Friday, June 30, 2023

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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Pervert Entertainment Celebs Demand Censorship of Opposition to Trans Mutilation

Hundreds of woke celebrities from the entertainment industry have signed their names to an open letter calling for big tech companies to crack down on anyone who doesn’t fall into line with the trans agenda, including advocating gender surgeries on children.

The letter was sent to the CEOs of Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter by GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and the Human Rights Campaign (ironic name don't ya say) and was signed by usual subjects you think of when it comes to our virtue signaling betters like Amy Schumer, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judd Apatow, Patrick Stewart, 250 of the beautiful people in all who think protecting children from mutilation and perverted minds is somehow now hate.
"As celebrities, influencers, and prominent public figures with significant followings on social media, we the undersigned are calling on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter to fulfill the promises you’ve made to transgender, nonbinary, gender non-conforming and all LGBTQ users in your terms of service. There has been a massive systemic failure to prohibit hate, harassment, and malicious anti-LGBTQ disinformation on your platforms and it must be addressed."
The letter further decrees:
“Your policies and corresponding enforcement are inadequate when it comes to mitigating harmful and dangerous anti-LGBTQ content. You must urgently take action to protect trans and LGBTQ users on your platforms (including protecting us from over-enforcement and censorship).”
So censor our critics, but don't censor us?

Meanwhile, in the real world, a new poll has found that 61 percent of U.S. voters believe that introducing children to transgenderism, drag shows, and LGBTQ+ themes stunts their emotional and psychological development. A further poll found that almost three quarters (73%) want businesses to stay neutral on political and cultural issues, including LGBTQ+, with just over half saying they support boycotting companies that aggressively market that agenda.

As for me, I'm really tired of leftist shoving things in American's faces, trampling on others' rights and pushing where there is no push needed, all with the seemingly full support of the democrat party.

[Summit News]
[The Wrap]
H/T Crazy Cousin Olivia 

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

NBC News Tries to Spin Offensive Pride Chant.

A few days ago at a drag march in NYC, participants got plenty of attention when they were heard chanting "we're coming for your children". And it still seems to the media a total mystery why queer and trans acceptance is dropping, even among Democrats.

Undeterred, NBC News jumps to the defense of gays groomers perverts and tries to help the Left out with the spin on that story:
The “coming for your children” chant has been used for years at Pride events, according to longtime march attendees and gay rights activists, who said it’s one of many provocative expressions used to regain control of slurs against LGBTQ people."
Do they think that actually makes it better? Saying stop making such a big deal about this, they’ve been saying it for years” is quite the defense.

At least the MSM is true to form and incredibly predictable:
 " of many provocative expressions used to regain control of slurs against LGBTQ people.
"Yeah. Right! How many times have we witnessed the left get caught, only to laugh at the opponents for their misrepresentation of the what they just witnessed and backed with the full weight of media. 

The media's now stuck somewhere in between "this never happens" and "yeah but it's nothing because it's been happening for years.

There has been no comment from the 'Lincoln Pedo Project' as of this writing. 

NBC News

Monday, June 26, 2023


Congratulations to Florida Gator Baseball on an Amazing Season,
and one wild College World Series!


A Good Monday Morning


Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sunday Soothingness

Following up on this weeks Middle Finger Symphony Theater & all the Allman Brothers fans out there, for your Sunday Soothingness another choice morsel drawn from your Beloved Blog Editrix's personal digs,  Duane Allman's version of St. Louis Jimmy Oden's classic 'Goin Down Slow', recorded while a studio man at Rick Hall's Muscle Shoals Studio, circa 1968.

Friday, June 23, 2023

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Internet is slow and sporadic as of now so I hope this post. More Later.

