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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Options Running Out, Some Dems Consider Self-immolation

They don’t really like the old white guy with dementia, the Indian princess, and gay Alfred E.Newman. But what about the commie with the heart condition, the chick who slept her way into politics, or New Jersey Spartacus? I think we all see the problem democrats are having with this motley collection of unlikeable unelectable losers, but maybe this is something they should have worked out before now. 

Allies have passed around an op-ed that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, written by former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown with the headline, "Who should run against Trump? How about Hillary Clinton?"

Supporters say she has been glued to the Democratic primary contest and has spoken with some frequency with Warren and Biden, among others. Now selling a book written with her daughter, Chelsea, she has been a constant public presence of late, engaging in a days-long spat with Tulsi Gabbard, and repeatedly trolling Trump on his favorite communications platform, Twitter.

A late entrance under any circumstances would be difficult, with Clinton's former aides and fundraising network dispersed among many current campaigns. But her supporters have discussed whether she could helm a slimmed-down campaign operation and whether she would be able to maintain the less cautious, more freewheeling persona she has adopted since her loss in 2016.

I think the problem is that there were some plausible but look-alike and unglitzy governors in the mix but they're already dropped out. The process is such that the better-known Senators blocked the view (along with a few flashy extra clowns, Beto, Buttigieg, Williamson, Yang). There's only so much attention we can pay and only so much money. Now,  just as people with lives should be starting to care about an election that's over a year away, it still looks like a crowd, but there's no one in that crowd who seems able to beat DJT.

Trump! The guy who, if you watch the media, is about to be tossed out on his ass by Congress. Congress...... which can't even deliver up one candidate good enough to beat the guy in the normal process. But it's too late now to get a governor. Those characters went down long ago. So the party hacks look around in desperation, and of course, she's there — Ma Clinton.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Disturbed Woman From NY Warns To Fear the Red Menace!

Y'all remember that time Hillary lost the 2016 election and then joined that wacky Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, in a recount effort that was certain to reveal massive voter “irregularities” they are quick to claim only happens when they lose?  Yeah, Good Times, Good Times....

Clinton now claims that Jill Stein was, and remains, a Ruskie operative controlled by Vladimir Putin who was used to deny  Clinton her rightful place as President of the United States, and she believes that the red menace is once again going to use a third party candidate to divide the left. Specifically she accuses US combat veteran Tulsi Gabbard of being a Putin puppet who is being “groomed” to damage the Democrats in 2020. 

For the record, there have been third party candidates in almost every election dating all the way back to (at least) the early 1800’s. There may even have been some who weren’t Soviet agents. However, everyone, and everything, who had anything to do with a Democrat’s loss is now part of a Russian scheme. Hillary declares it, so that’s just the way it is.

For the record, Stein was on the ballot in 45 states in 2016. The Green Party, crazy though its members may be, has been around a long time. They’re not “Russian assets” any more than any other socialist, including Bernie Sanders, and Hillary didn’t seem to have a problem with them when they were launching their recount effort.

The bottom line is High-level Democrats, including Hillary, are trashing anyone who doesn’t 100% toe the official Dem line. You can agree or disagree with Gabbard on Syria, but there’s no evidence to suggest she’s some sort of Manchurian Candidate. Dems’ simply have no substantive attacks, so they’re trotting out Russia at every opportunity.

Unless they have some severe skeletons in their closets, Gabbard and Stein should sue the hell outta Hillary for defamation.

UPDATE: Tulsi Gabbard Responds 


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Creepy Ol' Lady From NY Threatens To Be Your President

Reeking of Moth Balls and Cheap Scotch, She Reminds Us She's Still Around

The Democrats have launched their impeachment inquiry circus for which there is no evidence and are now stuck in a position where they either have to impeach DJT for no particular reason, or admit that they tried to impeach him for no particular reason. Over at the party nomination sideshow area there is a bunch of totalitarian socialist carnival barkers yelling 'vote for me, because Trump!'

