Wednesday, December 18, 2019

CNN Goes Full Baghdad Bob On Impeachment

RS - CNN is really hitting its stride this morning. Jake Tapper opened the hearing by asserting that his audience was about to hear the GOP lie over and over. Because real journalism is pre-judging something and then proclaiming that everything one side of the aisle says is a lie before they even say it.

The other thing CNN is doing is playing up the idea that today is a heart wrenching, solemn occasion for Democrats, who’d otherwise prefer to be supporting the President and not impeaching him. This is what living in a bubble looks like. No one outside of the beltway, except the crazies in the street that will protest a cloud passing over head, are really even paying attention right now, much less viewing this as a “momentous” occasion.
Democrats are not solemn about this and not even liberals actually believe that. This impeachment is not grave, nor can it be felt in the air. Most of all though, it’s laughable to suggest that Nancy Pelosi is actually against the attempted removal of Trump. She’s been hoping for this day since he took office, as many of her members have publicly stated. The only reason she might wish this wasn’t happening is because of the bad political consequences her party will now suffer.
And just to drive the point home of how not solemn Democrats actually are, they had to be instructed not to clap and cheer after the passage of the articles later today. Because when you are truly solemn, you need to wear certain color dresses and purposely hold in your emotions so as to appear solemn or something. Makes sense.
CNN may be doing it’s best to mimic Baghdad Bob, proclaiming something that’s clearly not true as defeat nears, but everyone knows this is a joke. No amount of frowny faces and well acted TV hits will change that.

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