Thursday, March 31, 2022

Even Members of the European Press Laugh at MSNBC

While waiting for an email response this afternoon I decided to surf the TV channels to see if the world had ended yet, I came across the end of a of an interview that really made me laugh.

Nicole Wallace, the resident MSNBC Rhino with near terminal TDS, who at 40+ still tries to look 20 and fries the end of her words like a college gender studies adjunct professor, was interviewing in studio an unidentified European reporter about the Ukrainian War. The reporter was conveying conversations with her contacts in St. Petersburg and Moscow about the sanctions that Scapegoat Joe has put on Russia that didn't seem to have much effect so far and about reporters in war zones.

To the end the conversation Wallace asked this very question, I Quote: "What can we do to defeat Putin?" 

Stunned, the reporter look at Wallace like she was fucking batshit five & dime crazy. After a obvious nervous giggle by Wallace, the report retorted , "WE?! I am a reporter. As you. I'm not in the business of War. Nor am I in the business of diplomacy."


More nervous giggle and the obviously embarrassed Wallace quickly thanked her guest without mentioning her name or news organization as her guest laughter was heard off camera. Fade very quickly to Commercial....

This is a just another illustration of our news media's belief in their own self importance and willingness to forward party propaganda if it's the right party. It also shows what a laughing stock the nutsack of American media, MSNBC, is in relation to journalism. Foreign or Domestic. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Mid-Week Open Thread

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Let's Enjoy One of the Best of Our Favorite Media Celebs Most Embarrassing Moments, Shall We?

First, the media took a big hit now that the Clinton's "Steele Dossier" has been shown to be beyond any doubt a fraud, and now the New York Times admits Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t a Russian fairytale meant to frighten misbehaving children. Yesterday, as a extra body blow to the media's soiled reputation,  material from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was entered into the Congressional Record

NewsBusters have been digging through their dank video archives to find all the smug TV hosts who dismissed the story in 2020 as Russian “disinformation” and they found something we found really special. The words of one of our favorite kickballs, Squinty Joe Sourborough.

We invite you to enjoy this smug asshole's disastrous monologue from the October 19, 2020 edition of "Squinty & Meat Puppet in the Morning" that has "Aged Like A Carton of Milk"!

“It is so obviously disinformation...” He said  “History will expose you all as fools.” 

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Monday, March 28, 2022

What'd Ya Say Joe? 🧐

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Mamet On America

“Now we are engaged in a prodromal civil war, and American constitutional democracy is the contest’s prize. The universities and the media, always diseased, have progressed from mischief into depravity. Various states are attempting to mandate that their schools teach critical race theory — that is racism — and elected leaders on the coasts have resigned their cities to thuggery and ruin.” - David Mamet - Playwright and Screenwriter

They are waking up. Slowly, but they are waking. - DS

Friday, March 25, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Our Man in Brussels

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

They Need a New Drug

What all savvy democrats want is a new drug. A superawesome kind of drug. A drug compounded for the mid-terms from similar ingredients they used to win 2020 -- racism, paranoia, lies, slander, conspiracies -- because those are how democrats win elections. A drug that gives them exactly the same feelings they did about the Trump presidency -- righteous rage, out-and-proud bigotry, ecstatic grievance, that anti-free speech fascist swagger they do so well.

But it also has to be a drug that doesn't come with the morning-after hangover. The cotton-mouthed stumblebum staggering away from catastrophes they created. The dry-heaving up of gibberish excuses. The need to turn up the media echo chamber to 110 decibels to drown out the world laughing at them.

The need to take a hammer to every mirror in the place so they never risk getting even the slightest introspective glimpse at the horror they have become. The long, public decent into madness and fascism cheered on by all the garden variety morons, ardent parasites and of course, all those reliable media racial bigots.

But until they find new drug, it's become very clear that Democrats will continue to deal with the absolute, unalloyed racist shitpile their recent party has become by continuing to find some opposition party sin, either trivial or wholly imaginary, to flog the shit out of it as if it were somehow equivalent to quotidian fascism and derangement to deflect from their own obvious inadequacies.


Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Mid-Week Open Thread

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Monday, March 21, 2022

I Really Don't Need To Be On The Tweeter

They keep putting me in Time-Out for being 'Hateful'. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ (3 time in a week) Looks like I have one of the new report button keyboard commandos on my tail.πŸ˜›

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A Good Monday Morning

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Who's Next? Tolstoy, Pushkin, Tchaikovsky ??

America spent 50 years and trillions to keep the Soviet Union at bay, only to become a gay retarded version of the same. The American Left have become a cancerous pustule on the nation.

Your accomplishments and accolades are no longer yours, but subject to the whims of organizations who will interpret not your successes, but your political, geographical and cultural associations. Guilt by association is still guilt, and wrong think will not be tolerated.

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Friday, March 18, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Throwback Thursday - Hillary Clinton Arrested for Impersonating a Book Author

Writers Guild Makes Citizens Arrest

from the 'Great Moments in History' archives - July 2014

(MFNS) NYC - Former First Lady, Secretary of State, pretentious Hag and would be famous literary personality, Hillary Clinton, was surrounded and captured at a book-signing today by a vigilante group representing the the Writer Guild of America invoking a Citizens Arrest.

Witness said Mrs. Clinton rose slowly from her seat and said "I've been expecting you". As Mrs. Clinton was led away she was heard to mumble "Mark My Word You Bitches! You all will pay for this after my coronation!"

Speaking for the writers vigilante group to reporters was the Writer Guild President, Dame Edith Bronson, author of such classic works as 'The Soul of a Squid" and ' The collect poems of Hugo Chavez':
"I, as well as my colleague, Professor of Biography Dr. Paul Menlo LeSquirt, today took the bold step to remove from the public eye an embarrassment and menace to the reputation of the literary world. 
Not since the publication of Barack Obama's auto-biography has so much fiction been passed on to the public as a non- fiction volume, and with all the pre-publication  pomp and promotion usually reserved for great works of  literature such as 'Harry Potter' and '50 Shades of Gray'. 
We simple could not in good conscience any longer allow Mrs. Clinton to soil the reputation of the literary world and the time honored craft of book authorship."  
Mrs. Clinton's Book "Hard Choices" has had dismal sales and failed to reach #1 on the NYT book list before or after it's debut, and has dropped quickly on falling behind such powerhouse tomes as 'Little Blue Truck' by Alice Schertle and last years "Farmer's Almanac" 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

WH to Unleash The Giggler to Tout Admin's Achievements

According to reports, Kamala Harris is being deployed by the White House to travel the country and gaslight America on the administrations “achievements” while 46* jets off to Europe for photo-ops and further embarrass America after the Giggler's disastrous attempt at schmoozing last week with our Allies.

The Hill reports the vice president will be spending coming weeks crisscrossing the country touting infrastructure (of which not a dollar has been spent yet) expanded broadband access (which not one home has yet received any benefit) and key executive orders signed by Biden (which were basically reversals of DJT's EO's).
"Harris will meanwhile assume a more typical schedule for a vice president during non-pandemic times. That will stand in stark contrast to her recent efforts overseas. Her past three-day sojourn to Eastern Europe was meant to reinforce U.S. support for the region against Russian aggression, however an awkward appearance at a major press conference dominated media coverage."
I would like to introduce our main speaker, The Vice-President, Kamala Harris"...........(crickets)...(giggling)...
Kamala: "I would like to tell you about all the accomplishments of the Harris/Biden Administration".....(crickets)...(giggling) .." 

Every appearance she makes will be a reminder of how incompetent and dangerous this administration is. Lets hope her staff and speech writers do more than copy & paste from Wikipedia articles like they obviously did for her European trip.

The Giggler begins her gaslight tour in deep red Southwest Louisiana this Friday, which tells me this whole thing was dreamed up on the fly.

You Presence is Commanded for the Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Mid-Week Open Thread

You May Talk Among Yourselves. 
Please Keep All Weapons In Plain Sight

Monday, March 14, 2022

NYTs: Dems Up Sh*t Creek and Joe Dropped the Paddle

Our betters at the New York Times ran another “Democrats Think Joe Biden Needs a Reset” article. This one came out just before Daylight Savings Time, when everyone resets their clocks, an annoying chore but one that’s actually achievable. Resetting the dem's political reality with Biden at the helm has them biting pillows as they fall asleep at night.

