Monday, July 31, 2017

Would You Care For A Little Hell Fire and Brimstone with That Blooming Onion?

We have all heard the saying "They have too much time on their hands" and "Idle hands are the devil workshop". Well, here is one great example of just that. 

SJW with an obviously under nourished vegan brain and WAY too much time on their hands is accusing the Outback Steakhouse of running a satanic cult after its chain of restaurants were found to be suspiciously located in several cities across the country. The restaurants controversial association was uncovered by the Twitter user who, with the help of Google maps and Microsoft Paint, showed that the restaurants were geo-located conveniently in the shape of a pentagram in places like New York, Indianapolis, Phoenix and Atlanta, and has garnered some 116,000 retweets and more than 3,000 comments.

Following the shocking discovery, several other amateur sleuths uncovered the same trend in Cincinnati, North Carolina, Tennessee, Miami, Texas, Philadelphia and Virginia.

Graphics Compiled From the Twitter By Crazy Cousin Olivia

Obviously this is a carefully staged Russian operation led by Vlad Putin himself.  Same they did with KFC ... anyone remember the coup d'etat when Colonel Sanders took over? 

But, like a smart corporation, Outback hasn't entirely ignored the claims and has played along, turning it into an online ad campaign by playfully using the debacle to promote their Blooming Onion appetizer.

Actually, the only thing evil about Outback Steakhouse is the friggin' demonic prices that they charge.......

You're Welcome Y'all

"Minus the South, the rest of the U.S. probably would be more like Canada or Australia or Britain or New Zealand—more secular, more socially liberal, more moderate in the tone of its politics and somewhat more generous in social policy. And it would not be as centralized as France or as social democratic as Sweden." - Michael Lind of Politico

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required *

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

New Findings Validate Health Benefits of Large Butts

- Middle Finger News Service Wire
by Dolly Macintosh

MFN - Atlanta Ga.- A new study released by researchers at the prestigious Ima Derriere University of Atlanta, has validated the findings of study done in the last century on the health benefits of large butts. The new study seems to validate previous controversial research done by researcher Sir Mix-A-Lot, whose 1986 publication, "Baby Got Back," was in the forefront of challenging long-held views about the correlation between butt size and general health.

Published by "Def American" in a video presentation form, the article’s findings were not widely accepted at the time of publication amidst allegations that personal bias had affected the research. The allegations were never denied by Mix-A-Lot whose only response was “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

An outlier in the scientific community for decades, Sir Mix-A-Lot’s work has slowly gained mainstream acceptance thanks to celebrities and especially the previous First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, who gave credence to the study by helping forward the fashion of a healthy over-sized butt by proudly displaying hers in public for 8 years. 

The article is now considered ahead of its time, and supporters note that it was one of the first publications to discuss the role that media plays in changing public perceptions about healthy body sizes. Sir Mix-A-Lot argued that “while Cosmo says your fat, well I ain’t down with dat.” 

His claims, controversial at the time, included the recommendation that those with big butts should not try to lose them through exercise. Mix-A-Lot also argued that butt-size affected more than just one’s own health. In a surprising claim, he wrote that even members of the animal kingdom could be affected, noting that anacondas “don’t want none, unless you’ve got buns hun.” The cryptic reference to the motivations of anacondas, which was not well understood at the time of the article’s publication, has resurfaced in scientific circles following the 2014 publication of Dr. Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” which drew heavily on Mix-A-Lot’s earlier research.  Despite recent work on the subject, the claim remains a source of controversy in zoological research. 

Medical science, however, has warmed to the key claims in Sir Mix-A-Lot’s work and most researchers now agree that big butts do not require medical intervention. Instead, more doctors are following Sir Mix-A-Lot’s recommendation and advising big butted patients to simply “shake it ...shake it... shake that healthy butt.”

Dolly Macintosh is MFNS Health and Fashion Editor. Dolly is a graduate of  the Birmingham Finishing School for Young Ladies where she earned a degree in Fitness, Fashion and Massage. She is also the author of three unpublished books. 

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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Beltway Culture Created Scaramucci, and Deserves Him

Reminiscent of an Old Wild West Saloon Gunslinger Showdown About to Go Down....