Friday, June 16, 2023


 Had 70mph straightlne winds come through North LA Friday morning taking out trees, power lines and my interweb. Be back in the saddle soon.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

It Was The Plan All Along

Through all the noise of recent events, rumors have been circulated in the media saying more Democrats are becoming accustomed to the idea of VP Kamala Harris replacing Joe Biden, which is the reason why some are pushing for Biden’s reelection so hard, according to insiders. According to one of these insiders, Harris becoming president is now considered a plausible if not likely scenario. The DNC’s strategy to ensure the Democrat establishment remains in power is to re-elect Joe Biden, no matter how old or capable he is, and then get him to resign or step aside and install Kamala Harris as president.

As many, including you Beloved Editrix, said when Kamala was chosen as VP, it was the plan all along. Joe Biden just outlived their expectations. 

The DNC awarded Biden by rigging the primaries just as they did for the drunk grandma of death in 2016, and they picked Harris as his VP, knowing he probably couldn't make 4 years without assuming room temperature by either natural causes or falling down the WH stairs or run over while flagging down an ice cream truck. 

The Democrats sold Biden in 2020 to their most loyal constituency, black females, with the knowledge Kamala would ascend to the office. There is no way in hell Kamala could win the presidency on her own. 

In the Dems zeal to have the first woman president, she would be untested and unelected and, like Joe, be owning to act as the Democrat Establishment’s puppet president and able to push harder the far left agenda. She would also have the advantage and power of incumbency to run in 2028.

None of this is possible now if Biden doesn’t run because Joe has outlived expectations. Harris will certainly be an anchor on the Democrat ticket, given her horrible approval ratings, but according to what I believe has always been their plan, if Biden were to get reelected and step down, dems have their vaginal possessing President and a (be it fake) first black woman President. And that's what it's all about.

This is why they tried, but failed to keep Kamala out of the media and in the background as much as possible, publicly given projects she has nothing to do with. Low key, non-controversial.

Crazy Cousin Oliva    

He Smirks. The Media Shrugs.

46 & DOJ. They’re all tied up together. Greatest crime syndicate ever.


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Shed No Tears for Two Sleazy Leftist Media Publishers

Two flagship leftist publications of the digital-media age recently announced their own demise. (a moment of silents please)  It's notable what’s been missing from media narratives about Vice and BuzzFeed's fall: any recognition that in their pursuit of buzz and clicks, their leaders abandoned some important journalistic principles and contributed a great deal to the declining trust in media.

They raised up a generation of half baked journalists that have helped make media untrustworthy and their information suspect. Vice, once valued at $5.7 billion, did their part by selectively targeting the small community of thirtysomething hipsters with niche identity politics viral rage content. The “young and online” orientation eventually infected all of media and had its own deleterious effects on journalism in general. As more and more “young and online” reporters embraced identity politicking and put pressure on their editors and managers to publish pleasing political narratives rather than often-uncomfortable facts, they help skewed younger readers perceptions of what the rest of the world believe about controversial political and cultural issues. Just read twitter.

As for BuzzFeed, they were responsible for kicking off one of the modern world’s most effective disinformation campaigns when it published the Steele dossier, that steaming pile originally meant to help Hillary Clinton by claiming that Russia had salacious, compromising information about DJT. We all knew it wasn’t true, but when BuzzFeed published the dossier in its entirely in December 2016, it effectively launched the Trump #resistance and spawned Russiagate.

None of the obituaries for BuzzFeed at sites like Slate or NPR mentioned the Steele dossier, and in the Atlantic, former BuzzFeed News editor in chief Ben Smith is still making the case that his decision to publish it was not a craven effort to drive traffic and attention to his site, but, in fact, an act of respect for you. He wrote:
“Don’t you, the reader, think you’re smart enough to see a document like that and understand that it is influential but unverified without losing your mind?” 
No. It was BuzzFeed’s publication of the dossier that made it “influential,” since Smith’s organization broke the dam that had prevented other outlets from writing about it. He and his BuzzFeed minions are in many ways responsible for the orgy of Trump-era rumor-mongering on the left. And yet this still elicits from him a “meh” rather than a mea culpa.

Their staffs also partied like they had the lavish expense accounts that legacy media institutions had long since eliminated. Guess what happens when you give a group of twentysomethings unlimited resources to chase stories?  It might explain why BuzzFeed published more than one story under different bylines about a Navy pilot who drew a giant penis in the sky.

