Monday, December 16, 2019

Dear Spartacus, Why Are You Still Here??

When Democrats can’t succeed within an established rule set, they do one of two things: Ignore them or move the goal post. We’ve seen this time and again. Can’t beat Bernie fair and square? Collude with the party to push him out of the race. Can’t trust yourself to win a debate? Get the questions in advance. Can’ win an election? Scapegoat the ‘red menace,’ impeach, and demand the elimination of the electoral college!

Likewise, if you can’t qualify for your party’s next debate because you spew crazy ideas and no one cares anymore what you have to say, you lead the charge to lower the entry requirements.

Spartacus Booker has been languishing near the bottom of the Dems’ 2020 polling since he entered the race. He’s frustrated, his staff is frustrated, and his legions of very few supporters are frustrated. He’s not raising money, and his campaign appears to be dead in the water. But.... He’d still like to be in the debates. So, he’s assembled a pack of other also-rans and together they’re petitioning the DNC to change the rules.  Spartacus, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Tom Steyer, Andrew Yang and Amy Klobuchar have all signed a letter requesting the party “consider alternative debate qualification standards” that would allow for more participants.

Front runner Joe Biden also signed the petition, but he probably just thought it was an autograph for his old pal Cornpop. Honestly, I have to wonder. If you haven’t managed to gain any traction after a year of constant appearances, why are you still running? Isn’t the writing on the wall? Sorry, also-rans, you had your shot.

Maybe the DNC will issue participation trophies. But really, it’s time to empty out the clown car. So step off bugeyes. The Crazy Lady from Chappaqua is coming.

[The Hill]

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