Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Middle Finger Symphony New Years Eve

* Happy New Year *

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Robert Mueller Appoints Special Prosecutor To Investigate Robert Mueller's Conflicts Of Interest

Middle Finger News Service -  Among calls of foul by the president and some on the right of the Robert Mueller investigation's ties and shady practices, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has appointed himself Special Prosecutor to investigate Robert Muellar's suspected Conflicts Of Interest. This shocking news should put to rest all the rumors that Donald Trump would fire Mueller or that Mueller would be forced to resign.

By appointing himself to investigate himself, Robert Mueller has quelled with finality all the calls to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the high level corruption at the Department of Justice, F.I.B F.B.I., and the conflicts of interest by so many at the Special Counsel’s Office as well as questions of conflict swirling around the massive investigation of President Donald J. Trump, at public expense,  by Robert Mueller.

The nearly constant reports of Trump hating leadership at the DOJ/FBI blocking an indictment of Hillary Clinton thereby committing the crime of obstruction of justice due to their political preferences, Trump hating conspiracies at the highest levels of the Justice Department and F.I.B. F.B.I. with intent to frame and remove a duly elected president, evidence of text messages in furtherance of the coup plots among the coup plotters, questions of a vast army of prosecutors hired by Robert Mueller most of whom donated vast amounts of funds to Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton and/or the DNC/leftists, questions born of the facts that spouses of prosecutors received money from Hillary Clinton supporters during political campaigns of one spouse and yet another spouse who worked for Fusion GPS on dirt dossiers directed against President Trump, a dirty dossier comprised of Russian government disinformation bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign then suspected of being used to obtain FISA warrants with which to spy on the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, clear violations of Fourth Amendment protections during the transition period for a President-Elect team that used government servers to communicate among themselves when making appointments and legal decisions, are now a completely closed matter with the appointment by Robert Mueller of Robert Mueller to investigate Robert Mueller. 

The wise move by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Robert Mueller should put an end to all the conspiracy theories about any possible conflicts of interest by Robert Mueller. The investigation of Robert Mueller should end with a final report around 2024 or after the impeachment of President Michael Pence, whichever comes first.  

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Reason #267 Not To Listen To Any Of The Elitist Media đź’©

Friday, December 29, 2017

Trump Ends 2017 Residing In His Enemies’ Head

by Kurt Schlichter@Townhall

As 2017 comes to a close, tumbleweeds roll down the empty Lido Deck while the Republican base answers the question, “What if Conservative, Inc., gave a cruise and nobody came?” The Democrats fled Washington under cover of darkness, desperate to keep their slobbering socialist wing from forcing them to commit ritual suicide by closing down the government over Christmas because the GOP Congress (for now) won’t hand a couple million illegal aliens citizenship. Robert Mueller’s Keystone Kop Korps started off with “unquestioned integrity” and ended the year with totally questioned integrity. 

Renowned Daytime Television Political Scientist
and Victim of Chronic TDS and TURD, Joy Behar
The mainstream media abandoned the principle of objectivity in favor of shrill advocacy, yet it is baffled that most Americans now consider its members like just another bunch of partisan hacks. In the White House, where everyone who was anyone told us Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit would reign, President Donald Trump finished the year by signing a tax reform bill that punished conservatives’ enemies and rewarded their friends. The Democrats get to go tell their base of blue state coastal swells, “Uh, sorry about losing those state tax deductions cuz we were too busy resisting to actually negotiate and thereby get a seat at the table.”

Cue the Sad Trombone. Trump plays for keeps, unlike the squish-cons who play for media hugs and invitations to the kool kidz’ parties. He was supposed to lose the primary, but he didn’t. He was supposed to lose the general, but he didn’t. He was supposed to fall victim to the covert schemes of leftist bureaucrats and the overt obstruction of The Resistance, but he didn’t. Instead, Donald Trump has prospered as the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. And it’s breaking the souls of his enemies. Deliciously. 

