Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Antifa Goes to College

"This is the return of Antifa, folks. Same tactics. Same violence. Same organizing. Same “uniforms.” Same demeanor. They just won’t call themselves Antifa. That means MSNBC will start covering for them.  

Monday, April 29, 2024


 Lots of wind damage from last night's storms.  Trees down everywhere. No internet. See you soon.

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Your Sunday Soothingness

Just for you, because your Blog Editrix loves each and every one of you, another bit of Sunday Soothingness, a choice morsel drawn from your Beloved Editrix's personal digs. Here is a short track from a very uniquely talented, multi-disciplined musician named 'Bruce Zisis Maginnis'. This tune, from his 4th record and like his previous 3 offerings that include the excellent  'Emotive Piano' and 'Jazz Vault', explores a total different genre of music than the previous effort. This time he leans into the music of the Old South. From his newest offering"Borderlands" this is a haunting little tune titled "Misty Mountain".

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Friday, April 26, 2024

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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A Dark Turn Down a Familiar Street.

There has been a major shift in the culture. In the past, whenever the Palestinian/Israeli conflict flared up, anti-Israeli sentiment in America was limited to the frothing fringe of the Left, with both the political Right, and the mainstream political Left standing in the support of the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, and both sides recognizing the cynical, self destructive tactics of Israel's extremist enemies which stalemate the situation (Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad).

But Gen Z goes into the evaluation of this long enduring conflict with a completely different mentality. That's because it has been significantly shaped by a radical cultural ideology, to which virtue comes from victimhood and suffering rather than from right conduct. People are entirely a product of their social circumstances (as Critical Theory Propagandist tell us) and the conduct of the oppressed is simply an expression of their desperation and suffering at the hands of powerful systems. Those systems are themselves the only truly “unethical” force that is in play, and they must be reformed in order to reform the individual. (no self reflection required)

In the summer of 2020, I watched nightly online live streams of senseless violence (including against the livelihood of civilians) that was justified by the cause: the alleviation of alleged suffering and oppression at the hands of law enforcement - by burning down mattress stores and burger joints. 

The Palestinian /Israeli conflict plays into this Oppressor/Oppressed (stronger/weaker) narrative where there is no “morality” there is only “justice” (which means “equity”). It leads to a justification of a “By Any Means Necessary” ideology , just as long as the means is not sufficient enough to turn the stronger party into the weaker party. Israel is the powerful, more militarily dominant liberal democratic nation so it must be wrong in this clash between itself and a poorer, chaotic struggling society. The advocate of traditional Western morality however judges each party whether small or great according to the morality of its intentional actions. According to that calculus Israel is, for the most part, a free nation attempting to defend its citizens, Hamas and the PLJ are obscenely immoral terrorist organizations that intentionally target the innocent, and the Palestinian people, victims of their own making now caught in the middle.

The unfortunate thing is that we now see this debate spilling over in the form of ugly leftist anti-semitic language and behavior toward normal American citizens who happen to be Jewish. And of course the rhetoric of classical anti-Semitism uses the exact same language of the oppressor/oppressed, "the Jews run the world, they own and control everything and we are their hapless victims." This was of course the rhetoric of the Nazis.

And as with the other paradigms of oppressor v.s. oppressed,  it doesn't actually matter if it's accurate or not.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Your Official Big Ass Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Early Mid-Week Open Thread

It's been three long weeks since the last Big Ass Open Thread and lots has happened since, so I know y'all possess a few new brain wrinkles and are overflowing with recently absorbed knowledge and newly acquired information you're anxious to share with us all. Not to mention you're probably bursting with accolades for your Beloved Blog Editrix.

It continues to be a wild ride here on our third stone from the sun, so let us take a quick look from 10,000 feet....

