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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Amazen and the Claustrophobic Broom Closet of Despair

For years, one of the largest companies in the world has been criticized for the way they treat their workers. Yes, they did up the salaries of their warehouse workers to $15 an hour, but are still under constant video and audio surveillance, and there's the stories of the notorious pee bottles, etc., etc.  But Amazon is hoping to change all of that. No, not by paying people more or actually listening to workers about what would make things better for them. But by installing dystopian despair booths, about the size of a phone booth or old timey police box, at their warehouses where employees can go to scream their lungs out do "mindfulness exercises', and likely while being monitored by central scrutiny, as they always are.

And what could possibly be more calming than a small, windowless confined space?  Not to mention the fact that everyone can see you walk into it and will probably be going, "Oh guess who is losing their shit and needs to do some mindfulness exercises," and that would be literally all you could think of while in there, other than the possibility of the door getting stuck and you running out of air and dying of asphyxia. 

The original tweet featuring the 24 sec. video below was met with such horror and mockery on social media that the company deleted it after a day.

It's cute that they're "trying," but perhaps they could start instead with not requiring employees to pull 10 and a 1/2 hour shifts, allow them bathroom breaks so they don't have to pee in bottles and giving them breaks longer than 30 minutes when it takes some that long to walk to and from the break room.

And maybe, just maybe pay drivers a better wage so they aren't pissed and in a hurry all time and don't act like Tom Brady dropping a dime to his favorite receiver in the corner of the end zone when delivering my new coffee maker to my porch!!!!

Having 7 of my own employees, I can tell you those things would certainly be of more help to workers than shoving them into a claustrophobic broom closet of doom with sky and clouds painted on the ceiling where they can do "mindfulness exercises" as their supervisors watch the clock like a hawk.........

Monday, March 8, 2021

Bubba & Shrub Return To Prominence in the WH

CNN's "Ms. Congeniality", Kaitlan Collins, reports the White House has confirmed 46* has returned two official Presidential portraits to the Grand Foyer after DJT moved them to a rarely used room, the Old Family Dining Room, a small space off the grand State Dining Room. He had them replaced with more popular Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.

The George W. Bush portrait has replaced that of William McKinley, the nation's 25th president, who was assassinated in 1901, and the Bill Clinton portrait replaced one of Theodore Roosevelt, who succeeded McKinley.

The official Barky Obama portrait, yet to be unveiled, was rumored to be slated by DJT to hang near the official visitor's restrooms.

Willie Jeff C.

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Friday, January 29, 2021

Maxine Would Like a Talk With You Wall Street Boys

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services, issued the following statement regarding recent market instability:

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Obama Reminds Us He's Still a Prick

Like I reported to you way back about '16, Barky Obama would remain in DC and remind us he's a Prick.  And no surprise, the 44th president of America is still around and can't stop talking about how he wrote another "book", this time about his years in the "White House," like anyone really cares now.

But at least he's finally going on an apology tour for some of his biggest f*ckups, like that time he forgot to gave Dolly Parton the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Barky made his stunning declaration of guilt on live TV to Stephen Colbert, probably because he's too embarrassed to say it to anyone intelligent

The segment was called "Questions We're Pretty Sure Barack Obama Has Never Been Asked Before." OBAMA: That's was a mistake.....uh... I think I assumed that she had already got one, and...uh....that was incorrect.....I'll...uh.... call Biden.

You hear that, Joe?  President O is going to call you because you're no longer the court jester and going to HEREBY ORDER you to give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dolly Parton.  You know, in case you were thinking about giving it to "Corvette" or "your dog" or "Hunter Biden."

It makes sense, after all, since Dolly pretty much bought us that nice Moderna COVID-19 vaccine what is coming out,(She didn't even know her donation had even funded that and was thrilled to find out.)

