Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Think Things Have Been Contentious Lately, Wait Till Nov. 7th.

In normal times the next presidential campaign would begin the day after the midterm elections. Now, in the age of anti-Trump media / Twitter Era, and all remnants of political normalcy extinguished, the 2020 Democratic primary campaign has already been raging for months. And anyone who has followed politics will agree that the assets, energy, and passion displayed during the lead up to this midterm cycle is more on par with the 2016 presidential election. What will be unique about the 2020 election is it will be the first in which the full forces of the “uncivil war” are unleashed, and even encouraged by some elected leaders and flame-throwing media pretending to be journalist. An increase in extreme passion will lead to frequent mass protests orchestrated by professional organizers representing left-wing groups. “Angry mobs” are now part of the chaotic political/cultural landscape. Quickly assembled via social media, and fueled by the prospects of DJT's re-election, that political passion will likely incite more confrontations in the streets and public places. The democrat base are certifiably a leftist cult. Win or lose on Nov. 6, expect them to come unglued. 

Two decades ago in what was quaintly called “the culture wars”, the fight to keep a national culture steeped in the traditional Judeo/Christian values upon which it was founded was lost, and defeat quickly morphed into a full scale vengeful “uncivil war.” This term is now widely used to describe the unhinged polarization and win-at-all-costs partisanship of the left.  Divisive racial, gender, anti-government and single-issue-based identity groups are now permanent forces. Many are well-funded, growing more militant and on track to become even more powerful and disruptive in 2020. Identity groups are empowered by the results of bloc voting. Ultimately, this means that instead of E pluribus unum, Latin for “Out of many, one”, the motto should now read, “E pluribus schisma” – “Out of many, division.” 

If Democrats win control of the House of Representatives, Donald Trump could be the first president to run for re-election while impeachment proceedings are underway. The 2020 presidential election will steer our nation through a gasoline-soaked incendiary course, even without impeachment. And so, if impeachment is thrown into the proverbial political fire, prepare for an historic inferno and much gnashing of teeth.

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