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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Republicans Not Very Interested in Hearing Joe Mumble On About His 100 Days

In case you hadn't heard, Granny Wine Box has invited 46* to the capital to give his very first address to Congress next Wednesday, which will roughly coincide with the 100th day of his Identity Politics-Social Justice handler's control of the our government.  It's a limited seating affair and not to be a State of the Union, because if it was he'd have to admit their responsibility of deepening the racial division of the country and the ongoing damage they are doing because of lack of Law and Order.  And it's not going to be the same dignified hoopla it usually is because no one really wants to hear 46* stumble through another lecture on Face Masks or the cool kids newest phrase: Systematic Racism.

Rank-and-file Republicans appear to have little interest in attending the speech, even if they could. The House is out of session that day, which means members would have to make a special trip back to D.C.  Most would rather be in there districts and spend some time with their families and probably wouldn't go in the first place anyway.  Like Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) who said "AH....No!" Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) won't be there. (plans on castrating a few live hogs with those new ball cutters she got for Christmas maybe?)  Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) surprisingly is a no.  Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.)"we already have plans." Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-Wash.): "Nope...."(probably has to wash her hair or something) to name just a few who have better things to do.  

Poor Joe. He’s waited a lifetime to do this. And it turns out to be a Covid fear, black face mask, limited affair.  He sat in the crowd for dozens of these speeches as a senator in his 36 years in Congress.  He sat on the dais for another nine years behind Barky Obama as he droned on incessantly,  while entertaining himself with coloring books from the House Gift Shop.  But this time, he gets to be the center stage act of the democrat circus.

And for the first time ever, two women will be sitting behind the president during an address to Congress. VP Kampala Harris, who accused Joe during debates of being a racist, and who as California AG, using Joe's famous 90's black predator crime bill he's been known to bragged about, together are as responsible for putting more black males in prison than any two people involved such things.  And in the other chair of course will be the Botox-embalmed Gelato Queen, Nan Pelosi, who sadly won't reprise her display of paper shredding super strength for her slobbering fan girls this time. And you can bet the media will play it up as the most historic speech in DC since George Washington's farewell. 

And yes, yes I know lots of dems acting like spoiled children skipped DJT's inauguration after he won the Electoral College because some Russians bought ads on Facebook.  Joe Biden, on the other hand, won the popular vote by approximately seventy hundred million votes and won the Electoral College by the same margin Russia won it in 2016. He is a legitimate president, and not an authoritarian un-American white supremacist.

Anyway, mark your calendars for next Wednesday night! Pelosi’s office is running this show, and they have not made a final determination on the ticket allotment. There's a limited number of tickets for the event and DMF has requested a number of the unused tickets. If your interested in attending, contact DMF.

We will hook up for $29.95+ S&H per seat. Operators are standing by to take your order.

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Friday, March 26, 2021


H/T-Nod To The Gods

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Throwback Thursday - Joe Biden's Virus Protection Tips For Democrat Voters

It's been one long year since the Chinese Lug Rot Pandemic was officially declared. Today we look back at then Presidential candidate Joe Biden's expert pandemic survival advice that no doubt made him a hero and saved numerous lives of his democrat constituency........  

from the Dank Archives of DMF- Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Throwback Thursday: When Joe Biden Defeated Ebola

Not to worry America. We should be confident in Biden's leadership abilities as he showed in his command acumen during the epic fight against Ebola during his stint as Barky O's VP.

From the Dank Archives of the Middle Finger News Service - December 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Card

In a rare public appearance, President 46* pulled out a card made for him so he can remember important facts, like he's the president not a Senator. He forgot he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about the card.

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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Some Random Notes on 46* from the Cheap Seats

The past few weeks have been kinda like a surreal extended road trip with a crazy neighbor that started out as just a simple trip to the 7-11 for beer and smokes as we watched President 46* with his box of pens sign executive orders rescinding just about everything this side of the primary color chart and the Laws of Gravity, even throwing a bone to the gender confused crowd, all while VP kneepads stands over him like a patiently waiting vulture.

Drawing on Joe's vast knowledge and business acumen, his first order of business was to put people out of work and piss off  some injuns. And there are these White House press briefings...every day....with this pasty redhead that when she's not shaking down the press for their questions ahead of time, never gives a straight answer to any questions, but reminds everyone their are now three lefthanded Ethiopian lesbians on staff at the Department of Commerce. Diversity Baby!! And we hear President 46* got on the phone with Vladimir Putin, not his first world leader call but like his ninth, and he actually laid down the law about a hundred things while Vlad clipped his fingernails and laughed in the background we're sure.