As for Barky's other answers/confessions in his Stephen Colbert segment, he picked "car" as the best Monopoly piece (wrong!) it's the shoe.  "Frosty" as better than "Blizzard". Personally, I’m a root-beer-float-served-roadside-at-an-A&W-stand-on-a-hot-summer-day-in-the-south kind of girl, but I won’t judge you if you like those other inferior ice cream beverages.  "Stephen Colbert's wife" as better than "Stephen Colbert," because she doesn't scream as loud as Stephen in bed; and "toast" as what goes in "toaster" (WRONG), as Colbert pointed out, BREAD goes in toaster, toast comes OUT. Idiot. 


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dear Professor - Field Report From CHAZ

Unrolled Tweeter Thread from @MattsIdeaShop:

Autonomous Zone Day 1
Dear Professor Whoake, Well, we did it. I can’t believe we are actually dismantling the system! We got the cops out and set up a few co-ops food stands like you suggested. People are very happy. Everyone has really positive status updates. Talk soon.

A.Z. Day 2
Hey Professor Whoake,  So minor set back. A roaming band of homeless steampunks stole the co-ops supplies. We have a few sketchy pieces of fruit and enough water to last until tomorrow when we can resupply. The stores closed tho so I’m not sure where to go? Ttyl

A.Z. Day 2 [dusk]
they took the fruit and water. I don’t understand the steampunk genre. There’s rumors of a rapper warlord wandering around with an ak47. Your classes never taught us how to deal with that. Starting to think need a group of people to enforce our laws...

Day 3
U know what? F*** you “Professor” Yeah. I slept in a hut made from a torn down street sign & a CVS shopping cart. Pretty sure someone used me as a toilet. I have to pay armed guys to charge my device now. paid $13 just to be sure I could text u this 🖕🏼 I’m changing majors.

Day 4 
no escape. a gypsy bartered me to the s/e sector warlord in exchange for the bagel store's wifi password. my warlord's name is Indigo Peaceblade. I recognize him from the Starbucks on Clark Ave. i think his real name is bryce. my job's to collect feces for farm soil.

day 5
the farm has been lost. A meth head took it over and challenged everyone to mortal combat for the farm. Yes, it’s basically just a small pile of soil on top of some cardboard but it’s our small pile of soil on top of cardboard. At least it was. He had two bamboo spears.

day 6
camp was raided by a quartet of unicyclers. i fled during the fracas. While roaming a neutral zone i was confronted by a man known as Big Juice. He controls a very large supply of batteries. He has deals with many warlords. No one touches Big Juice. i'm under his wing.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Unicorns and The Summer of Love. CHAZ/CHOP Creates Conflict Resolution Council

A post appeared on Reddit yesterday that lays out the new Conflict Resolution Council at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle, where anarchists and antifa types have blocked off an area of city streets because you're a racist and mom had to air out the basement. The mayor thinks it’s the 'Summer of Love', and City Council allowed them to take over the police precinct building, so they must have some purpose. It’s a leaderless movement, of course, but nonetheless a purpose does exist. Allegedly.

