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The 2012/2013 Nominees for Diogenes' Asshat of the Year

2011 Winner - Paul Krugman
Note:  There was no  Diogenes' Asshat of the Year award for 2012. Being a election year the field was way to wide to pick through a plethora of sleazy, lying, clueless, incompetent and corrupt candidates eligible for the title.

Another Note: I chose not to include Piers Morgan in my list as I thought it not proper to pick on such a clueless foreign dolt as Mr. Morgan. He is in a class of his own.

So without further ado, here are the nominees:

President Barack Obama: Odds on favorite and front runner. No surprise here. The “I didn’t know” community organizer in chief spoke to his Democratic liberal far left wing base, claiming there is no global war on Islamic terrorism and about closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.  This ostrich-like, head in the sand, foreign policy speech that ignores radical Islamic fanatics was given to distract attention from the Benghazi cover-up; IRS targeting conservative and Tea Party non-profit groups; and the Department of Justice persecution of Associated Press (AP)/Fox News Channel scandals. We also spot him some points for Joe Biden.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: He received the coveted 4-Pinocchio award from The Washington Post (not a conservative newspaper) Fact Checker on many occasions for defending the presidential scandals indicated previously.  He obviously took to heart the part in the job description about becoming a professional weasel, and he's good at it. It is rumored that the maker of Viagra has inquired as to how Mr. Carney’s nose keeps getting longer each time.

Attorney General Eric Holder: A recluse who has discovered the words “I recused myself” (same as I didn’t know) when it comes to the AP/Fox News Channel scandal. Then why did the AG personally sign off on the search warrant of Fox News Channel reporter James Rosen’s emails? Let’s also not forget the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal.
Mr. Holder is one of the  crowning achievements of Affirmative Action.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: This politician who wants to be elected the first woman president in 2016 said “It was so long ago” referencing the September 11, 2012 date when the American Ambassador to Libya, an embassy staffer and two Special Forces operators were murdered.  Had the worst Secretary of State in history  broke a few lamps
here and there around the world  like she did as first lady, we wouldn't be worrying about racial Islam so much.

UN Ambassador Susan Rice: The fabricated talking points about the Benghazi Embassy Islamic terrorist attack she was given to espouse on the Sunday talk shows were a charade to hide the incompetent Obama administration’s failed Islamic terrorism policy. Her subsequent arrogance to the American people daring to question being fed a load of bullshit by the Obama administration was an act to behold. I see a future for her in soap operas.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Speaking from the US Senate floor he blamed a 2.4% funds sequestration for causing people to die of cancer, contract athletes foot, water turning to blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock disease, incurable boils, hail and thunder, locusts, darkness and death of the first-born.

Senators Chuck Schumer, Al Franken and Carl Levin: This gaggle of three Senators (Snoop, clueless and Poop) wrote a letter to the IRS asking this agency to investigate non-profit tax exempt Americans for Prosperity (AFP), Tea Party groups, Republicans, Diogenes Middle Finger and other right of center groups. Non-profit progressive, liberal and left groups were conspicuously absent from their correspondence. Oops!

Ex Governor Mark Sanford: Oh my God (sorry ACLU), a Republican among all these liberal Democrats! The good news is that a US House seat in South Carolina didn’t go Democratic. The bad news is that Mark Sanford is sitting in it. However, Mark has one and a half years in Congress till November 2014 to redeem himself for committing adultery, just like former President Bill Clinton!

Ex Congressman Anthony Weiner: The former congressman, who resigned from his seat after being embroiled in an uncovered wiener related scandal two years ago, announced he’s entering the New York City (NYC) mayoral race. He also said there could be women coming forward with more emails and photos of my hot wiener, but I’m going to try to keep being focused on issues that are important to NYC.  A survey of 49% of NYC voters indicates he’s gone soft and shouldn’t run!

IRS Official Lois Lerner: Invoked the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution (not incriminating oneself) at a US House committee hearing, but not before saying in a statement that she had not done anything wrong or broken any laws. Sorry lady, you’re big mouth may have just legally screwed yourself. She had signed IRS letters improperly targeting Tea Party groups in 2012 asking them to turn over everything from printouts of their Facebook pages to the credentials of speakers who participated in their events. However, US taxpayers also got screwed as she has been suspended with pay.