The Repubs continue to threaten us with a loss in November to a senile clown with their circular firing squad and other antics .........3 Soros backed Negroes with a combined integrity of a street corner heroin dealer are prosecuting persecuting (like him or not) our former President like third world shitholes do, while the media cheers them on for ratings and future lucrative book deals............our coward-and- chief, who spends more time at home (where not subject to official call and visitor logs) than he does in the oval office, can't regularly make it past 12 noon without a visit from Dr. Feelgood (yeah I said it) shits his pants and lies his ass off and has gone to shouting like a South American dictator about his opposition on the campaign trail...........we are being reassured of the fact throwing $80K a year at an elite institution of higher learning can produce just as many idiots as intelligent people............and let's not forget 185 pound trannies beating up 15 year old girls in their own school restrooms.  But  if all that doesn't make you want to drink yourself into a stupor, Taylor Swift's new album is being criticized for being  poorly written..........OH THE HUMANITY!

BUT, on the upside, congress agreed to throw away send out more of your tax money and the Ukrainian civil service employees are assured of their 4 weeks of paid vacation and  Zelinsky's  ol' lady can take her regular summer Paris shopping trips. 

Okay, the floor is yours. Regular house rules apply. And use the damn coasters! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Presented Without Comment.....

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For Those Who Haven't Been Paying Attention.....

I ask, how many over the age of 40 belived in the year 2000 that anything in this video was coming straight at you?
via Western Lensman

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Monday, April 22, 2024


The Department of Education has released it's changes to Title IX. The twisted and increasingly authoritarian Biden administration, who tout themselves as the leaders of the "Party of Science" just virtually eliminated what we have known as girl's and women's sports in the USA.  The new final rules re-write discrimination as "based on stereotypes, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex characteristics.” But not actual sex.

In other words, Government is eliminating sex-based categories and distinctions. They're gaslighting us into accepting that there is no actual difference between males and females. People who aren't familiar with US law won't understand how radical this is.

If implemented, it will guarantee preference for trans over women in many situations. There is only gender identity, sexual orientation, and sex “characteristics” which are not the same as biological sex.

They are playing games with language. And smuggling in lies. National Women's Law Center President Fatima Goss Graves, the liberal witness at the Title IX hearing, said that female athletes should "learn to lose gracefully" -- to biological men.

This is exactly the type of far-reaching “rule change” that should require a vote from Congress. No nameless DC bureaucrat should have the power to impose their ideology on the entire country, let alone impose a “rule” to effectively negate the law as written. The Department of Education has no power to rewrite a law that was passed by Congress. Any changes to Title IX would have to come from Congress.

My guess is that it will be overturned...but with that said, you mind fucked LADIES, you cried for this. You were the ones demanding "equity", "equality", "fairness" and "tolerance" for men in dresses. You supported "trans-women" and let them into our games; into our spaces; into our ceremonies, into our bathrooms, into our contest, and then gave them providence and gravitas with chants of, "you go girl", and "we support you" and called them "brave and courageous" as well as "stunning and beautiful" and they slowly took over OUR places and spaces...and now, the chickens have come home to roost. 

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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sunday Soothingness

Just for you, a another bit of Sunday Soothingness, a choice morsel drawn from your Beloved Blog Editrix's personal digs. Here I give you a track by Canadian guitarist David Gogo, an exceptional cover of James Brown's classic "It's a Mans World" from Gogo's 2001 album "Halfway To Memphis".

Friday, April 19, 2024

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Just in Time For Election Campaign Season - Volume 1

Joe Biden to Release Volume 1 of 'JRB'- His 5 Volume Monumental Memoir: 

From his picturesque description of travel down the birth canal, to his selfless volunteering as a young boy to act as the canary in the coal mine in his hometown of Scranton PA. during the great canary shortage of '49,  Volume 1 'The Early Years 1942-52', and the volumes to follow promise never before told tales of adventure and accidental heroism, colorful characters and revealing peeks behind the scenes in the life of America's Beloved 46th President. - NPR

Volume 1 'The Early Years 1942-52'

Available now for preorder at Amazon Books, or for $10 out of the trunk of Hunter Biden's car. 