In this Summer of Love utopia, apparently conflicts have arisen. Is there a “warlord,” or is he simply a fellow traveler who wants the best for humanity? Luckily, one of the folks living in the street commune took to Reddit to provide us the answers:
"Basically, Fox News has been saying Raz Simone (a resident artist) is our “leader” or “war lord” and he’s designating himself as the police force. This is all nonsense. Raz Simone is a peaceful supporter of the movement and a powerful shepherd, however he’s no more of a leader than you or me. The Zone has no leadership. We have a decentralized local governance structure, and we oppose all hierarchical structures."
Well, that clears that up. Except that conflicts have still continued, which means that a Conflict Resolution Council sprung up. Mind you, this is no hierarchical structure (the leaderless leaders oppose those). Here’s how it will work:
"We will form a unique system called the Conflict Resolution Advisory Council. We hold a community democratic vote to appoint three people to the Council. 
To eliminate prejudice, we elect one Black man, one Black woman, and one white woman. Each person should undergo at least one 45 minute sensitivity and political training session which we can help organize. Whenever there is an internal conflict in the Zone, it will be put to the Council. Both people will have an opportunity to present their side of the story to the Council to review. The Council members will decide on a fair resolution and provide it as advice. 
Initially the Council will be advisory only. In the future the system could evolve to become more mature with binding resolutions, impositions, retribution, enforcement, and imprisonment. 
The appointed people will hear out and settle any internal disputes within the Zone. We’re not suggesting that this Council members become leaders or judges, only referees in case of internal conflicts."
Some of the comments led the Redditor, moeys91, to find their process a bit unfair, so they had some fun and helped them to be more PC by adding some edits to the Council explanation. These are gold.....
Edit 1: After receiving feedback about inclusiveness we shall include in the council one Black man, one Black woman, one trans Black person, one non-binary Black person, and one white woman (5 4 people). 
Edit 2: On more feedback we will add to the Council 1 Asian non-male, 1 Native American non-male, and 1 Latinx non-male, and then 4 additional Black men and women to balance it out. In total there are 3 + 4 + 4 = 11 members. 
Edit 3: We’ve received some feedback about including disabledpersons (mental and physical) and homelesspersons on the Council. 20% or 40% of the Council should be persons with lived experience of disability. At least 10% should be experiencing involuntary homelessness. 
Edit 4: We realize LGBTQIA communities are being under-represented in the Council so far and are working on proposals to rectify this. The final composition of the balanced Council will likely include 10-50% people who identify as LGBTQIA. 
Edit 5: We have agreed to add 3 more seats, two of which are to give a voice to the disadvantaged LGBTQIA community, and one to give children equal representation and fairness. The new seats include one for a LGBTQI-identifying Black disabledperson, one for a LGBTQI-identifying Black homelessperson, and one for a non-white or mixed race child between the ages of 8 and 15.
These edits perfectly illustrate how tied up in knots these people could get when they try to fill out their intersectionality bingo cards..... 


Sunday, April 5, 2020

Hideous Horned Insect With Strange Genitals Officially Named After Strange Celebrity

Enigmatic pop star Lady Gaga seems as if she’s horny and has strange sexual proclivities. Now, joining other femmes fatale such as Beyoncé and Kate Winslet, she enjoys the rare and possibly dubious honor of having an insect named after her.

The Kaikai gaga is an absolutely hideous beastie who was named by the has-to-be-gay entomologist Brendan Morris of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who describes his decision to name a repulsive rare treehopper from Nicaragua after the mysterious and possibly autistic pop performer:
If there is going to be a Lady Gaga bug, it’s going to be a treehopper, because they have these crazy horns and a wacky fashion sense about them. They are unlike anything you’ve seen before. The frontoclypeus, which is like the face, was shaped totally different. The genitalia also looked more like treehoppers from the Caribbean. 
When you pause for a moment that this is a guy who studies equatorial insect genitalia, you don’t know who should be more insulted: Lady Gaga or the bug that was just named after her?  I would have thought naming a reptile species after her would be more appropriate.
But Yeah, I kinda See a Resemblance.....

[Daily Mail]
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Monday, March 2, 2020

A DMF Tribute to the Late Great Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews tonight announced his retirement from MSNBC after twenty years with the network: "After a conversation with MSNBC, I decided last night will be my last Hardball."  In other words, they called him out for being a creep. He said goodbye and walked off the set. But in honor of one media personality that never failed to give such rich and robust material to the conservative blogosphere, we look back on a few of Chris' highlights from years past.

Chris Matthews to Donate Leg to Obama
Presidential Library

MFNS -Washington - MSNBC political commentator Chris Matthews today announced he would proudly donate his famous "Tingling Leg" to the future Barack Obama Presidential Failure Library said to be planned for construction in Hawaii. 
"Every since I made that statement on-air about the tingle up my leg the night of the election, the conservative bloggers have been shellacking me with it night and day!. So I plan when Barack leaves office to amputate it and donate it to the Obama Library and make all those bastards look like fools" Matthews told Middle Finger News. 

Ask if he was absolutely serious about the statement he  told us,  "Look, we were indeed drinking heavily during commercial breaks in the election coverage, but on air I was sitting next to Rachel Maddow for Gods sake! And while she was wild eyed and had on a nice pair of fishnets and playing footsie under the table with Andrea Mitchell.... I know the tingle wasn't because of them! That was 100% adrenaline and admiration for Barack Obama because of the outcome of election night." 

