Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Watch: Struggling to Define 'Woke'? Just Have a Laugh

One of the most absurd talking points lately is that people who oppose the radical left’s agenda should stop using the term woke because it can’t be defined. Unless you have been asleep since Jan. 21, 2021, you see examples of it almost every day in the White House press briefing and whenever the dementia-patient-in-chief appears in public to pander to his far-left constituents.

Perhaps the best definition of woke is an ideology that requires adherents to view people as atomized individuals. Then society must provide social benefits and punishments based on the full complement of observable and claimed characteristics in a complex intersectional ranking system.

This laborious exercise divides society into the oppressors and the oppressed. It results in a skewed view of the world where Meghan Markle, a literal princess, is somehow a victim. The ideology also requires you to be an “ally.” You can’t just be tolerant of left-wing insanity. You must full-throatedly support it and do so often.

From drag queen story hour to resegregation based on race to transing the kids, ignoring it is not enough. Even tolerating it does not make the grade. According to these loons, you must cheer, highlight, and applaud it because your silence is violence. Failure to do so will require a public apology that resembles a Communist struggle session.  

The worst part of wokeness, aside from it showing up in public school curricula, is how it has invaded the workplace. As corporations try to satisfy the newest requirement set upon them by the Human Rights Council, DEI training proliferates. Some of it morphs into expecting employees to engage in outright activism for left-wing causes.

So, if you need to laugh at the current state of affairs, look at this viral ad from RedBallon. The job board and workplace support organization released a great ad that pokes a middle finger in the eye of the 'Woke' workplace. 

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