Tuesday, October 31, 2023

New Snapshots From The Biden White House Album

A DMF Exclusive. 

Photos Credits:
United States Secret Service Surveillance & 
Unofficial White House Photographer.

The President teaches 1st Dog (Commander) to pee off the WH balcony, like Joe often does,
to avoid contact with the Secret Service detail down at the first floor exit to the lawn.

During a speech by the Argentine President at the recent G20 Summit, Joe Biden entertains 
himself pulling on a loose thread hanging from his suit coat. By the end of the speech Biden
was holding a wad of thread and his entire right lapel was missing. 

Biden seen on security cameras wandering the hall outside his room at Walter Reed Army
Hospital during his last overnight Covid19 Protocol stay.  Doctors found it was not Covid 19,
but the orange crayons Joe had eaten the previous day that gave him the upset.  

While on the road touting the success of Bidenomics, the President's caravan stops so Joe
could treat his sister to a good old fashion midwest Ice Cream Cone. It did not go well.

Incognito, Joe sneaks into a Drag Queens for Biden 2024 Fundraiser hosted by Dr.Jill while
campaigning in San Francisco. A fabulous time was had by all. 

At the recent G7 meeting, unable to comprehend the teleprompter info, the President goes off
script and starts explaining to the crowd that because of national security reasons, the Secret
Service always insist on supergluing his thumb and forefinger together to prevent duplication
of his fingerprints while he is out of country. 

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