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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

DJT Stirs Up The Pillow Biters With 14th Amendment Comment

This issue continues to upset the left, who cannot read the constitution and choose to ignore the stated intent of it's amendments by their enlightened authors. We have visited the issue of the 14th amendment in the past, so we repost here from the DMF archives of 2015, the last time this issue arose. 

by Anna Maria Perez
The 14th Amendment does not grant birthright citizenship to everyone born in the United States. In order to assume that it does, a person has to actually ignore what it says. The Supreme Court set the precedent of birthright citizenship by misinterpreting the 14th Amendment. Poor education about our history and government ensures that We the People never get uppity over this unconstitutional misinterpretation. The purpose of the 14th Amendment was to give citizenship to former slaves who were in the United States through no fault of their own.
The 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868. If it granted citizenship for no reason other than being born on U.S. soil, you would think that the U.S. would have started granting birthright citizenship in 1868, right? Wrong. They didn’t, because that isn’t what the 14th Amendment says. As a matter of fact, two years prior to its ratification, Senator Jacob Howard explained the actual intent of the 14th Amendment. He said:
“Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. This has long been a great desideratum in the jurisprudence and legislation of this country.”
The key to inheriting birthright citizenship is being subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. Foreigners are subject to the jurisdiction of the countries they are citizens of. We deport illegal aliens back to the countries that they are subject to the jurisdiction of. If they were subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, then they would have all privileges and rights that go with that jurisdiction including voting, enlisting in our armed forces, and running for public office. Not being part of our jurisdiction, they are ineligible. They can do so in their home countries. The Supreme Court held to this in the 1884 Elk v. Wilkins case. They decided that the children of foreign ministers were not granted birthright citizenship based on the fact that they weren’t subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. 
An American Indian was not granted citizenship, because his parents weren’t completely subject to U.S. jurisdiction, being also subject to an Indian nation. If an American Indian was not granted American Citizenship by birthright after the 14th Amendment was ratified, then we can certainly conclude that birthright citizenship isn’t granted to foreigners by the 14th Amendment. Congress didn’t grant citizenship to American Indians until 1924!
It wasn’t until 1898, 30 years after the ratification of the 14th Amendment, that a case came in front of the Supreme Court that changed things. Keep in mind that the 5th Clause of the 14th Amendment specifically gives congress the power to enforce the 14th Amendment, not the Supreme Court.
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Monday, October 29, 2018

The Mainstreaming and Normalization of Antisemitism

"If you're wondering why media have suddenly characterized all criticism of George Soros as "anti-Semitism" (it's not), it's because they're desperate to avoid discussing the fact that Democrats have actively encouraged the most vile out-and-proud anti-Semites for years."

via Sean Davis@seanmdav

We already know the Democrat Party has essentially finished its transformation (which began in 1972 with the nomination of George McGovern) into a hard Left openly hostile anti-America party. And we all know what that means for America's staunch historical support for the State of Israel. Just look at the actions (contentious relationship & attempt to influence Israeli elections) of the Obama administration. This psycho that butchered 11 people in Pittsburgh yesterday specifically cited President Trump's Pro-Israel policy as a motive as well as some other garbage about being controlled by the worldwide Jewish cabal.

Louis Farrakhan's recent comparison of Jews to termites, combined with his long history of rabid anti-semitism is conveniently ignored by the media (that would be the same media supposedly controlled by the Jews). Linda Sarsour, the Hamas Louse, a leader of the Women's March is equally disgusting in her Joo-hate and continues to be championed by the likes of Senator Kirsten Jello-Brains. Fla. Governor candidate Andrew Gillum refuses to disavow the bust-out anti-semitic Dream Defenders, Ilhan Omer in Minnesota ain't to thrilled with the Heeb weather-controllers in Jerusalem, while her mentor Keith Ellison who hangs tight with Nation of Islam members. And then there's Bernie Sanders who despite getting clipped at 8-days old is, like his false-god Karl Marx has a hate on for all things Israel and Jewish. 

The Democrat-Left-Media complex is spinning this attack as Trump's fault for his criticism of Nazi collaborator George Soros. Risible on the face of it, and even more preposterous for his opposing the migrant invasion caravan. This blame for this attack rests squarely on the shoulders of the butcher who carried it out. The near constant rhetoric coming from Democrats and the media might very well have been what drove the shooter to do what he did. To those that will insist that it's a two way street, that too is laughable.