President 46* and VP Kneepads also ventured over to the State Department where 46* forcefully delivered (well, as much as a 80 Year old who has to be reminded the zipper goes in front when putting on his pants can) his first major foreign policy address about strengthening the alliances DJT scared shitless by telling them America ain't F**king around no more and making them pay for their defense rather than the US taxpayers. Biden has projected America's might to her enemies by ordering Gay rainbow flags posted in front of all US Embassies.

And we once again have a president who squeezes time into his busy day to sit down with his care taker, whom he loves, and shoot the shit with People Magazine about whatever. In the People interview we find out while Joe is at his pretend job at day care, the first lady...I mean Madam First Lady... uh.. Dr. Jill , is continuing to teach English at Northern Virginia Community College, while Joe remains confused why she teaches English to people who already speak English.  46* said Dr. Jill leaves him important thoughts and messages on the bathroom mirror to make sure he sees them while he's shaving, like to be sure and use a blade.

I'm sure all the wisdom and knowledge gained during the 8 years of important behind the scenes work Joe did as Barky Obama's VP will eventually make it's itself apparent.    

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Biden Has Taken the Phrase “hold my beer” as a Personal Challenge.

Hold his pudding cup and hand him a pen, it’s going down! As old Joe uses his walker to guide our country into war, confusion, and economic collapse with countless executive orders, conservatives everywhere are eager to hear from Biden voters.

Is this what you wanted? Is this really what you voted for, or were you so incensed by CNN reports of “Orange man bad” or “Trump’s words are mean” that you had no idea what Joe planned to do? Oh, don’t be silent now!  He may have said he wasn’t going to ban fracking when Trump asked, but in his previous news interviews he said, “oh yeah, definitely doing that.” When he was asked about packing the courts and he said voters didn’t need to know…Joe Biden knew he had uneducated supporters and he didn’t give a single worry to the need for rationale.

If liberals are sitting home watching these executive orders fly off the assembly line and feeling shame, well they should be! You. Idiots.

With every executive order that is signed, more and more people are jumping on the voter’s remorse train. The Keystone pipeline alone sent HUNDREDS of thousands of people into hysteria and worry across the U.S. and Canada. Eliminating women’s sports raised tons of feminist’s eyebrows. I get it, it’s embarrassing. CNN and Twitter used you like a girl with daddy-issues on prom night. It’s time to put your big-girl panties on you Bider voters, admit your mistake! 

You’re emotionally sensitive and irrational, when it comes to politics and race. Your feelings were hurt by words you didn’t like, and you were so bored sitting at home during Covid times that you adopted leftist ideology as your new religion. Don’t question it, just support it, and shun anyone who doesn’t. I hope you enjoyed your little stupid ass club.

Be sure to keep that Biden/Harris sign in your yard, so when people in the neighborhood lose their jobs they know exactly who to ask for donations. And when gas reaches $7 a gallon, we know which cars to siphon from. I’m sure you won’t mind. After all, you signed up for this nonsense, we didn’t. - Ksenya Aleksandrova COTR

Friday, January 22, 2021

Honoring the History of the Democrat Party, Biden Hangs Portraits of Slave Traders in Oval Office.

On Wednesday, AP photographers got a look at President 46's personal changes to the Oval Office shortly before he arrived at the White House to begin work. Right away they noticed that the portrait of populist President Andrew Jackson was gone, replaced by a portrait of notorious womanizer, Benjamin Franklin.

It was also noticed hanging above the Oval Office fireplace portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, along with two participants in the Slave Trade, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. As of time of this posting, no word of outrage from Alyssa Milano, Black Lives Matter, the congressional Black Caucus or Don Lemon.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Guy Who Once Sold His Own Driveway is Now Your President

We all have known someone like this.  They think they know a lot more than they really do.  And when they talk about how things work, it's with so much confidence that you figure there must be some genuine smarts behind it, but in actuality, they are just full of shit.

They manage somehow to stick around a long time, so it’s hard to imagine the person is completely clueless and inept.  But once you start really paying attention to the things they say, you begin to wonder.  What would happen if you put the person in charge of something challenging?

When Joe Biden was vice president, he wasn’t in charge of much of anything.  When he was in the U.S. Senate, he wasn’t in charge of much of anything either.  And he hasn’t had a job in the private sector in more than 50 years. To find out how Joe handles actual responsibility, we have to look a little deeper.

National Review's Kyle Smith reminded us recently that Joe Biden has already shown us what he’s made of.  Joe once thought he saw a huge real estate opportunity and displayed his managerial ineptitude on a grand scale.  It was a fixer-upper he thought he could buy cheap and make a few simple tweaks to. Kinda the way the Joe of today sees America.