If you didn’t cringe a little reading about Anthony Scaramucci’s phone call to Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker, I don’t know about you. But the Beltway culture created Anthony Scaramucci, and deserves him.

Ryan Lizza is a left-wing writer for a left-wing publication, which cares about nothing more than destroying the Trump presidency. He would sooner cut off his own right arm than lift a finger to stop White House leaks. White House leaks are his lifeblood. I’ve been on my own share of calls from foul-mouthed people who thought they could intimidate me into doing something I had no intention of doing. You just shake your head and think to yourself, “Does this guy really think what he’s doing is going to work?” And yet, as absurd as this whole spectacle is, the Beltway crowd is 100 percent responsible for the fact that it’s happening. 

If Scaramucci runs roughshod over the entire city, firing people left and right, and scaring the bejeezus out of everyone, it will be precisely because of the way Washington has operated for far too long. It was inevitable that we would one day elect a president who wasn’t going to put up with it, and if his team wouldn’t respect that, would turn loose a bull in a china shop like Anthony Scaramucci to deal with it. And the polished, refined, oh-so-proper veterans of the Beltway scene are resisting what’s right with everything they’ve got.

The Washington leak culture is every bit the abomination Trump believes it to be. He has a hard time being taken seriously in the press because they’re the ones who benefit from the leaks, but he’s absolutely correct. What Donald Trump has found himself with is a staff that can’t be trusted to do what they’re supposed to do. They’re not supposed to leak? They don’t care. They leak anyway. “Don’t use my name because I’m not supposed to be talking to you.” No. You’re not. And you assured your boss that he could trust you and that you would not engage in such talking. But you lied. 

The media, which is obviously delighted by the prevalence of such behavior, is protecting dishonest people while attaching heroic-sounding descriptions like “whistleblower,” when in fact these people are simply traitors – not in the sense of legal treason, but in the sense that you’re going behind the back of the person you’re supposed to work for and knifing him, all the while collecting your paycheck and putting on a show of being loyal.

So into this rat’s nest comes Anthony Scaramucci, who brings neither couth nor decorum. He is going to cause a massive upheaval of the White House staff and of the Beltway culture, all because the people Trump asked to solve this problem instead decided to continue being a part of the problem.

Scaramucci strikes me as the sort of person you would never want to deal with if you could help it. And I couldn’t be happier that Donald Trump has unleashed him on Washington D.C.  They deserve it!

* Excerpted with permission from Dan Calabrese's Article @ Best of Cain

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Book That Only Need Be One Page Long

Just a Picture of Hillary and The End. 

Spoiled, Liberal Temper Tantrum Gets OK To Proceed

California Secession Campaign Gets Green Light 

SB - "The state attorney general of California issued an official ballot measure title and summary Tuesday. The state session campaign can now start gathering the more than 585,000 signatures it will need to qualify for the 2018 ballot. The group that wants California to secede from the United States can proceed to collecting signatures for the initiative. 

The initiative would form a commission to recommend avenues for California to pursue its independence and delete part of the state constitution that says it is an inseparable part of the U.S. The measure would also instruct the governor and California congressional delegation to negotiate more autonomy for the state. This is the second attempt to put a so-called Calexit measure on the 2018 ballot. An earlier attempt was withdrawn in April."


We all know this is just a liberal pipe dream. If it was possible for a state to secede from the Union in this day and age we would already be speaking of "The Republic of Texas."

Already weighted down buy massive debt, the loss of federal money would cause even higher taxes, killing small businesses while large businesses would overnight become international industries and would flee to low taxed states. Mass immigration from Mexico (who believe California is rightfully theirs anyway) and an influx of blacks seeing what they believe is a chance for a country of their own to control would be chaos. The modern liberal paradise's economy would eventually collapse and turn into a third world country. The federal grip on the states is too deep for a state to go it alone. It was set up to be that way.......