So the Dems met in Philadelphia last week where they reportedly hoped Biden "would offer a winning strategy heading into a challenging midterm election season." (that quote in itself is funny) It seems some now realize what the far-left has done and a “winning” strategy is preferable to a losing one. The retreat was held on the one-year anniversary of Biden’s $1.9 trillion inflationary stimulus plan, which, while it kept food on the table of millions, was shelled out mostly to people who needed no help, and bought a lot of 25 inch rims and leased a lot Benzes down in the hood.  

But 46* is now getting hit from both the right and left. 

From the Times:
Democrats are toiling to retool their message and refocus their agenda. They are worried that the accomplishments they helped deliver to Mr. Biden are being drowned out by concern over the rising price of gas and a focus on their legislative failures. And they are looking to the president, who addressed them at the retreat on Friday, to help them reframe the conversation....
C’mon, Joe, “reframe the conversation” so Americans stop whining about inflation and rising gas prices. Biden told Democrats at the retreat Friday that this may be the most important off-year election in modern history and if Republicans rout Democrats and regain control of the House and Senate the only thing he'll have then is a veto pen, which he probable forgot where he put. 

The Times didn’t seem very convinced that Biden would help Democrats refashion message before November. He’s the president, not Don Draper selling Heinz ketchup.

"Gone was the talk of a transformative agenda to remake the country’s social safety net," which was once a centerpiece of Democrats’ utopian sales pitch to voters. "The words “build back better” were all but forbidden among the groggy lawmakers who arrived in Philadelphia in the wee hours of Thursday morning."

Rep. Praline Jaypal from Washington, who leads the leftist Progtard Caucus, was said to have joked that “Build Back Better” had become like Voldemort in Harry Potter -- that which must not be named. Joe Manchin really sucked the life out of the party, didn’t he?

Some Democrats advise a thrilling move to the center that focuses on “kitchen table issues” like Rep. Sleepy Jim Clyburn executive actions federalizing elections masquerading as voting rights and reform (handcuffing) policing. Rep. Raul Ruiz, chairman of the Hispanic Caucus, wanted Biden to remove the cap on the number of refugees who can be resettled in the US this year. You know, stuff that keeps America up all night. 

I wonder if they ever thought of just not being preachy or condescending.  Nancy Pelosi's heir apparent, the big eared genius and the second coming of Chicago Jesus, Hakeem Jeffries, offered a more compelling message: Democrats "care about everyday Americans" and Republicans don't. 

Yeah, that's a message with all the hallmarks of a landslide. 

But for now their message is it's just all Putin's fault and Republicans appear to be rooting for Putin over Ukraine......

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Kamala Be Puttin' Her Finger All Up In Vlad's Putin's Chest. Uh-huh!

Appearing on MSNBC's 'The Cross Connection' (known affectionately here at DMF as 'The Crazy Black Girl Hour') hosted by Tiffany Cross, her panel of this weeks melanin superior Karens actually tried to paint Kamala Harris as a tough prosecutor who intimidated Russian dictator Vladimir Putin with her remarks in Poland earlier this week. (insert SNL fake canned laughter here).

I shit you not. MSNBC analyst Errin Haines proclaimed:
"Yet another piece of her lived experience that she really brings to this role as Vice President in this moment of crisis, and that is her role as prosecutor, right? This is somebody who is used to kind of taking on bad guys for a living. And so, her really be putting her finger in the chest of Vladimir Putin and saying that there will be consequences."
*Dictators world wide cower in their bunkers*

Fellow angry black girl Nola Haynes, gave a mixed take on Harris's performance. On the one hand, she described Harris as "strong" and "assertive," and as having delivered the right message to Putin. But on the other hand, when Cross asked whether Putin had received that message, Haynes said:
"I’m going to be blunt here. Putin is a sexist so probably not. On top of that, there’s the race component. So taken together, the intersectionality of her race and gender, he probably dismissed what she had to say."

