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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Many Americans Will Have a Ralphie-Ovaltine Moment, and I Won't Feel for Them.

In many homes across the country the classic movie "A Christmas Story" is a holiday staple.  In this perfect little movie, Ralphie has several loss-of-youthful-innocence moments. One of the most poignant is his effort to decode a message to save radio heroine Little Orphan Annie. Ralphie eagerly awaited his special decoder rings arrival in the mail. This is important stuff!  He finally receives the decoder package and rushes off to sit in privacy and decode.  The narrator recounts the tension building as he deciphers. That’s until the whole message is clear.  A stunned Ralphie realizes he’s been duped. It’s another bittersweet moment where he is yanked into the sphere of mature knowledge.

For some Americans, their Ralphie-Ovaltine moment is coming.*   I don’t think it’s funny. I don’t envy them.  At some point, these Ralphies will be engaged, perhaps feverishly, with recollecting a lingering aspect of the chaos of the years of this present presidency, one they voted for in the belief he was their legally elected savior, and it’ll hit them.

Perhaps it will be when one of the many inside stories of the senile man they voted for was really a dupe.  A place holder.  One who did the left's bidding by appointments chosen for him by others that opened wide the doors and allowed the Marxist to march right into the seats of government.

Perhaps they’ll read a book about autocratic or Marxist propaganda. Or maybe they’ll read–or re-read–1984. They will see that a long and unfortunately reliable way to fool people is with what they now project onto many truths they oppose as "The Big Lie." They will come to know that if you tell a monster lie, a preposterous untruth, and repeat it enough, people will come to believe it.  Perhaps they will finally come to realize the Main Stream Media are just useful idiots, mouthpieces gleefully doing the left's bidding for a good ratings payoff, and not the real news after all.

Or perhaps it will be when they realize their freedoms have been eroded. That they too cannot buy books not approved of.  That they too cannot speak freely, or they too cannot go buy what they want, when they want.  Or perhaps it will be when they have no way to protect themselves and their families from a certain criminal element they for long so coddled as unjustly persecuted because of skin color.

Perhaps they will not have their moment for many years. Perhaps it will come when their kids or even grandkids will read about this era of the New Progressive America.  Perhaps it will be them that sees through the government approved lies about the integrity of the U.S. elections, and how many enablers went along with them to get votes. And perhaps a young face will look up to them asking, "You certainly didn’t believe that, did you?"  Faced with that question, what will our Ralphies do when they think back on the unpatriotic and undemocratic actions they approved of at the time, just to remove a president they were told they disliked because (fill in the blank). Or, even with so much time having passed, will they follow dutifully from the wreckage of integrity of the past years and simply lie themselves?

Regardless, I will not feel for these future Ralphies, as many will have a moment when their belief in a utopian progressive movement they went along with because it was cool, will be abruptly shattered, splintered by the searing shock of knowledge that the recent years had been largely a sham: a bloated, unamerican Marxist commercial.

No, I will not feel for them when they do.....

*Inspired by a comment during a recent dinner conversation.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

SCOTUS Opens Way For Students to Sue Over University Free Speech Violations

Hot Air- That gasp heard after this ruling dropped comes from every college and university with a “free speech zone” and policies that impose heckler’s vetoes.  Plaintiffs suing over restrictions on speech and religious expression on campus only need to establish “nominal damages” to gain standing, the Supreme Court ruled in an 8-1 decision, not necessarily actual damages. That opens up a vast new field of litigation that attorneys all across the country will rush to meet. 

The 8-1 ruling in Uzuegbunam v Preczewski from Justice Clarence Thomas does not actually settle the case in favor of the students, but the writing is on the wall for Georgia Gwinnett College.

Normally, a plaintiff would have to establish at least some level of real damages to have standing in a lawsuit. Thomas rules here, and gets a surprising amount of consensus, that the violation of a core constitutional right is essentially enough of real damage to grant standing.

After this ruling on Uzuegbunam, it should have colleges and universities very, very worried — and might be the first real set of consequences for Academia after decades of forcing speech codes and silence on their students. Just the added risk of ending up in federal court might be enough of an incentive to force these universities and colleges to recalculate risk and reward.

