Friday, November 26, 2010

They're Not All Talk....Celebrities Step Up to Help Keep America safe

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Friday, Nov.26, 2010


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thomas Sowell on Enhanced Airport Security and the Obama Administration:

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 The Quote of the Day

"If anything good comes out of the 'airport-security' outrages, it may be in opening the eyes of more people to the utter contempt that this administration has for the American people.

Those who made excuses for Barack Obama — for the candidate’s long years of alliances with, and for the president’s appointment of people with a record of antipathy to American interests and values — may finally get it when they feel some stranger’s hand in their crotch.

"As for the excuse of 'security,' this is one of the least security-minded administrations in American history. When hundreds of illegal immigrants from terrorist-sponsoring countries are captured crossing the border from Mexico — and then released on their own recognizance within the United States, that tells you all you need to know about this administration’s concern for security." --- Thomas Sowell, Economist, Author and Hoover Institution Senior Fellow.

Too Much Hero Worship? Ya think!

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I have made no bones here before about my dislike for Newsweek columnist Eleanor Clift, the shrieking leftwing windbag of PBS's popular weekend show "The McLaughlin Group." Annoying is not a fitting enough word for this women as she regularly tries to shout down the likes of intelligence she shall never achieve. Her defense at all cost of the Obama Presidency has been unshakable, but now even she is seeing the man is not the heavy-weight politician she and many others wanted to believe he was, but still manages to muster excuses for incompetence.

This from her recent Newsweek column about failures in the recent mid-term election:
"Part of Obama’s problem is that there’s too much hero worship around him, and that translates into a reluctance to fault him for anything, except maybe that he didn’t make a good enough case for all the wonderful things he’s done. He has done good things, but the voters don’t give you credit for saving them from a depression; they reward you for making their lives better, and that hasn’t happened." 
Too much Hero worship? Ya think, Eleanor! You and your media comrades  who helped built up and hoist this narcissistic leader on a weary and vulnerable public, daily dote upon and make excuses for his lack of political savvy, well beyond anything you can call partisan. As for saving the country from a depression, I guess I could say I didn't run over a neighborhood dog because I left at 1:00pm. I can't prove that statement either. Better light another candle on the altar.
"In his post-election press conference, Obama said there must be easier ways to learn the hard lessons of politics than getting the shellacking he and the Democrats got. There are, and if his aides weren’t so in love with him and wrapped up in the idea of him as a transformational president, they might have seen this coming."
Gee Eleanor, you think the town hall meetings and the tea party rallies could have been a bit of a tip-off things weren't going well for the President? Maybe you guys in the media should have taken a breath from accusing everybody of being crazy extremist and racist to tell it like it really was.
"The White House needs to settle on a strategy and then execute it, whatever it is. Hope is not a strategy. The people around Obama caught the lightning in ’08, but they’ve been outmaneuvered by a party that two years ago was on the brink of extinction."
Good to see you may be coming around to your senses, Eleanor. The Hope and Change Thing was exactly what many thought it was, a cheap election slogan.  And your friends in the media can continue to claim Obama is the one of the smartest men to sit in the Presidency, but to be truthful, I haven't seen any indication they're right. None.

Read her entire column here.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Insider: Obama will Move to The Center

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(Image: BigFurHat) via RIGHTNETWORK

RIGHTNETWORK  launched in September, and if you haven't gone there already check it out now! The site is a gathering of some of the most intelligent and fresh thought and humor from the Conservative political spectrum. This is a site well  worth supporting.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stop Apologizing for America!

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Our Most Excellent Louisiana Governor, 
Bobby Jindal, takes Obama to Task.
Governor Jindal, who has had a very public feud with the White House over the administration's handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and offshore oil ban, is of the firm belief  that the current president is responsible for leading the country down a wrong and very dangerous path.

From Fox News:
Criticizing both the Bush and Obama administrations for failing to execute adequate domestic security policies, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal went on a tear Sunday, criticizing Washington for playing defense, relying on luck and apologizing for protecting the nation from terrorists. "This is a fundamental clash of cultures. This isn't, well, let's go and figure out a way to apologize for Americans. This isn't how we offended them because we're supporting Israel."
The federal government has to face the fact the War on Terror is about enemies who hate the U.S. way of life, not about social justice, he said.
 In his new book "Leadership and Crisis," Jindal writes that the United States' "current therapeutic approach to national security is dangerous. I'm just not interested in empathizing with the grievances of our sworn enemies. Let's figure out where they're vulnerable and destroy them."
The Governor has also been very vocal about the recent TSA security controversy and the Homeland Security Secretary.
Jindal said body searches of 6- and 12-year-old girls traveling to visit their grandparents is illogical. Instead, it's time to dip into methods that rely on information without political correctness.  "I don't think it's profiling, I think it's using information we know. You look at things like, for example, you look at travel patterns, you look at how they purchased their ticket. You look at the information, the intel we've got.
Read the Rest Here  

Bobby Jindal, son of Indian immigrants, is a vibrant, intelligent and energetic politician who's trials as a young Governor are well known, as is his ongoing feud with the White House. He has conducted himself well as Governor, but is he Presidential material?  Maybe not yet, but definitely someone who should be looked at carefully as a possible V.P. We could do a lot worse.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Give em' up, Hillary.