The President's justified criticism of the media and so-called journalists as "fake news" is just that - criticism. And from Walter Duranty to Walter Cronkhite to Dan Rather to doctored 9/11 calls to exploding gas tanks, that criticism is well-founded. What Trump has done was merely raise the public consciousness about it dramatically. There is not one instance or word of his in more than 2 years that anyone can cite where he has called for any act of violence or even confrontation to be directed at the media. I defy anyone to cite one. Violence as an officially sanctioned means of achieving political goals always has been and always will be the sole purview of Democrats and Totalitarians. Perhaps American Jews, far too many still stuck in the past in the illusion of a Democrat Party that allegedly championed their causes, might soon wake up.

(J.J. Sefton@AceHQ)
(Dallas Morning News)

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Bernie Sanders Teaming With Greek Marxist To Build A New Progressive Movement

Bernie Sanders is teaming up with former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis to formally launch a new “Progressives International” in Vermont on Nov. 30. Varoufakis and Sanders first announced they were working toward a joint initiative in a pair of op-eds published in the Guardian last month. Varoufakis was somewhat vague about what the group would offer, saying that it would help give progressives’ “coherence.” Bernie, well he sounded like the same clueless Bernie we all have come to know and love.

Varoufakis, who calls himself an 'Erratic Marxist' became an international celebrity among progressives while he was finance minister of Greece in 2015. He resigned at the imminent bankruptcy and collapse of the socialist Greek government, who had decided to accepted the eurozone countries’ terms for a massive loan agreement, which included increased austerity.

He’s since formed his own political party called “European Spring” that is now campaigning for European Parliament.
"I confess I would much rather be promoting a radical agenda, the raison d’ĂȘtre of which is to replace European capitalism with a different system. Yet my aim here is to convince radicals that we have a contradictory mission: to arrest the freefall of European capitalism in order to buy the time we need to formulate its alternative. The financiers are internationalists. The fascists, the nationalists, the racists — like Trump, Bannon, Seehofer, Salvini — they are internationalists. The only people who are failing are progressives.”
Varoufakis says central governments need to have greater spending power, have more direct leverage and responsibility over the financial system, and take a direct role in initiatives like fighting poverty and climate change.Varoufakis has said, the left is “the ones who, by ideology are international. We have to act like it.”

Any wonder Bernie likes this guy? Same commie clown show, different clown tent.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Today Presents Another Opportunity For the Media to Look Like The Hypocrites They Are

Why would someone send pipe bombs with dummy triggering devices to obvious high-profile democrats just days before a crucial election, one where the Republicans are extremely competitive? After weeks of videos of crazed mobs publicly harassing conservatives, do we have a progressive non-exploding 'we're bomb victims' hoax.

We have all watched as time and time again CNN talking heads have gone out of their way to excuse left-wing violence. Fredo Cuomo has asserted that not all punches were equal, Antifa punches were better than conservative punches. Don Lemon celebrated the restaurant mobbing of Republicans while bubble head Brooke Baldwin argued passionately that democrat mobs were not mobs, and to say an angry, intimidating mob was a mob was a "Republican talking point."

But now, oh how things will change. We will have many hours of moral instruction from our Ruling Caste about how now it's time to start tone-policing, and that tone-policing will begin and end with telling Republicans they have to stop making political arguments or else People Will Die. They again will be executing the Sarah Palin Playbook, completely ignoring the fact that Democrats have frequently called for confrontation and incivility, and that CNN in particular has been a strident advocate for mob intimidation and even mob violence.

David Gregory in fact went out of his way to distinguish restaurant-mobbing (permissible!) from this possible bomb attempt against the Democrat-Media Complex, because this last one could actually hurt people. Unlike say, antifa beating people in the head with heavy steel bike-locks. Gregory apparently forgot the entire premise of the "Climate of Hate" meme, which is that smaller provocations create an environment of permissiveness of violence. That is, as the democrats had it in 2010, Sarah Palin running an ad "targeting" democrat seats naturally encourages actual targeting. But now David Gregory says that targeting people for in-real-life harassment and short-term false imprisonment cannot possibly encourage more serious terroristic acts.

UPDATE: Fredo Cuomo's brother, New York Gov. Andrew bravely stared down the threat posed by a “suspicious package” sent to his office, which was found to have contained very scary informational literature. But just to make sure that no other New Yorkers have to face the danger he faced, he’s taking bold, decisive action:

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Have We Not Learned Anything From What We Watch Happening To Europe?

This is not a caravan of Doctors, Scientist and Engineers bringing cultural enrichment, this is the beginnings of a third-world invasion we cannot absorb.

