Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Obama Proclaims June 2016 as Queer and Gender Confused Pride Month.





Since our founding, America has advanced on an unending path toward becoming a more perfect Union. This journey, led by forward-thinking individuals who have set their sights on reaching for a brighter tomorrow, has never been easy or smooth. The fight for dignity and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people is reflected in the tireless dedication of advocates and allies who strive to forge a more inclusive society. They have spurred sweeping progress by changing hearts and minds and by demanding equal treatment — under our laws, from our courts, and in our politics. This month, we recognize all they have done to bring us to this point, and we recommit to bending the arc of our Nation toward justice.
Last year’s landmark Supreme Court decision guaranteeing marriage equality in all 50 States was a historic victory for LGBT Americans, ensuring dignity for same-sex couples and greater equality across State lines. For every partnership that was not previously recognized under the law and for every American who was denied their basic civil rights, this monumental ruling instilled newfound hope, affirming the belief that we are all more free when we are treated as equals.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2016 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. I call upon the people of the United States to eliminate prejudice everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the great diversity of the American people.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and fortieth.


I'm sorry Mr. President, but who you choose to sleep with has no place in public policy or to be raised up in celebration. Who you choose to lick or where you stick your wanker has absolutely nothing whatsoever  to do with Diversity. It's called a Sexual Proclivity.  So STFU.

Her Plans for the Destruction of America as We Know It.

From Hillary Clinton's website:

As president, Hillary Clinton will:
* Defend President Obama’s executive actions to provide deportation relief for DREAMers and parents of Americans and lawful residents, and extend those actions to additional persons with sympathetic cases if Congress refuses to act and enact comprehensive immigration reform to create a pathway to citizenship, keep families together, and enable millions of workers to come out of the shadows. 
* Defend President Obama’s DACA and DAPA executive actions. President Obama’s executive actions that provide relief from deportation for DREAMers and parents of Americans and lawful residents would protect an estimated 5 million people. Hillary will defend DACA and DAPA against partisan attacks and politically motivated lawsuits that would put DREAMers and others at risk of deportation.
* Create a national Office of Immigrant Affairs to ensure successful immigrant and refugee integration in every community. Given the cross-cutting nature of immigrant integration policy concerns, Hillary believes it is critical that there be a proactive effort to coordinate policies and programs across federal agencies and with state and local governments. 
* Expand access to affordable health care to all families. Hillary has been fighting her entire life to ensure that families have access to affordable health care. She sponsored the Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act in the Senate, which later became law and allows immigrant children and pregnant women to obtain Medicaid and SCHIP.
* Close private immigrant detention centers. Hillary will end private immigrant detention centers. She believes we should move away from contracting out this critical government function to private corporations and private industry incentives that may contribute—or have the appearance of contributing—to over-incarceration.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Weekend Bernie Sanders Special

November Can't Come Soon Enough.....

"Well . . . what are we to make of the refusal by Clinton, Mills, Sullivan, and Abedin to cooperate with the Obama State Department IG?
What are we to make of Mrs. Clinton's public posturing that of course she is prepared to cooperate -- and encourages her subordinates to cooperate -- with government investigators?
And how is a former high government official who systematically evaded federal records requirements and then refused to cooperate with a government investigation into that evasion conceivably fit to be president of the United States?" Andrew C. McCarthy, Legal Commentator and Former Federal Prosecutor
 Jan 21, 2017

Fishnet Friday

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Mysterious WH Photo-bomber Follows Obama to G7

There Goes the Neighborhood - The Obamas Are Staying in D.C. After the President Leaves Office.

The worlds most famous Community Organizer and the First Lug have reportedly decided to stay in the nation's capital for at least two more years. They've decided to lease a 8,200-square-foot mansion in DC’s  Kalorama neighborhood after they leave the White House next January. The eight-bedroom, nine-and-a-half-bathroom residence is owned by Joe Lockhart, the NFL’s executive vice president for communications.  
"As far as legacies go, the thought of President of Hope and Change moving to one of the oldest, most established, filthy-richest neighborhoods in the city just doesn’t jibe. It’s hard to imagine the Obama of eight years ago deciding to forgo the potential to move to a revitalizing area, or just a slightly less hoity one, in favor of a zip code where the blood runs royal blue and the servants stairs are still used by the help. It feels bizarrely out of a character for a man who proclaimed “We didn’t become the most prosperous country in the world just by rewarding greed,” to settle down on a block where a 4-bedroom home averages about $2.8 million." 
No more Chicago ghetto organizing for Bo. No Sir. They say they will stay while rented offspring daughter Sasha finishes up at the elitist Sidwell Friends School (one of those private schools liberals don't want you to be able to send your kids). And you know what that means? He'll remain close to the action, in range of the political reporters and the DC news bureaus, ready to show his mug and give his views on the countries affairs as an elder statesman. And watch for him to make one last feeble attempt at a legacy by taking the forefront in a push for DC Statehood.  Even worse, there's still Michelle. 