There has at this time been no official statement from the White House, but Press Secretary Jay Carney  suggested the addition of the famous amputated leg, preserved in a glass case in the entrance to the future library would be an towering symbol of the love and support by members of the media for the 44th President in his heroic struggle to save America.

" Barack will get the leg when he leaves office.....I'll show those bastards!" said Matthews.

Post Inaugural: Chris Matthews' MSNBC Panel Fawns Over Michelle Obama's.....Buttocks

MFNS-Washington DC.- In the final minutes of the MSNBC coverage of Donald Trump being sworn in as 45th President, in order to steer the subject away from Trump, Chris Matthews invited several of the network’s past and present commentators who covered the Obamas over the last 8 years to pay tribute to former First Lady Michelle Obama.

It was classic Chris Matthews MSNBC lunacy.....

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  A couple of days ago the remarkable Michelle Obama celebrated her 53th birthday. I thought we would end tonight’s show by taking a few moments to reflect upon a sensational African American first lady. Ed Schultz, my good union friend, your thoughts on our gracious former first lady.

ED SCHULTZ: I know that she’s a beautiful lady, Chris. I can tell you that.

MATTHEWS: So you wouldn’t kick her out of bed for 

SCHULTZ: For eating crackers? Heck no. She can eat all the crackers she wants. Hell, she can eat a greasy double cheeseburger with a side order of cheesy fries and wipe her hands on the sheets.

AL SHARPTON: (smiling) What would a good lookin’ Black African American woman of color be doing in bed with a fat white boy like you, Ed?

SCHULTZ: (laughing) Hey, even fat white boys have fantasies.

SHARPTON: Are you frantrasizing about Michelle Obama or the double cheeseburger?

MATTHEWS: What about you, Rachel. You’re a lesbian, would you kick the first lady out of bed?

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Just For You, Diogenes' Most Excellent Democrat Debate Summary

Maison de Diogène 11:00 PM

I knew it was going to be serious, Bernie combed his hair.

But let me first say, I spent 3 hours trying to get a simple warranty return done on my phone, and after that, I just wanted to see blood. So my mood may color my analysis a tiny bit. I also missed a short segment about midway in the debate to go outside for some air after feeling like I was about to stab myself in the thigh with my pen.

Really, I do wish the dems would stop pretending that we don't know they're all talkin' crazy! It's a widely-documented phenomenon that most of us have personally observed!

Some pundits tomorrow may say that it was unsporting for Lizzy Warren to kick off this debate by ripping Mike Bloomberg’s arm off and using it to punch him in the face, but I respectfully disagree. Like a ninja dancing across the tops of the bamboo forest all crouching tiger-like, she personally ripping Bloomberg's face off his skull like an angry bear, then fed Mini Mike into a wood chipper feet first.  Lizzy pandered a lot, we need more Mexcans, and Black people are wonderful. She could have been a lot less shrill, smiled more and wore something else besides THAT FREAKIN' PURPLE JACKET! At least she wasn't dancing. 

Mayor Mini Mike: Move over bitches, I'm the bestest.  Two minutes in, Bloomberg's mouth is saying words but his eyes scream "MAYDAY".  An hour in, after his fellow debaters barrages of left jabs, MSNBC cut to commercial so nobody could see Bloomberg’s cut man rushing out with a bucket and an ice pack.  I'm just assuming everyone in the Bloomberg campaign is cashing those checks and that's literally it. Because this performance is exactly as expected.  He did manage to get one of the best lines of the night in on Bernie, "Best known socialist in the country is a millionaire who owns three homes"

Then there's Joe Biden: God help me, I'm starting to feel a little sorry for the bastard.  Joe says I've done everything, with everybody, and I was Obama's VP, have you forgotten?  Just how quickly would you be blind, stinking drunk if you only drank when Biden mentioned Obama?  Joe seems to avoid completing sentences like there's a land mine waiting at the end of Joe’s gettin’ all pissy about trying to get a word in edgewise........ Quit YELLING AT ME Joe........... Now Joe is ranting incoherently about Chinese coal.....