The steep decline in the public’s trust in media occurred at precisely the time that outlets such as Vice and BuzzFeed were patting themselves on the back for breaking all of journalism’s rules. 

Now they’re broken.

~ Thank You MJA@IOTWReport for the Linkage  ~

Watch: Struggling to Define 'Woke'? Just Have a Laugh

One of the most absurd talking points lately is that people who oppose the radical left’s agenda should stop using the term woke because it can’t be defined. Unless you have been asleep since Jan. 21, 2021, you see examples of it almost every day in the White House press briefing and whenever the dementia-patient-in-chief appears in public to pander to his far-left constituents.

Perhaps the best definition of woke is an ideology that requires adherents to view people as atomized individuals. Then society must provide social benefits and punishments based on the full complement of observable and claimed characteristics in a complex intersectional ranking system.

This laborious exercise divides society into the oppressors and the oppressed. It results in a skewed view of the world where Meghan Markle, a literal princess, is somehow a victim. The ideology also requires you to be an “ally.” You can’t just be tolerant of left-wing insanity. You must full-throatedly support it and do so often.

From drag queen story hour to resegregation based on race to transing the kids, ignoring it is not enough. Even tolerating it does not make the grade. According to these loons, you must cheer, highlight, and applaud it because your silence is violence. Failure to do so will require a public apology that resembles a Communist struggle session.  

The worst part of wokeness, aside from it showing up in public school curricula, is how it has invaded the workplace. As corporations try to satisfy the newest requirement set upon them by the Human Rights Council, DEI training proliferates. Some of it morphs into expecting employees to engage in outright activism for left-wing causes.

So, if you need to laugh at the current state of affairs, look at this viral ad from RedBallon. The job board and workplace support organization released a great ad that pokes a middle finger in the eye of the 'Woke' workplace. 

via PJM

Sunday, June 11, 2023

The Tribe That Rubs Shit In Their Hair

Longtime readers know that "The Tribe That Rubs Shit In Their Hair" is my shorthand for your typical leftist meatsticks who have wallowed in wingnut dung of uninformed twitter rants and racist MSNBC liberal conspiracy claptrap for so long that is has become the quotidian argot of their wretched lives. It is their tavern-talk. Their worst paranoid delusions, externalized, validated, tarted up as The Unvarnished Truth and then regurgitated back to them by ghouls and race mongers like Joy Reid or the debonair Ricky Maddow.... which are, in turn, passed around again like so many fish stories, getting bigger and wilder and truthier with each iteration. It is the shit they eagerly rub in their hair. The shit which, year after year, they sculpt into ever more elaborate pompadours because everyone else in their dingy, lightless corner of universe is doing it and they lost their sense of smell years ago.

They preen over each other. They are happy in each other's company. They praise each other on the little, individual touches with which they have customized their Shitheap Toupees. An extra layer of Russia Russia, perhaps, appliqued over something something the conservatives! And all is right with the world, right up until they leave the cocoon of their Wingnut Pig Sty and step into the normal world, where they are Shocked!Shocked! that ordinary people flee from them in horror.

Their Wingnut Pig Sty is a world of political cubicles and ideological corridors, underground and plenty roomy enough for Shit Hair Tribe members to spend most of their lives only interacting with other members of the Shit Hair Tribe. Some of the more advanced members of the tribe are aware enough of the outside world to gird themselves with slipperier language and a Gish Gallop bag of lies  for when they are forced to move about in the Real World, slathering on SPF 1200 goop to protect from the climate change whenever the sun peeps over the horizon, the occasional light that jumps out at them from between their cement temples in what we used to call cities.  

So it is especially glorious when a senior member of the Tribe That Rubs Shit In Their Hair thinks they're in a 100% safe space among fellow Shit Hairians and unfurls some especially bold-faced lie, in the sure and certain belief that no one would dare whip out a pin an puncture it. 

And then it happens.

Roll it, Johnny!