So, the Obama's will continue to embarrassing the country, pretending as if the actually have any class to speak of and movin' on up to a elitist neighborhood. 

The country is tired of Barry and Michelle putting on airs, putin' his feet on the desk, letting their dogs sit on the good furniture and not eating mac n’ cheese and wieners for Valentine’s Day like normal Americans? And why can’t you be more like Bill Clinton? At least he moved his office and some of his stuff he didn't care got stolen to Harlem.

We were all really hopin' you'd drag Bigfoot off to Hawaii and STFU while we get on with the business of cleaned up the mess you made Gayin' Up America the last eight years. But we can only dream....... 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Who is This Johnson of Whom You Speak?

"At the moment, he’s probably most often confused with that plumber who fixed your running toilet last month or your spouse’s weird friend from work who keeps calling the landline, but he’s neither — he’s the former governor of New Mexico, likely Libertarian candidate for president, and he’s polling at 10 percent in two recently released national polls against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
A Morning Consult survey published Tuesday and found Clinton getting 38 percent of the vote, Trump 35 and Johnson 10, with 17 percent undecided. A Fox News poll conducted from May 14-17 showed Trump leading over Clinton, 42 percent to 39 percent, but Johnson at 10 percent as well. Lest you think this is some fluky May development, a Monmouth University survey conducted in mid-March — while the political universe was still busy wringing its hands over the Republican nomination — found that in a three-way race, Clinton would get 42 percent, Trump 34 percent and Johnson 11 percent.
Given that Trump and Clinton are sporting historically high negative ratings, Johnson’s polling makes a fair bit of sense; Gary Johnson is neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton."

French History For Beginners

The Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris, the oldest bridge over the River Seine.
Began in 1578, it took 26 years to complete.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Political Primary Turnout No Indication of General Election Victory

For all those who believe that party turnout in the primary is predictive of general election victory in the Fall, a corrective. From Larry Sabato:

By the way, 1972, 1980 and 1984 weren't just Republican victories. They were smashing, devastating defeats for the Democrats. 1972 and 1984 are, in fact, the two biggest electoral college victories of all time. 1984 was 525-13, a total blowout.

A Good Monday Morning

Saturday, May 21, 2016

We Created Mayberry, They Create Another Soweto

"Most of planet Earth is occupied by third world people. They live in squalor, cannot organize governments or institutions, suffer constant crime and poverty. This is not a change; they have been this way since the dawn of time. Our ancestors called them “savages” and treated them like human-monkey hybrids in recognition of their inability to govern themselves.
Since the advent of Leftism in the West, it has been mandatory to consider all people equal. First, all people of each tribe must be made equal, so that class, caste and natural distinctions between ability are abolished. Next, the races, sexes and sexual proclivities must be made equal. This obsessive brain-virus turns people into fanatical zombies chanting “equal, equal”!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

We Used To Institutionalize People Like This.....

America's Trees are Racist!
“Black people also wanted to go out in the woods and eat apples from the trees,  but black people were lynched on the trees. The tree became a big symbol.” Black people are triggered by trees and suffer Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome flashbacks." 
The origin of the bizarre racist lynching theory of national parks appears to be Carolyn Finney. Finney was an actress noted for, apparently, little more than an appearance in The Nutt House.  

Then she became a cause célèbre for race activists when she was denied tenure by Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management because her work didn’t meet academic standards. (i.e. she's to crazy even for U.C. Berkeley!) Her supporters blamed racism, rather than her academic shortcomings, and protested vocally.