Article IV Section 4 of the United States Constitution clearly states:
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.
Yesterday there was much debate and some consternation about the prospect of sending our military down to the border to prevent the invaders (and that is exactly what they are) from entering US soil. Yes, the "optics" would be shall we say "suboptimal" if even one of the individuals were to be injured or worse in any encounter with American troops. But I think the consequences would be far worse both in political terms as well as actual national security if President Trump does not take decisive action immediately to at minimum prevent this mass of invaders from crossing our borders if not send them back where they came from.

The President ran and won on this very issue. From a political standpoint, what Soros and the Dems hope will turn into an October surprise to defeat the GOP has the potential to bury them not only in 2 weeks but in 2020 and perhaps beyond. Aside from sending the military and physically sealing our border, after declaring a national state of emergency the President should also:

  • Suspend all granting of asylum at the border.
  • Cut all military, economic and other aid to the countries involved in this.
  • Freeze all assets and all bank transactions of the countries involved.
  • Freeze all wire transfers of cash from the US to the countries involved (this alone is huge).
  • Freeze the assets and revoke 501C-3 status of every organization and individual known to be involved in this.
  • Deport George Soros to Malaysia or Hungary and seize his assets.

As to #6 on that list, since it is more than likely that Soros is involved in this via his various front groups, he is de facto acting in a manner that is seditious if not treasonous. As Samuel Johnson said, "when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully." The question is who is the hangman and who is the condemned? The world wonders...

(J.J. Sefton@AceHQ)

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Somehow There Was an Outdoor Vending Machine in Brooklyn That Sells Fancy Jewelry — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Unsurprisingly, there was a theft, but let's try and think like a clueless, sophisticated New York liberal elitist to understand why there was such a vending machine in the first place:
Manhattan jewelry designer Marla Aaron planted the vending machine in the park outside the William Vale Hotel on N. 12th St. in Williamsburg. She called the machine a “crazy amazing” experiment — an “unexpected place” where her customers could buy her pieces.... In a pair of videos on her website, she says she got the idea while traveling in Japan, where high-tech vending machines dispense an eclectic variety of items.
Ding Ding! Brooklyn is not Japan in many ways, one of which is the prevalence of crime.
“Putting it in a store would have been a cop-out. And I wanted it in an unexpected place. The coolest place I could think of would be outdoors. That’s amazing. In Brooklyn. And guess what, we found a park,” she said. “You’re in a park! That’s crazy amazing, and the vending machine is in front of you, and you can buy something.”
Uh....I......Okay, that's called advertising. And she's getting several thousand dollars worth of advertising from the existence of the machine and even from this theft. I say "several thousand dollars" because I assume $13,000 is the list price of jewelry that was stolen.

I first thought, yeah, really slick insurance scam! Then I saw the Instagram video. You can chalk this one up to the liberal cluelessness of basic human nature.  The NYPD said to be on the lookout for one male negro in his 20s or 30s, 5-foot-10 and about 220 pounds, wearing a black T-shirt and gray pants with a stolen credit card possibly accompanied by a female drenched in a load of really crappy fancy lookin' jewelry...

H/T Ann Althouse

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Moonbats and Problematic & Offensive Disney Films

I have to admit, when I first heard gay Hollywood had gained control of Disney Studios I expected the worst. But the infectious stew of Political Correct Theology and Self-Righteous Hypocrisy that has since swept Hollywood actors burns even hotter than any of us predicted. 

Recent case-in-point are two actresses who have publicly for some reason announced they no longer allow their children to be negatively influenced by some classic Disney animated films made from fairy tales beloved by past generations, because Snow White is kissed non-consensually by a necrophilic prince, and "Cinderella" and "The Little Mermaid" reinforce the sexist "damsel in distress" theme.  As I have said here numerous times, I didn't give a shit about their opinions when these over-payed Hollywood imbeciles were waiting on my table, and I still don't. I rarely see their work. But, it's bad enough we already have Whoopie Goldberg giving us a  politically correct warning at the beginning of the video box sets of classic Warner Bros. Loonie Tunes Cartoons, that I can't help but wonder how long before the same is mandated for a Hans Christian Anderson or Brothers Grimm Fairy tales.

Matt Walsh takes all this to an obvious conclusion with a tongue-and-cheek attack on Disney's disgracefully animated sexism and bigotry that Hollywood feminist believe threatens the minds of children. There has to be a statue of Walt somewhere that needs to be torn down........