He just refuses to lose. He just refuses to submit. He just refuses to give a damn about what they say or what they think. And that infuriates them. He won’t take a knee, but he will offer them a finger. - Continue Reading

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Secret Service Responds to CNN’s Whining

In case you missed it, CNN is beside itself that President Donald Trump would spend his time golfing during the holidays. Specifically, they’re furious that the president would block breathless journalists from witnessing presidential history as he slices his way down the back 9.  Or did he?
"Yesterday and 2 other times during POTUS' Winter vacation,CNN cameras captured Trump golfing, from public sidewalk. Today, not possible."
The Secret Service has responded to CNN’s outragey reportage after a white truck blocked stalking journalists from getting clear shots of the president’s golf game. (Pulitzer Prize-winning stuff potentially, we know.)

The President's security detail denied sending out a white truck to frustrate CNN’s hard-up reporters. Then it added a delightful kicker:
[The Secret Service] “is in the business of protection and investigations not in commissioning vehicles to block the media’s view of the President’s golf swing.”
Fore! The economy’s humming along, tax cuts are passed, the Supreme Court is in good hands… just enjoy the holidays, CNN. There will be plenty of time for am-bush journalism in 2018.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trump Sends Out Happy Kwanzaa Greetings and Predictably Gets Slammed

DT - Unfortunately many people in America, especially those who are unrepentant bigots and refuse to see past their own biases, Donald Trump can do nothing right nor is anything that he says to be accepted at face value without him being savaged for it. This is the case again after the president respectfully sent his best wishes to those of the colored persuasion who choose to celebrate the African-American holiday of Kwanzaa, a celebration that has little in common with any tradition and was invented by a man with a disreputable background long long ago in 1966. 

Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Kwanzaa 
 Issued on December 26, 2017:
Today marks the first day of Kwanzaa, a weeklong celebration of African American heritage and culture. Together, let us celebrate during this joyous time the richness of the past and look with hope toward a brighter future. 
As families and friends join to light the Kinara, Melania and I extend our warmest wishes for a joyful holiday season and a prosperous year to come.
And the responses were predictable:
@TheRootDonald Trump mustered up his best Google searches to compose three sentences that wished African Americans a Happy 
@NewsweekTrump's Kwanzaa statement leaves out Obama-era praise for African-American values 
@splinter_newsTrump gives shortest Kwanzaa statement since presidents started giving them
Let us not forget, “Kwanzaa Was Invented By An Insane Leftist Gangster Who Tortured Women” It’s a pretty safe bet that you will find nothing at all from those who are ripping Trump for his holiday wishes that acknowledges the history of Kwanzaa’s founder. It is intellectual dishonesty as well as vintage hypocrisy from people who should not throw stones if they themselves reside in glass houses. Jesus never tortured any women and Christmas is a real holiday.

Stilton Done This
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ten People We Wish Would Just Go Away And Leave Us Alone

When students of cultural history look back someday at America 2017 they will undoubtedly say it was a banner year for women.  It started with the historic Women’s March the day after the Inauguration of Donald Trump when Ashley Judd went full lunatic and gave a speech for the ages where she lamented everything from jean sizes to her monthly period. Liberal females nationwide have been having a collective 'period' every since, while beta males voluntarily hand over their balls to them.  Time magazine even named a gaggle of women “person of the year” for coming out with alleged tales of sexual misdeeds by the rich, powerful and famous.  Even dictionary editors jumped on the female bandwagon by declaring “feminism” the word of the year.

So, it should come as no surprise that seven of ten people I wish would just go away and stop bothering us 2018 are women (this is by no means a complete list) Here they are in reverse order:

#10 Lena Dunham - You can put lip-stick on a pig........Dunham is thankfully a fading entity. Two years ago, this loony beached walrus would have landed top three, but her drop this year indicates that not even the Left is listening to this actress/activist/liar/hoaxster/scammer/child molester. Yet, she kept herself in the news just enough to crack the top ten, meaning she broke her avowed exit from social media because as any woke justice warrior knows, life just isn’t the same without social media and the cool kids. 