Sarah Hall Ingram: Served as commissioner of the IRS office responsible for tax-exempt organizations involved in the current IRS scandal (2009 to 2012). Ms. Ingram has since left that section of the IRS and is now the director of the IRS’s “Affordable Care Act” office. Bend over and smile.

Journalist or Reverend or something, Al Sharpton: Let’s have a prayer (sorry ACLU) for both true journalists and real clergymen as Al is neither, but tries to inflame any situation by inserting himself into a news story and then asserts everything is due to “racism.” Al ordered a wiener (not Weiner) and it was served without mustard, calling the dark skinned, counter woman a racist.  Al missed his calling as a ghetto used car salesman.
He's so good with words.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eyes Wide Shut and Circling the Drain

The Irish Times
"There have been calls for an urgent debate in the Dutch parliament about the integration of Muslim immigrants amid claims that one area of The Hague, known locally as “the Sharia triangle”, is being run by a form of unofficial Sharia police.
The claims relate to the district of Schilderswijk, about two kilometres from the city centre, where an almost entirely Muslim population of some 5,000 people surrounds the El Islam mosque, fuelling criticism that the government has failed to ensure a proper ethnic mix in schools and local housing. One recent investigation, in which local people were extensively interviewed, concluded that Schilderswijk had become “orthodox Muslim territory” which was now largely ignored by the city authorities, by politicians and even by the police, on the grounds that it had become self-regulating.
The investigation found that orthodox Muslims had become so dominant that they were dictating what people in the neighbourhood wore and how they behaved.
“The norms of the majority are beginning to take over,” it said.
In the case of women, dress was a particular issue. One woman told how her daughter had been approached and told her short skirt was inappropriate, while her son had been called a “kaffir” – a racist term formerly used in colonial South Africa to refer to a black person – for smoking. A youth who had previously been involved in local gangs said that criminality had dropped off, not because of the police, but because he and his friends were “afraid of the wrath of Allah”.
Another man said he felt he was gradually being driven out of his home because he had a dog, and many traditional Muslims tended not to keep or favour dogs.
A veiled Muslim woman, however, defended Islamic practices, and said dressing modestly would “do the locals good”. She pointed out that women in the Dutch ultra-conservative, largely Protestant, Bible Belt also wore long dresses, and that shops there were closed on Sunday – as many in Schilderswijk were on Fridays.
Local police chief Michel de Roos said: “We have no indications there is a form of Sharia police here. That is not to say it does not happen, but we are unaware of it.”

Get a Grip Europe. I Doubt We Will Shed Blood for You Again

I was--big mistake--reading CNN and BBC reporting on the Religion of Peace's activities in London and Stockholm when I saw that the benefits of Islam's Peaceful Activities also have made themselves manifest in Paris, where a French soldier has been stabbed. I love the cautious, oh so very delicate reporting by BBC on this latest demonstration of Love of Peace,
President Hollande also responded cautiously while on a visit to Ethiopia, telling reporters: "I do not think at this point that there may be a link" [with the London attack]
French reports said police were hunting a bearded man of North African origin about 30 years of age. He was wearing a light-coloured robe called a djellaba.
 "We still don't know the exact circumstances of the attack or the identity of the attacker, but we are exploring all options.
Oh yes, that description is undoubtedly of a Mormon missionary, or perhaps a Hasidic Jew or a slightly disheveled Amish tourist?
I also adore the breathless reporting (here and here, for example) re the alarming "rise" in anti-Muslim "attacks." Note the source for the reports and take a grain of salt, a spoonful would be better, then let me know how many Muslims have been beheaded on the streets of London in the middle of day. How about zero for a number? How many Muslim immigrants in the UK are packing up, turning in their assistance cards, and moving back to Nigeria, Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, etc? I'll bet that zero number remains a pretty accurate estimate for that, too.
 I enjoy reading the comments from readers around the world on the BBC and CNN stories. There, and elsewhere, we see another number, a rather tired one: the "statistic" that "99% of Muslims" are not terrorists. Is that true? I don't know. From where does that number come? I don't know. Let's, however, go along with the gag. Let's assume it is accurate, and come up with our own equally valid "99%" statistics. Some samples follow; I am sure you can turn this into a drinking game--but not around Muslims because drinking offends them (unless they are Saudi diplomats in Islamabad).
 Did you know that,
-- 99% of the Japanese did not attack Pearl Harbor?
-- 99% of the Nazis did not kill Jews or Gypsies, or invade Poland?
-- 99% of the Communists did not engage in Stalin's or Mao's purges?
-- 99% of the Germans killed in Dresden had never bombed England?
-- 99% of the Italians did not invade Ethiopia?
-- 99% of the Iranians did not occupy the US embassy in Teheran?
 -- 99% of the Al Qaeda membership did not fly airplanes into the World Trade Center or the Pentagon?
 And so on, and on, and so what? What does that "99%" prove? Just one thing: There are consequences in the real world to belonging to organizations or following ideologies and leaders that commit atrocities. That's the way it works. If 99% of Muslims are not terrorists, and do not support terrorism (that's the big "if") where are they? Why can't they control the crazies and murderers and rioters in their midst? If they can't they will find that they might just pay the price, even if they did not pull the trigger, or drop the cyanide gas. The Germans and the Japanese discovered that during World War II.
We see Britain's foolish PM Cameron making the typical foolish Western politician statement after the murder of the young British soldier (and let's not forget he is just following in the path of nonsense about Islam blazed by our own President Bush),
"This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life, it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act."
No, Mr. Prime Minister. Everything in Islam justifies this truly dreadful act and so many more. That is why the "99%" cannot condemn, isolate, or punish the murderers. That violence, that "extremism" is Islam; that is the real item. We need to deal with that hard and unpleasant fact. Islam has not gone through an enlightenment, and what "reformation" has taken place has moved it backwards, ever deeper into the thinking prevalent in the dark ages and places from whence it came.