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Louisiana Cajun Philosopher and Democratic Strategist, James Carville, said at a Breakfast in Washington D.C. this morning, "If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, he’d have two."

James, my man. For such an intelligent and astute political observer, you take a gigantic leap in logic. You're assuming Obama has any balls at all.

(Source: New Orleans Times Picayune) 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"He knows exactly how smart he is."

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In David Remnick's biography of Barack Obama,"The Bridge' he quotes longtime Obama friend Valerie Jarrett: 
"I think Barack knew that he had God-given talents that were extraordinary. He knows how perceptive he is. He knows what a good reader of people he is. And he knows that he has the ability, the extraordinary, uncanny ability to take a thousand different perspectives, digest them and make sense out of them, and I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually."

"He's just too talented to do what ordinary people do. He knows exactly how smart he is." 

"So what I sensed in him was not just a restless spirit but somebody with such extraordinary talents that had to be really taxed in order for him to be happy. ... He's been bored to death his whole life." 
Narcissistic and egotistical  come to mind. But now unappreciated -- simultaneously called "pathetic" and "tone-deaf," respectively, by the left in The Progressive Magazine and the right in The Washington Times. Turns out that Valerie Jarrett is wrong.  As we have witnessed lately, there's nothing extraordinary about Obama's talent in reading people or understanding economics, and his political savvy has always been in doubt.


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Home Alone

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day


Thank You.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pelosi Throws Party to Celebrate Accomplishments.

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Let’s see: Bankrupting the nation, record unemployment, spearheading one of the greatest repudiations a political party has ever suffered, passing the most unpopular bill in history…yup, Princess Pelosi has a lot to celebrate.

 Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will host a reception Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill to celebrate “The accomplishments of the 111th Congress,” according to an invitation sent out Monday.
The event will offer congressional Democrats, many of whom will not be returning to Congress next January, an opportunity to reflect on the party’s legislative victories over the past two years. These have included the passage of major healthcare reform, financial regulatory reform, and climate and energy legislation.
Not likely to be lost on attendees, however, is that the unpopularity of many of these “accomplishments” among voters went far to contribute to a wave of Democratic losses in last week’s mid-term elections, in which Democrats lost control of the House and their majority in the Senate was weakened.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Obama Dazzles Indian Lawmakers With His Amazing Teleprompter Reading Skills…


They should consider themselves lucky they weren’t subjected to 30 minutes worth of teleprompter-free ahhhs, uhhhs, ummms… 

 From the Washington Post:
He thrilled them by calling for India to have a permanent seat on an expanded U.N. Security Council. He flattered them by recalling India's historic achievements in science, philosophy and the invention of the digit "zero". And he amazed them by using that ubiquitous tool of modern American politics: the teleprompter. (emphasis, mine)
In India, politicians generally speak extemporaneously or from notes or text written on paper. The common perception, explained lawmaker Sanjay Nirupam of Mumbai, is that the really good speakers don't need to have text in front of them. 
h/t Weasel Zippers

Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Can Blame This on the Cruelty and Short-sightedness of Republicans.

 Denver Voters Reject Plans for 
Extraterrestrial Welcoming Committee.

Tuesday, Denver voters decided not to roll out the red carpet for space aliens by soundly rejecting a ballot initiative that would have required the city to establish an “Extra Terrestrial Affairs Committee.”
Ballot Initiative 300 would require the city to set up an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission, stocked with Ph.D. scientists, to "ensure the health, safety and cultural awareness of Denver residents" when it comes to future contact "with extraterrestrial intelligent beings.”

Promoting the initiative was Jeff Peckman, a silver-haired entrepreneur who lives with his parents. "Low overhead," explains Mr. Peckman, a firm believer in intergalactic life, although he has never been personally contacted by an alien. That gives him more credibility; he says “it’s harder to dismiss him as biased”.

Even before the results came in, UFO buff Peckman, who ran the campaign for Initiative 300, was philosophical about the voters’ verdict on his plan for the city to study reports of UFOs and develop protocols for welcoming aliens to the Mile High City. Recognizing that ET contact protocols aren't foremost in the minds of voters these days, Mr. Peckman had to  refined his pitch on Initiative 300. These days, he promotes it as a jobs bill.

“It took, what, 18 years for health-care reform to happen,” Mr. Peckham said. “And how many years for women to get the vote? So some big things take a while to get going.”

Bryan Bonner, a ghost hunter and founder of the group Rocky Mountain Paranormal Nuts, asserts that "Peckman and his 'little green people' are not representative of the people of Denver." 

"Little green people," Mr. Peckman responds  with outrage, is a "racial slur."

So if aliens land in Denver, they will have to do so without government help.   

Having spent a lot of time in the Great State of Colorado and the city of Denver, I'm pretty sure any paranormal activity in the skies up there is likely to be flatulence and hot air rising from the People's Republic of Boulder.  D.S.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GOP Wins Big.....Nation Shudders in Fear!

House Falls to Republicans 

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