GEE, Ya think! Just watching the crazy bitches cost me an IQ point. 

Of course the ladies never uttered a word about Harris's juvenile demeaner or her cackling response when questioned about the refugee crisis. Kamala's tipsy sorority girl act angered many in Eastern Europe doing the heavy work of helping. Nor did they mention President Zelensky's former spokeswoman, who tweeted that it would be a "tragedy" if Harris ever became president, a sentiment that most all American would not disagree with.

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Friday, March 11, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, March 10, 2022

I'm Feeling Mischievous Today

My desire to be well-informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane.....

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Russians Will Forthwith Be Denied Western Elevated Blood Sugar, Clogged Arteries and Burnt Coffee Farts.

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rubles, Ivan!

On Tuesday Starbucks and Coca-Cola joined Ronald McDonald in announcing they were suspending operations in Russia because of aggression on Ukraine. All three companies were facing enormous public pressure from the tweeter mob and other social media calls for boycotts prior to making the decision to shut down Russian business over aggression in Ukraine.

In a letter to the Starbucks community, the coffee chain’s president and CEO Kevin Johnson stepped up to the plate and said his partners have agreed to immediately pause store operations and will provide support to the nearly 2,000 partners in Russia who depend on Starbucks for their livelihood.

In the meantime, I'm sure 'Dunkin' Beets' and 'Pizza Dacha' can take up the slack.

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Monday, March 7, 2022

What Years of 'Woke' Anti-America Indoctrination Have Brought


Sister ToldjahGoing back at least a couple of decades or so, the right has accused the left of hating America thanks to their support for things like burning the American flag, their loathing of displays of patriotism, their flagrant disregard for the Constitution, not believing in the concept of American exceptionalism, their fascination with socialism, and their desire to indoctrinate students starting at very young ages all the way through college into believing America was founded on the basis of wanting to preserve slavery.

The left has always shot back with some variation of “love the country but not what it does,” which may be true for traditional liberals – that is, those not predisposed to a “blame America first” mentality, those who can see the greatness of America despite her faults.

But it’s not true for the modern left – that is, those who consider themselves “progressives” and who are wholly immersed head to toe in an AOC/Colin Kaepernick-style of “woke” dogma where America sucks and the only thing that can be done about it is to (metaphorically) destroy it and all its institutions in order to “save it.”

Sobering new polling information released Monday on what people in this country would do should it face the same situation as Ukraine indicates that on this topic, the right has (unfortunately) been more right than wrong on this issue over the years.

In a Quinnipiac survey, people were asked “If you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now, do you think that you would stay and fight or leave the country?” The results showed that an overwhelming majority of Republicans and a comfortable majority of independents say they would stay and fight. As for Democrats? 52% said they would leave the country.

This is what years of anti-America indoctrination in the classroom and beyond has brought us, I’m sad to say. When you drill into people that there’s nothing about this country worth loving, and lie to them about “systemic racism” and the supposed prevalence of a “patriarchal system” in our society – and you do it consistently over a period of time, naturally these attitudes are going to take root and fester, especially in younger generations.


A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, March 6, 2022

It Is Ordered You Consider This Your Sunday Open Thread

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Friday, March 4, 2022

Middle Finger Symphony Theater


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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Leftist Upset Their Favorite Dictator Told Putin to Wait Until After Olympics For Murders to Begin

