Tuesday, April 9, 2024

A Few Good Reasons Future Generations Will Mock Us, As They Should....

Excerpts from KEVIN DOWNEY JR.@PJM

We like to look back and laugh at some of the dumber things our predecessors used to find acceptable, if not normal. Whether our great-grandparents were fining the ugly, pretending smoking was healthy, or giving themselves cancer every time they bought shoes, they had no idea that we, their supposedly more civilized progeny, would laugh at them decades later. 

The difference between them and us? We laugh at them because of their lack of knowledge at the time. We will be mocked for our prideful ignorance.  

1. COVID Codswallop: Professional athletes fought the virus by playing for cardboard crowds. As the world's elected leaders and supposedly greatest medical thinkers took it upon themselves to make insane rules to battle a virus that more than 99% of Americans would survive, nothing looked more insane than professional sports teams playing before an audience entirely made up of cardboard cutouts. Even worse, some narcissistic wonders actually paid money to those teams to use their likenesses on a cutout. 

Megalomaniacal politicians couldn't wait to spew their own brand of tyranny. Mayors shut down basketball courts. School band leaders told their music students to cut holes in their masks. Then-governor Andy Cuomo (D-N.Y.) beclowned himself by declaring that bars could only stay open if they sold food, as though COVID-19 dodged people masticating. Even rules for touching other's persons balls.

2. That's a man, baby!: In the year *2124, people will sit in their cube-apartments and snack on crickets as they look back at us and chortle like the by-then-extinct Howler monkey over the truth bomb that many Americans actually fell for the notion that a man can be a woman by simply stating he is one. (* In this aforementioned scenario, the Marxists have won. All the cows were killed to "make the weather better." Howler monkeys were hunted and BBQ'ed to extinction by 2077.) 

Getting the nation to believe that a man is a woman because he says so isn't the worst of it. Men in dresses were then allowed to pummel women in sporting events. Female athletes who spoke out were threatened into silence. Crazy men "proved" that they were "real women" by inserting frozen tomato paste into their bahookies and pretending to "celebrate their menus." Rational people who didn't play along were fired from their jobs.

3. We allowed ourselves to be replaced. Sure, your grandfather seems grotesque for allowing a doctor to place leeches on his skin or sitting in a filthy Saratoga Springs bathtub to "take in the waters" for his health. Wanna know what Gramps didn't do? He didn't sit back as his nation was taken over. Grandad lied about his age so he could fight tyranny in French hedgerows or on an island thousands of miles away he'd never heard of. Grandma built B-24 bombers in Willow Run, Mich.

We sat back and merely whined as our large blue cities went broke caring for illegal immigrants before sending them into our communities. We complained as our elderly were booted from nursing homes to make room for people who shouldn't be here in the first place, but we didn't do anything. 

We bemoaned the atrocity of paying an illegal family of four more money than we give to a family of four with a disabled military veteran. But in the end, all we did was complain.

Then we did the dumbest thing any supposedly smart society has ever done.........

4. We didn't fire the tyrants: The most laughable move Americans are guilty of is our seemingly eager desire to rehire the monsters who tried to turn the U.S. into a COVID-ridden, commie, transgender hellhole. We the People voted, by and large, to retain the imbecile politicians who plied us with COVID despotism, illegal immigration, and transgender tyranny.

Our generation faces jail for "misgendering" a bearded lady. Even parents in red states have lost their kids to the state because they refused to allow their children to Ginsu their genitals. People remain silent as transamobobs molest kids in restrooms, all because we fear being called "transphobic."

Even more laughable, we sat back and watched those we elected open the borders and allow our replacements to flood into our communities. Yes Americans, You are being replaced. All of us!

Our response to all this madness? We bent our knees and re-elected most of the miscreants who did this to us.  We deserve to be mocked mercilessly, starting today.

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