Problematic And Offensive Disney Films That No Child 
Should Ever Be Allowed To Watch

Pocahontas - I cannot for the life of me understand why "Pocahontas" hasn't been banned and all of the people involved in its production sent to prison camps. "Pocahontas" features extremely harmful and retrograde Native American stereotypes and a deeply troubling White Savior story line. The character Pocahontas is not only sexualized and objectified but reduced to an outdated caricature of an Indian woman who sings about the wind and talks to trees.
Aladdin - Where to begin? Shall we discuss the Middle Eastern stereotypes, the eroticized female character, or the titular Arabic boy who looks and sounds suspiciously white? "It was Euro-colonialist propaganda that utterly trivialized and finally erased the lived experience of actual Arabs. And of course this is all to say nothing of the Genie, a person of color who is caged in a lamp and forced to serve Aladdin as a literal slave. Euro-colonialist, indeed.
Pinocchio - Pinocchio" is a transphobic river of bigoted filth gushing down a mountain of sexism and racism. Pinocchio spends the whole film pining to become "a real boy." A more progressive and enlightened movie would send Pinocchio out on a quest to become a poly-amorous lesbian or an androgynous genderqueer asexual. Instead, Pinocchio is assigned his gender by his deranged puppet master and he never once questions it or even considers whether the very idea of "real boyhood" might in fact be a primitive philosophical artifact of a backward and binary age.
The Lion King -  Set in Africa yet almost all of the characters are voiced by white actors. One of the only black characters in the whole film is Mufasa, and guess what happens to him? He's trampled to death by wildebeests in one of the most racist moments in Hollywood history. Notice that the wildebeests are also black, which is a not-so-subtle reference to the bigoted "black on black crime" motif.

I could continue this list but it is causing me to relive the trauma I experienced when I first saw these movies. Certainly, "Winnie the Pooh" is out because of its harmful portrayal of overweight people and its pseudoscientific insistence that obesity is linked to sugar consumption. "Toy Story" is problematic because the boy only owns gender-typical toys. "Lady and the Tramp" makes light of sexual assault when the boy dog non-consensually kisses the girl dog as they share a plate of spaghetti. "Bambi" sends a troubling message about animal rights. "The Sword in the Stone" is 90 minutes of toxic masculinity. "Tarzan" features a man who thinks he's a monkey, which is clearly meant to mock and trivialize body dysmorphia.

Perhaps the only acceptable and even halfway progressive Disney movie is "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." The straight white male is a hideous, deformed virgin beast rightly exiled from polite society. This, indeed, is how all white men ought to be portrayed. If only they could all be locked in a bell tower and forgotten. Then perhaps the rest of us could finally live in peace.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Think Things Have Been Contentious Lately, Wait Till Nov. 7th.

In normal times the next presidential campaign would begin the day after the midterm elections. Now, in the age of anti-Trump media / Twitter Era, and all remnants of political normalcy extinguished, the 2020 Democratic primary campaign has already been raging for months. And anyone who has followed politics will agree that the assets, energy, and passion displayed during the lead up to this midterm cycle is more on par with the 2016 presidential election. What will be unique about the 2020 election is it will be the first in which the full forces of the “uncivil war” are unleashed, and even encouraged by some elected leaders and flame-throwing media pretending to be journalist. An increase in extreme passion will lead to frequent mass protests orchestrated by professional organizers representing left-wing groups. “Angry mobs” are now part of the chaotic political/cultural landscape. Quickly assembled via social media, and fueled by the prospects of DJT's re-election, that political passion will likely incite more confrontations in the streets and public places. The democrat base are certifiably a leftist cult. Win or lose on Nov. 6, expect them to come unglued. 

Two decades ago in what was quaintly called “the culture wars”, the fight to keep a national culture steeped in the traditional Judeo/Christian values upon which it was founded was lost, and defeat quickly morphed into a full scale vengeful “uncivil war.” This term is now widely used to describe the unhinged polarization and win-at-all-costs partisanship of the left.  Divisive racial, gender, anti-government and single-issue-based identity groups are now permanent forces. Many are well-funded, growing more militant and on track to become even more powerful and disruptive in 2020. Identity groups are empowered by the results of bloc voting. Ultimately, this means that instead of E pluribus unum, Latin for “Out of many, one”, the motto should now read, “E pluribus schisma” – “Out of many, division.” 

If Democrats win control of the House of Representatives, Donald Trump could be the first president to run for re-election while impeachment proceedings are underway. The 2020 presidential election will steer our nation through a gasoline-soaked incendiary course, even without impeachment. And so, if impeachment is thrown into the proverbial political fire, prepare for an historic inferno and much gnashing of teeth.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Democrats Fear Third Rate Ambulance Chaser Will Drag The Party Into the Gutter

Many Democrats believe the Third Rate Ambulance Chaser with a Napoleon Complex and legal council to porn queen/stripper Stormy what's her name, Micheal Avenatti, damaged their grand plan to stop Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. As one senior Democratic aide told The Hill at the time, "Avenatti “f*cked it all up” when he introduced a third women making outrageous claims against Kavanaugh.

