Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Blinkey Unveils Ma Clinton's Official Portrait at State.

After making the old bat wait 10 years, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s portrait was finally unveiled Tuesday at the State Department, accompanied by glowing remarks from the present Secretary of State, Biden's little weasel Antony Blinken.
“The walk to the secretary’s office on the seventh floor is a little bit awe-inspiring … down that wood-paneled mahogany row, surrounded by portraits of our predecessors, most of them looking a little bit severe, many with some pretty imaginative facial hair, and all but three of them white men. 
“And now, beginning today, another secretary will join this esteemed group. A secretary who helped transform American diplomacy for the 21st century.”  
Transform American Diplomacy??

By transform did he mean how much she flew around the world in a government plane, residing for long periods in 5 star hotels in foreign countries, drinking martinis with their leaders, all the while with her hand out for bribes contributions to the Clinton Crime Foundation gifting operation. 

No word of her part in Barky's setting the middle east on fire that took DJT to settle down, and with their blinders and sophomore attitude greenlit Vlad Putin to start invading his sovereign neighbors. No mention of her giving away uranium reserves, and of course, certainly no mention of the billions in Haitian relief money that went missing during her tenure.

Being probably the most corrupt Secretary of State in US history, we saw her prickly, false demeanor that spokes volumes about her. Her keeping sensitive government documents on her personal server while serving as Secretary of State, well, that doesn't even deserve the term "scandal." We have seen her smash-mouth partisanship, her grating insincerity, her gross money-grubbing, her serial dishonesties, her cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof caution, and her grind-out ambition that lacked a light touch or any poetry. 

She's a financial criminal, with the blood of many named and unnamed patriotic Americans on her hands. And should be thought of and remembered as nothing else.

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