Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Before Moochelle.....

Time Scores Obama’s 1979 Hawaiian Prom Photos

Obama’s former schoolmate at Punahou School in Hawaii, Kelli Allman, shared the photos of the teenage Obama, his date, and Allman and her date, all bedecked in Hawaiian leis and ’70s fashion. The president wore a white blazer.
Allman also shared with Time the note Obama left her in her yearbook that year, which was signed “Love, Barry Obama.” 
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h/t  Donald Sensing @ Sense of Events 


  1. Ya gotta love Time magazine...
    ( at the bottom of the article is this)

    "Comments have been disabled on this story."

    I guess they don't want to hear what the serfs have to say ;)

    1. I noticed that note.
      Maybe they don't want ladies he dated to comment on his manly prowess ......or lack there of. ;)

    2. ..or jealous ex-boyfriends...hehehhe