Wednesday, March 16, 2022

WH to Unleash The Giggler to Tout Admin's Achievements

According to reports, Kamala Harris is being deployed by the White House to travel the country and gaslight America on the administrations “achievements” while 46* jets off to Europe for photo-ops and further embarrass America after the Giggler's disastrous attempt at schmoozing last week with our Allies.

The Hill reports the vice president will be spending coming weeks crisscrossing the country touting infrastructure (of which not a dollar has been spent yet) expanded broadband access (which not one home has yet received any benefit) and key executive orders signed by Biden (which were basically reversals of DJT's EO's).
"Harris will meanwhile assume a more typical schedule for a vice president during non-pandemic times. That will stand in stark contrast to her recent efforts overseas. Her past three-day sojourn to Eastern Europe was meant to reinforce U.S. support for the region against Russian aggression, however an awkward appearance at a major press conference dominated media coverage."
I would like to introduce our main speaker, The Vice-President, Kamala Harris"...........(crickets)...(giggling)...
Kamala: "I would like to tell you about all the accomplishments of the Harris/Biden Administration".....(crickets)...(giggling) .." 

Every appearance she makes will be a reminder of how incompetent and dangerous this administration is. Lets hope her staff and speech writers do more than copy & paste from Wikipedia articles like they obviously did for her European trip.

The Giggler begins her gaslight tour in deep red Southwest Louisiana this Friday, which tells me this whole thing was dreamed up on the fly.

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