As Smith recounts in lurid and often comical detail, this did not go well at all:

"A couple of years into his Senate career, Biden had a dream of living grandly by buying on the cheap a former du Pont manse, together with a huge chunk of land, for $200,000. The house was boarded up and soon, probably, to be torn down. But Biden saw something in it. Sure, it needed some fixing up. Never fear, Joe is here! Joe is a can-do fellow.

The first winter he and Jill spent in the house, it used up 3,000 gallons of fuel oil. It turned out the third floor was wide open, to the stars. Squirrels were living up there. Oops. The judgment on display here is not great. Next year, Biden starting selling off bits of the land for development to pay for improvements such as storm windows.

Small problem here: One of the lots he sold off was his own driveway, and the new owner blocked it off so he couldn’t pass through it. So Joe built a second driveway, which turned into a swamp in winter. He sold off another piece of property that, it turned out, included the front of that second driveway, so he couldn’t use that one anymore either. So I built a third. He hated that one for being a dumpy little thing. Eight years went by, and he made a deal to buy back the original driveway, the one he sold off when he first bought the house. Which cost him a fortune in landscaping to reshape."

It’s worth the time to click over and read the whole thing.

Now to be fair, this was a long time ago. You might say, OK, Joe has learned a thing or two since then, he’s more experienced now. He must have a better understanding of how things work than he did back then.  That’s a reasonable theory.

But Joe still runs around proposing insane ideas to problems he doesn’t understand.  Witness his “plan” to address COVID, which consists of  a) a bunch of things DJT has already instituted; and b) a mask mandate Joe would lack the authority to impose as president.  Sounds like the guy who bought that house back in the ’70s.

This is a guy who complains that “families are reeling” and notes how many people are on unemployment.  Yet he wants to confiscate more capital from the companies that could be hiring them.  Kind of like the guy who sold a piece of land to get money and found out he had sold his own driveway.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

An Obese Man Who Think They're a Woman Has No Business in The Nations Physical or Mental Health Policy

Joe Biden (?) just named the Pennsylvania Transgender Secretary of Health to be US Assistant Secretary for Health. No really.
"President-elect Joe Biden announced Tuesday that he will nominate Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s top health official, as his assistant secretary of health. Levine, a pediatrician, would become the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate."
If this was really Joe's idea or those who handle him, this is a hideous choice and one that can only be explained by the leftist subservience to two gods.  The first is the worship of the “first [fill in your racial/ethnic/sexual minority here]” to hold as certain post as if immutable characteristics such as genitalia or melanin (or variable ones such as mental instability) were, themselves, qualifications for office. The second is his utter obeisance to the cause of transgenderism.

Regardless of Levine’s desire to be something that he is manifestly not, that would be a woman, Levine’s character makes “her” unsuitable for confirmation and “she” should not be confirmed. Levine, while ordering Pennsylvania nursing homes to accept Wuhan patients, removed his own mother from a nursing home to keep her safe, cold-bloodedly condemning thousands of infirm and elderly Pennsylvanians to a preventable death.

In a sane nation, Levine would be indicted for manslaughter in Pennsylvania and not be in line to establish health policy for the nation. But then, in a sane nation Joe Biden would not be on the cusp of becoming president.


Monday, December 28, 2020

Joe Biden's Pickle

I have listened with interest to what is, and has been for awhile now, coming from the mouths of the soft skulls on the far-left. I have enjoyed in particular the so called black social justice warriors, now in full racial bluster with their new network shows spouting off their bigotry with full license from their networks. And also to what is being said, or should I say veiled attacks, from some on the far left pointed at Joe Biden. The far left believes it's their time. They long ago signaled their true intentions.  Joe Biden is seen now as their unruly Useful Idiot. 

The Far Left (as now anything left of center should be tagged) made it through the first “crisis”, the rancor of the 1960s,  and were greeted with appeasement from the Right. They got everything they wanted more or less.  Abortion, affirmative action, virtually open borders, normalizing perversion and even at will able to redefining word usage without a hint of  push back for conservatives.  Instead of holding the line, the Right bought a few years of peace. That only achieved a short-term benefit without realizing the consequences to subsequent generations.

The Left is never satisfied since they are fanatical in their desires. Their wants, desires, and demands increase in lunacy to the point they've even blurred the lines between the definitions of the sexes. They push harder and harder to the point where being white is considered evil (they use the word “privileged”), that there should be no such thing as national borders, that Christianity and doctrine is “so 1600’s,” and that anyone who speaks out against them should be censored (they call it “fact-checking”). They are emboldened because any effective resistance was minimal at best, and because they captured the very institutions that could have been a check on their desires- academia and the media.