And now, democrats are afraid the creepy porn lawyer will drag the party into a gutter fight they can't win......or as they should have said, further into the gutter than they already are.....
BPR - Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti was hit Monday with a second major fail in recent weeks when a California federal court dismissed porn star Stormy Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump, ordering her to pay Trump’s legal fees — a humiliating defeat for Avenatti. 
But this hasn’t deterred Avenatti from trying to establish himself as a leading voice in the Democrat Party — whether the party wants his “smash mouth” approach or not. Having toyed with the idea of running for president in 2020, Avenatti told The Hill on Monday that prominent Democrat strategists are “out of touch” and “clueless” about how to win against Trump and Republicans.
“I think they’re out of touch. I don’t think they understand what’s required. I think they’re clueless. We’re not living in 2012 or 2008 or 1992 anymore. You’ve got to engage in smash-mouth politics if you’re going to beat Donald Trump. Democrats are not going to beat Donald Trump by engaging in wishy washy yammering ways of the past. It’s never going to happen. The only way you’re going beat him is by hitting him twice as hard as he hits you. He is a classic bully and that’s how you deal with bullies.”
That's a strategy he may want to discuss with a few Republicans who tried it during the 2016 GOP primary. 
“There’s a difference between getting in the gutter and being tough, and I don’t think Michael Avenatti understands that,” Patti Solis Doyle, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in 2008 told The Hill. “This isn’t a strategy, this is a spectacle,” Doyle added. “And the spectacle is great for getting a lot of Twitter followers and retweets, but when push comes to shove … what’s he doing for the party?” 
According to The Hill, Avenatti has been “informally seeking advice from Adam Parkhomenko,” co-founder and executive director of the super PAC Ready for Hillary. Given his record of failure, it’s only fitting that Avenatti seeks advice from those who were defeated by Trump. - Read More

Monday, October 15, 2018

Face It Lizzy, You're Just Another White Girl.......

We all laughed at Rachel Dolezal, a woman so obsessed with racial politics that she found her skin to be so offensive to her that she literally did what was necessary to pass herself off as a black woman. Even the left, who was ironically shouting that boys could be girls and vice versa thought her a loon. They need racial issues to be a set thing in order to keep up a thriving privilege narrative and racial divide for healthy voting blocs.

Elizabeth Warren has been struggling against her whiteness for some time. As a Senator, there isn’t really anything special about her. She’s a wealthy, upper-class white woman who has no stand-out characteristics in her personality, except she can be obnoxiously verbose. As far as she goes, she’s another brick in the Democrat sewer drain. What Warren does have is a need for attention, an edge.

She chose to claim Native American ancestry and has benefited from her deception. She was laughed at by the right as tribes denounced her claim due to not finding her lineage in any of their carefully kept records. Regardless, she continued to double, triple, and quadruple down on the claim. She had to because if she didn’t she would just be white. According to the media, Senator Lizzy has now proven that she has Native American ancestry, but mostly has proven she has about as much Native American ancestry as everyone else. And the natives ain't happy.

To make matters worse, she wasn’t even actually tested against Native American DNA (much less Cherokee, which was her original claim). Instead, she was tested against DNA from…Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.

Yes, you read that right. The reason for this is obvious. She clearly didn’t have any Cherokee DNA as she claimed, so the tester decided he’d use just Latin American DNA as a stand in so he could prop up her claim. He found a tiny bit of Latin American DNA within her heritage and used that to say that she has Native American heritage. How does he make this claim? Because some Native Americans, going back to crossing from Russia tens of thousands of years ago, kept going and ended up south of the modern United States. 

But the wagons were circled  and the talking points in her defense went out to the media.

In 2020, any mention of this will elicit claims that she was telling the truth, that the media reported on it, and that it’s a closed case. They are already trying to frame this in the same vein as the birther non-sense. It’s all nakedly transparent.

(Bonchies Diaries)
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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Middle Finger Symphony Sunday Matinee

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Just What America Needs, More Baldwin.

Looking Like He's Fresh From A Three Day Drinking Binge, Hygiene Challenged 
Actor Alec Baldwin At A Recent Public Appearance - Getty Images

ABC/Alec Baldwin Throttle Up for New Train Wreck Talk Show 

Hollywood wash-out, B-list TV actor and New York's favorite angry white guy,  Alec Baldwin and The Disney Corp are teaming for a new ABC network talk show. The project is based on Baldwin's WNYC radio show/podcast 'Here's the Thing With Alec Baldwin.' Baldwin being a vehement Trump hater who gained favor with lo-info millennials was awarded an Emmy by the Hollywood leftist for helping rescue most every weekend a pathetically unfunny SNL with his over-the-top portrayal of the Donald Trump.