Let’s hope that recalculation comes quickly, and both dissent and religious expression return to campuses as fast as possible.

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Rob Reiner Lives Up to his "Meathead" Moniker

The only thing liberal in Hollywood these days are their liberal fantasies of being political science/ constitutional law experts, and goofy ideas of what the constitution actually says. Knowledge that sounds mostly gathered from tweeter post and late night television. One such expert, Rob Reiner, who regularly channels his inner Michael Stivic, took to the tweeter to attack Republican who are planning on challenging the electoral college results.
At last count, 140 Republicans house members and 6 Senators are expected to join the effort to challenge the results. Reiner’s claim that lawmakers will be committing “sedition and treason” has no basis in law, not constitutional or Hollywood docudrama law.

He doesn't mention four years ago, several House Democrats objected to the electoral results of Trump’s 2016 presidential victory.   Of course that matters not to Reiner who endorsed Joe Biden and fundraised big bucks, and has made ridiculous accusations against DJT like almost daily promoting the Russian hoax propaganda, even calling him a murderer and a Nazi on social media.

Wealth can insolate you from much of society's ills, but herd stupidity is not one of them.

I find the fact Hollywood pretends to take the high road while actually going beyond civility and playing a large part in destroying the political discourse in America disgusting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Barrett Death Star is Fully Operational.

Crazy Mazie Hirono
Crazy Mazie Hirono

Does Amy Coney Barrett hate medicine? I'm not asking whether she dislikes swallowing pills and anything that smacks of what children refer to as "yucky medicine taste." I am thinking of something more visceral: seething rage at the thought that somewhere a child might be having his appendix removed instead of dying after it ruptures, or impassioned ranting against the iniquity of a widowed grandmother getting insulin for her diabetes.

I am asking because this kind of cartoon villainy is roughly the impression being projected as Judge Amy's character that one might get after listening to hours of loose babble from self righteous showboating Democrats during the early Senate hearings on her nomination to the Supreme Court.

In Barrett's America, according to the psycho Hawaiian pineapple, Senator Mazie Hirono, who would have you believe bands of warlords will roam the streets shaking down St. Jude Mathathons and burning the results of screenings for testicular cancer. The funny thing about the absurd sounding hypotheticals raised by Hirono about the consequences of Barrett's nomination for her own health is that at no point did she acknowledge that she has spent most of her adult life eligible for the top tier, gold plated state & federal government health-care plans you and I payed for.

Apart from these absurd insinuations about judge Amy coming for your physical therapy pillow, the hearing was memorable largely for its technological mishaps. I have never felt more comfortable with the 17th amendment's insistence that the men and women of the Senate are the people's chosen representatives than I did seeing them struggle with Zoom like the rest of us.

Headlines like "Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has seven kids. And don't you dare forget it," which is unusually nasty even by the standards of Jeff Bezos' newspaper, tell the story of Monday far more succinctly than I could. Because I do not make a habit of attempting psycho-sexual readings of the behavior of those with whom I disagree, I will not comment on the bizarre media fixation on a certain science fiction novel that forms the basis for comments like these:
Similar examples could be multiplied infinitely. But this bickering is pointless.

The Barrett Death Star is fully operational. The vacancy is there. The nomination has been made. Republicans have the votes, and on Oct. 22, ACB will be confirmed as the 115th Justice of the Supreme Court.

I for one will rejoice.

[The Week]
[Right-Wing Watch]

Monday, October 12, 2020

Spartacus Mansplains to Judge Amy

Cory Booker has really made a name for himself as the US Senate's leading drama queen. The senator, who laughingly ran a campaign for president caused a huge reaction as he screeched about “reproductive rights” and the Affordable Care Act in today's Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings. In fact, all the Democrats stayed on script beating up Coney Barrett over the ACA, the unafordable care act.

