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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Even This CNN Anchor Was Stunned by Obama's Former China Ambassador's Outrageous Claim

It takes a practiced vulgarian to make a sailor blush. Likewise, it takes a truly outrageous remark by an former Obama administration official to dumbfound even a soft skull CNN anchor.

Generally speaking, if politicians go viral, it’s either because they’ve done something heartwarming, said something stirring or they’ve said something really F**king stupid. Enter Max Baucus, once Obama’s ambassador to China.  This video doesn’t feature Baucus with a puppy or giving an inspirational speech to some first responders, so you guess which one it is.

What brought on the reaction from CNN’s Hala Gorani was what Moldy ol' Max said answering her question about the China situation:
“Now in the United States, if anybody says anything reasonable about China, he or she feels intimidated, worried his head is going to be chopped off. 
Back in the ’30s in Germany, it was very similar. We’re entering an era which is similar to Joe McCarthy back when he was red-baiting in the State Department and attacking communism, and a little bit like Hitler in the ’30s.”
The Washington Free Beacon pointed out that Baucus sits on the board of advisers for the Alibaba Group, one of China’s largest technology firms, and is also on the board of directors of Ingram Micro, which was purchased by a Chinese company in 2016. Bought and paid for, Moldy Max is doing the Chinese's bidding and protecting his own personal gravy train at the expense of American owned industries.  At least the befuddlement the typical TDS infected CNN anchor is something that indeed speaks volumes.

[excerpted from a post @ The Western Journal]

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Newest Hotbed of Racism

Beware of Possible Local Racist Knitting Circles 

For some people these days, every single thing is about race. This article in Vox, a web site for low-information young people, reads like a parody. But I am pretty sure it is serious. The topic? “The knitting community is reckoning with racism.” Personally, I didn’t even know there was a “knitting community.” It begins with a young knitter who expressed enthusiasm about an upcoming trip to India on social media:
"On January 7, she blogged excitedly about her upcoming trip to India. She wrote that 2019 would be her “year of color.” She said that as a child, India had fascinated her, and that when an Indian friend’s parents offered to take her with them on a trip, it was “like being offered a seat on a flight to Mars.” She spoke of her trip as if it were the biggest hurdle anyone could jump: “If I can go to India, I can do anything — I’m pretty sure."
Templer, it should be noted, is white. Que the nearest person with low self esteem who defines existence by skin color and waiting to be offended....
"As someone who is mixed-race Indian, to me, her post (though seemingly well-meaning) was like bingo for every conversation a white person has ever had with me about their “fascination” with my dad’s home country; it was just so colorful and complex and inspiring. It’s not that they were wrong, per se, just that the tone felt like they thought India only existed to be all those things for them." 
Following a major controversy in the online knitting community, the offender offered a Maoist apology:
"Templer has since apologized for her post, writing, “It took women of color pointing this out for me to see it … which is not their responsibility, and I am thankful to them for taking the time,” and that she’d be continuing to raise visibility of people of color (and specifically black/indigenous POC) knitters and their work."
Social media makes pointing out someones perceived or imaginary racism easier than ever. For weeks, knitters have used Instagram, and specifically Instagram stories, to share their observations, tag other knitters, and conduct polls about others’ experiences with racism in the community. Hundreds of people have shared stories of being ignored in knitting stores, or being told someone didn’t think black or Asian people knit.

Wow, who hasn't been ignored by a lazy retail employee? If lefties can turn knitting into a hotbed of racism, what can’t they do?

(Vox Media)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

White Genocide Professor Already Has a New Gig

DT - When controversial radical egghead George Ciccariello-Maher announced that he was resigning his position from Philadelphia’s Drexel University effective Sunday, it was thought by some that he would have a tough time getting another gig. He blamed his departure on “right-wing” threats as he elaborated upon via Inside Higher Ed. After all, when you have a zany zealot who takes to social media to say that all that he wants for Christmas is “white genocide” and then blamed the Las Vegas massacre on the “white supremacist patriarchy” it hardly looks good on a resume to an educational institution looking to stay out of the headlines.