These days she’s a diversity advisor to the U.S. National Parks Advisory Board. What wasn’t good enough for UC Berkeley is good enough for national parks and your tax money. She is also the author of Black Faces, White Spaces. In it she claims that “oppression and violence" against black people in forests and other green spaces.  

Finney cites the work of Joy DeGruy Leary who invented a Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome that she claims black people suffer from. Affected by PTSS, black people experience “fear and mistrust of forests and other green spaces.” According to Finney, the tree is a racist symbol to black people.

Finney also claims that Theodore Roosevelt’s vision of preserving beautiful natural landscapes was rooted in “privilege”. Or as Fearn put it, “Preserving wild places is a white concept, going back to Rome.”

What shall we do about the racist trees? Finney is front and center at the new “inclusion” initiative. In addition to complaining about the racist trees, the inclusion initiative also claimed that national parks alienate Latinos because of the “color of the uniforms that rangers wear.”  According to the 'Hispanic Access Foundation', they look too much like the border patrol. Even though the uniforms are actually completely different. But much like the lack of lynchings at Yellowstone National Park, the truth doesn’t matter here. The accusations are absurd. And yet the payoffs keep coming. And there’s little doubt that this latest “inclusiveness” initiative will also pay off. Our parks will suffer. Our slimiest politicians will prosper.

This is what this is really about -The Obama era has rotted the Federal government with radical figures who are at war with fundamental American concepts and values. They intend to use their power to destroy those concepts and values. Aside from the usual diversity hiring push and buying from minority businesses in the “inclusiveness” proposals, not to mention nonsense about racist trees and scary uniforms, is a move to divert the focus to urban development.  

It’s not about racist tree symbolism or uniform colors. It’s about creating positions for people like Carolyn Finney or Mickey Fearn so they can lecture us on how parks are privilege and nature is racist. It’s about finding yet another unlikely target for baseless claims of racism to be milked for money, grants, ads and contracts.Then there’s the flow of money to “community organizations” to engage “culturally diverse communities”. The Obama era has seen the “Sharptoning” of America as the same ugly shakedown scams that were being practiced in New York or Chicago are suddenly national policy. This is the Sharptoning of the National Park Service. It’s happening in every agency and arm of government. We just don’t notice it. 

Read Much More About This story @ Sultan Kinish

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Left's Predictable Response to Trump's Supreme List

Wednesday afternoon, the real-estate mogul rolled out eleven names of would-be members of the highest court in the land and it was a veritable dream team of conservative judiciary memebers:  Steven Colloton, Diana Sykes, Allison Eid, Raymond Gruender, Thomas Hardiman, Raymond Kethledge, Don Willett, Joan Larsen, Thomas Lee, William Pryor, and David Stras.

And in no surprise response from the Daily Beast writers Betsy Woodruff, a notorious feminist, and Asawin Suebsaeng, an Asian Sissy Boy formerly of the Mother Jones Rag, who got their panties in a wad  over the fact there were no minorities on the list. And they did what was pretty much expected......say irrelevant sh*t trying to claim moral high ground. 
"One potential justice is an expert on Trump’s favorite conversation topic: the scandals of Bill Clinton. Steven Colloton, a George W. Bush appointee to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, got started in the world of conservative politicking when he was a lieutenant to Kenneth Starr on the independent investigation of the Clintons’ Whitewater investments." 
Okay, I see no problem here. The man helped look into possible political corruption and lawlessness. (not something Woodruff  and Suebsaeng  are very familiar with considering our present Dept.of Justice). Guess they are to young to remember people actually went to jail over this little Whitewater matter.
"Another name on the list is William Pryor,  of the  U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.  He is the most likely name on the list to draw liberals’ intense ire. Democratic senator Chuck Schumer once called Pryor “ideological warrior.” Pryor has stated that the cultural acceptance of gay sex would lead down a dark path to legalizing bestiality, and that government “should not be in the business of public education". He also called Roe v. Wade "the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history".
Sounds like a man with some sense and moral compass to me, and has understanding of what the constitutional roll of the Federal Gov. is as opposed to the right of the States. And I had to laugh at the use of  “ideological warrior” coming from the left. Ironic, ain't it?  Of course, no DB article would be complete without a 'rah rah' for their favorite Bathhouse Boy and his transformation agenda....
The court currently has a vacancy to fill, and President Obama has nominated Merrick Garland, chief judge of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, for the spot. He is widely characterized as a middle-of-the-road, moderate justice, and a consensus candidate with whom GOPers could theoretically have made peace.
They are speaking of this guy. What the Daily Beast failed to mention is, Obama's nominee Judge Garland  in 2007 voted to undo a D.C. Circuit court decision striking down one of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. The District of Columbia government had passed a ban on individual handgun possession, which even prohibited guns kept in one’s own house for self-defense. That's not a " middle-of-the-road, moderate justice " by any means. 