London Daily Columnist States the Obvious: Obama - Weakest President In The History Of The U.S.

"The problem of U.S. President Barack Obama can be summed up in a single word: hesitation. The man is short-sighted, confused and diffident. It seems that the gist of his policy is disagreeing with every position of his predecessor, George W. Bush, and that is quarrelsomeness, not policy. 
"This assessment of Obama's policy is not voiced only by his Republican rivals in the U.S., or by those who hate some [aspects] of his global [foreign] policy, but also by some proponents of his own school of thought, like the well-known American author David Ignatius, who recently wrote a critique of the Obama administration's policy that was not confined to foreign [policy] affairs... Summarizing the problematic aspects of Obama's conduct, he said that the public is more afraid of a weak administration than a strong one!
"We are not talking [only] about harsh critics of this administration, inside or outside the U.S. This is apparent from a recent article by Lebanese-American writer Fuad 'Ajami, who slammed Obama for his feebleness, his lack of leadership, and his inability to take bold decisions under difficult circumstances......."
Read More HERE

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Diogenes Earns Third Finger

We're This Many

 This Weekend Marked the Third Anniversary of the Advent of Diogenes' Middle Finger. 

Because of generous linkage and kind words on many on-line forums about the format, 'Diogenes' Middle Finger' has experienced unbelievable growth since our first year. 

I would like to thank all who linked over, emailed me and drop in on regular basis for your support and kindness. You know who you are (the e-referrer list on my sidebar tells the story). 
New features and plans are in the offing but the mission shall remain the same; kneecapping the political left with strong doses of satire, biting humor and serious commentary.
Thank You All so much for your support, readership and comments over the past two years!

God Bless America and Her Children that Defend Her


Spot the Incongruous Headline

"So take in this screen cap of the yesterdays roster of headlines appearing on the AOL/HuffPo home page. Six of the ten headlines relate one way or another to terrorism or the problem of Islamic jihad. One of them sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. The country’s in the very best of hands, as Glenn Reynolds likes to remind us."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I've Got Friends in Low Places

Pity the Multiculturalist Gaia Worshipping Obama Loving Liberals, and What They've Done to All of Us