Senator Amy Kolbe..uh...the Lady from Minnesota: Amy is opposed to Mexican drug cartels. That's Edgy! There's something about Amy Klobu... that just pisses me off.  Maybe it's that she reminds me so much of one of the Sisters in my Catholic Girls School.  She was a Bitch......Someone should tell Amy not to tell jokes, humor isn't her thing. She says we need more mexcans and she has a vagina so she gets things done....... Uh Oh, I left the room and now Senator Amy looks like she wants to take Mayor Pete over her knee. Don't make her grab a switch, young man.......Pete just compared Amy to Walter Mondale. OH, IT ON NOW!!  Amy strikes back. "Get your fact straight, PocketProtector!" She's about to stab him in the neck with that pen. Her mouth is smiling, her eyes speak murder....... I think maybe Amy's gonna jump him in the alley after this and shiv him with her comb fork. A woman's righteous fire is terrifying to the weak.

Mayor Pete: Thought it was kinda cute of him to not shave for a week to get that 5 o'clock shadow to make him look older. Pete kindly reminded both Mayor Mini Mike and Senator Bernie that at least he was a real democrat. Pete pointed out to Bernie that he and his brown shirt Bernie Bros. are extremely polarizing.......Bernie inturn totally denied his supporters are assholes. After listening to the curmudgeon Bernie,  Pete sounded like he is about 15.  Pete tells us we need more mexcans.......It is thoroughly hilarious watching Buttigieg go after US Senators for not doing enough, then puff up the importance of small-time mayors. Pete's Mom must be proud. I bet she still beams about that essay contest he won and that the ribbon's still on the fridge.

Bernie: Off with their heads!! Bernie gets red in the face every time he speaks. I mean yells.   Bernie flushed as he screamed at that meddling kid, Pete, from down the street. Bernie denies being a commie, then proceeds to lay out his authoritarian revolution. Bernie tells us if we don't deal with climate change, Nevada will become mostly a desert!.....Either I'm stoned or Bernie just answered a question about what he would say to millions of the proletariat who are about to lose their jobs as he destroys whole industries in the name of climate change, and his answer had a subtext of "They should be happy with being sacrifices for the future!" But Bernie will never become president because he's f**king crazy, and WHO WANTS TO BE YELLED AT FOR FOUR YEARS.

In the final analysis, what this debate did was again illustrate just how appallingly bankrupt and philosophically broken the democrat party really is. 

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Monday, January 27, 2020

New York Times Ask Dem Candidates Which Celebrity They Would Most Like To Bang

It's just a week until the Iowa vote and the Democrat primary field will soon narrow to just 30 or so candidates. They've spent hours at Democratic debates most of us didn't watch droning on about screwing up your health care or their thrilling plans to tax the hell outta you so they can give you everything for free. As we mercifully get ready to say goodbye to some, let's learn a little bit about them as people who occasionally like us get horny.

The New York Times asked some of the remaining Democrat candidates 20 questions, one of which was to give voters a peek into their mental Cinemax and reveal their celebrity crushes. I think the answers will thrill you. They may shock you. They might even horrify you.

First up is clear winner Amy Klobuchar, who chose Prince. It's not just that the senator and the music legend are both from Minnesota. It's simply the only correct answer. She responded without hesitation, so it's obvious she's had sex to his music. I'm too polite to speculate as to which Prince album was playing while Klobuchar's daughter was conceived. All I'll say is that if there's some serious nakedness going on in the vicinity of Prince's music someone's getting pregnant. That's science.

Lizzy Warren came in a strong second with The Rock. She even still calls him the Rock. "Dwayne Johnson" can make all the versions of The Fast and the Furious and Jumanji that moviegoers can stomach. He can even churn out some more family-friendly crap like Tooth Fairy. Warren's only interested in what the Rock is cooking while strutting his stuff in tight spandex. For a moment while Warren was giving her answer, it seemed as if she forgot the cameras were there, closed her eyes, and sampled the candy. Don't leave our girl in a room alone with the Rock, especially if Klobuchar loaned her a copy of Diamonds and Pearls.