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[Sacramento Bee]

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Looks Like A Trannie Revolt is Coming for You Donald

No one should expect liberals to see the reality of their ridiculous ideas and the resulting consequences, which is why this is being taken as something akin to the Holocaust, as most things are that don't go their way on the left. But never fear, Little George Takei is here. The insane Trump critic and out of work, one trick pony gay actor has issued a stern warning to the President on the tweeter: 

My first Impression is who gives a shit? What are they going to do? Slut shame him? Make fun of his wardrobe?  And the gay community is not gonna support Trump regardless of what good he happens to do for them anyway. And of course, the country’s most famous tranny military member and an outstanding example of their upstanding community, and traitor to his country, Chelsea Manning, weighed in with this incoherent tweeter attack on the President:

Despite what the dems have been pushing in your face for years now with their social engineering of every aspect of life in America, Trannies are neither an important political group nor an awesome fighting force. The Military is not a laboratory for social experiments.  Get Over it. 

[The Tweeter Thing]

Pelosi Loses Her Sh*t over Trump's "Vile Attack" on Trannies

DT - Well that didn’t take long after Trump rolled a live grenade into the democratic party bunker. Liberals are howling about Trump’s morning tweet announcing that trannies would not be welcome in the military. It’s only fitting that Nancy Pelosi who has presided over a congressional district located smack dab in the middle of American’s sodomy capital would be among the first to decry the reversal of Barack Obama’s plan to create a safe space for freaks in the armed forces.

The Botox-embalmed banshee went on an extended Twitter rant: 
@realDonaldTrump’s decision to ban transgender Americans from the military is a vile attack on brave individuals defending our country.— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) July 26, 2017 
 I promise you: this fight is not over. Hatred will never defeat #pride – both of country & of living your life as your true self.— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) July 26, 2017 
 @POTUS has shown his conduct is driven not by honor, decency, or national security, but by prejudice.— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) July 26, 2017 
But hey, at least she deserves a bit of credit for not confusing President Trump with George W. Bush. And so much for that “Better Deal”, it lasted for all of two days and now the democrats are right back hustling identity politics again.

"I Have Rocks In My Head and Steel Balls"

Ty Cobb - Getty Images

Donald Trump’s lawyer has a way with words. 

DC - Ty Cobb, the hard-hitting litigator President Donald Trump retained to coordinate his personal team of lawyers inside the White House, doesn’t mince words. In his first public remarks since joining the administration, Cobb told The National Law Journal’s Katelyn Polantz that his courage and deep-seated sense of duty prompted him to take the post. 

“If the president asks you, you don’t say no,” he said of the job.“I have rocks in my head and steel balls,” he added. Cobb will serve as an all-purpose consigliere in the West Wing, occupying a middle space between the White House Counsel’s office and the president’s personal lawyers, as the inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election continues to unfold. 

He will manage the Trump legal team’s message, work with White House Counsel Don McGahn to release requested documents and advise the president. To this extent, his role will mirror that of Lanny Davis, an in-house wiseman who guided the Clinton White House through the tumultuous Lewinsky years. He emphasized that the president’s lawyers and the White House hope to have a productive relationship with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Next Time Someone Tells You The World Would Be Better Off Without Descendants of White Europeans, Point Them to this Post.

It is remarkable when we consider how much the world population has increased over the last two centuries. Unfortunately the media is overly obsessed with reporting single events and with things that go wrong and does not nearly pay enough attention to the slow developments that reshape our world. And as social media is quickly turning into a latrine of ignorance and hate populated by educated fools as well as easily convinced de-evolving members of society with Obama phones and internet access who say we have fucked up the world. I speak of those who believe we must pay for the past.  

In that past of which they speak, only a tiny elite was able to read and write. In 1820 only every 10th person older than 15 years was literate; in 1930 it was every third and now we are at 85% globally. Put differently, if you were alive in 1800 there was a chance of 9 in 10 that you weren’t able to read.

Progress is a complicated thing to explain. To make it easier to understand the transformation in living conditions that we have achieved, here is a summarizing visualisation from Our World In Data in which the last 200 year history as the history of a group of 100 people to see how the lives of them would have changed if they lived through this transformative period of the modern world:

1. In 1820, 90% of the world population lived in extreme poverty vs. only 10% today. 

2. In 1820, 83% of the world population had not attained any education vs. 14% today. 

3. In 1820, 88% of the world population was illiterate vs. only 15% today. 

4. In 1820, 99% of the world population was not living in a democracy vs. 44% today. 

5. In 1820, none of the world population was vaccinated against diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus vs. 86% today.