Squinty Joe Big Mad Cause Y'all Trashing His America

MSNBC's Mistress Mika B. and Her Eunuch Squinty Joe 
Every since it was leaked that MSNBC's Squinty Joe Scarborough had become Joe Biden's pretty regular evening 'Phone Buddy', I can't get this vision out of my head of Biden on a speaker phone, in his PJs slurping the dregs of his melted Rocky Road ice cream from a Spider-Man cereal bowl while Squinty Joe, on the other end of the call,  in one of Mika's muumuus kicked up in a bed of 'My Pillow' pillows, talking strategy as Mika paints Squinty's toe nails with sparkly fingernail polish. (I'm sorry for putting that image in your head). That said, I have noticed a pattern since the leaked friendship, and the election now heating up. Yesterday was a great example.

Even as the videos of the flag burning anti-American/pro-Palestinian protest Monday and clips of Leftist chanting "Death to America" went viral (see previous post below) seemingly right on cue, Squinty Joe goes on air Tuesday morning in 'Useful Idiot' mode, flipping the script for the soft skull viewers and accusing you, Mr. and Mrs. Patriot, of being the ones trashing America.
“Where are you from? Because you may claim to be from where I’m from, but you were not raised by the same teachers I was raised by and you don’t read… I’m getting tired of saying this to people who claim to be patriotic but hate America, because they’re always running America down." 
"They’re always trashing America. They’re always saying America is horrible, its democracy doesn’t work, we need a dictatorship if Donald Trump doesn’t win." 
“They are obsessed on trashing America when America is stronger, more powerful than ever before. Its economy is stronger and more powerful than ever before.”
Then laid into Fox News, claiming the network did not dedicate enough coverage to the first day of Trump’s trial...
“I’ll just say it, on Fox News, they didn’t want to show Donald Trump in trial, so they got three protests and said, protests shut down America, basically.  There were like four migrants and a hound dog on top of a hill in New Mexico. They had their four migrants and a hound dog cam on for hours”.

They're just picking jurors you fucking idiot.  (Sorry)

I also watched Fox News for a total of 30 mins out of one hour. They reported on Trump's day, about pro-Palestinian protests in cities across the country, reported about the tension of Israel-Hamas war, the Weather, the fiasco at NPR as well as the record high illegal border crossings.  
Ya know. The news of the day. 

Scarborough went on  to claim that the focus on the border crisis and the 'Yeah Hamas/Fuck the Jews/Death to America' protests is part of an effort to make America look bad while Trump is on trial.  And what did Squinty & Meat Puppet, their little pip Willie and the regular panel of well paid democrat propagandist and racial arsonist Rev. Al talk about for three hours? Trump. That's all. Trump.

Feeling that there’s something very wrong within our political, economic, or cultural systems is not trashing it. Get a grip Squinty Joe. You're drifting awful close to Olbermann territory. 

Monday, April 15, 2024

They chant it before they know what it means. Then someone asks what it means. And they chant it again when they know what it means.

[H/T Althouse]

Are you watching America? Are you paying attention? This is Chicago!
This is the same shit I saw growing up in Europe decades ago. Today, I could not, nor would I attempt, to go some of the same places there I once went freely as a teenage with my friends. 
Are you paying attention America?

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A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Your Sunday Soothingness

Just for you, a another bit of Sunday Soothingness, a choice morsel drawn from your Beloved Blog Editrix's personal digs. Here I give you another track that in my opinion is denied any justice at all from the horrible MP4 format of YT.  It's a beautifully recorded and engineered piece titled 'Aqua Marine' from a lesser known 1979 Santana album 'Marathon'.

I would suspect this tune has played during more than its share of baby conception practice sessions over the years.......

Friday, April 12, 2024

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Notorious White House Photobomber Resurfaces

Joe Biden and his caretaker Jill had Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his wife Yuko Kishida over for some grub at the White House Wednesday. Yuko Kishida arrived in a lovely purple evening dress by 'Toso Gumie', while Jill Biden strapped up in a special creation from 'Luigi's Used Upholstery Outlet' for the occasion.  Prime Minister Kishida wore a special name tag that read "I'm Not The Waiter" as not to confuse the President. 