by DiploMad2.0
I gloat more in sadness than in anger, more in pity than in "we told you so," but, nevertheless, I will gloat--although the gloat will be tempered by the realization of the damage done by the liberals.
 As a "compassionate conservative" (remember that horrid phrase?) I can't help but feel some pity for the liberals at home and their leftoid compadres in Europe and elsewhere. Everywhere we look we see the lefty house of cards imploding, caving in, crashing to the floor in a disorganized heap. All of their fantasies and self-delusions seem coming apart.
 We see this disintegration in:
-- the bomb blasts by Muslim terrorists ripping through the Boston marathon;
-- the smoke of Stockholm in flames thanks to its Muslim immigrants;
--the blood of a young British father and patriot butchered by jihadis on the streets of his capital city;
-- the EU's growing disarray and absurdities;
-- the disappearance of "global warming";
-- the evident bankruptcy of Keynesian (and Kenyan) economics;
-- the failure of the gun grab in the US which included a secret war against Mexico;
-- the turning of the Arab spring into the debacle of the Arab farce and its Benghazi nightmare;
-- the inability to find employment for the idiots produced by the idiot-run education industry;
-- the sound of Chicago and Detroit crashing into walls under the guidance of liberals;
-- the use of the IRS to target conservatives;
-- the effort to stifle investigative journalism;
-- the growing revolt against Obamacare as its ruinous nature becomes increasingly apparent;
 -- and, of course, the revelation that the Obama misadministration has proven precisely as the conservatives and the hated Fox News Corporation have reported for years: an intolerant band of totalitarians who use the powers of the bloated government to suppress dissent and freedom of expression.
 For any thinking liberals out there--Do they exist? The world wonders--it must feel akin to the pain felt by the Aztecs or the Incas when a handful of Spaniards brought down their mighty empires, or by that of the Japanese imperialists when the USS Missouri steamed into Tokyo Bay.
Are liberals capable of learning? Or will they instead develop new myths and fantasies, new gods to replace the ones with feet of clay? I think we all know the answer to that, but we can always hope for change.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fishnet Friday

A Boil on the Butt of America

Hancock: Home Of The New York Caliphate

Informant: Islamic Compounds in
America are Training for Jihad:

Hey Gov. Cuomo, if you're so worried about violence in New York State and disarming your citizens, how about sending a few hundred State Troopers to Hancock, NY, to Investigate this festering carbuncle?

"In Hancock, NY an Islamic community that sits on 80 acres of land has decided to form its own government. They call their community: The Town of Islamberg. They have their own mayor, deputy mayor and five town council members. None of them are elected, of course. They even boast that their “town” provides departments of education, medical, finance and land development services.
This Islamic compound has truly become a city-state. Though not recognized as a legitimate township by the City of Hancock, this Islamic community nevertheless enforces its own laws on the “citizens” within its borders. They do so by using the iron fist of Sharia law.
 I interviewed a member of this camp, which sits deep in the Catskills Mountains of upstate New York. The Islamic group that has established this camp is part a network known as Muslims of the Americas (MOA), which has documented links to Al Qaeda.
MOA has established similar villages in nearly three-dozen locations nationwide, with other prominent camps found in Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, California and Tennessee.
 The man I interviewed, Ali Aziz, painted a shocking picture of what life is like to live inside these camps and how many of their members engage in terrorist training activities. Aziz, an Egyptian Muslim, worked as an undercover informant for eight years for the New York Police Department (NYPD). During that time, he lived on MOA camps and worked closely with MOA leadership, all the time supplying the NYPD with information about illegal activity on the camps—including guerrilla combat training....."
[...]Aziz provided this shocking information: MOA has created a secret jihadist army, similar to a guerilla-trained militia, that is ready to attack American citizens “at one word” from their leader, Sheikh Gilani.
 One of the main purposes of the camps is to provide guerrilla training for the young men—and in some cases the women—to be prepared for jihad. A videotape that I obtained exclusively shows MOA members being trained on the Hancock camp, shooting guns, pretending to attack with knives, practicing slitting throats, and strangling victims. This chilling video is proof that MOA compounds have been used to train Islamic terrorists for combat.
 Aziz confirmed that the camps have stockpiles of illegal weapons.
 Aziz also confirmed what my research had already shown: That the MOA’s policy was to encourage members to collect as much public assistance as possible, and the more children they had the more assistance they received, much of which is returned to Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan."
Read it for Yourself Here

Barack Obama Quotes Great American Founding Father “JANE” Madison…

The Ulsterman Report - "There are those who continue to push the perception that Barack Obama is a very intelligent man. It appears though that even his ability to read is being proven less than capable – unless someone on his staff is messing with the teleprompter again. So now to add to the litany of errors like the “57″ states, “corpse” men, giving an award to someone he claimed was still alive who had actually been killed in action, as well as many-many others, we now add Barack Obama’s quoting JANE Madison during a foreign policy speech given just yesterday…"   
See the Clip Here
Me Thinks He's Been Hanging with Joe to Much Lately

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Before Moochelle.....