6. In 1820, 43% of the world’s children died before age five vs. only 4% today. 

Bottom Line: Those dramatic gains in living standards summarized above have to collectively represent the greatest improvement in global living conditions over any 200-year period that has ever taken place in all of human history. And what/who/which forces should get the credit for those unprecedented and significant gains in global living conditions? 

I ask, who finally, once and for all, ripped personal freedom as we know it today from the iron grip of Kings. Who created the centuries old political system (and has gone to war to ensure it's survival) that gives man the natural right to self- determination. Who created a magnificent industrial revolution that advanced humankind as no other one single influence, save the accidental discovery of agriculture. And who produced the advancements in medicine and life saving procedures that prolonged the lifespan of man. Who ended, at a high cost, the savage trade in human flesh, an institution that they did not create. And who increased learning and knowledge by making the printed word available to all human kind? And who first escaped the bonds of earth and pointed us toward the stars?

These things, ideas and philosophies didn't come from the Middle East or Asia or certainly not Africa. They came from the minds of Europeans and their descendants. This is not to demean the contributions of other peoples who now help advance humankind in our modern world, nor to excuse the the wrongs done along the way, which at the time were the way of the world. But without the European mind we would not live in a world as we know it now. From the ancient Greeks, to the Romans, to the Enlightenment, human progress centered on European thought and actions. Not even the Dark Ages could extinguish the spark of genius. 

Without that spark, mankind might still be just slightly above ignorant, short lived savages selling their captured brothers for a price, as they still do in parts of Mother Africa.  

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Monday, July 24, 2017

POTUS: It's Worse Than a Swamp......It's a Sewer

The President took to the Twitter this morning and updated his rallying call to “Drain the Swamp” to replace swamp with sewer, a more apropos description of rotten to the core, Imperial Washington that an outsider like Trump just couldn’t understand until he was in it. Now that he has been living there for nearly seven months, the POTUS has a better understanding of what he’s dealing with and he is absolutely correct – it’s a sewer teeming with snakes, rats, and turds.

Trump also took a shot at one of the biggest turds in the sewer, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. 
"After 1 year of investigation with Zero evidence being found, Chuck Schumer just stated that "Democrats should blame ourselves, not Russia." 
The sewer creatures are going to be very unhappy but Trump is spot-on and none of it could continue to go on without the cover of the fake news media. The careerists and ass-kissers in the pathetic excuse for the media enjoy a very cushy lifestyle serving as coddlers of the corrupt and prostitutes to the powerful.

[The Hill]
[Crazy Cousin Olivia]

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Why O.J. Simpson Should Undoubtedly Remain in Prison

Orenthal James Simpson should remain in Jail. Not because of the armed robbery and kidnapping convictions. Nor because he brutally killed his wife and her friend, and got away with it.  

Nay, he more than deserves to remain in prison for Making These People Famous!

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The NYTs: White Wimmens is Racist!

The New York Times published an essay Wednesday titled "Power Play" in a section they call "Was That Racist," by one of their affirmative Action reporters named Greg Howard. In his essay self absorbed rant he singled out white women for not moving out of his way when walking toward him on city sidewalks, not allowing him straight path. At times when he’s had to step off the sidewalk into the road, the writer turns “furious” because he “feels small.”
"When white women are in my path, they almost always continue straight, forcing me to one side without changing their course. This happens several times a day; and a couple of times a week, white women force me off the sidewalk completely. In these instances, when I’m standing in the street or in the dirt as a white woman strides past, broad-shouldered and blissful, I turn furious." 
"Do they refuse to acknowledge me because they’ve been taught that they should fear black men, and that any acknowledgment of black men can invite danger? Do they refuse to acknowledge me because to alter their route would be to show their fear? Do they not see me? Can they not see me?"
Now, as a women, you REALLY don't want to hear what I have to say about Mr. Howard and his disrespectful, de-evolving culture. But I am interested in what you have to say.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Imagine a Convincing Video of a President Being Made to Say Something He Never Actually Said.