  #9 Al FrankenA picture says a thousand words and a picture felled Al Franken from power as a Senator.  It also revealed the hypocrisy of so many champions of women’s rights who feel they have a right to cop a feel.  The fact is, I've never met anyone who thought Franken was that funny as a comedian and even less funny as a Senator from Minnesota. My guess is he will write some biopic in 2018 to much acclaim, do the talk show circuit and join Michael Richards on some wayward second rate comedy club stage.

#8 Harvey Weinstein - Bringing down this Hollywood honcho pretty much set off the #MeToo hysteria that swept the nation like a Santa Ana wind-driven wildfire.  His power and influence in Hollywood- not to mention the hypocritical Democratic Party- cannot be overstated.  Yet at the end, we see that Harvey Weinstein- avowed Democrat, the Party that supports women’s rights- was nothing more than a serial groper and in some cases, rapist.  Largely silent since the accusations arose leading to the loss of his production company, something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this ugly fat pervert after he emerges a “new man” from therapy.
#7 Colin Kaepernick  - America’s most famous unemployed NFL quarterback makes the list for his antics copied by cheerleaders and football teams alike who most still don't know what the hell they were protesting.  It started with sitting during the National Anthem, then taking a knee, then standing with arms locked in solidarity against this or that or whatever.  Meanwhile, the hair follicle-endowed ex-quarterback took to social activism in many areas (including supporting convicted cop killers).  But since people tune in to watch football games- not players making political statements- the NFL TV ratings are in the crapper and his influence over the decline in ratings cannot be denied. Now run along and play with your ball.....
#6 Chelsea Handler - What does a borderline mental case/comedian or comedienne do when their career is in decline?  They resort to social activism which, today, translates into Trump-bashing like all the cool people  The Comedy Hall of Shame is littered with the refuse- people like Sara Silverman, Rosie O’Donnell and Kathy Griffith.  And so it is no different with Chelsea Handler whose substance-abuse fueled ratings dropped through the floor on her late night show prompting the network to cut her off at the knees.  That caused Handler to pick up the phone and start drunk Tweeting and Facebooking and Instagramming all sorts of obnoxious social justice drivel. Rehab Chelsea, rehab......
#5 Jimmy Kimmel - Yet another “woman” on the list, Kimmel must be taking female hormone injections given the river of tears he has cried on late night television.  Whether it was Obamacare, gun control or some racist white supremacists in Charlottesville, Kimmel was there with tears in the eyes and hankie in hand.  Unfortunately, the cry act works once as with each subsequent one, he came under mounting derision.  Give it up- you’re not funny and you’re a fool. Oh and did I say you aren't funny? 
#4 Maxine Waters - In a way, you kind of wish this batshit crazy cheap wig wearing loud mouth doesn’t go away because she provides so much evidence of the unhinged nature of many on the Left.  Along with some other cohorts in the House, Auntie Maxine sees herself as the face of the #TheResistance that will bring down the mean Donald Trump.  And what a face it is!!  Her brain farts and ludicrous statements this year on Trump and in other areas have left even the most strident Leftist scratching their heads at times.  To the Right, she is the gift that just keeps on giving. But as of late, the bitch has been on my last nerve......
#3 Linda Sarsour - This Palestinian-American awoke one day and found that she could garner greater attention by donning a head scarf and barking out anti-Semitic nonsense.  But it is all for the “better good” since America is a seething cauldron of hatred against all Muslims.  It is ironic that one of the key organizers of the Women’s March is Muslim, since we all know that Islam is all about equal rights for the sexes.  However, that can be laid aside because there is a greater evil to be battled- Donald Trump.  You can put lip-stick on a pig......... 
#2 Nancy Pelosi - Seriously- its time for this recycled piece of aluminum to get an oil change and tune up.  The Minority Leader in the House who once famously proclaimed that they had to first pass a bill to see what was in the bill was full of head scratching moments this year too numerous to mention.  Whether it was gun control, DACA, tax reform- you name it- she and her strange shadow (Chuck Schumer) were there with cameras rolling predicting Armageddon.  Its time to put her on a truck, send her to that alien robotics factory from whence she came.
#1 Hillary Clinton - What is it going to take. She just will not go away.  Having penned yet another boring memoir- this time about the 2016 election- What Happened,  the answer is simple:  YOU LOST!  AGAIN!  TO DONALD TRUMP!!!  If that isn’t the definition of loser, I don’t know what is.  Yet, she persists in pushing her haggard face and obnoxious tipsy laugh on the public in a sorry attempt to gain sympathy.  She’s the political equivalent of herpes…only worse.  We have suggestions: go be a grandmother.  Dote on the kids!  Drink more Chardonnay and take more walks in the woods with Bill and eat mushrooms or hunt bigfoot or something.  Anything, whatever… just go away!