Garland  would swing the court leftward and poses the most danger to one of Justice Scalia’s most important opinions, D.C. vs. Heller, which affirmed that the Second Amendment confers an individual right to keep and bear arms. Garland  also voted to uphold an illegal Clinton-era regulation that created an improvised gun registration requirement.

The way I look at it, we should follow the lead of the left. They saw Thurgood Marshall's seat as the "Black Seat", to be replace only by another Black of the same liberal mind.  Just the same way they will claim Buzzy Ginsburg's seat is the "Feminist Seat", Kagan's seat represents the Queers and the Gender Confused, and Sotomayor's seat is the "Hispanic Seat" on the court, we should claim the former Scalia seat is the "Balding Constitutional Conservative Scholar White Male Seat" and that should be of high considered in any replacement of Scalia. 

Clinton Enabler George Soros and The Panama Papers

Fox News - Billionaire George Soros, who has spent millions of dollars financing Democrats and left-wing causes, used a controversial Panamanian law firm to establish a web of offshore investment partnerships that operate around the world and out of the scrutiny of U.S. regulators, according to leaked documents.

The so-called Panama Papers, a trove of 11.5 million financial documents tracing the Mossack Fonseca law firm’s efforts to help politicians, celebrities and criminals shield their money from taxes, contain links to Soros, who funds the journalism group that is disseminating the information. So far, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has been silent on its benefactor’s ties to the law firm. News stories about offshore bank accounts revealed by the Panama Papers brought down Iceland’s prime minister last month. Heads of state, Hollywood stars, heiresses, arms dealers and drug lords who established secret offshore companies and bank accounts.

Soros’ offshore companies may not pay U.S. taxes but the billionaire donates lots of money to Democrats who write and enforce the tax laws. In the 2004 presidential election, he contributed $24 million to George Bush’s opponents. He is the largest donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency, plunking down $8 million, so far. He has donated “up to $1 million” to the Clinton Foundation. And Secretary of State Clinton’s emails reveal that Soros has lobbied her on behalf of his interests, which encircle the globe, mostly in the dark.

Yeah, Ran Off and Left My Phone At Home Yesterday

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Smithsonian to Open Palace of Victimization and Perpetual Complaining

This fall The Smithsonian is set to open the 400,000-square-foot (twice the size of the National Air and Space Museum)  triangular shaped 'National Museum of African American History and Culture' in the nation's capital next to the Washington Monument. It opens Sept. 24 with its views of the Mall for its tales of African-American achievement.

Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum 

The bronze-clad structure on Constitution Avenue, its ugliness capturing the soullessness of 21st century America and with all the charm of a mud hut, represents only about a third of the museum's total space. After entering the central court, visitors will be encouraged to take an elevator 40 feet underground, where the journey begins with the black slave trade. 

Having turned white guilt into the national religion, it's a place White liberals can actual have contact with real black people while simultaneously being told they are the problem.  

The $540 million project was funded to the tune of $270 million by our spend thrift Congress, the other half is being raised through private contributions. Gustafson, Guthrie and Nichol are the landscape architecture firm, and Ralph Appelbaum Associates is the exhibit designer. 

The women are Gustafson, Guthrie, and Nichol.  The man is Ralph Appelbaum himself
Yes, white people helped in the design and exhibits and will be a reminder sooner or later to black racists, AND gullible whites just how bad we are not letting them do up their own museum themselves, and giving it only three walls instead of four.

President Obama is expected to cut the ribbon and sure to have a lot of slobbering exuberance to rub in America's face. You will definitely see a number of White politicians from across the political spectrum, making high profile visits as a way to prove their racial bona fides. And it's rather conspicuous that it opens less than 2 months before the general election. You can bet yo ass that Hillary Clinton is going to milk the grand opening for every thing it's worth. 