Richard Nixon once told reporters gathered for a news conference in 1973, the age of television news was shaking the confidence of the American people. “I have never heard or seen such outrageous, vicious, distorted reporting.”  

At a time when honest American's distrust in journalistic institutions is swelling, technology that further muddies the ability to discern what’s real is rapidly advancing. Convincing Photoshop-esque techniques for video have arrived, and the result is simultaneously scary yet remarkable. In a informational age transformed by the web, video is a gripping format. In the chaos of 24/7 real-time news there’s an advantage to being able to see something with your own eyes.

Or, there used to be........

Computer scientists can now make realistic lip-synched videos, ostensibly putting anyone’s words into another person’s mouth. The clip above comes from researchers at the University of Washington, who developed an algorithm to take audio of someone talking and turn that into a realistic video of someone speaking those words.

Clearly this technique could be used to deceive. People are already fooled by doctored photos, impostor accounts on social media, and other sorts of digital mimicry all the time. Imagine the confusion that might surround a convincing video of the president being made to say something he never actually said. 

And what does reliability mean when you cannot believe your own eyes? With enough convincing distortions to reality, it becomes very difficult to know what’s real.

Do I dare say it? In the hands of todays media..........

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trucks Are Racist.....Cause Donald Trump Sat in One!

Downtrend - Monday Donald Trump launched the “Made in America” campaign by hosting several American-made vehicles on the White House lawn. One of these vehicles was a firetruck, which the President chose to sit in because, who wouldn’t? Firetrucks are cool. They are also apparently racist and a symbol of white supremacy because Trump sat in one. 

At this point you have to know that the liberal “resistance” is completely insane and that I’m not making this up.  The Root is a black website that regularly reports on the racism of “wypipo” which is what they call white people. I’m sure it would be a racial slur to call black people “blapipo” but “wypipo” is totally cool due to the liberal rules on racism.  In any case, get ready for this headline, which appeared on The Root yesterday:

This is a real thing that somebody wrote. It starts out with a little background to establish that trucks are racist:
"I don’t know if big trucks breed racism. Like, I don’t know if you aren’t a racist but then happen to want a truck so big that you need a ladder to climb into it and you automatically become racist, but it feels as if racists love big trucks. Not just pickup trucks, but all trucks!---Racists also appear to love big tires on big trucks, and they also love to see big trucks demolish little cars.---In fact, if racists are looking to update their symbolism, I would argue that a big truck tattoo could replace neo-Nazi lightning bolts."
Now that The Root has established that trucks are racist, here’s how they include President Trump in this vehicular expression of white supremacy:
"On Monday, President Donald Trump posed with a slew of big trucks for “Made in America” week. This is the second time since taking office that Trump has been photographed inside big trucks. Besides kicking it with Russians and dragging Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s names through the mud, it’s the most consistent thing he’s done since taking office.---No doubt about it: Trump loves him some big trucks, almost as much as he loves his racism."
The left is constantly outdoing itself in the dumb department. Not only doesn’t the article even anecdotally link trucks with racism, it utterly fails to provide a shred of evidence that Trump has ever said or done anything racist.

Here is the line of progression in this racially charged piece of liberal logic: The author is black. He hates Trump because he’s white so therefore the president must be racist. Trump sat in a truck, and since the author believes him to be racist, trucks must also be racist. Since “racist” Trump sat in a “racist” truck, any white people who like trucks must also be racist.  Trucks are a symbol of white supremacy! Got It?

Another Suspicious Suicide???

What Did It See? What Did It Overhear? 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Dustin Hoffman's Former Character Warns of ‘COLD CIVIL WAR’

Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein continues to milk his fame from being one of the reporters on the Watergate scandal that ran Richard Nixon out of office. Now a cranky old man, the 73-year-old has a regular gig at CNN where he can pretend that the ongoing witch hunt against President Donald Trump is the equivalent of Watergate. By doing so, it is a way for Bernstein to sip from the fountain of youth but more often, he just looks like a pathetic codger who is desperately trying to relive the glory days. 