Time Scores Obama’s 1979 Hawaiian Prom Photos

Obama’s former schoolmate at Punahou School in Hawaii, Kelli Allman, shared the photos of the teenage Obama, his date, and Allman and her date, all bedecked in Hawaiian leis and ’70s fashion. The president wore a white blazer.
Allman also shared with Time the note Obama left her in her yearbook that year, which was signed “Love, Barry Obama.” 
See More Here
h/t  Donald Sensing @ Sense of Events 

Scandal Studio Productions Presents:

Lanny Davis: IRS Scandal "Will Make it Almost Impossible to Elect a Democratic President"

Lanny Davis, the former Clinton aide -- no stranger to scandals, thinks that the recent surge in bad news for Democrats could have implications for 2016. Here's what he told Andrea Tantaros on her radio show, according to the Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard:
The growing IRS-Tea Party scandal, which has robbed Democrats of the so-called "trust edge" they held over Republicans, is now jeopardizing the Democratic majority in the Senate and even hopes that Hillary Clinton will replace President Obama in 2016.
"This hurts the Democratic Party and will hurt anybody who runs for president in 2016," said former Clinton White House counsel Lanny Davis, a major supporter of Hillary Clinton. Speaking on national radio's Andrea Tantaros Show, he added: "It will make it almost impossible to elect a [Democratic] president. ... I'm nervous."
Meanwhile, several Democratic and GOP political advisers told [us] that the combined scandals — IRS, Benghazi and the media source hunt — threatens the Democrats' grip on the Senate. House advisers are even predicting that Republicans will pick up nearly 10 seats if the scandals continue to eat away at trust in the Democratic Party.

When I initially read this piece I said to myself "Oh God I hope So". But on refection, it seems that a rabid Clintonesta like Davis might keep these kind of thoughts to himself, if just for the sake of Hillary's possible run for the White House. 

If we continue to heard such talk from Democrats (we have lots of time before the mid terms) this interview could be the first salvo of a "Doom, Despair and Agony on Me" strategy to encourage Republicans to over-play their hands and walk into a trap (the talk of blood in the water is being used a lot these days) look foolish and damage the brand even further if they can't tie the scandal directly to the White House.

Over reach of Government power doesn't seem to be a big thing with uninformed voters........and no one payed much attention to Watergate till it was full blown. 

Time will tell.

Weiner Hopes to Fill Hole in Mayor's Office

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Talcum X Weighs In


The Progressive Glossary

Taki's Magazine
"I’ve recently been made aware of a strange new tribe who refer to themselves collectively—they do everything collectively—as “progressives.” I think they used to call themselves “liberals” until it became clear that they don’t care much for liberty. Males and females in this tribe both tend to wear beards and gather in urban coastal areas, where they pay too much for apartments, water, coffee, and bean sprouts."

"They speak a strange and exotic tongue unfamiliar to my ears. But they repeat certain terms so frequently, I feel as if I’ve begun to get a handle on what they’re driving at. To the best of my ability, I will try to decipher what these buzzwords mean."
DISADVANTAGED—Dumb and unskilled.
DISENFRANCHISED—People who’ve received a free public education yet still can’t spell “disenfranchised.”
DIVERSITY—A magical incantation used to divert your attention from the fact that it is strikingly similar to the words “divide” and “division.”
DOG WHISTLE—A high-pitched screech from the enemy that only progressives are able to hear. Lately this term has been deemed offensive to canines and should therefore be replaced with “coded speech” wherever possible.
ELITES—Wealthy people on the political right. This term is never used to describe wealthy people on the left who control much of the media, government, and academia.
EMPOWERED—Loud and annoying.
EQUALITY—A concept that nearly everyone believes but no one has bothered to prove.
EVOLUTION—An indisputably true biological process that stopped occurring roughly 100,000 years ago when everyone became equal. Only Christians don’t believe it’s real, and only racists believe it didn’t stop 100,000 years ago.
EXTREMIST—Someone whose beliefs make us extremely uncomfortable.
FAIRNESS—A political strategy requiring that winners be treated unfairly.
FALSE EQUIVALENCY—A real equivalency that suggests our beliefs are false.
FASCIST—One who must not be tolerated under any circumstances and should instead be either lynched, sent to a gas chamber, or stomped under our boots.
FAUX NEWS—A biased news channel that presents an alternative to our preferred version of biased and false news.
FIGHTING THE POWER—Allowing oneself to be used as the unwitting tool of global power elites.
FORWARD—The direction one moves when headed toward a cliff......."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Science Guy Blames Global Warming