The new talk show would expand Baldwin's relationship with the network where he currently goes through the motions as a bored, bloated card reader, hosting mostly other show-biz has beens on the game show 'Match Game'.  I'm not sure it matters where they schedule Baldwin show if you remember his last unscripted shot at TV talk over at MSBNC. 'Up Late' with Alec Baldwin" was the painfully worst late-night talk show in the history of human media pathology. 

The series lasted a mere five episodes and aired Fridays at 10 p.m. from October 11 to November 8, 2013 and Alec got his ass fired from MSBNC for two homophobic incidents within the span of about 6 months. He's volatile, he's cantankerous, but for some reason people seem to like him.  Well, except Hollywood who won't touch him with a ten foot pole......

NBC: "No one could make a bigger mistake than we did hiring Megyn Kelly!" 

ABC: "Hold my beer."
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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mugging America in Broad Open Daylight

After the sanctuary city of San Francisco expanded voting to illegal aliens in some local elections, desperate California lefties now want to fraudulently boost its Congressional representation and federal funding by continuing to include illegal aliens in their census. Now leading the charge is none other than the disgraced Senator San Fran Feinstein herself, who seems confused by the fact those of us who are citizens might not want people from other countries vote on who represents us. Surprised?

As we wrote in March: 
The Commerce Department confirmed  that the 2020 census will ask respondents if they are U.S. citizens or not. On the face of it, that’s a pretty innocuous question. It was used until 1950 but was part of the short form starting in 1910 until its removal in 2010 after the dems and Barky Obama got their clocked cleaned big time in the mid terms and lost an historic number of seats.  But the lefties now believe that beneath the surface it’s part of a vile Trump style voter suppression move. 

New York City, who continues to coddle illegal aliens and defy Federal law, created a “NYC-ID” card that was meant to help undocumented illegal aliens with a card for identification, health care, and governmental services (you can bet there's no hanky-panky going on there) all payed for with New Yorker's hard earned tax money. 

Vanita Gupta, a former Obama toadie and president & CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (they do love to give themselves names with Civil and Human Rights in the title don't they) said that “there is already data that the heightened level of fear among Latino populations, created by the Trump administration’s hostile policies and rhetoric and could depress their participation in the 2020 census. You mean a heightened level of fear because They Are Here Illegally?!

The results according to experts means less power for Democrats. Under-counting of Latino populations, which will in turn affect government services, budgets, and voter rolls. No, they shouldn't be accounted for in 
government services & budgets. They Illegally Entered the Country!!  Non-citizens can’t vote, (yeah, you keep sayin' that BS ) but they are still counted for congressional districts and state congressional representation, which they shouldn't be because They're Here Illegally! 

It’s quite possible that California will lose one or more of its seats in the House of Representatives if enough illegals don’t respond to the census, so says the California Attorney General. This is also particularly galling to snowflake progressives because the 2020 census will also not count how many LGBT queers there are in America, mainly because they are counting heads, not sexual orientations... and no one really cares!! 


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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Triggered by the 'M' Word

Rand Paul is warning that there will likely be assassinations in the future, thanks to political actors (and I assume he includes our dreadful media in that) has turned up the rhetoric to 15. That's what the media claimed during the "Climate of Hate" days, right? So if they believed that then, they must also believe it now. Or do they just not care, because they think the likely trigger-pullers will be their leftwing allies taking care of some turbulent priests. Minnesota Educator Placed on Leave Over 'Kill Kavanaugh' Tweet.

But the lovely Brooke Baldwin of CNN, who suffers from acute public mascara overdoses, will hear none of this. She won't even acknowledge that a mob of angry leftists chasing Ted Cruz and his family out of a restaurant (a mob which presumably wanted to shout some "commonsense solutions" to them)  was actually a mob at all. Not only that, she's triggered by none other than a fellow traveler, a writer from the leftist  'Daily Beast', and repeatedly denies that a mob was in fact a mob.

As you can see, Brooke Baldwin is now aging quite well out of her role as just another Bubblegum Blonde Teleprompter News Reader.