As Judge Amy sat there silently, she must have thought it was a damn circus and laughed a little under her mask at the spectacle of Democrats’ attempts to preach about legislation like the ACA, knowingly good and well that Supreme Court Justices don’t enact or write legislation. 

Although Booker might not wish to admit, acknowledge, or even consider this reality, abortion is not a “personal medical decision.” It isn’t medical at all. There is no medical procedure that has as its chief aim the destruction of a human life. Booker’s behavior toward Coney Barrett was so horrendous, actor James Woods tweeted out a pic of the Supreme Court nominee holding up a crucifix to ward Booker off:
Woods’ also blasted the soft skulls at the leftist rag, Slate Magazine, who posted: “Barrett has established who she is: a shameless careerist who believes nobody can stop her.” 

What Spartacus was saying is that he’s got a sandy vagina and that makes him an expert on women’s reproductive rights. Or something. His performance as the biggest Democrat drama queen did not go unnoticed, as he got duly roasted on the tweeter machine.  His phony anger and his tearless sympathy for the “little people” made most of what he's learned from his actor girl friend.  Booker remains a shameless charlatan who gets paid $174,000 a year, and for what? So he can screech at Amy Coney Barrett, one of the best legal minds in America.

Amy Coney Barrett has forgotten more about the law and our justice system than Cory Booker has ever known.

[Mad World]

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Kampala Harris Supports Legal Discrimination Based on Race and Gender.

More than two decades after the voters of California passed a sensible, non-discriminatory measure that outlawed programs that give preference to any group over another, making it unlawful for the state and local governments to discriminate against or grant preferential treatment to people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin or sex, some on the far left sees it as a roadblock to their racial agenda.

You see in this day and age, now that you are judged to be racist, or not racist simple by the color of your skin, some feel the only way to make things right in a racist america is to replay the past in reverse. This bring us to the effort to repeal Proposition 16spearheaded by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, a San Diego Democrat and chairwoman of the California Legislative Black Caucus who through a feat of mental gymnastics tied the Prop16 to the death Floyd George hoping to capitalize on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon. 

Prop. 16 most publicly vocal supporters include none other than The Voodoo Queen herself, Senator Kampala Harris, nominee for vice president President, as well as the self avowed Marxist Black Lives Matter movement co-founders,  professional sports teams and a gaggle of California's numerous far left adherents of all types. They argue that programs are needed to help level America's systemically racist playing field.  In truth, it's all just a blatant power-play to legalize soft discrimination by a power hungry group who realizes it's not, and never will be a majority thanks to those Mexcans and Chinamen. 

Opponents of the repeal include Ward Connerly, businessman and former University of California regent who helped write the 1996 initiative and rightly believes government should never have the power for any reason to discriminate by race or gender, and the only way to stop discrimination is to end it in any form. FULL STOP.

But Kampala and her friends see things different. One person's success as another person chance at success denied because RACISM. Punishment for the past may need be dealt!  

Tom Campbell, a former dean of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, said the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow segregation laws exists. But he said“I just will not engage in this method of correcting that, because it is wrong to the individual kept out because of her or his race.”

The proponents of the repeal are Kampala's people, the very type people we can look forward to infecting our government if Biden wins Nov. 3rd.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

DEM's Going All-Out With Newest Wet Dream - Taking Voter Fraud Nationwide

 DNC Head Proglodyte Tom Perez

In one of the most ironic pieces I have read lately the head of the DNC, the same organization that changed the rules and right out in the open for all to see rigged their own nominating process and gave Madam Cankles the prize in 2016, now has recently set it sights on national elections. Their newest assault on the America is the dangerous territory of "Voting By Mail".