(The News & Observer)

Monday, May 16, 2016

He Wanted a Legacy.....Well, He's Got One.

After lolly-gagging around with a pillow fight type war on terror, afraid of offending anyone muslim and in turn giving rise to the scourge on humanity of ISIS, the biggest threat to western civilization in centuries, Obama has sealed a legacy no other President can claim......
"President Obama came into office seven years ago pledging to end the wars of his predecessor, George W. Bush. On May 6, with eight months left before he vacates the White House, Mr. Obama passed a somber, little-noticed milestone: He has now been at war longer than Mr. Bush, or any other American president.
If the United States remains in combat in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria until the end of Mr. Obama's term -- a near-certainty given the president'€™s recent announcement that he will send 250 additional Special Operations forces to Syria -- he will leave behind an improbable legacy as the only president in American history to serve two complete terms with the nation at war. - Mark Landler, The New York Times
With the incompetence of his Secretaries of State, Barack Obama who won the Nobel Peace Prize before he every did anything as President, spent his years in the White House apologizing for America's past and trying make the nation forget the promises he made as an antiwar candidate. He will leave office with the distinction of a longer tour of duty as a wartime president than Woodrow Wilson (WWI) Franklin Roosevelt (WWII), Lyndon Johnson & Richard Nixon (Vietnam) or his hero Abraham Lincoln (Civil War).  

Don’t Ask The Question .........If You’re Not Prepared for the Answer.

Singer Daryl Hall Verbally Bitch Slaps
Salon.com Interviewer

The crazies at Salon.com have become some of the most enthusiastic proponents of the 'Cultural Appropriation' bandwagon, piloted by the left on behalf of racist blacks and hispanics. But one interviewer walked right into a buzz saw spouting this nonsense recently in an interview with singer Daryl Hall of Hall and Oats...

One of the current debates is over “cultural appropriation” – The idea that white people should not appropriate the culture of ethnic and racial minorities. I know that you don’t like the term “blue eyed soul.” Have you followed this conversation?
"Are you trying to say that I don’t own the style of music that I grew up with and sing? I grew up with this music. It is not about being black or white. That is the most naïve attitude I’ve ever heard in my life. That is so far in the past, I hope, for everyone’s sake. It isn’t even an issue to discuss. The music that you listened to when you grew up is your music. It has nothing to do with “cultural appropriation.”
I agree with you, but…
"I’m glad that you do, because anyone who says that should shut the fuck up."
Well, this entire critique is coming back…
"I’m sorry to hear it. Who is making these critiques? Who do they write for? What are their credentials to give an opinion like that? Who are they?"
Much of it is academic.
"Well, then they should go back to school. Academia? Now, there’s a hotbed of idiocy!"
"We live in America. That’s our entire culture. Our culture is a blend. It isn’t split up into groups. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool – worse than a fool – a dangerous fool."
I also know that you don’t like the term “blue eyed soul”…
"No, and it is for this very reason. There is no color to soul. Soul music comes from the heart........." 
Maybe Salon should abide by their own idiotic philosophy, and encourage blacks and hispanics to get off the #@&%* Internet, because they didn't freakin' invent it! 

(h/t Nod to the Gods)

A Good Monday Morning

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Protect Yourself From Hillary: You Too Can Have the Brain Force of Alex Jones and Roger Stone

We all realize we live in dangerous times, and we are reminded daily by the Tinfoil Hat brigades that conspiracies lurk around ever corner. And former Richard Nixon dirty trickster and super-important truth-teller Roger Stone wants America to know that he’s ready for anything Hillary Clinton is personally planning to throw at him, because this isn’t his first dance and he knows the Clinton Mafia likes to play rough. 

Like that time they totally killed JFK Jr. by blowing up his plane and miraculously making the wreckage look like it hit the water intact. So it should be no surprise that Stone, in an interview Thursday with the self confessed late night cockroach assassin on Alex Jones' Fantasy Internet Fest, warned Hillary Clinton: If she comes at the King, she'd best not miss. 

Stone, a man who is so tough that he has a tattoo of Richard Nixon between his shoulder blades, is a man who laughs at danger, but that does not mean he doesn't take precautions (not that he'd ever compromise Tactical Ops by providing any details of course). Noting that “My security people asked me not to talk about it,” Stone allowed as how he has indeed “increased my personal security and that around my home,” since he's well aware “the Clintons have a track record of having people commit suicide. 