It's significant that the leftwing media continues encouraging violence at the same time their former presidential candidate declares the end of civic peace, at least until Democrats take back power, of course. I keep saying this but now that the leftist media has expressly endorsed the tactic of nonstop public harassment of public political figures, such as the Democrats' PR arm the Media, it is only a matter of time before these same threatening, likely-to-lead to violence tactics are visited upon them.
At a time when Republicans are being shot, stabbed, doxxed, beaten, mailed powder, run out of restaurants, and sent death threats, Hillary Clinton urges Democrats to be even more uncivil. What an irresponsible statement. Every Democrat should denounce. - U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D (R- LA) 
Anyone who turned on their TV this last month saw a mob screaming at lawmakers, trying to prevent hearings from happening, storming barricades, yelling at law enforcement, and trying to bang down the doors of the Supreme. - U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)
When Brooke Baldwin can never eat in public in peace, she'll start asking Republicans to white knight for her and condemn the tactic. And I'm sure some cucks will be eager to take a CNN's thirty pieces of silver to do so -- cucks'll sell their mother's virtue for airfare and a per diem. 

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Slow Ugly Self Demise Of The Leftist Media Machine

by Burghal Hidage 

Underneath it all she had always been a petulant little witch. The type who at the age of twelve and a half was permitted to join the adult table, yet could not simply content herself with the honor. She doesn’t even bother with the makeup any more. She’s been exposed to all, to the most intimate detail. She still carries the same skin, even if all of the dough beneath has settled to form unsightly bags and cellulite deposits. In her own mind she’s still all that. Where this is present in some it inspires a certain admiration for such security in one’s self.

In Gazette’s case it can but inspire pity, for we see not a woman liberated of her inhibitions; instead, a woman drunken on her former glories. She longs to once again feel that intoxication experienced in her heroic age, the days of The Pentagon Papers and Watergate, not realizing that this dragon will ever elude her grasp.

She is one of them now, the predictable fruit of every other revolution. We needn’t feel embarrassment for her, our pity is to be reserved for those more worthy of such tender mercies. Gazette now seeks neither sympathy nor solace. She has grown petty and thin-skinned, her only purpose now is vengeance. Throughout her sordid history she has (for convenience, amusement or both) made her bed with some equally unscrupulous characters. In her glory years these were singular encounters, a darkened rendezvous with a Deep Throat. As her star faded she had morphed into just another useful tool, until she graduated to a full on gang bang with the Deep State.

Gazette’s real kink has always been about being on the inside, recipient and disseminator of rumor, gossip and palace intrigue. Being invited to and becoming the life of all the best DC circuit cocktail parties. In her day she was the Grand Mistress to all, the whore incarnate within her home circles; while posing the Madonna face to the contemptible masses, cooing her gentle, motherly scold to the unwashed curs for their ignorant transgressions against the public virtue of the day. Her manipulations were masterful, her physical dexterity superhuman: contorting to any position required that might offer an orifice to all comers. And this was how she was to be repaid? No, no, no….not her. This will not stand.

Make no mistake, my friends. This lady still has more tricks in her. One does not rocket through her orbits and not come into the possession of certain, shall we say “leverage points”. In days of old these might still hold some currency. Had she kept her circle of friends to a more exclusive membership she might still be able to survive with this play. Not so in today’s world. She has left herself too widely exposed. The parties inside of her bubble may not hear much of anything that comes from outside of it, but they certainly do one hell of a lot of talking within it. Gazette always wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She wanted to enjoy the privileges of being on the inside without having to assume any of the risks. She realizes now, too late, that with her sources compromised she is no longer any value and, by extension, no threat. She is equally compromised, fully implicated and in short: reduced to an accomplice.

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Monday, October 8, 2018

What's a Four Letter Word for 'Tone Deaf Fake Indian'?

Senator Lizzy Warren (D- Mass)

If anyone knows about brazenly stealing things from Native Americans, it’s Elizabeth Warren. It’s sad enough that lefties have tried to erase Christopher Columbus from history, but of all people to tweet at #IndigenousPeoplesDay, Senator Lizzy manages to show her tone deafness, or that she just doesn't have any shame:

Of course as always, someone was peeking over the fence....

But, Senator Lizzy was in good company.........

And of course they never mention the slavery, genocide, atrocities against their fellow native american tribes, or the patriarchy that was already here when Columbus arrived. We won't talk about that.......

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A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Middle Finger Symphony Sunday Matinee

*No Tuxedos Required *

Brought To You By BLUESJUNKY: Honorary Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

Friday, October 5, 2018

We Should Never View The Democrat Party the Same Again

It Seems the Kavanaugh confirmation process has become the death rattle of the old Democrat Party (not that it was responsible for very much to be proud of for the past 200 odd years anyway) and the veneer of civility and respect for the rule of law, and its complete transformation and subsuming into and by a full-on bust-out Marxist neo-Maoist tyranny that is now openly fomenting political violence and the destruction of whatever vestiges of the Constitution and American principles of jurisprudence as well as comity that remain extant. And to paraphrase the great Fred Allen you can take what's left of any sense of decency the Dems may have had, place it in the navel of a fruit fly and still have room for three caraway seeds and Hillary Clinton's heart. But I digress...