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Magazine Mocks Hillary With New Years Resolutions Suggestions for 2018

Some of the lefty media are starting to show signs they've had it up to here with the Hillary circus and want her to just disappear as much as we do. One such media publication is Vanity Fair, who nauseatingly fawned over her for 8 years and goo-gooed at her anticipated coronation. But as with all thing faux, people tend to tire of or see through them.  Mockingly, Vanity Fair suggest Hillary find other things to do in 2018 instead of bothering people by running for office again, like just get a hobby and go away. We couldn't agree more. Perhaps you have some suggestion for things she could do also.......

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

"I Got Your Milk and Cookies Right Here Baby"

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas Y'all

The Second Best Photo of 2017

Barky and Mooch wave good-bye as they board Special Air Mission 28000 at Joint Base Andrews, Md. to fly their asses out of town, Jan. 20, 2017, after the swearing in of the 45th President of the United States.

Friday, December 22, 2017

A Middle Finger Theater Special: Christmas With DJT


Ideal Last Minute Stocking Stuffer For The Self Loathing Social Justice Warrior Snowflake On Your Christmas List...

DT - Just in time for Christmas a flaming west coast liberal has put out a coloring book as a sop to Black Lives Matter and precious snowflakes who constantly bemoan so-called white privilege. To assuage the whiners, Seattle-based  Jim Corbett has put out the “I Am So Sick of White Guys” coloring book as a way to help emotionally fragile losers who can’t get over losing a freaking election to cope. By the way, Corbett himself is white.
Jim Corbett wants to help political democrats and progressives cope with the current times by coloring. The Yorktown, N.Y. native, now based in Seattle, has co-authored an adult coloring book, “I Am So Sick of White Guys,” which offers a message about white privilege and unchecked power. The 61-page book contains images of political humor that take aim at controversial policies and politicians. Instead of unicorns and snowmen, readers can color images of Donald Trump and illustrations that represent freedom of speech, Russian collusion theories, the Ku Klux Klan and football civil rights action. 
“It came completely out of me screaming at my TV, and the way the GOP is taking the country off in a totally different direction,” says Corbett. “I’m just a concerned citizen,” says the law librarian, in a phone interview. Corbett and Tim Jones (another white guy) wrote the text; the 27 illustrations were done by veteran artist (and African-American) Steve Hartley. 
The coloring book is available online at Amazon for $10; Corbett says 10 percent of the profits from sales are being donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. 
“For us, this is a humorous coping mechanism. I am very frustrated and sad,” Corbett says. “But we want to make sure people understand this is not a vehicle of intolerance or hate. We are not trying to get people to hate white guys. We need people to have good coping mechanisms.” 
Liberalism belongs in the DSM-V right alongside Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Fishnet Friday

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Democrats Stink of Weakness and Defeat

Armageddon she called it, that insane woman who is somehow still in charge of the House Democrats speaking about the just-passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. She described the bill as “theft,” because in the parlance of today’s Democrat Party the concept of private property is indistinguishable from theft. We've learned not to take Nancy Pelosi seriously, because it’s impossible to truly do so.  After all, she’s completely Batshit crazy and it’s obvious to anyone who bothers to observe both the gibberish emanating from her lips and the unstable body language surrounding it. But the unhinged sentiments she offered as a reaction to the passage of a bill which will provide a tax cut to 80 percent of the American taxpayers aren’t just hers. They belong to the entire Democratic Party.  Her Senate counterpart, Count Schmuckula, upon the bill’s passage declared that it will be “an anchor to the ankles of every Republican” in next year’s midterm elections. Oh, OK, Chuck.