Mike Bloomberg was the weirdest. He selected both Laura Dern and William H. Macy. He's a billionaire. He can cast whoever he wants in his orgies.  Tom Steyer went with the safer but still dope choice of Alicia Keys. The lady can sing, and she's fine. No chance Tom.

Andy Yang took the path you're supposed to if you're married and want to remain so. "I think my wife's a star and I've got a big crush on her."  Aww, that's sweet. But let's cut the crap.

Mayor Pete was the lone spoilsport interviewed. He claimed his celebrity crush was "not for The New York Times to know about." Teen Vogue covers celebrity crushes. This is the most innocuous ice breaker question imaginable. Is he afraid voters will think he lacks gravitas if he admits he would dig playing rump rangers with Mr. Sulu??  Bloomberg offered us wacky threesome scenarios, and Warren had an on-camera orgasm. Buttigieg's a Rhodes scholar. We think he can safely answer one random question without killing his campaign. Okay, maybe in his case the wiser move is to say nothing.

[The New York Times]

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

President Lizzy Wants You To Know She's Gonna Clean Up All This Crap Straight Away!!!

On the first day of Donald Trump's impeachment trial, Lizzy Warren unveiled her plan to save us all on her website under the weighty title 'Restoring Integrity and Competence to Government After Trump.' No, I'm not kiddin':
"One year from today, the next president will begin her first full day of work. She will be inheriting a government in crisis and in desperate need of immediate course correction."
That's cute how Warren refers to the next president with a feminine pronoun. What comes first in President Warren's "course correction"? Firings, and lots of them!

Lizzy said she'll ask for the resignations of all Trump's political appointees on day one of her administration. That includes 93 US attorneys. (Bush 43 fired 9 and the Liberals went absolutely ape- shit).  Feeling her inner Stalin, Lizzy plans on going after political opponents. Comrade Warren will establish a Task Force (probably lead by the lovely AG Kamala Harris) that will investigate corruption in the Trump administration and hold the guilty parties accountable.  But Warren will also keep herself honest, not just more honest than Trump because any common gangster can limbo under a low bar. Nay, her administration will "adopt the strictest anti-corruption hiring rules of any administration in all of American History in the world!!"

Right off the bat she says she'll end Obama's policy of children in cages at detention facilities that was Trump's fault, end DJT's reckless foreign policy that endangers our country by killing terrorists who threaten us and end the bigoted ban on travelers from Muslim-majority countries that breed worldwide terrorism. She'll also investigate US Border Control and Department of Homeland Security for violating Immigration laws.

President Lizzy insist her team will reflects the full diversity of America, including having at least 50% of Cabinet positions filled by women and non binary people. Even though Black women are disproportionately represented in the federal workforce and LGBTQRX people are represented across all levels of government, including in leadership roles, it don't matter.  Not diverse enough for Lizzy.  There will be recruiting from HBCUs, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and programs for federal jobs for formerly incarcerated individuals ex-convicts. And Lizzy wants to grow the government that is still bloated by reinstating government officials who left public service through a streamlined hiring process, and waive competitive hiring processes as a way of creating another generation of ambitious soft skull leftist government bureaucrats. 

To bring back integrity in government, Lizzy won't employ "senior executives at companies and banks that have broken federal law, are subject to enforcement actions, or are under investigation." That basically rules out 99% of the financial industry. But she hates them anyway, so no biggie. There's always the little commie midget, Robert Reich, who fancies himself an economist who'd probably jump on his big wheel and join up in a minute!

It's not stated outright but we also assume Warren staffers won't regularly violate the Hatch Act, but democrats gonna democrat. Senior staffers will have to pledge not to accept a lobbying job after their official duties end.....and that's for life. Man, you won't catch a grift if you ever work for Warren. That should thin the potential herd down quite a bit.

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a dark period in American history according to Lizzy's website.  A government that has been infected by corruption and incompetence, and his actions as president suggest that he is likely to do everything he can to undermine the next president. Ya Know, just like the last one did.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Impeachment Signing Photo You Weren't Supposed to See

Democrat committee members convene in private as the Speaker of the House loads a bowl for the group's partaking of celebratory bong hits before officially signing off on the Articles of Impeachment and delivery to the Senate Chamber. The most amazing feature of this historic photo is that it shows Nancy Pelosi actually cast a reflection in the mirror. 

