Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Smithsonian to Open Palace of Victimization and Perpetual Complaining

This fall The Smithsonian is set to open the 400,000-square-foot (twice the size of the National Air and Space Museum)  triangular shaped 'National Museum of African American History and Culture' in the nation's capital next to the Washington Monument. It opens Sept. 24 with its views of the Mall for its tales of African-American achievement.

Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum 

The bronze-clad structure on Constitution Avenue, its ugliness capturing the soullessness of 21st century America and with all the charm of a mud hut, represents only about a third of the museum's total space. After entering the central court, visitors will be encouraged to take an elevator 40 feet underground, where the journey begins with the black slave trade. 

Having turned white guilt into the national religion, it's a place White liberals can actual have contact with real black people while simultaneously being told they are the problem.  

The $540 million project was funded to the tune of $270 million by our spend thrift Congress, the other half is being raised through private contributions. Gustafson, Guthrie and Nichol are the landscape architecture firm, and Ralph Appelbaum Associates is the exhibit designer. 

The women are Gustafson, Guthrie, and Nichol.  The man is Ralph Appelbaum himself
Yes, white people helped in the design and exhibits and will be a reminder sooner or later to black racists, AND gullible whites just how bad we are not letting them do up their own museum themselves, and giving it only three walls instead of four.

President Obama is expected to cut the ribbon and sure to have a lot of slobbering exuberance to rub in America's face. You will definitely see a number of White politicians from across the political spectrum, making high profile visits as a way to prove their racial bona fides. And it's rather conspicuous that it opens less than 2 months before the general election. You can bet yo ass that Hillary Clinton is going to milk the grand opening for every thing it's worth. 

(The News & Observer)