Smell that? It smells like desperation and weakness, doesn’t it?  Pelosi and Schumer can smell it, regardless of the lies they tell themselves and their supporters. Schumer’s prognostication isn’t off to a very good start.

On the very day the bill reached final passage, AT&T announced it was giving 200,000 of its employees $1,000 bonuses and making $1 billion in capital investment. Likewise, Boeing announced it would let loose $300 million in investments, $100 million in corporate philanthropy, $100 million in increased training for its workers and another $100 million in facilities investment as a direct result of the tax reform plan.

But wait, there’s more. Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp’s announcement that 13,500 employees would be receiving $1,000 bonuses and all bank employees would be moving to a minimum wage of $15 per hour,  an indication that Trump and the Republicans in Congress appear more effective in achieving a $15 minimum wage than the Democrats who bloviated about passing a law to that effect have ever managed. Wells Fargo will also be raising the company minimum wage to $15 and further pledging $400 million in increased philanthropy.  Comcast, which is in merger talks with AT&T, is now saying they’re going to make $50 billion in infrastructure investments while also giving some 100,000 non-executive employees $1,000 bonuses.

Wednesday the Republican National Committee announced that in November it had taken in some $8.2 million, the largest figure ever for the RNC in a non-election year, and for the first 11 months of 2017 its total haul was $121.4 million. You're gonna continue to hear a lot of doomsaying about Republican mid-term electoral hopes, and how Trump will drag the party down, but in no way should anyone trade the GOP’s midterm prospects for those of the party led by Schumer and Pelosi and their hysterical brayings. 

[Naked DC]
[Washington Exam]
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Huffington Post Contributor Reveals His Ignorance and Racism…...Gets Owned by Senator.

H/T Marshmallow Jones

Journalist Upset Cause No One Will Sexually Harass Her

Uh...I Think I Have A Good Idea Why.....

Evidently Charlie Rose was is a racist for not sexually harassing black women at his workplace, or at least that's what Esquire's Rebecca Carroll suggested in a recent column. It makes me wonder if a woman who insist looking like she just stuck her finger in a light socket and making herself look gender confused and as
unappealing as she can to a normal red-blooded white male has anything to really complain about.... 

"In 1997, I joined the production team of Charlie Rose’s popular interview show. I was the only black journalist on staff. At the time, there was little to no recognition of what it meant to be black and female in a workplace dominated by white men. Twenty years later, in this watershed moment of examination and reckoning as one powerful white man after another is disgraced following allegations of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to assault, we’re still not talking about the ramifications for black women—or the broader connection to structural racism in America." 
"… And while many of us on staff were subject to Charlie’s unsolicited shoulder massages and physical intimidation, as he towered above us at a height over six feet tall, the women Charlie preferred and preyed upon—at least that I witnessed—were white. It was an environment that all but erased me, while simultaneously exploiting me as a black woman."
"In America, the most desirable woman in the room—the most sacred, coveted, enshrined woman—has always been the white woman........" 
"To be clear, I’m not suggesting it would have been preferable for Charlie to have preyed upon me, too—but rather, his sexualization of white women was a manifestation of gendered power dynamics in the same way that his not sexualizing me was an expression of racialized power dynamics."
Poor Woman. Confused by a radical ethnocentric view of life, she just doesn't get it.  Charlie Rose may be guilty of having had bad judgement.........but he's not freakin' blind.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Blurring The Line Between Sexual Banter and Misconduct

What we are seeing almost every day now, the regular accusations of sexual misconduct on the part of individual famous men, done frequently behind a shield of privacy while targeting individuals for ruin, is anything but a movement for social change as many are quick to tell us.