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Federal Judge Allows Dead Purged From Georgia Voter Rolls - Dems Claim Voter Suppression

Governor In Her Own Mind - Stacey "Tank" Abrams

We all know the cemetery constituency has traditionally been important to the dems from way back, our own Huey Long is known to have won an election or two with the help of one corner of the N.O. Jewish cemetery. They're said to have been very helpful in many mayoral races over the years.

And now we read in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that following a ruling by U.S. District Judge Steve Jones Monday, the number of registered voters in Georgia is about to be reduced by approximately 309,000 names. Georgia law requires voter names purged after voters fail to vote in elections for several years, one of nine states with similar requirements called “use it or lose it.” All states are bound by federal law to regularly update voter rolls.

In his Monday order, Jones wrote:
“It appears that any voter registration cancellations can be undone at a later date. The technology is in place for any deleted voter names to be restored, should developments warrant."
Protecting the voting rights of the dead and apathetic, the progressive voting rights group Fair Fight Action jumped into action and filed an emergency motion to stop the purge. Fair Fight Action is the voting rights group founded by Democrat Stacey Abrams and her soft skull allies after her loss in the State Governor race in 2018. Abrams, showing typical progressive lack of class, has yet to concede her election loss. She lost because she got fewer votes, and that's not fair.

According to Fair Fight CEO Lauren Groh-Wargo:
“Georgians should not lose their right to vote simply because they have not expressed that right in recent elections. Georgia’s practice of removing voters who have declined to participate in recent elections violates the United States Constitution.”
Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Georgia’s voter lists must be maintained for accuracy.
"Proper list maintenance is not only required by long-standing laws but is also important in maintaining the integrity and smooth functioning of elections."
States cannot cancel voter registrations based solely on inactivity. Election officials are required to also mail notifications before registrations are canceled, as Georgia officials did this year.

As always with dems, it's not about protecting the rightful vote of a legal citizen of the United States.  It's about, in the name of what progressives call their version of 'fairness', casting votes in so loose of a soup of regulations and gimmicks like poorly verifiable same day registration, that open up our elections to the fraud dems are so good at and claim never happens, unless they lose. 

The mark of the Progressive ideologue is that they never want to think deeply about the complexity of the world, only about the complexity of his plans for the world. Laws protecting my legal vote is not voter suppression. But protecting the voting rights of the dead is so progressive.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard Appears on “The View” and Gracefully Puts Foot Up Joy Behar's......

When Democrat presidential candidate and US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard appeared on The View earlier this year, Boobs McCain accused her of being an “Assad apologist” who is “spouting propaganda from Syria.” Then after Hillary Clinton insinuated that the Russians were “grooming” Gabbard to run on a third-party ticket to split the dems vote and help reelect DJT, Joy Behar called her a “useful idiot.”

Gabbard, who as of now is still running as a Democrat, returned to The View for the third time and immediately confronted the hosts for accusing her of “being a traitor to my country, a Russian asset, a Trojan horse or a useful idiot.  Over two segments, Behar and Gabbard went at it over everything from her endorsements from white nationalists to an even bigger sin - appearing on Fox News. Watching Behar's TDS aging mug as she gets put in her place is worth the watch. 

In the end,  McCain thanked Gabbard for not threatening to take away her guns.
“I will,” Behar told her. “I’ll take them.”

I think this is one of the best examples of psychosis that has taken over the mouth pieces of the left.  Not towing the progressive line 100% makes you a target and outlaw, to be smeared and degraded. It's the Democrat Way....

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Monday, November 4, 2019

The Commander and Chief Orders New Pants

Of all the 45 million pages of documents and hundreds of hours of historic conversations recorded during the years of the Presidency of LBJ archived in his Presidential Library in Austin Texas, one audio clip has become a classic among presidential archive fans and one of the most listened to in the library.

