Friday, October 19, 2018

Moonbats and Problematic & Offensive Disney Films

I have to admit, when I first heard gay Hollywood had gained control of Disney Studios I expected the worst. But the infectious stew of Political Correct Theology and Self-Righteous Hypocrisy that has since swept Hollywood actors burns even hotter than any of us predicted. 

Recent case-in-point are two actresses who have publicly for some reason announced they no longer allow their children to be negatively influenced by some classic Disney animated films made from fairy tales beloved by past generations, because Snow White is kissed non-consensually by a necrophilic prince, and "Cinderella" and "The Little Mermaid" reinforce the sexist "damsel in distress" theme.  As I have said here numerous times, I didn't give a shit about their opinions when these over-payed Hollywood imbeciles were waiting on my table, and I still don't. I rarely see their work. But, it's bad enough we already have Whoopie Goldberg giving us a  politically correct warning at the beginning of the video box sets of classic Warner Bros. Loonie Tunes Cartoons, that I can't help but wonder how long before the same is mandated for a Hans Christian Anderson or Brothers Grimm Fairy tales.

Matt Walsh takes all this to an obvious conclusion with a tongue-and-cheek attack on Disney's disgracefully animated sexism and bigotry that Hollywood feminist believe threatens the minds of children. There has to be a statue of Walt somewhere that needs to be torn down........

Problematic And Offensive Disney Films That No Child 
Should Ever Be Allowed To Watch

Pocahontas - I cannot for the life of me understand why "Pocahontas" hasn't been banned and all of the people involved in its production sent to prison camps. "Pocahontas" features extremely harmful and retrograde Native American stereotypes and a deeply troubling White Savior story line. The character Pocahontas is not only sexualized and objectified but reduced to an outdated caricature of an Indian woman who sings about the wind and talks to trees.
Aladdin - Where to begin? Shall we discuss the Middle Eastern stereotypes, the eroticized female character, or the titular Arabic boy who looks and sounds suspiciously white? "It was Euro-colonialist propaganda that utterly trivialized and finally erased the lived experience of actual Arabs. And of course this is all to say nothing of the Genie, a person of color who is caged in a lamp and forced to serve Aladdin as a literal slave. Euro-colonialist, indeed.
Pinocchio - Pinocchio" is a transphobic river of bigoted filth gushing down a mountain of sexism and racism. Pinocchio spends the whole film pining to become "a real boy." A more progressive and enlightened movie would send Pinocchio out on a quest to become a poly-amorous lesbian or an androgynous genderqueer asexual. Instead, Pinocchio is assigned his gender by his deranged puppet master and he never once questions it or even considers whether the very idea of "real boyhood" might in fact be a primitive philosophical artifact of a backward and binary age.
The Lion King -  Set in Africa yet almost all of the characters are voiced by white actors. One of the only black characters in the whole film is Mufasa, and guess what happens to him? He's trampled to death by wildebeests in one of the most racist moments in Hollywood history. Notice that the wildebeests are also black, which is a not-so-subtle reference to the bigoted "black on black crime" motif.

I could continue this list but it is causing me to relive the trauma I experienced when I first saw these movies. Certainly, "Winnie the Pooh" is out because of its harmful portrayal of overweight people and its pseudoscientific insistence that obesity is linked to sugar consumption. "Toy Story" is problematic because the boy only owns gender-typical toys. "Lady and the Tramp" makes light of sexual assault when the boy dog non-consensually kisses the girl dog as they share a plate of spaghetti. "Bambi" sends a troubling message about animal rights. "The Sword in the Stone" is 90 minutes of toxic masculinity. "Tarzan" features a man who thinks he's a monkey, which is clearly meant to mock and trivialize body dysmorphia.

Perhaps the only acceptable and even halfway progressive Disney movie is "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." The straight white male is a hideous, deformed virgin beast rightly exiled from polite society. This, indeed, is how all white men ought to be portrayed. If only they could all be locked in a bell tower and forgotten. Then perhaps the rest of us could finally live in peace.

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