Targeting individuals for ruin is not the same as targeting issues or institutions and their practices, nor does it offer solutions to problems. It only serves to divide people, in this case the sexes, even more and threatens a backlash to a Puritanical sexuality in our culture. Incidents, not always even patterns, that allegedly occurred sometimes up to one-quarter century ago, are now being used not to change a culture, but to exact a revenge on individual men ostensibly behaving badly.  Progressive movements traditionally target social issues and institutions for change, not people for professional assassination. If change is the goal, the accusations need to be dealt with either in the institution in which it occurred, or in a court of law, not just in the court of public opinion alone. If individuals are named publicly, it should be part of a charge brought against them, not just an unsupported accusation splashed across the media

Yet, how many of those who have privately accused public figures of harassment have filed institutional and/or legal complaints or even come out in the open? When accusers stand behind the wall of privacy and/or are not required even by the media or society at large to present support for their public charges, it is easy to pick out targets for public assault. There are moral as well as legal lines between a personal offense, sexual misconduct within or outside of a professional setting, and verbal or physical abuse. Yet all sexual issues involved these days are being blurred into one giant non-judicial charge, with the intended punishment a public humiliation.  

And despite what feminist and some usually sensible women are putting forth, unwelcomed sexual advances and sexual banter are not on the same moral or legal level as unwelcomed physical touching or physical exposure. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Squinty and Meat Puppet Claim Fox News Is Inciting Violence

On Monday’s MSNBC's Morning Joe, Squinty Joe and his sidekick Meat Puppet Mika along with a gaggle of liberal misfits devoted a full segment of the show to accusing Fox News journalists of trying to “inspire hatred that will lead to violence and killing of Americans.”

In the fanatic land of MSNBC and minds of Scarborough and his fellow MSNBC pundits, Fox News hosts and guests who have compared Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration to an attempted “coup” and the FBI to the KGB are trying to inspire a Timothy-McVeigh-style attack on the Bureau through their heated rhetoric. At the same time Squinty and company failed to explain how their own repeated rhetoric comparing Trump to Soviet and communist mass-murderers like Joseph Stalin would be substantively different from what they claim Fox’s commentators have said recently.

Morning Joe started the segment by characterizing President Trump’s praise of law enforcement officers at Quantico on Friday as “demented” and “postmodern” given Trump’s recent critiques of FBI leadership. However, the MSNBC journos quickly moved on to demonizing Fox News as Scarborough began to rant about Fox’s coverage of corruption within the FBI:
"They are literally -- and it's very dangerous, because, ‘cause blood will be on the hands of people that, that, that whip people into a frenzy and, and lie. But they’re saying that there's a coup going on right now, which is, is one of the most extraordinarily irresponsible things I’ve ever heard a major network do."
Just over the past couple of months alone, the top MSNBC morning show has compared Trump to both authoritarian dictators and mass murdering Soviet tyrants, claimed that Trump either is okay with or is encouraging his followers to murder racial and religious minorities without evidence, and portrayed Trump as being so dangerously mentally ill that he must be removed from office immediately. 
Is it not just as possible that Morning Joe’s “reckless, irresponsible,” and “conspiratorial” ramblings about Trump trying to kill Muslims, nuke the world, and promote fake terrorist assassinations could lead to violent actions being taken against him or his supporters? - READ MORE
If Scarborough is so sure of the power of the news media to cause violence through incendiary rhetoric, why do they and most of the leftist media so frequently engage in exactly the same activity? Listen to yourselves Joe. Listen.......

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required *

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Pointed Hat Guy Takes Shot at Fake News Media

Pope Fran is Obviously Not a Fan of Fake News Purveyors Like CNN Either

According to NPR News
Pope Francis weighed in on the issue of freedom of the press and fake news as he delivered a sermon to a group of journalists Saturday about “the sins of communication."