Meanwhile, there's a crazy lady in NY who has been called the Inevitable One in two, alas, failed presidential attempts. She has been referred to as the best prepared person ever to run for president. Recently she's popped out of obscurity and is suddenly everywhere. She’s been spotted at an art show in Italy sitting behind a mock Resolute Desk in a replica of the Oval Office pretending to be president while reading her infamous private server e-mails. I honestly can’t think of a sadder spectacle.  She’s been on all the low-rated liberal cable news channels, and made the daytime va-jay jay talk show circuit with her ugly kid Charlie Chelsea, all while reminding us of someone who got stood up for the prom and is still wearing her prom dress 30 years later.

But right now there are bookies actually putting money down she will run again. There are Democrats speaking of her candidacy in hushed tones. Her lecher of a husband who has been living in a feminist-imposed exile, is whispering in her ear and dreaming of his reemergence from under his bed in Chappaqua. She has been booking appearances on television and calling President Trump an “illegitimate president.” 

I say Hillary is doing more than mulling over her next run for the presidency. I think she readying herself for the call.  The call that will come when the dem's collapse is enviable. I think she's already planning her next bumper sticker.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

She's Not Running, But Vows To Hang Around and Annoy All of Us Mercilessly

In an appearance on local news in New York, Hillary Clinton confirmed Monday night that she really really isn't running for president in 2020, and will instead remain active in politics, bothering both right and left. She also ruled out any prospects of losing races for other offices like New York governor or mayor of New York City, although she added she loves New York and cares very much about its future.

In addition to helping to develop a Mars colony of enslaved children to serve the whims of the Hollywood and global elite's vast army of pedophiles, she intends to stay involved by meeting with 2020 Democratic candidates to offer them feedback and her winning strategy advice.  Clinton also said she was very encouraged by the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections and was "thrilled by the exciting, dynamic women who were elected to Congress," particularly if she can use her sophisticated mind control techniques to make them do her bidding, even after she is imprisoned in Guantanamo.

Clinton will likely occasionally appear on MSNBC and say crazy things,  like entirely new DaVinci Code-type reasoning for her presidential campaign losses or to reveal a juicy Russian/Trump conspiracy theory to drastically reduce the number of domestically produced English Muffins. A brief moment of silence followed by a 'Vagina Yell' will be held later today by the small but intense "Clinton's About to Run" feminist covens across the country who's dreams Clinton has selfishly stomped upon.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

What's a Seven Letter Word for 'Fat and Bitter Old Lady'

And speaking of bitter, shambling, drunken, low-class, delusional embarrassments, Hillary Clinton displayed the world famous grace and charm that she is known for by making a puerile, childish scene at the funeral of President George H.W. Bush by a half-hearted greeting to the current First Lady, and refusal to even acknowledge the presence of the President of the United States. The contrast between Melania and that barely bipedal turd-in-a-girdle by every metric of character, charm and of course beauty could not be more stark. Melania dodged a bullet; I wouldn't shake hands with Hillary. Not where that hand has been.

It's also easy to see from this image who has the balls in the Obama Family by the way they both sit.....but she can at least fake grace and respect when need be. 

(Washington Post)

Friday, November 16, 2018

Hillary Finally Wins An Election

The Texas State Board of Education have elected to keep Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller and several other historical figures in the Texas social studies curriculum. Clinton, Keller and other figures were on the chopping block, but ultimately will remain as well as (much to the chagrin of leftest) the biblical figure Moses, who is currently listed as a basis of Law in the U.S. government curriculum.

The board undertook this curriculum streamlining effort to save teachers time and provide them more flexibility in the classroom. Students are resorting to rote memorization instead of real learning, the board said, and one way to tackle this would be to cut down on what they're required to learn.

Helen Keller and Her Beloved Cat 'Mittens'
Volunteer working groups were convened to find places to cut and tweak the curriculum. The board then took up these suggested changes in September, voting to eliminate Clinton, Helen Keller and dozens of other historical figures. Since then, the story has gone viral, with the majority-Republican board accused of allowing its politics to influence what kids are taught in classrooms. The board voted 12-2 to keep Clinton with Republicans Pat Hardy of Fort Worth and Geraldine "Tincy" Miller of Dallas voting for elimination. Hardy said she voted to axe Clinton because "she doesn't represent good citizenship."

And finally on Wednesday, the board shot down an attempt by board member Erika Beltran, D-Fort Worth, and backed by all other five of the board's Democrats, to cut Moses from the high school U.S. government standard that describes him as an 'individual whose principles of laws and government institutions informed the American founding documents'.  "This particular individual, we have no evidence that he actually influenced the founding fathers," Beltran said, to which board member Bradley who objected replied, "I'm going to go ahead and err on the side of caution. I'd rather disagree with you than Moses."