His latest scoop? Those Americans who don’t take the word of CNN fake news weasels as if it were spoken from the mouth of God himself are living in an alternate reality and it’s all the fault of Fox News. Oh, and the country is already in the midst of what he calls a “cold civil war”, a point that may be at least somewhat accurate but that war has been initiated by CNN and the left who are unable to process losing an election.

The press has indeed changed since the dashing young newsman reached the heights of fame and was even played by a young Dustin Hoffman in “All the President’s Men” way back in 1976, it’s a totally different country now and not in a good way. Like Bob Woodward, Bernstein has become the same type of establishment political hack that he once damned. Bernstein is a flaming leftist and dyed in the wool Trump hater who fits in perfectly at CNN. 
Read More Here, if ya care what this guy says.....

 I stole this for Dianny. It's Hilarious! Y'all go by and throw a quarter in her tip jar, Hear!

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nancy Pelosi Takes Break for Health Evaluations

Five Questions to Ask About the Current Trump Kerfuffle

CHARLIE MARTIN@PJM - Of course, everyone already knows that the current legacy media furor is over Donald Trump Jr.'s 20-minute meeting with a Russian. Of course, some Democrats were out with their favorite T-word, "treason. " Hillary Clinton's erstwhile running mate, Tim Kaine (D-Irrelevancy), said: We are now beyond obstruction of justice. This is moving into perjury, false statements and even potentially treason. (Of course, there is no way this would be treason. For crying out loud, not even Vox believes it could have possibly been treason.)

Still, lots of fuss about this.  I have to admit I'm a little puzzled about it, though. I'm not getting why this is such a big thing. So here are five questions I'd like someone to answer for me. As far as I can tell, what really happened is that Natasha Nogoodick, er, Natalia Veselnitskaya, contacted Trump Jr, offering damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. had an email chain saying they thought this information was via the Russian government because they favored Trump. The meeting was held, it lasted perhaps 20 minutes, and it turned out to be someone lobbying about international adoption. No damaging information about Clinton was offered. 

Question One. Does agreeing to meet with any Russian constitute collusion? Does lobbying by a Russian constitute collusion?

Question Two. What criminal statute covers meeting with Russian private citizens? For that matter, what criminal statute covers accepting opposition research about a candidate?

Question Three. What is the massive ethical breach involved here? Was it more unethical than these?

Question Four. Does this photograph indicate collusion with the Russians? Is it only collusion when your name is "Trump"?

Question Five. What the hell is is wrong with these people?


The way the media is howling you'd think Donald Jr. had sold American Uranium reserves to the Russians for personal profit while his was Secretary of State or something......

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tesla Car Battery Production Produces As Much CO2 As 8 Years Of Driving On Gas

Elon Musk, who seems to have mastered the modern liberal art of sucking the taxpayer for subsidies for his pet projects, like solar roofs and attractive electric cars with explosive batteries, must be a bit embarrassed by this study. Or maybe he has been fully aware of this possibility the whole time....... 
"IVL The Swedish Environment Institute has, on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Energy Agency, investigated the climate impact of lithium-ion batteries from a life-cycle perspective. The batteries for electric cars were included in the study. The two authors, Lisbeth Dahllöf and Mia Romare, have done a meta-study, that is, reviewed and compiled existing studies.  -  The report shows that battery manufacturing leads to high emissions. For each kilowatt-hour of storage capacity in the battery, emissions of 150 to 200 kilograms of carbon dioxide are generated in the factory. The researchers have not studied the individual car brand batteries, just how they were produced or what electrical mix they used. But to understand the importance of battery size, two standard electric cars on the market, Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S, have batteries of approximately 30 kWh and 100 kWh respectively.  -  Even before you buy the car, CO2 emissions equivalent to 5.3 tons and 17.5 tons, respectively, gets produced. The numbers can be difficult to put in context. By way of comparison, a trip for a person returning from Stockholm to New York by air emits more than 600 kilograms of CO2, according to the UN organization ICAO’s calculation model.  -  Mats-Ola Larsson at IVL has calculated how long you need to drive a gasoline or diesel car before it released as much CO2 as the battery manufacturing produced.  -  The result was 2.7 years of CO2 emissions for a battery the same size as a Nissan Leaf and 8.2 years for a Tesla-sized battery." -  Principia Scientific
Another conclusion of the study is that about half the emissions come from producing the raw materials and the other half from the battery factory. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nevada Issues A ‘Statement of Emergency’ - Yo We're Running Out of Weed Over Here Man!