The Pope made his comments to members of the Italian Periodical Press Union and the Italian Federation of Catholic Weeklies. Franics said  journalism is a field “dominated by the anxiety of speed” and is driven by sensationalism. Reliable information, he said, is at a premium. "There is an urgent need for news communicated with serenity, precision and completeness."  The Pope also spoke about the perils of disinformation and slander. 
“You shouldn’t fall into the ‘sins of communication:’ disinformation, or giving just one side, calumny that is sensationalized, or defamation, looking for things that are old news and have been dealt with and bringing them to light today.  They are very grave sins, which damage the heart of the journalist and harm people.”
This is not the first time the Fran has waded into media issues and the world can expect to hear similar sermons from the pope in the future. Francis made “fake news and journalism for peace,” the topic of his 2017 World Communications Day speech. NPR reported last year that the pope told “journalists and media consumers” that an interest in dredging up scandals is similar to “the sickness of coprophilia."  You'll have to look that up yourself if you really want to know......

Friday, December 15, 2017

Is It Really Any Wonder Why Aliens Don't Land Here?

Entire Family Turns Transgender

An entire family – man, woman, son and daughter – in Arizona has become transgender. The father identifies as a woman. His fiancĂ©e, the mother-to-be, identifies as a man. The son considers himself a girl and, of course, the daughter thinks she’s actually a boy. An entire transgender family, all under one roof. 

Daniel Harrott was born a woman, while his fiancĂ©e, Shirley Austin was born a man. Both have previously been married. Eleven year-old Mason and 13 year-old Joshua have also switched sexes. “The whole family is in transition,” Austin said in an interview with KJZZ, which reports the two adults are teaching each other to adopt “traditional” gender roles:

“Shirley taught Daniel how to use a chainsaw. Daniel taught Shirley to memorize all the stones in her engagement ring, in case another woman asks. Daniel does the yard work. Shirley, the cooking. “Daniel explained that they’re actually ‘very traditional’ people, who really see each other.”
KJZZ did not report the gender status of the couple’s two dogs.

via CNS

He Said What????

Holder Issues Direct Warning to Trump Admin — 
‘Any Attempt to Remove Mueller Will Not Be Tolerated’ 

Of all the people in the last presidential administration who should keep their #@*&$! mouth shut, it's Eric Holder. If there were any justice in this country, this man at the least would be in jail for lying to congress, selective enforcement of federal law, involvement in massive government corruption......or be shot for treason.  But now he is boldly issuing a not so veiled threat if Trump tries to can Robert Mueller. If anything, Trump’s election was a repudiation of Obama and all he and Holder stood for. And yet, here’s Eric Holder acting like he’s the moral authority in this country. Pretty bold for someone who thought they were ABOVE THE LAW. 

It’s hard for any rational person to make the argument against disbanding this Mueller special counsel.  It's clear that there was no collusion and the investigation has been hopelessly compromised. We now know that Mueller had people on his team who not only hate Trump but appear to have been actively working against Trump since 2016 from their positions of power.  Someone needs to remind the thugs from the Obama years that they are no longer in power. They have no authority to say what will or will not be tolerated. That's no longer their choice. 

Sounds like maybe Eric is getting nervous what might be said or come to light should people in the DOJ and FBI start to turn.

Where's the falling pianos when you need one.....

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Fishnet Friday

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Carols For Those Fighting the Evil Patriarchy

DT - There will always be those holiday haters who are as bubbly as a cup of sour eggnog. And there is already a stocking full of anti-Trump holiday songs to satisfy the grumpy Grinches of the USA, even a Chipmunks impeachment Christmas song if you can believe that. 

For those who are fighting the evil patriarchy and have enlisted as the elves of the feminist #MeToo movement their bells will be jing, jing, jingling to the following gender politics holiday songs because the left’s war on Christmas can be waged at the same time as the mythical war on women. 

Bitter Women Rejoice!! 