The Big Guy Meets With the Left's Favorite Dictator 

The New York Times broke the story and the Washington Post had it soon after, citing a "western intelligence report", that the left's favorite Dictator Xi Jinping met with Russian dictator Putin on February 4, and soon after came that flowery statement about how Russia and China were bestest friends forever with no limits, and NATO sucks. But now the lefty blogs and their legions of social media basement commandos and trolls are upset. But do you wonder why Hollywood has been so silent about Ukraine??
"We've spent much of the past several years listening to rightwingers grunting and wailing at China and "Chinese Communist Party" and the 'GIIIIIIIIINA VIRUS, not because rightwingers bother with any substantive criticisms of China, but because they're racists. 
But here's some reporting about China we can be legitimately pissed about. Apparently China totally knew during the Olympics about Russia's plans to invade Ukraine for literally no reason, and actively encouraged Russia to please wait until the Olympic torch was extinguished to start committing bloody murder. 
Lots of people were talking about Russia's upcoming invasion during the Olympics — it was just one of those things people were talking about, you know, like Russian figure skaters being full of Alex Jones's trucker speed or whatever. So it's not surprising to hear China totally knew. But it's really fuckin' gross at the same time, especially if they were actively holding Russia back from invading until a moment less embarrassing for China, the host nation, which was presiding over all the peace, love and understanding Pollyanna togetherness. 
China was apparently literally talking out of the other side of its mouth at the same time, telling Russia, "No murdering Ukraine until we're done with this little song and dance."
Again, I ask why is Hollywood, the Entertainment Industry and China's favorite sports figures silent about Ukraine???

The same reason they turn a blind eye to China's slavery and committing their own crimes against humanity and genocide against the Uyghur population. China has it's tentacles in almost every area of the west, from control of the panama canal to bought and paid for academics, to financing the movie industry that would wither without Chinese money to keep those horrible streaming services productions afloat.

They fear for their democrat party who is infiltrated by China and financed and does their lobbying for in DC.

They fear when XI moves on Taiwan he may, to some extent, get the renunciation and financial sanctioning treatments Putin is now getting, and they will be complicit and everything they falsely call us on the right as social media desperately try to weaponize the Ukraine/Russia conflict.  

They fear most for the Chinese contributions to their livelihood. So they remain silent. They know what's coming.

They are not patriot Americans. They are hypocrites!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

It Sounded Like Puddin' Head's Speech Was Written by Pollsters. Politically Terrified Pollsters

There was no mention of his much touted "successful" withdraw from Afghanistan, even though it began almost exactly a year before 46* delivered his remarks Tuesday night.  Climate change barely came up. Neither did "equity," discrimination, or other aspects of the left's incessant whiny race based politics. Biden did managed to announce his nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson, but without mentioning that, if confirmed, she will be the first Black woman and smartest person ever to serve on the Supreme Court — a historic first that most any another Democrat likely would have rubbed in Americas face, you bunch of racist. 

And there was no tribute to Biden's chief medical adviser, and the left and media's latest hero, Anthony Fauci, or any other public health officials. While Biden continued to warn against the risks of COVID-19, the maskless faces of the audience announced the administration knows the propaganda phase of the pandemic is over. 

There was no Jan 6 references on a night of his biggest audience, most of who jizz all over themselves with just the mention of the congressional investigation. And the later part of extremely disjointed speech were weird ideas of cutting the cost of everything by spending more money we already spent while crippling productivity with new regulations, and borrow our way out of inflation. It's where I stopped listening and gave the dog a bath.   

It was just a little weird, hearing a SOTU where the first big shout-out is to a foreign people. I mean, Ukraine is kicking butt, but maybe a little shout out for the brave American survivors of Year One of Biden?

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Your Official Drinking Game Card for Tonight's Presidential Manure Spread

With Nan's face diaper requirement in the house chamber rescinded, and the US Capital once again ringed by fences topped with razor wire, the stage is set for the nation's roundly disapproved of and incompetent leader to address congress and the nation in the annual manure spread know to us all as the State Of The Union message. 

We can once again expect more lying then a teenage boy with his pants around his ankles sitting in a squad car trying to explain to a Deputy why the Sheriff's daughter is in the back seat of his car naked from the waist up.

And like all of 46* speeches, a mind-numbing exercise in self-praise and lofty unworkable leftist ideals, an economic picture embellished with a rosy glow of unreal accomplishments.   

But we're sure to be entertained as in past years, despite the droning speech, watching Nan fidget around, going from grinning like a mental patient for no apparent reason, to getting that pained look on her face like she's passing a kidney stone and wishing she could get up and have a double shot of gin.

But SOTU Bullshit Bingo enthusiast are sure to be pleased by this years Official STATE OF THE UNION DRINKING GAME CARD, compliments of our good friend Curmudgeon @PoliticalClownP.

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