It's been reported that Hillary got over 100% of votes in some districts, and without a doubt it happened because the DNC looked at who had and who had not been voting and sent a mail in vote for those individuals, and the same individuals actual decided to vote in 2016. Wednesday on MSNBC, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez accused President DJT of attempting to “steal the election” by opposing vote-by-mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes:

"The way he attacked absentee voting today struck me as genuinely dangerous and genuinely sort of threatening to democracy. How high on the priority list is it for you to do what you can to the safeguard administration of free and fair elections this fall?"
DNC Perez:
"It’s the highest priority, Chris because we know that you’re going to see voter suppression on steroids in the months ahead. We had a conversation I know about the election in Wisconsin recently where they tried to weaponize the pandemic to suppress the vote and steal the state supreme court race. It failed miserably. That’s what you’re going to see. “What we have to do between now and November is make sure that every single voter in every single state has a choice. The choice to vote on election day. So the choice to early vote, the right to vote absentee with no excuse, the right to vote by mail. This president, in a desperate effort to steal an election, is going to stop at nothing."
Alinsky 101: "Always blame the other side for what you, yourself are doing..."  There's so much PROJECTION coming from this clown that he should change his name to BELL & HOWELL.

Any attempt by Republicans to ensure the integrity of elections by eliminating voter fraud is called "voter suppression" by the Democrats. Having your vote count is a right. Double voting, voting by dead people and illegal immigrants nullifies our rightful honest vote. So yes, we need to suppress illegal votes. Under mail-in voting you have no way of verifying that your vote was counted. There is no double-check like in-person voting. You only have trust in liberals who are open with their efforts to steal the election that your vote got counted.

You can steal almost any local or state/congressional with enough provisional ballots.  Blue states representatives have been in frenzy to get "Same Day Registration" with no ID so they all they need is enough foot soldiers. With all-mail there is no way anybody is going to check all those signatures vs. the rolls. And in the cities with one-party rule they wouldn't even try.

No voting system is perfect but best by far is directly voting in person. Anything which takes your eyes off your vote is wide-open to corruption. Any programmable voting machine involved is really bad since you have no way of knowing what it’s programmed to do. Stalin himself told the world that it’s the ‘people’ who count the votes that matter – that was before vote-rigging machines were created.

The UK has ballots by mail and I've read about endless problems, inaccuracies and fraud in connection with this process. Western Civilization provides for taking care of almost all business in person and with a government issued ID. The obsession with mail in votes on the left has but one goal. To try to overrule the will of the people again!

Same day, in person, ID in hand, PAPER BALLOT. The only place a Dem would win is in districts with a city over 100,000 pop. 

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Textbook Example of Tyranny

So Virginia introduces a bundle of radical laws to destroy 2nd amendment rights, militias, sale transfer and registration bills, and the People of Virginia says no, and we're going to vote you all out next term.

Virginia government responds by introducing a bill to eliminate voter ID.

Virginia says we're not going to wait, we'll petition your removal from office, and get almost a 3rd of the 240K signatures to remove the governor and starts petitions to remove delegates.

Virginia government responds by introducing a bill to raise the amount of signatures from 10% of the prevailing vote, to 25%.

Folks, this is the a textbook example of tyranny. "We're the government, and we'll do anything we want, whether you like it or not. We won't let you vote us out, we won't let you remove us from office.... And if you can't possess the weapons that a militia would need to force us out of office, then there's absolutely nothing you can do about it"

With good cause, and to counter the fake news media, I think it’s smart to verify what you say, so here are screenshots straight from the Virginia Legislative Information System:

Here,  Here,  Here and Here

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

CNN Goes Full Baghdad Bob On Impeachment

RS - CNN is really hitting its stride this morning. Jake Tapper opened the hearing by asserting that his audience was about to hear the GOP lie over and over. Because real journalism is pre-judging something and then proclaiming that everything one side of the aisle says is a lie before they even say it.