The State of Nevada’s Department of Taxation has issued a “statement of emergency” due to a shortage of herb since the plant was legalized for recreational use at the beginning of this month. Between July 1 and 4, dispensaries made roughly $3 million in sales and generated as much as $1 million in tax revenue. But the green rush has come with a shortage, one almost certainly created because of the way the licensing law passed last year was written.
“Based on reports of adult-use marijuana sales already far exceeding the industry’s expectations at the state’s 47 licensed retail marijuana stores, and the reality that many stores are running out of inventory, the Department must address the lack of distributors immediately.  Some establishments report the need for delivery within the next several days.”  - Reno Gazette-Journal
To avoid a messy little battle with the liquor industry in the state, the backers of the Law, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, accepted a campaign contribution from liquor vendors in exchange for including an 18-month period in which only liquor vendors could obtain distribution licenses. 

Taxation officials announced that Gov. Brian Sandoval had endorsed the department's "statement of emergency," allowing state officials to consider adopting an emergency regulation that could alleviate the shortage. The regulation would allow the department to consider a larger pool of applicants for distribution licenses, licenses that permit the transport of recreational marijuana from the cultivation and packaging facilities to the dispensaries.

Maybe Nevada should bring in some old school, out of state sales & distribution experts to consult on the situation:

Rapper and Reefer Connoisseur, Mr. Snoop Doggy Doo

Monday, July 10, 2017

WAPO Reports A Non-Story About a Phony Non-Study

Female-named Hurricanes Kill More Than Male Hurricanes
 Because People Don’t Respect Them

This is actually a news item in the once respected Washington Post, and probably the stupidest thing you will read all day.  According to the Post, a university research study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, claims people don’t take hurricanes as seriously if they have a feminine name and the consequences are more deadly. Yeah, you read that right.
"Researchers at the University of Illinois and Arizona State University examined six decades of hurricane death rates according to gender from 1950 and 2012. Of the 47 most damaging hurricanes, the female-named hurricanes produced an average of 45 deaths compared to 23 deaths in male-named storms, or almost double the number of fatalities." 
The article goes on to clearly state "The study excluded hurricanes Katrina and Audrey, outlier storms that would skew the model.

Oh, so they exclude two of the most destructive and deadly hurricanes to ever hit the Gulf coast? Well well. Could it be that if they didn't exclude them, their groundbreaking political correct phony gender equality pushing study would come off sounding even more ridiculous, seeing the authors of the study fail to explain what makes the findings sound even remotely legitimate since storms weren't even given male names until 1979! 
"The difference in death rates between genders was even more pronounced when comparing strongly masculine names versus strongly feminine ones. “[Our] model suggests that changing a severe hurricane’s name from Charley … to Eloise … could nearly triple its death toll,” the study says. “People imagining a ‘female’ hurricane were not as willing to seek shelter. “The stereotypes that underlie these judgments are subtle and not necessarily hostile toward women – they may involve viewing women as warmer and less aggressive than men.”
Ladies and gentlemen, after only the short time I have lived in Louisiana we have experienced 3 direct hits of major hurricanes.  A cat 5 and two Cat 3's. And I can assure you I heard no one, not one say "aw it's just one of them female storms, not to worry.  No, even before the first outer rain bands reach the coast, for most it's load the mule and make haste. But the world is abundant with stupid people and this study just re-enforced the fact. Some choose not to run and pay the price. The ignorance determines the death toll, NOT A FRIGGIN' NAME! 