Bill Nye the Science Guy
The Blaze
During CNN’s live coverage of the deadly Oklahoma tornado on Monday night, host Piers Morgan and Bill Nye speculated on the possible role of climate change in the disaster.
“As a scientist, when you hear about the size, scale, power, devastation of this tornado, what does it tell you about the ongoing debate about climate change?” Morgan asked his guest.
Nye said climate change has to be considered after a catastrophic weather event like the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. He also claimed 10 of the last 12 years are the “warmest years recorded.”

Oh No She Di'int

James Rosen: Criminal Suspect

Fox News Reporter James Rosen

We have officially crossed the line, America. The Obama/Holder Justice Department snooped through the private emails of a Fox News employee because he (shock!) reported the news. What’s worse, the search warrant allowing the emails actually lists James Rosen as a criminal suspect, and their justification for doing so is absolutely chilling.

Business Insider
"The Department of Justice heavily tracked Fox News reporter James Rosen during a 2009 leak probe, according to a report from Ann E. Marimow in the Washington Post. For many in the media world, this case seems even more troubling. It involves the prosecution of Stephen J. Kim, who revealed classified information to Rosen. According to the report, Kim told Rosen that the U.S. believed North Korea would react to new United Nations sanctions by employing more nuclear tests."
"What makes this case different from the AP probe is that Rosen is a possible target. In addition to tracking his trips to and from the State Department as well as personal calls and emails, FBI agent Reginald Reyes suggested in court documents obtained by the Post that Rosen had broken the law."  
And this from the Washington Post Story:
"They used security badge access records to track the reporter’s comings and goings from the State Department, according to a newly obtained court affidavit. They traced the timing of his calls with a State Department security adviser suspected of sharing the classified report. They obtained a search warrant for the reporter’s personal e-mails.
"Court documents in the Kim case reveal how deeply investigators explored the private communications of a working journalist — and raise the question of how often journalists have been investigated as closely as Rosen was in 2010. The case also raises new concerns among critics of government secrecy about the possible stifling effect of these investigations on a critical element of press freedom: the exchange of information between reporters and their sources."
Now take a look at the summary page of the DOJ’s warrant:

 via Poor Richards News
The reporter played to a government employee’s vanity? Well, that officially makes him no better than a foreign spy!

Let me reiterate here: NOTHING described in this document is illegal activity for a reporter. This is an investigative reporter doing his job, and the Obama administration is treating journalism as a crime.  This should set off massive alarm bells for anyone who cares about the Constitution and the 1st Amendment. The issue here is not that the White House pursued its own internal leaks; it’s that they’re punishing reporters and officially regarding them as criminals.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Introducing the Obama Scandal Bracket

Jon Gabriel

"With so many White House scandals—and new ones popping up every day—how are average citizens supposed to keep track? Wouldn't it be nice if Obama went on ESPN and mapped them all on a bracket?
Why wait for next year's March Madness when you can start May Madness today? Introducing the Obama Scandal Bracket! Click here for a full-size version and vote for the scandal you think might just bring down the president."

Media To Add Laugh Track Audio to All Future Jay Carney Press Conferences

Professional B-S artist and defender of anything Obama says or does, Press Secretary
Jay Carney always seems to look like someone just reminded him that his fly is halfway un-zipped.

Middle Finger News Service-

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Friday again referred questions about the collection of Associated Press phone records to the Department of Justice, stating that President Barack Obama remained a “strong defender of the First Amendment.”

Start Giggle and tithering laughter…

“The president is a strong defender of the first amendment,” Carney told reporters at a White House press conference. “And a firm believer in the need for the press to be unfettered in its ability to conduct investigative reporting and facilitate a free flow of information.
He also of course recognizes the need for the Justice Department to investigate alleged criminal activity without undue influence.”

Add increasing boisterous Laughter…..

When questioned about other questionable situations concerning the IRS scandal, the Benghazi embassy attack, and Fast and Furious, Carney said, “the President is carefully looking into all allegations and promises a thorough investigation and swift justice in any wrong doing.”