The other thing CNN is doing is playing up the idea that today is a heart wrenching, solemn occasion for Democrats, who’d otherwise prefer to be supporting the President and not impeaching him. This is what living in a bubble looks like. No one outside of the beltway, except the crazies in the street that will protest a cloud passing over head, are really even paying attention right now, much less viewing this as a “momentous” occasion.
Democrats are not solemn about this and not even liberals actually believe that. This impeachment is not grave, nor can it be felt in the air. Most of all though, it’s laughable to suggest that Nancy Pelosi is actually against the attempted removal of Trump. She’s been hoping for this day since he took office, as many of her members have publicly stated. The only reason she might wish this wasn’t happening is because of the bad political consequences her party will now suffer.
And just to drive the point home of how not solemn Democrats actually are, they had to be instructed not to clap and cheer after the passage of the articles later today. Because when you are truly solemn, you need to wear certain color dresses and purposely hold in your emotions so as to appear solemn or something. Makes sense.
CNN may be doing it’s best to mimic Baghdad Bob, proclaiming something that’s clearly not true as defeat nears, but everyone knows this is a joke. No amount of frowny faces and well acted TV hits will change that.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Behind The Scenes, Media Are Wetting Their Britches With Glee

Democrats have unveiled their articles of impeachment. They are, in what might be the understatement of the decade, incredibly weak.

The first is ‘Abuse of Power’ stemming from a non-existent quid pro quo in the Ukraine phone call. There was no investigation, Ukraine got their aid, and – as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer – Trump was well within his purview to ask them to examine the Biden family’s affairs. Democrats don’t care.

The second is ‘obstruction of Congress.’ This is based on the President’s refusal to let administration officials testify. Adam Schiff could have obtained a court order forcing them to appear, but he didn’t want to. That would draw out the process.  And as we all know the longer this goes on, the more it hurts Dems. So Schiff’s inaction is somehow impeachable. In other words, impeachment article 1 is "opposing congress" & article 2 is "He used presidential power that he shouldn't have been given & it makes us feel abused".

The charges are expected to face an approval vote before the end of the week and be voted on in the House. Assuming Nan has the votes to pass them, and she most likely will,  they’ll be sent to the Senate where they will fail.…Badly.

If you don’t see the truth of this, you haven’t been paying attention. The charges are nothing more than a hollow pretense, based on someone's interpretation of someone else's words. They’re a facade which disguises what the Dems and their media cheerleaders believe to be President Trump’s real impeachable offense: Orange Man Bad.

Nancy Pelosi toasted the media after Articles of Impeachment were announced, celebrating reporters on Capitol Hill at a special holiday event raising her glass to the “guardians of democracy.”

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The Great Shakedown

The Democratic Party and its liberal supporters are perplexed. They presented hours of evidence of an their perceived impeachable offenses, although they studiously avoided charging DJT with impeachable offenses also carried out by Democrat presidents, including little things like the continuation or expansion of presidential powers, violating due process and misusing executive orders. Because civics is no longer taught in most American schools, they devoted a day to 'constitutional scholars' who provided the Civics 101 case for impeachment. The liberal press, cheerleading the impeachment process, saturated the media landscape with live coverage, interminable analysis, constant character assassination of Trump and giddy speculation reminiscent of a teenage girl choosing a prom dress. And yet, it has made no difference. Public opinion remains largely unaffected.

Perhaps, supporters of impeachment argue, they failed to adopt the right technique. Perhaps journalists, by giving such a large megaphone to rabid proponents of impeachment who live in a world not based in fact, created a false equivalency between truth and lies. The liberal class and the Democratic Party leadership have failed, even after their defeat in the 2016 presidential election, to understand that they have squandered their credibility. No one believes them. And no one should.

This attempted shakedown of a rightfully elected leader has led to bizarre conspiracy theories and fabrications peddled freely by media commentators, deceptions bolstered by the lies told by those in the media tasked with keeping the society rooted in truth and verifiable fact. This shakedown is leading to the end of the rule of law and the destruction of democratic institutions that, if they fail to function as designed by more insightful people than we are governed by today, could prevented the rise to power of a true destructive leftist demagogue. 

There is zero chance DJT will be removed from office in a trial in the Senate. The Democrat Party elites have admitted as much. They carried out, they argue, their civic and constitutional duty. But here again they lie. They picked out what was convenient to impeach Trump and left untouched the rotten system they helped create. The divisions among Americans will only widen. The hatreds will only grow. And leftist tyranny will continue to slowly wrap its deadly tentacles around our throats.

