Monday, September 25, 2023

Move over Dark Brandon. Make Room for 'Joe Cool'. 🤣

But making doddering old Joe Biden "cool?" That's going to be the real challenge.
Politico - A major liberal group has drawn up a multimillion dollar plan to make Joe Biden cooler online. And the initiative has the blessing of a top White House official. The organization, ProgressNow, is launching a $70 million project to help the president and down-ballot Democrats win the war for voters’ digital attention. The idea is to create, in their own words, an “echo chamber” on the left. At its heart, it is an effort to compete with one they say already operates on all cylinders on the right. 
The center of ProgressNow’s plan is an app that the group has developed called Megaphone. Users who download the app can scroll through a series of liberal memes, videos and graphics created by the organization, add their own captions, and then quickly share them on social media platforms.Inherent in the ProgressNow strategy is the fact that liberals have been outmaneuvered online by the conservative movement for years, something the group’s leaders readily admit — and that more than a decade after former President Barack Obama was supposed to have ushered in a new form of voter communication, the party has been uninventive under Biden. 
To combat this, ProgressNow is hiring more than 65 new digital organizers across 10 battleground states to manage a band of volunteers who will be tasked with sharing the organization’s online content far and wide through Megaphone. By the fall of 2024, the group is looking to expand its grassroots army to 13,000 volunteers nationwide. 
Democrats have lamented the far-right echo chamber for decades, and it’s a complaint that often flares up when the party is feeling more anxious.
I guess the Politico writer have forgotten the "Echo Chamber" of the dominate Democrat mainstream leftist media, or as it it is sometime called , the dems first string defensive linemen. 

The real Joe Cool was unavailable for comment.

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