The long march through the institutions, primarily through academia, has given us at least three generations of American citizens at best ignorant of our heritage, culture, laws, traditions and Judeo-Christian morality and ethics and as we are witnessing openly contemptuous of it and growing violent in the extreme to any and all who defend it. David Horowitz, who truly is a tireless defender of liberty and freedom (ironic since he was once a red-diaper baby and fellow traveler of Bill Ayers and the Weathermen) states it plainly:
"Every American should be concerned that an ideology so antithetic to everything this country has stood for should now be the conventional wisdom of half the country (including all the persecutors of Judge Kavanaugh). The U.S. Constitution does not contain the words "white," "black," "male" or "female," precisely because the Founders believed they were creating a society in which true equality would one day prevail. It took nearly two hundred years to bring about the social changes that would realize that dream. 
For the last fifty years, however, the left and the Democratic Party have been working hard to turn back the clock and reverse these gains - - to introduce racial and gender categories and quotas into virtually every aspect of social life, to portray white Americans as guilty before the fact, and non-white Americans as innocent even when the facts show they are not. The progressive goal is totalitarian in nature: to erase individuals, their achievements and failures and every aspect of the circumstances in which they find themselves, in order to judge them on the basis of their skin color, their gender and their sexual orientation."
Putting everything else aside, the Dem leadership is both caught in as well as caught up in what may very well be an historical turning point in the party's history and the nation's history. - Quoted from J.J. Sefton@AceHQ

Democrats did not need the U.S. Supreme Court to institute Social Security or establish the Peace Corps. But abortion on demand, gay marriage, prohibition on school prayer, the abolition of the death penalty, and much else on the liberal wish list became the law of the land because of the U.S. Supreme Court, a parallel national legislature when controlled by the Left. A party without the speaker’s gavel or the word “majority” prefixing “leader” struggles to pass substantive legislation. Add to these handicaps widespread public contempt for much of that party’s agenda, and one begins to see why Democrats need the courts so much. Unfortunately for them, the rude, no-holds-barred gambit for the high court (dishonestly used as something other than a court in their hands) makes it even further from their grasp.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

No, Senator Heidi Won't Be A Heroine, Just a Farting Hippo Falling On A Dull Sword

Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND)

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp shocked just about no one by announcing that she will vote NO to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. She's a red-state Democrat senator running for re-election facing a double digit lead by her opponent in a state DJT won by close to 40%. She's toast, but valiantly claims she will vote no "even if it cost her an election", one she probably knows she won't win anyway. Way to throw yourself on your sword there Heidi. 

The last week showed the dems on the national stage increasingly falling into disarray and chaos. Senator Heidi's decision may be just a Hail-Mary to the back of the end-zone and get her a few extra votes from the teachers union in Minot. But you can bet after the mid-terms she will be invited to all the talk shows, portrayed as a Bold Feminist Heroine and Great Defender of Women and Democracy who gave all for her country. Who knows, they may even name a rock in North Dakota in her honor or something. To be truthful, the few times I've seen this woman on TV she reminded me of every female prison guard I've seem in the movies, and she kinda made my skin crawl......

Come on North Dakota, send Heidi back to the Natural Gas Co. where she came from!

Your News Cycle of Outrage for the Next 48-72 Hours

Expect the outrage to be played out across the media as they join in a choir of Kavanaugh's destroyers to attack the FBI report, and repeat the falsehood the FBI refused to interview Christine Ford or her collaborating witnesses.  Dr. Ford's story is already well documented and THERE ARE NO CORROBORATING WITNESSES! The FBI interviewed the witnesses she claimed, the witnesses did not support the claim. If the attorneys had more witnesses who could corroborate her testimony they should have identified them to the Committee. They did not. But when has any of this been about the truth..... 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sara Sanders Dropkicks CNN's Jim Acosta.

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Oh The Irony: Squinty & Meat Puppet Criticize One-sided Bias of Media's Kavanaugh Circus

Anyone who has unfortunately spent any time killing brain cells watching the Dynamic Duo of Joe in the Morning should know everything between the intro and exit music is nutty one-sided bias epitomized. With the usual round-table lineup of vicious pinhead leftist making ridiculous allegations, sometime stopping just short of calling for insurrection, it is just a bit ironic to hear these two imply media bias. The wonders never stop.....