That wasn’t the case with the even more leftist New York University which moved quickly to add this unique talent to their already overflowing stable of leftist loons. 

This from WFB 

"The Drexel University professor who said “the narrative of white victimization” was behind the Las Vegas mass shooting has resigned after being suspended and investigated for those comments, and has taken a position with the prestigious New York University. George Ciccariello-Maher left his tenured post last week as an associate professor of politics and global studies to begin a visiting scholarship at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. 
Ciccariello-Maher wrote on his personal Facebook page Thursday, “After nearly a year of harassment by right-wing, white supremacist media outlets and internet mobs, after death threats and threats of violence directed against me and my family, my situation has become unsustainable. Staying at Drexel in the eye of this storm has become detrimental to my own writing, speaking, and organizing.” Ciccariello-Maher went on to warn, “We are at war, and academia is a crucial front in that war.” 
Ciccariello-Maher’s new employer, the Hemispheric Institute, is a 20-year-old “collaborative, multilingual, and interdisciplinary consortium…working at the intersection of scholarship, artistic expression, and politics,” according to its Facebook page. The organization “explores embodied practice—performance—as a vehicle for the creation of new meaning and the transmission of cultural values, memory, and identity.”
One thing that Ciccariello-Maher is correct about is that “We are at war, and academia is a crucial front in that war” and the minds of the nation’s youth are being rewired in a very anti-American way by this turd and his fellow radicals. It was always common knowledge that Hitler was less interested in the current generation than the future ones and the radical leftist professors have embraced that concept as their mission in life.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Carols For Those Fighting the Evil Patriarchy

DT - There will always be those holiday haters who are as bubbly as a cup of sour eggnog. And there is already a stocking full of anti-Trump holiday songs to satisfy the grumpy Grinches of the USA, even a Chipmunks impeachment Christmas song if you can believe that. 

For those who are fighting the evil patriarchy and have enlisted as the elves of the feminist #MeToo movement their bells will be jing, jing, jingling to the following gender politics holiday songs because the left’s war on Christmas can be waged at the same time as the mythical war on women. 

Bitter Women Rejoice!! 

Via AdWeek: “Grey London Made an Album of Feminist Christmas Carols, Rewritten to Stick It to the Man” 
"Why sing a Hymn when there’s a Hyrr? It’s been a banner year for women, in great part because of a system that drove its boot so deep into our necks that we all lost our epic sense of composure. In record numbers, we marched. We ran for office. We called bullshit on sexual harassment (and are still calling bullshit). And those who raged against a machine of systemic abuse even made it to Time’s Person of the Year. (Here’s to that elbow.) 
In keeping with the theme of all this bra-burning, and as we dovetail ever so gently into the holidays, Grey London worked with Goldstein Music to make a feminist album of revised Christmas hymns, designed for eggnog-drinking while also sticking it to the patriarchy." 
KICK THE BALLS (Sung to the tune of Deck the Halls):  

The resentment never takes a break, not even for the holidays. What a bunch of miserable people that inhabit the left, it just kills them that somebody else may just enjoy Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Little Midget's Fantasy Inaugural Celebration

Taking denial to the next level, everyones favorite loony munchkin Robert Reich is dreaming of an alternative to Donald Trump''s Inaugural Celebration complete with celebrity twerkers, bad musicians, washed-up actors and the hate whitey crowd........ 

I know nothing says celebration like a bunch of trashy butt-hurt talent challenged hate America celebrates that continue to drag culture into the sewer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trump Supporter Claims He Was Turned Away From Colorado Caucus, There's Only One Problem

Larry Wayne Lindsey - Unhinged FaceBook obsession with Ted Cruz’s alleged sexual exploits
and supposed ineligibility, but no one questioned his story?
It appears that Trump supporters who have rallied behind Larry Wayne Lindsey have been schlonged.  Lindsey became an overnight sensation after the Trump Report Drudge Report highlighted a video of the wannabe Trump delegate burning his Republican party registration after pro-Cruz political insiders cast him aside. 
The trouble with Larry’s story is that it isn't true. 
Larry did not attend the county caucus, which is where he needed to go in order to get elected as a delegate to the state convention.