The board also rejected a recommendation to remove a reference to the “heroism” of the defenders of the Alamo, meaning, as a Board of Education release said: "Texas schoolchildren will still learn of the heroic ‘Victory or Death’ letter penned by Lt. Col. William Barret Travis while besieged in the Alamo."

Carisa Lopez, political director of the leftist nonprofit Texas Freedom Network (which describes itself as the “state’s watchdog for monitoring far-right issues, organizations, money and leaders”), reacted to the latest vote by the board in expected ironic fashion:
"When it comes to writing curriculum standards for our kids’ schools, it’s painfully clear that the personal beliefs of politicians on the state board matter more than what countless historians and teachers have told them is factually true. Rather than teaching the truth, too many board members stubbornly mislead students on fundamental facts from our nation’s history. Texas kids deserve a lot better than a politicized version of history that fuels so many of the divisions in our country today."
Bless Her Heart....

(The Dallas Morning News)
(Washington Post)  

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hillary to Finally Receive Award of Which She is Truly Worthy

It was recently announced that Hillary Clinton will this friday receive Harvard’s prestigious 'Radcliffe Medal' for her “Transformative Impact on Society” according to the university's website. And this is one award we believe she richly deserves because her 'Transformative Impact on Society' was, in our opinion, her magnificently disastrous executed presidential campaign and resulting defeat that ushered in Donald J. Trump and the renewing of America. And for that she should be thanked wouldn't you say? Now, if she'd just take her little medal and shut her #@&%*$ mouth about it all, a nation would be grateful. 

Of course the organizers at Harvard say Clinton was chosen for the award because she’s a “champion for human rights,” (yeah, I bet you're giggling at that too aren't ya) a “skilled legislator” (a one term backbench Senator with no important legislation to her name) and “an advocate of Global American Leadership” on the world stage (i.e flew around the world drinking cocktails and collecting money for her foundation and selling influence). But she did it all with such class, and for the children. Just ask the kids in Haiti.

Monday, May 7, 2018

She's Out To Annoy The Entire English Speaking World

Will She Ever Run Out of Places To Go and People to Annoy

It amazes me that this woman can still find anyone who is actually interested to hear what she has to say, but then here come the news that Hillary has loaded up the 'Grievance Tour Tent' and headed down under to bother the good people of New Zealand. May The Lord Have Mercy On Their Souls......

According to the New Zealand Herald, Clinton spoke to a group of about 3000 people in Auckland on Monday night about "North Korea", her wish she had "bit back after Donald Trump stalked me on stage during a debate" and "the strangest goings on we are living though" in the United States.
"Clinton rarely mentioned Trump by name but he was a constant presence in her discussion - and she did not spare her own country from a critique of concerning developments internationally."
"We're having a very important struggle in the United States right now. It's difficult to fully grasp because there are 20 stories and people are getting overwhelmed by the strange goings on we are living through. 
New Zealand's success in bringing together people from different backgrounds and beliefs, having such a vital democracy as an example which we so desperately need in the world really means more in the 21st century than perhaps you even recognise....."
How, Oh how America could we have failed to elected such an Paragon of Humanity???

Clinton went on to tell the crowd she was appreciative of the offers to permanently move to New Zealand after the election loss. If I were you New Zealand, I'd find out who extended those invites and consider mental health evaluations and isolation from the rest of society. Y'all dodge a bullet almost as big as we did! With that I would be remiss to my readers down under if I failed to alert you to the fact SHE'S ON HER WAY TO AUSTRALIA NEXT!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Shining a Light On the Media's Sycophantry

DT- Amy Chozick, a so-called “political reporter” for The New York Times published a new book Monday, “Chasing Hillary,” that recounts her experiences “chasing this luminous figure” since meeting her as a child, as reported by Kyle Smith of National Review.

In the book Chozick readily admits that she dreamed of she and Clinton trying on clothes together at a fashion retailer named Zara.
 She admitted that “it felt damn good” to “bask in the girl power” when Clinton won the Democrat nomination and that when she touched Clinton’s shoulder at a party she “felt the luscious satin of her chartreuse tunic beneath my palm." She also readily admits that she found Clinton’s email scandal uninteresting and irrelevantYes, of course, because who the hell cares if Clinton’s recklessness compromised the identity of a CIA informant who later wound up dead, right? RIGHT?