But of course, all that happened during the 'Before Time'.  And as has already been well established by dogma and custom.  Mention of actual truths and events taking place during the Before Time that contradict whatever fiction Leftist (and the legacy media) are selling today is doubleplusungood. 

And yet, every now and then, there comes someone like a Elon Musk or a Tucker Carlson with a pointy stick, watching as the lie that the Leftist are inflating today becomes so bloated and unbelievable that they just can't resist.

Friday, June 9, 2023

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Big Ass Open Thread

Your Beloved Blog Editrix Reluctantly Turns Things Over to You, the Reader, because I'm Interested in Your Thoughts on the suspiciously timed release of tonight's news, so I'll Relent.

  Your glorious exercise in free speech shall be guest moderated this week.  

Your Moderator

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

NBC Should Change Call Letters to a More Fitting FOB.

For Your Consideration:

From NBC Website May 28

From NBC Website June 7:

NBC has 12+ people live blogging minute by minute on the official NBC website, hanging on every word, every aspect of DJT's political persecution as if calling a sports event.  Every blog entry is in turn repeated on every blogger's Instagram and Twitter account, complete with unconfirmed and uncorrected information, an activity now known as 'pulling a Jamie Raskin'. 

Just where is the line crossed between reporting (an occasional accidental activity at NBC) and joining in on the stone throwing like a bunch of juvenile window breakers. Guess we know who "with a little help from his friends"refers to. 

With NBC News and their retarded step-sister MSNBC, at least we know who is in the fore as the real 'State Media' is in this country. They seem proud of it. The west fought off for 60 years the cancer of the Soviet state, only to become a gay retarded version of it.


BTW - below is the complete NBC/ MSNBC reporting on the corrupt Biden Patriarch and his degenerate family for the last 72 hrs:


~ Thank You Larwyn's Linx@ Doug Ross Journal for the Linkage! ~

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

What's a Republican Primary Race Without the Irrelevant Rino Turds

Chris Christie announced a potential replay of his 7% primary showing of his 2016 clownish attempt to capture the White House.

EARL Done This

Monday, June 5, 2023

Seems Target Was Already Digging a Hole Even Before Their Queer Conversion

According to This, the Target Corp. has long been helping fund the extreme Left political agenda with its ample profits through it's Target Foundation. In response to the death of St.George Floyd and burning and looted of numerous Target stores, the corporation ramped up its diversity, equity and inclusion and funding of leftist non-profit grifters.

Target CEO Brian Cornell discussed Target’s DEI strategy on CBS Mornings in September 2022 and said that a series of meetings on DEI in 2019 prepared him for the murder of George Floyd.

One of the beneficiaries of Target’s largesse is the NDN Collective, a South Dakota nonprofit that hauls in $50 million or more in annual revenue. Grifting is really profitable these days, and NDN is absurdly radical: 
"NDN identifies as “intersectional,” which is an idea coined by a critical race theorist, Kimberlรฉ Crenshaw, holding that America is inborn with structurally racist and misogynistic systems, and they can intersect upon an individual to form numerous layers of persecution. By joining forces with other oppressed groups, NDN hopes to move towards “liberation." 
The organization’s campaign “LANDBACK” called for America to give up its public land.
"The closure of Mount Rushmore, return of that land and all public lands in the Black Hills, South Dakota is our cornerstone battle.  Not only does Mount Rushmore sit in the heart of the sacred Black Hills, but it is an international symbol of White supremacy and colonization. To truly dismantle white supremacy and systems of oppression, we have to go back to the roots. Which, for us, is putting Indigenous Lands back in Indigenous hands."
NDN also supports, among other things, the obliteration of Israel and the destruction of the U.S. military. Great causes for Target to get behind.

Remember that next time you think about shopping at Target.

A Good Monday Morning

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Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Your Official Almost Semi-World Famous Irredeemable Big Ass Mid-week Open Thread

 Your Beloved Blog Editrix Reluctantly Turns Things Over to You, the Reader.
But I am Interested in Your Thoughts onthis Week's News, so I'll Relent.
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