Add slowly building laughter that climaxes in a roar from the crowd…

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Joe Biden Leads White House IRS Scandal Investigation

The Vice president Vows to Get to the Truth and Who is behind the Scandal

No Ordinary Scandal

Peggy Noonan’s article about the IRS scandal is her best writing in some time. She nails it when she talks about how the IRS became a political instrument in the Obama administration’s hands:
"The Journal’s Kim Strassel reported an Idaho businessman named Frank VanderSloot, who’d donated more than a million dollars to groups supporting Mitt Romney. He found himself last June, for the first time in 30 years, the target of IRS auditors. His wife and his business were also soon audited. Hal Scherz, a Georgia physician, also came to the government’s attention. He told ABC News: “It is odd that nothing changed on my tax return and I was never audited until I publicly criticized ObamaCare.” Franklin Graham, son of Billy, told Politico he believes his father was targeted. A conservative Catholic academic who has written for these pages faced questions about her meager freelance writing income. Many of these stories will come out, but not as many as there are. People are not only afraid of being audited, they’re afraid of saying they were audited.
All of these IRS actions took place in the years leading up to the 2012 election. They constitute the use of governmental power to intrude on the privacy and shackle the political freedom of American citizens. The purpose, obviously, was to overwhelm and intimidate—to kill the opposition, question by question and audit by audit.
It is not even remotely possible that all this was an accident, a mistake. Again, only conservative groups were targeted, not liberal. It is not even remotely possible that only one IRS office was involved. Lois Lerner, who oversees tax-exempt groups for the IRS, was the person who finally acknowledged, under pressure of a looming investigative report, some of what the IRS was doing. She told reporters the actions were the work of “frontline people” in Cincinnati. But other offices were involved, including Washington. It is not even remotely possible the actions were the work of just a few agents. This was more systemic. It was an operation. The word was out: Get the Democratic Party’s foes. It is not remotely possible nobody in the IRS knew what was going on until very recently. The Washington Post reported efforts to target the conservative groups reached the highest levels of the agency by May 2012—far earlier than the agency had acknowledged. Reuters reported high-level IRS officials, including its chief counsel, knew in August 2011 about the targeting."
President Obama’s high-profile ‘announcement’ that Jack Lew had asked for and accepted the resignation for the acting IRS commissioner was insulting. He’s leaving in 2 weeks anyway.
There’s too many instances of the IRS going after Republicans to ignore. There have been too many times where Republicans were targeted by multiple offices of the IRS to think this is the work of 2 rogue agents in Cincinnati.  Michele Bachmann’s gave a good explanation of how the IRS bureaucracy works. She said it was apparent a week ago that the official White House statement was fiction. 
 "The president speaks in the passive voice. He attempts to act out indignation, but he always seems indignant at only one thing: that he’s being questioned at all. That he has to address this. That fate put it on his plate. "
This fits his pattern. When Jeremiah Wright first became news, Sen. Obama said that he couldn’t criticize his rants. Then Wright criticized Obama. Wright got shoved under the proverbial bus in a New York minute.

That’s the pattern. After 5 years of watching the Tyrant From Chicago, we shouldn't be surprised that he’d use the IRS as a weapon against his political enemies. 


Friday, May 17, 2013

Fishnet Friday

Chris Christie Triggers Collapse of Western Civilization

Hoboken -  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie unintentionally set into motion a sequence of events that will ultimately lead to the fall of the United States government and all of Western civilization when he smashed a tiny spider last week, a team of psychics reported Thursday. 

The spider, which was crawling on the governor's desk as he spoke to a group of schoolchildren, should have gone unnoticed by his daughter, Bridget Christie. She instead observed her father's brave demonstration, which was sparked the fourth-grader's interest in pest and insect control.

The team of world renown psychics report that readings of future events say after graduating valedictorian of her high school and later receiving her undergraduate degree in political science, Christie's daughter will attend and graduate from Harvard Business School. With her father serving as the current president, Bridget will be offered seventeen high paying positions. Having grown up ingrained with the belief that the killing of arachnids and other insects is noble, she will decide to work for the agrochemicals industry as a lobbyist for Bayer CropScience.