Monday, October 7, 2019

NYT Columnist: Deep State Exists To Protect Us From DJT

NB - Appearing on NBC’s Today show on Monday, New York Times columnist James B. Stewart hawked his new book, Deep State, by hailing bureaucrats undermining the Trump administration as noble public servants “protecting the Constitution” and the American people from the President. He denounced any criticism of the “deep state” as “very dangerous.”

“The disclosure of a second whistleblower with firsthand knowledge of President Trump’s phone call with the leader of Ukraine has led to new accusations by the President that the so-called ‘deep state’ is seeking to undermine his presidency,” co-host Savannah Guthrie declared as she introduced Stewart. She then asked her guest: “And his central allegation is that there are people inside these government agencies actively working against him. What did you find?”

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Impeachment Frenzy Is a Fire Hose of…....

by Jon Gabriel

Following political news is often compared to drinking from a fire hose. This is true on a slow day let alone the past week-plus of impeachment fever. Since the first Ukraine story hit, major media outlets have torn into Trump like piranhas on an ox carcass. Reporters have declared “we’ve got him this time” every day since 2015; they don’t want to miss their latest chance, damn the facts. 

And there are so many, ahem, “facts.” Each hour, another blockbuster hits. It takes about 90 minutes to prove many of these scoops false or at least questionable. By then, another blockbuster has hit, and another, and another. It’s a fire hose, alright. A fire hose of ….... 

Let’s just say the media uncorked a hydrant spraying taurine excreta throughout the Beltway and beyond. The fountain of feculence is hitting everyone in Trump’s orbit, from staffers to foreign leaders. The torrent of sewage is so intense, it’s splashing back on Trump’s accusers in the media and politics. Before Adam Schiff can shake the night soil off his too-tight suit, reporters uncap new firehoses showering more steer stool in every direction.

No one’s even holding the hoses at this point; they’re spasmodic snakes, spraying dung in every direction from Kyiv to Canberra. Everyone will come out looking awful; Democrats, Republicans, pundits — you name it. Instead of a logical impeachment roll-out to win support among moderates and a few errant Republicans, the common voter will likely damn everyone involved.

Yes, Trump’s Ukraine call was questionable but it certainly doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment. Hunter Biden’s cashing in on his dad’s name is obviously corrupt; most Democratic voters would agree with that. Investigating foreign influence on our elections is a good thing, whether it’s coming from Democrats or Republicans

Impeachment has been the left’s goal since December 2016 — before Trump even took office. Ukraine is just another bite of the apple after the Mueller report failed so spectacularly. The media hysteria over Ukraine feels a lot like the recent Greta hysteria. There’s no time to absorb facts, discuss options, or weigh pros and cons. We need to act now or else!

Hysteria is a poor strategy. It didn’t work for climate change or Kavanaugh or the many other panics we’ve been subjected to since Trump took office. How Trump’s detractors think this will end well is beyond me.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Impeach, Imprison & Place in Solitary Confinement

Maxine Waters, the congressional wig-hat wearing Queen of Bombast who represents Los Angles, was one of the first democrats to openly call for President DJT impeachment beginning shortly after his inauguration, now says that's not good enough. Today Waters took to the tweeter to further the dems narrative du jour to say that she's had enough of the president's nasty talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language and stuff to imply they should be killed. But she went even further, "He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement."
DJT remarked that those who fed the information to the whistleblower were "close to a spy" and "You know what we used to do in the old days, when we were smart, right? The spies and treason? We used to handle it a little differently than we do now", which taken in context is far from what Water accuses him of saying. This is the biggest weapon the dems have against DJT, twist his words and the media will dutifully echo.

Maxine should really be thankful there is no law against being ugly, stupid and obnoxious, else she be serving a life sentence....... 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Someone Left The Playpen Gate Open Again

We’re living in an age where people who seem to know nothing are being told they know everything. Such looks to be true of David Hogg. But he can’t be blamed for being wholly ignorant and completely inexperienced in the world, he’s 19. He’s not supposed to know anything.