The WH Photobomber, wanted by the Secret Service, FBI, INTERPOL and 
Salvation Army Intelligence appears on the White House steps before the State Dinner   

Also invited for some reason was Hollywood's biggest asshole, TDS ridden Robert De Niro, minus he's 6 inch platform shoes, seen here arriving with the shortest Asian "Lady of the Evening" he could get on short notice.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Bert the Farting Hippo vs. The Eclipse Glasses

Im sorry. This is actually Representive Shelia Jackson Lee. I get the two mixed up all the time.

A Few Good Reasons Future Generations Will Mock Us, As They Should....

Excerpts from KEVIN DOWNEY JR.@PJM

We like to look back and laugh at some of the dumber things our predecessors used to find acceptable, if not normal. Whether our great-grandparents were fining the ugly, pretending smoking was healthy, or giving themselves cancer every time they bought shoes, they had no idea that we, their supposedly more civilized progeny, would laugh at them decades later. 

The difference between them and us? We laugh at them because of their lack of knowledge at the time. We will be mocked for our prideful ignorance.  

1. COVID Codswallop: Professional athletes fought the virus by playing for cardboard crowds. As the world's elected leaders and supposedly greatest medical thinkers took it upon themselves to make insane rules to battle a virus that more than 99% of Americans would survive, nothing looked more insane than professional sports teams playing before an audience entirely made up of cardboard cutouts. Even worse, some narcissistic wonders actually paid money to those teams to use their likenesses on a cutout. 

Megalomaniacal politicians couldn't wait to spew their own brand of tyranny. Mayors shut down basketball courts. School band leaders told their music students to cut holes in their masks. Then-governor Andy Cuomo (D-N.Y.) beclowned himself by declaring that bars could only stay open if they sold food, as though COVID-19 dodged people masticating. Even rules for touching other's persons balls.

2. That's a man, baby!: In the year *2124, people will sit in their cube-apartments and snack on crickets as they look back at us and chortle like the by-then-extinct Howler monkey over the truth bomb that many Americans actually fell for the notion that a man can be a woman by simply stating he is one. (* In this aforementioned scenario, the Marxists have won. All the cows were killed to "make the weather better." Howler monkeys were hunted and BBQ'ed to extinction by 2077.) 

Getting the nation to believe that a man is a woman because he says so isn't the worst of it. Men in dresses were then allowed to pummel women in sporting events. Female athletes who spoke out were threatened into silence. Crazy men "proved" that they were "real women" by inserting frozen tomato paste into their bahookies and pretending to "celebrate their menus." Rational people who didn't play along were fired from their jobs.

3. We allowed ourselves to be replaced. Sure, your grandfather seems grotesque for allowing a doctor to place leeches on his skin or sitting in a filthy Saratoga Springs bathtub to "take in the waters" for his health. Wanna know what Gramps didn't do? He didn't sit back as his nation was taken over. Grandad lied about his age so he could fight tyranny in French hedgerows or on an island thousands of miles away he'd never heard of. Grandma built B-24 bombers in Willow Run, Mich.

We sat back and merely whined as our large blue cities went broke caring for illegal immigrants before sending them into our communities. We complained as our elderly were booted from nursing homes to make room for people who shouldn't be here in the first place, but we didn't do anything. 

We bemoaned the atrocity of paying an illegal family of four more money than we give to a family of four with a disabled military veteran. But in the end, all we did was complain.

Then we did the dumbest thing any supposedly smart society has ever done.........

4. We didn't fire the tyrants: The most laughable move Americans are guilty of is our seemingly eager desire to rehire the monsters who tried to turn the U.S. into a COVID-ridden, commie, transgender hellhole. We the People voted, by and large, to retain the imbecile politicians who plied us with COVID despotism, illegal immigration, and transgender tyranny.