We have no doubt he sleeps with a machete, plus maybe a shiv made out of a human femur. Nevertheless, knowing that his life is in peril every moment, he offered this warning not to believe the Clinton lie machine if something should happen to him:
"Alex. If in a couple weeks they tell you that I committed suicide because I was depressed, or if I get hit by a truck crossing the street, or if they tell you I was killed in a freak hunting accident, don’t believe it. Hillary Clinton’s the major perp and she needs to be exposed.  I’m in perfectly good health, I’m in a great mood. I am working 18-hour days.......I’m gonna be honest with you. I wouldn’t make it without Brain Force. I went online, I bought some Brain Force. I pop those in the morning, I pop those at night, I get four, five hours more work!"   
The “Hillary’s gonna kill me” stuff was a perfect segue to a glowing endorsement for Alex Jones’s tremendous nutritional supplement scam pills, which promise to help you “Flip the switch and supercharge your state of mind,” because Brain Force is “the next generation of neural activation.” Only $29.95 for 30 capsules! (Daily dosage: 2 capsules a day) Better get you some Brain Force capsules so YOU won’t be caught off guard by the Clinton Death Machine! [Machete sold separately]

Somehow, thinking of a bunch of Alex Jones fans sending him money for BRAIN FORCE pills to enhance their neurons (already protected by tinfoil hats) gives us a warm peppy glow that’s sure to take us through the weekend. And at no cost whatsoever!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Photo: The Moment They Hear the Sound of Deadly Gas Being Unleashed

 A Royal Fart  Echoes Through the Room. Just Seconds Before Panic Hits the Group


Y'all Give Earl a Big Round of Applause!

A few years ago, I came across an image that really made me laugh out loud. A reverse image search led me to "Earl of Taint".  The few post I found there were absolutely hilarious. Earl and I quickly became friends, and I, one of his Biggest Fans. His unique wit and talent put him in a special class. And he has gone on to carved out his own niche in the world of humorous conservative agitprop. (take a scroll through his archives)

If you are not already a fan of "Earl of Taint", you haven't been there!

Today is Earl's 4th Blogiversary. And I Congratulate you Earl on a job well done, and we look forward to seeing what comes from that 
unique mind of yours in the future. ♥

Now, Y'all go by and give Earl a Shout!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Going All Medieval on Modern Technology's Ass

A re-enactor participating in the International Festival of Historical Reconstruction of the Early Middle Ages in Russia was so irritated by a drone buzzing overhead he decided to go all  Medieval on it......a perfect shot.

(h/t American Mirror)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Creates 20-man Staff to Dig Up Dirt on Trump

A Billionaire Clinton Enabler - You Might Want to Rethink That Next Purchase

Billionaire Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, owner of the Washington Post and a BIG donor to the Democratic Party, has ordered an army of 20 staffers to scour Donald Trump’s life for any perceived dirt they can find on the presumptive nominee.

Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward told the National Association of Realtors Convention in Washington on Wednesday: 
“There’s a lot we don’t know. We have 20 people working on Trump. We’re going to do a book. We’re doing articles about every phase of his life.”
Woodward specifically said he has been investigating Trump’s real-estate deals in New York, according to a report in the Washington Examiner.

Bezos’ Amazon.com, is reportedly under pressure from shareholders to stop selling products associated with Trump. According to the New York Post, a group claiming to represent 1,500 Amazon shareholders has asked Bezos to end the site’s marketing of Trump shirts, hats, ties and other products promoting the Trump campaign.

In February, Trump accused Bezos of buying the paper to increase his political influence. Trump told supporters during a rally in Fort Worth, Texas:
“He wanted political influence so that Amazon will benefit from it – that’s not right. And believe me, if I become president, oh, do they have problems. They’re going to have such problems.”
In his statement to the Washington convention, Woodward reportedly claimed the newspaper is also seeking to get the “essence” of Hillary Clinton. But Woodward dismissed any concern about Hillary’s use of a private email server to send classified information:
“I don’t think anyone feels that there was intent on her part to distribute classified information in a way that was illegal or jeopardized security."
And I'm sure we all remember the Washington Post doing such a bang-up job of scouring the background and getting to the "essence" of Barack Obama in 2008???

