Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GOP Wins Big.....Nation Shudders in Fear!

House Falls to Republicans 

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  1. We did good DS. Now, if the Republicans can refrain from gloating and spending their time on partisan infighting and "nyeh, nyeh, we won" idiocy, we might get some things turned around in our country. Obama is NOT deterred he says. Apparently he will go blindly on doing what he's been doing. The man just has no rapport with Americans---at all. Are you SURE he's intelligent? Robot maybe? Hmmmm. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sorry I haven't visited in awhile. Things going on you know. Probably I'm just lazy.

  3. Just a thought.

    Republicans need to exhibit some sincere humility and most importantly remember what happened when they strayed off the reservation of solid right of center political and fiscal principles and values.

    Once the Republicans accept their history of falling off the wagon of principles and values and then vow and act to never again repeat their failures, then they can get on with using every available House and Senate legislative procedure to thwart the implementation of the horrendous liberal legislation of the past two years, while occasionally kicking a little liberal *** in the process.

  4. Honey and Robert, I whole-hearted agree with you guys. It's time to produce and not worry about 2012. That, I think, will take care of it self. Wasting time on investigations does nothing and just give the media a pen point for attack. Do what we sent you to do people, or we will take you out next time.

    BTW...welcome back, Honey! :)

  5. I trust Darrell Issa (sp?), reputed to be the next Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, to stay on the straight and narrow track with any House investigations. Some of the suggested investigations for Republicans to pursue are simply bordering on the insane. Retribution is only a distraction and contributes absolutely nothing positive to advancing Republican principles and values. There are valid issues to be investigated, but even these could possibly distract from the major issues of repealing or rewriting Obamacare, stabilizing the Bush tax levels, modifying onerous and restrictive business regulations to encourage business expansion and thus job numbers growth.