After the Marjory Stonemen Douglas shooting the media selected a group of kids who were anti-gun and then pushed their faces into the camera lens with whispers of, “Just say things as if you know. Because you magically do. It’s a miracle. You just know stuff. Speak as if it’s so.” The result was a cringefest of gullible teens being used by people who knew better.

Observing young people with absolutely no perspective whatsoever claim themselves the saviors of society as they’d realized what, for some unknown reason, all humans before them had failed to see…watching them on television shout the naive mantra that because of them there would never be another mass shooting was awful. They were being used as pawns toward a political end, unaware of any real-world mechanisms: the intricacies of danger and defense, the wheels of government and how they (don’t) turn, the history of crime vs availability of guns, and the sophistication of factors in the commission and rise of violent crime, morality, psychiatric medication, religion, media, the disintegration of the family, plus all the other things people argue about where murders are concerned.

But, perhaps, most of all, the unprepared adolescents didn’t understand the realities of the 11-minute news cycle. A gaggle of the soft skulls believed the future was all theirs. It wasn’t. The media picked a story and rode it ’til the ratings waned. Then it was on to the next thing. Buh-bye.

But the Hoggster seems intent upon being that person. The one he was told he was by a media that gave him a 4-second spotlight. Like a pimple on a teenager's face, he keeps popping up now and then. This time he’s changing his rhetoric to fit the passing preference of the moment. For David Hogg, perhaps this will be his new crusade, the fight against white racist America and gun violence and its cause, the one we’re all aware of: white supremacy.

Maybe little David should spend a weekend watching Chicago Television News.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

They Don't call Him Fredo For Nothing....

Cuomo the Younger

CNN should not ever be considered a legitimate information source of any kind. Need one more reason? Chris 'Fredo' Cuomo is allegedly a Law School graduate and a Licensed Attorney. And if you've ever watched his prime-time show you probable would say, No Really? And for some reason, be it a serious attempt to out-stupid Don Lemon, or just wants to sound like one of the anti-gun cool kids, doesn't recognize This Simple Principle of Constitutional Law 101:

The Bill of Rights are Restrictions on The Government. Plan and Simple.

Via Breitbart:
"Notice the last sentence of Cuomo’s tweet, “If you are an originalist about the constitution you have no basis for thinking you and not the state control access.” He is saying because the Second Amendment only protects a collective right, in his opinion, then the true originalist position is to believe you only have guns if the state says so. 
Cuomo did not say whether freedom of speech and religion (First Amendment), the freedom to pursue and possess private property (Third Amendment), and to be secure in our “persons, houses, papers, and effects” (Fourth Amendment) is collective as well. In other words, do we need state permission to speak freely, worship freely, do with our things as we would, and enjoy security in papers and effects?" - AWR Hawkins

You cannot discuss Amendments 1&2 without acknowledging the central tenets 'Shall Make No Law' and 'Shall Not Be Infringed', unless you are propagandist."THIS IS CNN"

If broadcasters still cared about the editorial independence of their employees, then comments like Fredo Cuomo's tweet would not be made by their journalists. For they further reinforce broadcasters presenting themselves as non-partisan veer in a particular direction, but not until journalists began to freely give away their thoughts on social media was such a smorgasbord of evidence presented.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

This Should Trigger Some Lefties: Buzzy Ginsburg Praises Brett Kavanaugh

In a rare moment of honest recognition, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg praised Justice Brett Kavanaugh in her prepared remarks at today's Second Circuit Judicial Conference. She noted that after Kavanaugh was confirmed the number of female Supreme Court clerks reached an all-time high, given his staffing choices:
"Justice Kavanaugh made history by bringing on board an all-female law clerk crew. Thanks to his selections, the Court has this Term, for the first time ever, more women than men serving as law clerks."
In their perceived prefect world, this should make liberals & feminist shout from the mountain tops! But seeing who accomplished this historic feat, you probably wouldn't even had heard had you not sought out your Tenacious Editrix. 