This study is just some college researchers advancing a feminist agenda, justifying their position and grant money by tweaking stats to their advantage. (sound familiar?) And it's an ideal story to forward WAPO's agenda and advance the left's newest "Cause Celeb" of Gender Inequity, which hypocritically ignores "Accomplishment & Merit" just as the researchers conveniently ignored the fact some people are just too damn stupid to get out of the rain. 
Thank You MJA for the Linkage!

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A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Perusing - Rejouer

Having had a minor surgical procedure on my ankle Friday, I've spent the weekend lying on the sofa watching television and making the most of a rare opportunity to be "Queen Of All She Surveys" and a Lady of Leisure. A commercial came on that reminded me of a popular post I did a couple of years ago. And since I have gained many new readers since then, and not feeling like hobbling across the house to write a new post, I thought I'd rewind it for those who weren't around at the the time of original post. Enjoy.....

from the archives - Feb 2015

Online dating services are now a dime a dozen. And while I would never partake in an adventure like that myself, I have often wondered what it's like to put a profile of yourself out there for strangers to see while trying to woo a potential love interest. During a break in a movie last night, a commercial for Black People came on the television. The gears started to spin.

Having become an expert at shooting down unwanted advances by black men, I wondered what a profile on this all black dating website might look like, so I took a look for myself.....

Name: Joy Ann Reid
Sign: Leo
Occupation:  MSNBC Network TV Host and Expert Political Commentator
Likes: Bubble Baths, Handcuffs, Having My Toes Sucked While Feeding Me Cream of Chicken Soup 
Dislikes: Conservatives, Velcro, MSNBC programmers, Cantaloupe, Loud White Girls on Fox News 
Contact Info: Joy@MSNBC 

Name: James 'Kocaine' Washington Jr.
Sign: Middle Finger
Occupation: Independent Pharmaceutical Distributor 
Likes: 9mm's, Extra Beefy Burritos, Moon Lit Nights, BJs
Dislikes: Rip-offs, Snitches, Yoga, Alex Trebek 
Contact Info: P.O. Box 756 Caddo Correctional Center,  Inmate #12589, Shreveport La.

Name: Janette Pace
Sign: Aquarius 
Occupation: Massage Therapist 
Likes: Walks on the Beach, Mad Dog 2020, Elephants  
Dislikes: People from Outer Space,  Lunar Eclipse, Dumpster Truck Drivers, Flying Bricks   
Contact Info: Alley behind The Ace of Spades Bar-B-Que, 121 West Morton Street, East St. Louis IL.

Name: Leroy Jerome Bates (aka 'Little Pee Pee')
Sign: Sagittarius 
Occupation: Rap Artist Extraordinaire
Likes: Big Booty, Rainbows, For You to be My Baby Momma 
Dislikes: Hangers-on,  Kanye West, That Bitch at Walmart, Satirical Bloggers.
Contact Info:
Miami FL. 

Name: Latisha Cameroon
Sign: Virgo
Occupation:  Horizontal Bop Technician 
Likes: Cash, Bling, Weaves, Strip Poker  
Dislikes: Undercover Cops, Horny Circus Clowns, Jim Carey
Contact Info: Corner of Albert St. and Brookings Ave. Boston Mass. between 7pm - 4am Nightly

Name: Shelton Jackson Lee
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Independent Film Maker
Likes: Professional Basketball, Pretending to be an Important Cultural Icon,  Looking Angry and Agitating White Folks
Dislikes: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Referees, George W.Bush
Contact Info:

Name: Professor Lilly McDonald White 
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Adjunct Professor of Black Womens Studies, Smarmy College, Vt.
Likes: Gangsta Rap, Unicorns, Barack Obama
Dislikes: When People Try to Convince I'm Not Really Black, Toenail Fungus, Hula-Hoops
Contact Info:

Name: Blind Boy Lemon Chitlins
Sign: Libra
Occupation: Blues Musician
Likes: Fender Stratocasters, Hot Naked Women, Menage-a-threes, Beet Smoothies
Dislikes: Bumping into Things,  Fox News, Brazilian Dwarfs, Kanye West , Seasonal Jock Itch
Contact Info: - New Orleans La.