Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Your Official Big Ass Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Early Mid-Week Open Thread

It's been three long weeks since the last Big Ass Open Thread and lots has happened since, so I know y'all possess a few new brain wrinkles and are overflowing with recently absorbed knowledge and newly acquired information you're anxious to share with us all. Not to mention you're probably bursting with accolades for your Beloved Blog Editrix.

It continues to be a wild ride here on our third stone from the sun, so let us take a quick look from 10,000 feet....

The Repubs continue to threaten us with a loss in November to a senile clown with their circular firing squad and other antics .........3 Soros backed Negroes with a combined integrity of a street corner heroin dealer are prosecuting persecuting (like him or not) our former President like third world shitholes do, while the media cheers them on for ratings and future lucrative book deals............our coward-and- chief, who spends more time at home (where not subject to official call and visitor logs) than he does in the oval office, can't regularly make it past 12 noon without a visit from Dr. Feelgood (yeah I said it) shits his pants and lies his ass off and has gone to shouting like a South American dictator about his opposition on the campaign trail...........we are being reassured of the fact throwing $80K a year at an elite institution of higher learning can produce just as many idiots as intelligent people............and let's not forget 185 pound trannies beating up 15 year old girls in their own school restrooms.  But  if all that doesn't make you want to drink yourself into a stupor, Taylor Swift's new album is being criticized for being  poorly written..........OH THE HUMANITY!

BUT, on the upside, congress agreed to throw away send out more of your tax money and the Ukrainian civil service employees are assured of their 4 weeks of paid vacation and  Zelinsky's  ol' lady can take her regular summer Paris shopping trips. 

Okay, the floor is yours. Regular house rules apply. And use the damn coasters! 

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