Via AdWeek: “Grey London Made an Album of Feminist Christmas Carols, Rewritten to Stick It to the Man” 
"Why sing a Hymn when there’s a Hyrr? It’s been a banner year for women, in great part because of a system that drove its boot so deep into our necks that we all lost our epic sense of composure. In record numbers, we marched. We ran for office. We called bullshit on sexual harassment (and are still calling bullshit). And those who raged against a machine of systemic abuse even made it to Time’s Person of the Year. (Here’s to that elbow.) 
In keeping with the theme of all this bra-burning, and as we dovetail ever so gently into the holidays, Grey London worked with Goldstein Music to make a feminist album of revised Christmas hymns, designed for eggnog-drinking while also sticking it to the patriarchy." 
KICK THE BALLS (Sung to the tune of Deck the Halls):  

The resentment never takes a break, not even for the holidays. What a bunch of miserable people that inhabit the left, it just kills them that somebody else may just enjoy Christmas.

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Dems Find Winning Formula

"The Democrats finally got their narrative shifting win even if it was the result of accusing an honorable man of being a child molester and plumbing the gutters of racial demagoguery. The party and its radical left backers in California threw everything that they had into this election and it worked, setting up three years of sexual smears to come that they hope will result in their return to power.

However, they couldn’t have pulled it off without a huge helping hand from Republicans who with the exception of President Trump, refused to support their own candidate and losing a Senate seat that should have been theirs for the taking. It’s probably more accurate to attribute Jones’ big win to Moore being fragged by his own troops led by Mitch McConnell who made it clear that the judge would never be seated if he did win by threatening an immediate ethics investigation into the four-decades-old allegations from a handful of women.

Will the women now simply go away? That is probably a pretty safe bet, they have served their purpose. Even with their win, it took a massive mobilization of black voters and a registration of felons to beat Moore and now that they have served their purpose, the Democrats will forget about them and move on to the next race." - 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Just when you thought Liberals couldn’t find a new level of Stupid to dig their way to…

NYC Mayor’s Program Offers Gift Cards to Defendants for Taking 
Courtroom Friendliness Survey

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio  has an $800,000 program in place that uses taxpayer money to pay criminal suspects and court defendants with gift cards in exchange for taking a survey about the friendliness and comfort of Manhattan’s courtrooms and NYC criminal Justice system, the New York Post reported.

The survey asks participants to rate the courteousness of judges and prosecutors — and even courtroom temperature. Those who complete the 144-question survey get a $15 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. The program is from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. The revelation comes on the heels of an October report that inmates at Riker’s Island prison were given pizza parties in exchange for not fighting.  

So how New Yorkers feel about the program? 

(must be read with New York accent) “Once again, the mayor wants to appease the criminals at taxpayers’ expense,” a source in the city’s police department told the Post. “Next thing they’ll be giving out Macy’s cards so these perps could do their holiday shopping.”  The Post also quoted a “high-ranking NYPD source” who said de Blasio’s gift-card reward “crazy,” adding that appearing in court “isn’t supposed to be fun. You want these people not to want this to happen again." 

Michael Palladino, president of the NYPD detectives union, told the Post that defendants getting gift cards is like “a nice Christmas present for our participants in the criminal-justice system. It’s not supposed to be a positive experience to get locked up or get a summons.”  Ed Mullins, president of the sergeants union, recalled to the paper the “long-standing statement that crime doesn’t pay. We’ve now proved it does. It now pays for a $15 Dunkin’ Donuts card. Maybe we can give them confiscated firearms, too. Where is this coming from?  We’re all singing Kumbaya together?"

Dennis Quirk, president of the Court Officers Association told the paper he’s insulted by the idea that defendants are essentially grading court officials on their job performance. "Maybe it’s time we process criminals over tea and biscuits. Next, City Hall is going to want us to hand out ice cream cones and candy bars."

But court defendant Juan Cruz, who the Post said was up against a “bullcrap misdemeanor charge,” seemed pleased with his reward: “I told them I’ve been here too many times to not understand the process. But hey, got me a doughnut and cup of coffee when I get out of here.” 

And how did the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice respond? The gift cards are “compensation” for the participants’ time in completing the survey, and the cost was a “minuscule” part of the overall budget, one official told the paper. 

When $800,000 is considered "minuscule", that my friend should tell you just what civil servants think of you as a taxpayer and the worth of our sweat they extort daily.

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