Ginsburg went on to praise her fellow justices in that the majority of the Court’s decisions so far have not been made along partisan lines. However, she forecasts plenty of 5-4 decisions in upcoming cases (which involve abortion, gerrymandering, executive deference and some LGTBQ crap). She seemed to be signaling the left is about to lose some high profile cases to those who can't read between the lines. We can only hope.....

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An Arrow Aimed At America’s Heartland

This is a Wakeup Call to citizens of Middle America of a plot to strip us of our electoral importance by the entrenched elites of the Deep State.

Recently, Nevada became the 15th state to pass a measure granting its Electoral College votes to the candidate winning the nationwide popular vote regardless of how the citizens of their own State voted. This movement is being led by an organization called National Popular Vote. The organization's aim is to disrupt the balance between the States and have intentionally launched this arrow aimed at America’s Heartland. Their objective is to influence a group of States whose electoral votes total 270, which is the number needed to win the presidency, into an alliance binding them to follow a majority vote attainable by a combination of New York, New England, and the Left Coast without regard to how the citizens of the States voted. During the Constitutional Convention the Framers vigorously debated how the government they were designing should operate. When looking at the election of the chief executive they rejected direct democracy because they believed it was too prone to result in a majority that would act as a tyrant.

Looking back across time this collection of largely homeschooled patriots drew upon their knowledge of history and philosophy. Specifically they looked to the writings of Plato who wrote in the Republic that the people or the demos, as they were called in Greek could not be trusted because they would inevitably vote for whoever promised to meet their desires of the moment even if that meant taking from others or from the national treasury. Plato thought the majority would lack the knowledge and wisdom to make sound choices. Of course he didn’t know about our enlightened American education system that spends more time indoctrinating the young skulls about Al Gore’s Climate hoax religion than it does about the founding of this country.

When you read Federalist 9 (Hamilton), Federalist 10, and Federalist 51 (Madison), these deep thinking political theorists identified three key elements they felt existed to help give the new United States a chance for success: its population size, geographic size, and the differing interests of the independent States. In America today intolerant minority factions can be whipped up into tyrannical majorities in a way the Framers never imagined.  At the very time in our history when we are more vulnerable than ever to manipulated majority rule the National Popular Vote movement wants us to embrace direct democracy at the presidential level. The Framers designed a system of government limited in scope and shackled by the Constitution. A system designed to do little as opposed to doing too much.

The Electoral College is the tool given to us by the Framers to make sure all of the States have a voice that is heard. However, if enough States adopt the National Popular Vote this safeguard will be neutralized, not through amending the Constitution but instead by doing an end-run around it. If this happens we’ll take a long step towards the dystopian vision our Framers sought to avoid: the tyranny of the majority.

How do these political manipulators convince people to vote to make their future votes irrelevant? Given today's media, you can probably fool enough people to convince a majority to vote themselves onto the sidelines of History. If this arrow finds its mark a bicoastal electoral juggernaut will trample the voice of the Heartland into the dust of History. - Dr. Robert Owens

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Adam Schiff Takes Swing at DJT and AG Barr. Accidentally Punches Himself and Barky Obama Instead

Robert Mueller’s statement today about the special counsel’s report that was released almost in its entirety last month has, of course caught the attention of Rep. Adam Schiff, who was spinning it as best he could:
"Mueller confirmed today that Russia engaged in multiple systematic efforts to interfere in the 2016 election. 
In a rebuke of Barr, he also made clear that because of DOJ policy it is left to Congress—not the Attorney General—to evaluate the president’s misconduct. And we will." @twitter
Schiff accused AG Bill Barr of “misleading the American people” — a rich accusation coming from Schiffty. Maybe Schiff didn’t notice, but none of the BS he’s been trumpeting for the past two-plus years (with the MSM’s help) has come to fruition, not that he’ll ever stop lying. Mueller never mentioned the mythical evidence of collusion that Shiff has promised. And maybe Schiff can refresh our memories as to who was in charge when all this Russian crap went down:

It’s possible some Dems aren’t in a hurry for impeachment hearings because it would draw attention to many self incriminating details they’d rather remain below the surface. DJT still is holding his cards and it looks like it may be getting close to time to call the table.......

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