Chozick also admits that practically every other female leftist-media reporter felt the same way as her about their queen:

"Chozick says that perhaps 18 out of 20 reporters on the Hillary beat on a typical day were women, and she makes it clear that this wasn’t an accident: The crew were excited about the prospect of what they dubbed the “FWP,” for First Woman President. When awaiting an offer from the campaign to take a group photo with their idol, Chozick relates that the reporters excitedly chattered amongst themselves about the prospect in text messages. It doesn’t make the women look great."
Nor does it make them look great that when some pretty boy actor who supports Clinton showed up to talk to them, they started acting like horny monkeys:His ‘feral grey eyes’ caused the women ‘to abandon whatever story we were working on to flip our hair and ask useless questions.'” It also doesn’t help their image that after Clinton lost the election, they experienced a “breakdown” and had to comfort one another with shoulder patting. Yet Chozick had the audacity to write that “I still wanted, more than anything, for Hillary to see me as a fair reporter,” before admitting, “The less I interacted with Hillary, the greater her imperial hold on my brain became.

Behold the liberal mainstream media, ladies and gentlemen … These are same charlatans who argue daily “that the mainstream media should be the key verifiers of information, that alternative news outlets are somehow shoddy in their pursuit of the facts while outlets like the Times are the gold standard. 

These are likewise the same amoral, unethical swine who believe self-avowed commentators should be silenced because their perspectives lack legitimacy. And theirs DON’T? A far-left and utterly blind media, to be more specific, that still remains perplexed at why a majority of Americans view them as “fake news.” - Read More

Friday, March 30, 2018

Hillary Officially Makes The D-List

Ma Clinton Makes Less In Speaking Fee Than 
Semi-Literate TV Reality Star  

Once upon a time people were throwing six figures at Hillary Clinton for a speech. Despite being a book author *snork* she’s still a loser and she’s making less than Jersey Shore star Snookie for speaking fees. This week Hillary gave a speech at Rutgers University and was paid 7 grand less than the school dropped on a drunken Oompa Loompa. reports: Earlier today, NJ Advance Media reported that Hillary Clinton was being paid $25,000 to speak at Rutgers University, for a speech about “politics, American democracy and her role in shaping women’s political history.” To some, this sounds like a nice chunk of change. But to those who are familiar with the celebrity speaking circuit, it’s basically bubkes. Chump change. A drop in the DNC bucket. Consider that in 2015, no less a statesman than Matthew McConaughey was paid $135,000 (plus travel and expenses — alright, alright, alright!) to speak at the University of Houston, and that Katie Couric cleared $110,000 in 2006 from the University of Oklahoma (pre-recession, sure, but still impressive!). In fact, Rutgers has a history of shelling out considerably more that $25,000 to notable speakers. And Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was given $32,000 for a Rutgers appearance that offered the sage advice, “Study hard, but party harder.” 

Rutgers definitely got their money’s worth. The Hill reports that Hillary told the audience she won’t let sexists stop her from continually complaining about the reasons, not including her, that she lost the 2016 presidential election. The funny thing is, it is Hillary’s own party that is telling her to STFU. Democrats are trying desperately to distance themselves from this bitter old loser because she is so toxic it threatens them even in traditionally democratic districts. 

Now that Hillary makes less than Snookie in speaking fees she has officially been demoted to the D-list. The only thing left for her now is judging pie eating contests at county fairs and signing autographs at RV shows. Then again, she’d have to spend time around deplorables to do these things, so she might actually be unemployable at this stage.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Gees, Even Democrats Are Telling Hillary To Shut Up Already!

Beware of This Individual Stumbling Around Aimlessly Telling Anyone Who Will Listen
That She Should Be The President of the United States. If She Knocks, Don't Let Her In. 

I never thought I'd every hear Maud Behar call Bill Clinton a "virus in the Democrat party", or Hillary's own people admit she has a stunning lack of self awareness and it's time to shut up and stop embarrassing them. But there it was, Patti Solis Doyle, Hillary Clinton’s former presidential campaign manager admitting what you know a lot of dems are saying privately, that it was a bad idea for the former candidate to be insulting millions of Americans who didn't vote for her in a recent speech. They think it's time she puts a sock in it for the sake of the party as Clinton’s behavior is approaching nightmare levels of bad PR. 

The campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s doomed attempt to win the Democratic nomination in 2008 spoke to S.E. Cupp on HLN about Clinton bad-mouthing Americans.
"Look, this, this was bad, I can’t sugarcoat it. She’s put herself in a position where Democrats are going to have to distance themselves from these remarks and distance themselves from her, particularly those Democrats that are running in states that Donald Trump won like Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Michigan.”
Clinton’s comments were made before the Asia Today Conclave in Mumbai India on her international 'It's Everyone's Fault But Mine That I'm Not President' book tour.
“So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward, and his whole campaign, ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backwards. You know, you didn’t like black people getting rights,” you didn’t like women y’know, getting jobs, you don’t want, y’know, see that Indian American succeeding more than you are, whatever your problem is, I’m gonna solve it.”
Stress, booze and age have caught up with our intellectual superior, the bitter, corrupt and greedy evil old bat with the shrill and grinding voice who spews her incessant bitching and moaning about losing the White House.  Someone just needs to tell her SHE lost the election with one 'basket of deplorables' remark, a fleeting moment of honesty of how she feels about real Americans. Someone needs to tell her she's just a hairy wart on American politics now. 

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Magazine Mocks Hillary With New Years Resolutions Suggestions for 2018

Some of the lefty media are starting to show signs they've had it up to here with the Hillary circus and want her to just disappear as much as we do. One such media publication is Vanity Fair, who nauseatingly fawned over her for 8 years and goo-gooed at her anticipated coronation. But as with all thing faux, people tend to tire of or see through them.  Mockingly, Vanity Fair suggest Hillary find other things to do in 2018 instead of bothering people by running for office again, like just get a hobby and go away. We couldn't agree more. Perhaps you have some suggestion for things she could do also.......

Friday, November 10, 2017

Hillary Guest-Edits Slutty Teen Magazine

Excerpts from DownTrend

"Having spent the last two months promoting her grimoire of grievance What Happened?, Hillary continues to linger like a bad case of gas on the day after Thanksgiving.  And now in an announcement that is sure to thrill the dead-enders and the next generation of feminists, Hillary will be guest editing the upcoming issue of Teen Vogue which is one of the last print editions. The issue is scheduled to hit newsstands in early December. In doing so it would seem that Hillary is putting her personal seal of approval on Teen Vogue’s often reprehensible sexual articles that promote ideas of being sexually promiscuous to a target audience of girls 11-17. 

This is the same magazine that drew outrage over July’s controversial “A Guide to Anal Sex” which is only one of the raunchy articles that the rag publishes on an ongoing basis and resulted in a boycott movement that may have impacted the publisher’s decision to put an end to the print edition. Traditional  mothers were outraged that the content was sending the message to their daughters that it was cool to be sluts.

Some other examples of the fare that seems directed at grooming future victims of sexual predators like Hillary’s Hollywood donor Harvey Weinstein are:“If I Have Oral Sex, Am I Still a Virgin?”- “Consent and BDSM: What You Should Know” - “Myths About Your Vagina You Should Not Believe”- you get the picture."

The Hill quotes Clinton: 
“Teen Vogue takes teen girls seriously and understands that style and substance aren’t mutually exclusive,” Clinton writes in the statement, saying she jumped at the chance to guest edit. “I love seeing articles about the search for the perfect makeup remover next to essays about running for office (I have strong opinions on both topics, but we’ll get to that later). Teen girls are a powerful force for good in the world, and it’s refreshing to see that reflected in these pages,” she continued. 

They call the issue “a celebration of resistance and resilience.” Having recently been swept up by the leftist propaganda hate train, it wouldn't surprise me if there was article titled "Contemplating Social Justice while giving your boyfriend a blowjob".

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On This Date In History.......

Anticipating a Clinton victory, New York magazine writer Rebecca Traister said there was “an electric current running through” her body upon waking up that morning. Zara Rahim, Clinton campaign national spokeswoman told Esquire that she was already planning her Instagram caption. “We were waiting for the coronation........."