As a successful lobbyist, Bridget will convince congress and her father against regulations in the high-tech insecticides industry. Without measures prohibiting the overuse of chemicals, the insecticides industry will wipe out honeybee populations in the United States.

Without the honeybee colonies that are critical for meeting the pollination demands of many agricultural crops, food production in the U.S. will decline rapidly, beginning years of famine and leading to the tragic end of Western society.

Though they condemn his action, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is currently thrilled that the impending fall of the U.S. is to be blamed on Chris Christie killing a spider and not the genetically engineered bear wasps they will later release from secret government testing facilities.

If...Holder is telling the truth...he's as incompetent as Obama...and he's as stupid as Biden. Period. End of sentence.

by Rob Janicki @ Capital Preservation

"Eric Holder, quite possibly the worst United States Attorney General in modern political history, was the BBQ entre' of the day, as he was slow 'grilled' by the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. 

Holder was interrogated by committee members over a wide range of issues. Holder's theme for the day could be likened to Hogan's Heroes character Sgt. Schultz and his famous retort of, "I know notheeeng" when questioned by Col. Klink or others in dicey situations.

AG Holder essentially told the House committee 57 times that "I know nothing" or some very close variation, when questioned on a variety of issues. Holder's performance was simply shameful for the nation's highest ranked law enforcement officer. This must have been Holder's idea of "Don't ask, don't tell." since he wasn't telling anyone, anything of consequence.
Holder's performance was just his riff on Obama's standard operating practice. Obama, when confronted with a difficult and knotty question, will fall back on the same response or, as Holder did, claim he cannot respond to questions involving ongoing investigations. This pretty much eliminates everything from the daily weather report to who is winning Dancing With The Stars to every serious issue of the day." 
Read the rest and see the video for yourself......

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No Offense to You Guys in the Media.....

Odd How Things Work Out Sometime......

Abortionist Monster Kermit Gosnell,  found guilty Of First Degree Murder of babies born live after abortion procedures, chose to plea bargain to save himself from the needle. Given the choice of life or death, HE CHOSE LIFE.
Odd how things work out sometime, huh?

O'bungles and the Keystone Cop

Jay Carney, David Axelrod, Barry Obama and, now, Eric Holder have all admitted that they do not know what is going on in their administration unless they read it in the newspaper.
And we’re expected to trust these goofballs with out national security?
From what they’re saying, if we were invaded, they wouldn’t find out until some staffer showed them the newspaper over their morning coffee.
Yeah. Smartest President ever my behind.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Year 2019.....

via the man we call  Will Profit

President Joe has his armor plated bullet proof Studebaker station wagon
at the ready for a quick getaway....

Black Is the New Transparent

Judith Levy
So the American Civil Liberties Union, concerned about the US government's alleged propensity to surveil the email of American citizens without a warrant, filed a request with the Justice Department under the Freedom of Information Act for more information. 
This is what it got:

A memorandum entitled “Guidance for the Minimization of Text Messages over Dual-Function Cellular Telephones” that is completely blacked out. All fifteen pages of it.
Mr. President, Some how I don't think "transparent" means what you think it means.

White House of Cards : A Series of Scandals

As if You Needed More Proof We're Living Under the Thumb of the Most Corrupt Administration in Recent Memory

My Way News
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press in what the news cooperative's top executive called a "massive and unprecedented intrusion" into how news organizations gather the news.
 The records obtained by the Justice Department listed outgoing calls for the work and personal phone numbers of individual reporters, for general AP office numbers in New York, Washington and Hartford, Conn., and for the main number for the AP in the House of Representatives press gallery, according to attorneys for the AP. It was not clear if the records also included incoming calls or the duration of the calls...."
In a letter of protest sent to Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday, AP President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Pruitt said the government sought and obtained information far beyond anything that could be justified by any specific investigation.
 "There can be no possible justification for such an overbroad collection of the telephone communications of The Associated Press and its reporters. These records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the news gathering activities undertaken by the AP during a two-month period, provide a road map to AP's news gathering operations and disclose information about AP's activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know," Pruitt said.
The American Civil Liberties Union said the use of subpoenas for a broad swath of records has a chilling effect both on journalists and whistleblowers who want to reveal government wrongdoing. Rules published by the Justice Department require that subpoenas of records of news organizations must be personally approved by the attorney general, but it was not known if that happened in this case........." 
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 And then there's this:

image courtesy of 'The Earl of Taint'