Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Federal Judge Allows Dead Purged From Georgia Voter Rolls - Dems Claim Voter Suppression

Governor In Her Own Mind - Stacey "Tank" Abrams

We all know the cemetery constituency has traditionally been important to the dems from way back, our own Huey Long is known to have won an election or two with the help of one corner of the N.O. Jewish cemetery. They're said to have been very helpful in many mayoral races over the years.

And now we read in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that following a ruling by U.S. District Judge Steve Jones Monday, the number of registered voters in Georgia is about to be reduced by approximately 309,000 names. Georgia law requires voter names purged after voters fail to vote in elections for several years, one of nine states with similar requirements called “use it or lose it.” All states are bound by federal law to regularly update voter rolls.

In his Monday order, Jones wrote:
“It appears that any voter registration cancellations can be undone at a later date. The technology is in place for any deleted voter names to be restored, should developments warrant."
Protecting the voting rights of the dead and apathetic, the progressive voting rights group Fair Fight Action jumped into action and filed an emergency motion to stop the purge. Fair Fight Action is the voting rights group founded by Democrat Stacey Abrams and her soft skull allies after her loss in the State Governor race in 2018. Abrams, showing typical progressive lack of class, has yet to concede her election loss. She lost because she got fewer votes, and that's not fair.

According to Fair Fight CEO Lauren Groh-Wargo:
“Georgians should not lose their right to vote simply because they have not expressed that right in recent elections. Georgia’s practice of removing voters who have declined to participate in recent elections violates the United States Constitution.”
Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Georgia’s voter lists must be maintained for accuracy.
"Proper list maintenance is not only required by long-standing laws but is also important in maintaining the integrity and smooth functioning of elections."
States cannot cancel voter registrations based solely on inactivity. Election officials are required to also mail notifications before registrations are canceled, as Georgia officials did this year.

As always with dems, it's not about protecting the rightful vote of a legal citizen of the United States.  It's about, in the name of what progressives call their version of 'fairness', casting votes in so loose of a soup of regulations and gimmicks like poorly verifiable same day registration, that open up our elections to the fraud dems are so good at and claim never happens, unless they lose. 

The mark of the Progressive ideologue is that they never want to think deeply about the complexity of the world, only about the complexity of his plans for the world. Laws protecting my legal vote is not voter suppression. But protecting the voting rights of the dead is so progressive.

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