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton is Putting David Copperfield to Shame

Her Vanishing Voter Trick.

Granny Clinton's base of support is disappearing right before our eyes, but unlike Copperfield, Clinton isn’t putting on an act. On Tuesday, Cankles lost the West Virginia primary to the hippie marxist Bernie Sanders 51% to 36%.
That’s a stark contrast to 2008, when she trounced Barack Obama, 66.9% to 25.7% (John Edwards received 7.3%).
But perhaps what’s more telling is the raw vote total.
In 2008, she received 240,890 votes. Yesterday, Clinton netted 84,176 votes, according to NBC — a 65% decline. Other numbers show how the angry sands of the American landscape has shifted under her feet. According to data obtained at the polls yesterday, 33% of Democrats say they will vote for Donald Trump in November. Only 44% of Dems say they’ll vote Clinton. Twenty-one percent say they’ll support neither.
Of course it's really a politically stupid move to tell voters your going to kill there industry and put them out of work like she did the West Virgina coal miners. Duh!
[American Mirror]

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Buzzy Ginsburg Said She Doesn’t Want To Pee With Guys

The Notorious RBG - Justice Buzzy Ginsburg
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not interested in sharing a bathroom with men. This is important because if issues with transgenders and access to restrooms comes before the Supreme Court, Justice Ginsberg’s opinion will matter a great deal.
In a Washington Post article in 1975, Ginsburg wrote to dispel the fear at the time that the Equal Rights Act would “require unisex restrooms in public places. Her response: “Emphatically not so.”
The now-Supreme Court justice continued, “Separate places to disrobe, sleep, perform personal bodily functions are permitted, in some situations required, by regard for individual privacy.”
“Individual privacy, a right of constitutional dimension, is appropriately harmonized with the equality principle,” Ginsberg claimed. “But the ‘potty issue’ is likely to remain one of those ultimate questions never pressed to final solution.”
According to University of California, Los Angeles Law School professor Eugene Volokh, “I do think it’s worth noting that, when sex equality rules were championed in the 1970s, now-Justice Ginsburg — one of the most prominent feminist lawyers of her era — rejected as “emphatically” unsound the argument that those rules might lead to males being allowed to use women’s restrooms.”

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Mystery of the Grassy Knoll Shooter Solved

It was all borne of Mind Control Drug Laced Ovaltine and
little Ralphie Parker's obsession with rifles..... 

The Bizarre Trump Consensus

The rate at which anti-and pro-Trump Republicans have traded arguments over the course of this campaign is head-spinning. The pro-Trump right has found a bizarre set of allies on the left. Cautious liberals might like their chances in November, but many are warning their allies not to sleep on Donald Trump. In fact, conservatives who are skeptical of the reality television star’s prospects in the general election are unconvinced of his electability for the same reason that some Democrats are entirely certain Trump is easily beatable: the GOP candidate’s liberal inclinations.
Trump’s ability to appeal to white working-class voters who once made up the backbone of the Democratic coalition that has led some center-left observers to caution humility ahead of November.
Between Democrats and pro-Trump Republicans, there are a number of non-superficial agreements. Their most enduring schism appears to be their mutual desire to defeat one another at the polls. One curious source of agreement between these two warring factions is that Trump bucks conservative orthodoxy just enough to make it a competitive race in November. With that concession, the left has already won a fight more far-reaching than any one election cycle. 
- Noah Rothman

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Something Weird Going on in Crazyville

With all our our attention focused on the Drama / Pissfight of the Trump-Cruz nomination battle, few of us payed little attention to what has been going on over in the Capital of Crazyville, the Democrat party. With Hillary having a firm thigh lock on the nomination and the Bernie forces having begun to see the light, without much notice the granddaddy of leftist loony websites, firmly in loser Bernie Sander's corner, believe the establishment standard bearer of the Democrat Party isn't progressive enough and tainted goods are suggesting.........and I shit you not............Why not vote for Donald Trump?   