Our generation faces jail for "misgendering" a bearded lady. Even parents in red states have lost their kids to the state because they refused to allow their children to Ginsu their genitals. People remain silent as transamobobs molest kids in restrooms, all because we fear being called "transphobic."

Even more laughable, we sat back and watched those we elected open the borders and allow our replacements to flood into our communities. Yes Americans, You are being replaced. All of us!

Our response to all this madness? We bent our knees and re-elected most of the miscreants who did this to us.  We deserve to be mocked mercilessly, starting today.

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Monday, April 8, 2024

Note To Readers:

Let's help a Blog Brother out.

Longtime Conservative Blogger Doug Hagin @The Daily Gator has hit a difficult patch in life many do these days. He can use our help and support right now. Doug does good work and we need all the voices we have at this time.

Here is a lnk to Doug's Go-Fund Me if you can step up and throw some bucks his way to help Doug out.  

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Friday, April 5, 2024

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Middle Finger Symphony Theater&#8482 
Every Friday at 2:30pm CT

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Big Ass Mid-Week Open Thread.

Your Beloved Blog Editrix, Who Loves Each and Everyone of You, Reluctantly Turns Things Over to You Cause She Got Some Serious Shit to Attend To. Regular ground rules apply......

Use the Coasters and don't give the Sasquatch any liquor. 

The floor is yours......

Georgia Passes Election Security Bills Intended on Thwarting Democrat Vote Counting Shenanigans

"Prior to 2020, most citizens were quietly asleep at the switch, thinking their government would never screw them over. They finally woke up and said, 'This isn't right. Something is wrong.' They got involved. And I mean tons of people got involved in their local GOPs, in the Republican assemblies, they started going to events, and they were paying attention." - David Cross 
After two years of debate and loud and persistent grassroots activism, the Georgia Assembly voted to beef up security in Georgia's elections substantially. According to election security activist David Cross, one of the most significant changes will be the addition of a "visible watermark security feature" on ballots that will identify each ballot as an "official Georgia ballot."

Three bills, SB189, HB974, and HB1207, are said to go a long way to end "unverifiable, secretly counted elections" in Georgia by detering "ballot trafficking, counterfeit ballots, and ballot box stuffing" by requiring the visible watermarks and more robust chain of custody procedures.

And no surprise to most anyone, the "Democracy is in Danger" democrats made several unsuccessful attempts to stop the bill from passing. 

One of the most significant aspects of SB189 is that the text portion of the paper ballot, NOT the QR code, will be used as the "official vote for purposes of vote tabulation," both in the election and in any subsequent audit or recount. QR-coded ballots make it impossible for voters to know their votes were cast and counted properly. It is also important to note that even if one removes the QR codes, it does not remove vulnerability on the ballot to hidden coding in electronic voting.

SB189 also allows counties with fewer than 5,000 registered voters to conduct voting on paper ballots rather than ballot marking devices (BMDs).  Absentee ballots may only be tabulated on Election Day with results to be reported no later than 1 hour after polls close. Each party will have two observers to monitor mail-in ballot tabulation. Chain of custody procedures and rules are clearly delineated in the bill, as are measures to verify the identification of first-time absentee voters.

HB1207 requires "any person employed by a county election superintendent...shall be a citizen of the United States." In other words, anyone handling ballots or electronic ballots will be a U.S. citizen. This bill also specifies poll watchers' (volunteers) access to polls. Poll watchers will be "entitled to observe any activity conducted at the location where they are serving...and shall be entitled to sit or stand as close as is practicable to the observed activity to be able to see and hear the poll worker or election official being observed."

While the Georgia Assembly should be applauded for its efforts to better secure elections in the state, electronic voting systems will remain a poor substitute for election-day voting, paper ballots, and hand counts. Continuing to use electronic voting systems will inevitably result in "catastrophic" security breaches, voter irregularities and stolen elections as long as democrats are involved.