On August 9, 1964, at the height of a re-election campagin, President Lyndon Baines Johnson decided that he needed some new pants, so he got on the horn and called the Haggar Clothing Co. based in Dallas, Texas, and ordered himself up a new set. After a short interruption of another call, LBJ continues in his colorful, home-spun style and in vivid language to explain his need for special consideration of certain anatomical areas, and hilariously belches right in the middle.

Here’s a worthwhile animation of the call by Tawd Dorenfeld.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Vagina Museum Applies For Liquor License

Note to Reader: There are so many possible jokes packed in that title, and caused me to contemplate deleting this post before publication. But your esteemed Editrix would have felt remiss at passing up a opportunity to relieve my most excellent readers of the drudgery of reading more of the politics of the day, and of politicians who act like another part of the human anatomy we all have. That said, I apologize in advance for this post....

You know what that Vagina Museum needs? An alcohol license.  But which vagina museum, you ask?

That would be the Vagina Museum set to open November 16th at London’s Camden Market, specifically. The grand showcase of unshowables is on a mission to spread the word on "gynecological anatomy and health." And to get you liquored up, I guess, at that wondrous place, the "world’s first bricks and mortar museum dedicated to vaginas."

But some people are concerned about its petition for a alcohol license far more than being known for actually having a Vagina Museum in their neighborhood.
"We have no doubt that the museum will try to ensure that no inappropriate parties will be allowed, but stag parties are not known for their respectfulness and hen parties can also be raucous and difficult to control."
Yeah, Drunken Hen Parties!! 
"If parties become rowdy, they will be removed by security and then end up on our streets, creating public nuisance."
And what if those stags and hens collide? Treachery could ensue says the chair of the Tenants Residents Associations, Camden Town. She expressed worry that the museum is "actively seeking" hen and stag nights.

Nevertheless, on Thursday, the erected salute to unmentionables was granted its license. Originally, the museum had applied to sell booze Sunday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to midnight. That was so, I suppose, you could say to your buddy, "Hey, it’s 11:00 at night. Let’s go down to the Vagina Museum and grab a beer."

Also granted: the ability to show films between 10 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Monday thru Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Films. What kind of .....oh never mind.  There was just one condition imposed by the licensing panel: No more than 100 people may be inside the Vagina Museum at any one time. So go the rules and regulations of an esteemed community ornament.

So if you are in Jolly Ole London on or about November 16th, the line-up for the gallery’s opening exhibit will be "Muff Busters: Vagina Myths And How To Fight Them." And be sure to stop off at the bar.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Oh Sweet Jesus They're Not Really Doing This Again are They?? Dems Debate #41 of 120

It's time for another Democratic debate!  There is only 80 or something more of these before the candidate field is finally whittled down to the top five or so, none of  which will be as good as the SNL versions.   I'm convinced CNN is intent on killing once and for all what little ratings they still have after their last town hall 'Queer Fest and Men in Dresses Extravaganza' that would have turned off most of America if they had known it was on.

The DNC is done spreading the debate manure over two nights when there were more than 10 candidates and made most dems dream of something more pleasant, like dysentery, and probably will again because ALL 12 BOZOS are going to be on the stage at the same time.  Enforced time limits (for everyone but Kamala cause the nasally Voodoo Queen just won't shut up) won't actually offer time to make a real points or use those lame canned zingers they payed staff to think up.  And who not will miss Joe and his annoying professorial verbal bullet points. #1 blah blah blah, #2 blah blah blah......  

And despite how the DNC tried to move the goal post to keep Tulsi Gabbard out of the primaries because she's not down with all the sissy men wearing dresses and has a little problem with Mohammedans running around cutting peoples heads off, will be one on stage and will surely take, and give some fire.

But I won't be watching because Marianne Sparkleshine Stardust Williamson didn't make the cut and won't be there. It's just not the same without her focus on the love, the light of the universe from the third eye that shines down upon us and bask us with the warmth of feeling and brings harmony together across the globe.

No, just not the same........

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Their Numbers Are Growing........

No Surprise They’re Organizing The Filthy Dirty Rat Fink
 Retarded Liars Community.

EARL Done This (Clicky for Bigification)