But just not necessarily for the reasons you might think: 
A liberal case for Donald Trump
"There are perhaps no three words more jarring to liberals than “President Donald Trump.” The GOP front-runner and presumptive nominee has undoubtedly made enemies with his nativist rhetoric and bellicose persona. That said, now that the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, with the former secretary of state essentially guaranteed the nomination, many liberals and progressives are preparing, once again, to vote for the lesser of two evils. The choice may not be as clear as some Democrats believe — especially if Democrats can take back the Senate and assure themselves of a check on a GOP House.
Once you’ve let that sink in, try this: There is a liberal case to be made for Donald Trump. The prospect of Trump defeating Clinton this November is not necessarily the apocalypse that some would lead you to believe. Here are some of the reasons why.
1.) He’ll Change the Conversation
Perhaps the best thing I can say about Trump is that he speaks his mind. This sometimes leads to some pretty outlandish things, but not always.  Trump has spent much of his time lately, railing against free trade and NAFTA, as well as the gross inequality in our system. Trump often talks about raising taxes on “hedge fund guys,” and he has acknowledged that the primary process is skewed in favor of the establishment.
Like Sanders, Trump is neither beholden to special interests, nor coordinating with a Super PAC. This alone sets him apart from the other candidates in the race — especially Hillary Clinton. The parties pick the candidates, and regardless of what their policies are, the people fall in line with them eventually. Power never truly changes hands.
Excusing the fact that Trump, himself, is a corporate interest, he would shake the current system to its core — which needs to happen....."
2.) That said, most of his policies are DOA
In all likelihood, Trump will not accomplish anything. He has made serious enemies in both parties and the media, whom he feels have slighted him, and I cannot see him working with those people. Trump holds grudges. He has filed more frivolous lawsuits than anyone in the public eye — or maybe we just hear about them more. Either way, politics do require compromise to one degree or another, and without it, nothing gets done. As such, when Trump finds himself up against institutional and bureaucratic resistance, it is unlikely he will deliver. For example, his wall — paid for by Mexico — is never going to happen. Ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.? Slim chance if any.
Even if he does work with Congress, he is still not going to get his social policies passed. The Senate with its filibuster and cloture rules is enough of a check on that, even if Democrats do not have a majority. Basically, we will not have immigration reform, but we will not have people rounded up in the streets and deported. 
But most important of all: I do not need to trust Donald Trump in the same way I would have to trust Hillary Clinton were she elected. The reason for this is very simple: Trump represents the GOP brand, and Clinton claims the mantle of progressive. If Trump fails to accomplish anything in office, or if he manages to do whatever damage he can do, he will represent the Republicans. Moreover, rightly or wrongly, he represents America’s crypto-fascist element. The best way to discredit both of these groups is to let them fail on their own. Trump will not succeed as a president.
On the flip side, if Hillary Clinton screws up by compromising too much (which is likely) or doing too little (also likely), progressivism will take a big hit in the public eye, which is something we cannot afford....."
3.) The 2020 election looms
Now we arrive at the point where I start sounding old Jud Crandall from Stephen King’s “Pet Semetary.” [sic] Progressives and Democrats should be focusing on the election in 2020 because 1) it is a census year — meaning the makeup of the House of Representatives for the following decade will depend on down-ballot voting — and 2) there may be more openings on the Supreme Court...."
4.) I’m Not Afraid of Donald Trump
Some of you might be reading this and thinking to yourselves: “That’s all well and good, but Trump is dangerous.” I understand those feelings. Donald Trump’s messages on social policy have been mixed at best, and fascistic at worst. His approach to climate science is frightening considering the dire situation our planet is in. Trump is also the kind of man who would use the office of the president to aggrandize himself, and punish his detractors — well, attempt to do so, like in his many libel and slander suits. Over the last twenty years the powers of the president have expanded considerably as commander-in-chief, and that’s concerning, too. Additionally, there is the matter of the Supreme Court of United States. 
We have no way of predicting who Trump would appoint, but we can speculate with Hillary Clinton. While she has said that her litmus test for nominees will be commitment to overturning Citizens United v. FEC, there is little reason to trust her given how much she benefits from the current campaign finance system...."

So there you have it. The anti-establishment Dem's calling to jump the curb and vote for the anti-establishment Republican. Believing they will make gains or recapture the senate in the next mid terms as the out of office party, hate Hillary as much as we do and believe Trump will be just a blow-hard failure and so damage the brand that a progressive will walk right into to the White House in in 2020 and save us all!

Things are gettin' crazier and crazier.