Since the 1960s, there has been a slow build up of grievances. There have been well-meaning attempts at reconciliation, a compromise here or there that slapped a band-aid on the problem, some misjudgments, and a perception that “this crisis” will soon blow over and we will all be alright. Kumbaya and all, ya know. 

But, something happened in 2020 that makes me think there may be no surviving the most recent crises. Lockdowns in the face of a pandemic, the peaceful violence we saw on the streets of our cities at the hand of BLM/antifa in the name of justice, and the ultimate kick in the crotch, a fraudulent election, may have drained any good will that minimally existed pre-2020. 

Today, we hear dangerous words more at home in the mid-1800s like “nullification,” “secession,” and “revolution.”  Crazy talk and bad decisions need not succeed to allow the drunk drivers of politics, the socialist Left and their Democrat Party patsies, to redefine in their demented image what this country is and represents.  Only total, committed opposition is what will save this country from either total balkanization or government tyranny.

Biden’s talk of “healing” is simply hollow words from a hollow man. The lengths to which the Left went to demonize DJT and then install Biden as their puppet has left a chasm of ill-will in its wake. The fanatical drunk driver will never learn their lesson until they fatally crash into a tree. In this case, we need to assure that tree is the Tree of Liberty. 

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Pete Buttigieg Picked to Fill the Nation's Potholes

Reuters has reported President-elect 46
* has been informed he picked former primary opponent and staunch surrogate Mayor Pete Buttigieg to be his Transportation Secretary, with the important task of insuring a good ride and filling nation's potholes.  
How Buttigieg serving two terms as mayor of small town South Bend Indiana qualifies as valuable knowledge on transportation issues is only our guess.
Mayor Pete beat out several others with extensive experience including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, butt Pete has some serious chips to cash in with Biden after his crucial endorsement ahead of the Super Tuesday primary elections in March.  Mayor Pete has been recently touting his foreign policy knowledge and his allies have been lobbying for a foreign policy post, with some openly suggesting he’d be a great ambassador to the United Nations. (it's rumored he knows where Uzbekistan is located)  

Okay Class - Pop Quiz: Name one previous Transportation Secretary 

This might not be the right place for Mayor Pete, though. Unless that's the whole idea.....
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Monday, December 14, 2020


He Shall This Day And For Evermore Be Known Here As 46*

*Questionably Legally Elected

Thursday, December 10, 2020

China Expert: The CCP are ‘Licking Their Chops’ at the Thought of a Biden Presidency

In a video that surfaced Monday showing the Chinese academic, Professor Di Dongsheng, associate dean at Remnin University in Beijing bragging about his country’s deep seated influence over the United States government might have come as a shock. But for Gordon Chang, who specializes in U.S.-China relations it was simply a grim warning of what might lie ahead.

Chang appeared on Tucker Carlson where the topic was the threat of China on a potential Biden presidency. Carlson called the video proof that Americans had been misled for years by a liberal political establishment and mainstream media that did everything in their power to convince the country of the “Russia collusion” hoax, while hiding the biggest foreign danger of all — the communist dictatorship in Beijing.  In the video the professor discussed his country’s relationship with “the traditional elites, political elites, the establishment” in the United States.
"That relationship had empowered the Middle Kingdom for decades in its dealing with the U.S., but was severed during the Trump years. With former Vice President Joe Biden potentially being sworn into the presidency in January that influence could return....."
Chang told Carlson that the Beijing leadership’s belief it can treat a potential Biden administration like a puppet and could take both countries in a dangerous direction.
"This is what Chinese leaders think. And because they think that way, they’re going to push a President Biden around. They’re going to do things which are dangerous. Under President Trump, the Chinese didn’t try this, because they were afraid of him. So, what I’m concerned about is the state of mind of China. We see this from Xi Jinping, the Chinese ruler, all the way down to this guy, Di Dongsheng. 
This is dangerous."
It shouldn’t be a surprise, really. National security concerns about illicit Chinese influence in the Democratic Party stem back at least as far as the Clinton administration a quarter-century ago. But since the political sympathies of the mainstream media were just as liberal then as they are today, it didn’t generate anywhere near the breathless coverage of the “collusion” hoax that plagued the first three years of the Trump presidency.

In terms of the most important points that Di makes, that’s absolutely true, that China does have that relationship into what he calls the ‘core circle of America’s real power. And they used that during the Obama administration, and prior administrations, and they couldn’t do it during the Trump administration.
“That much we know. And I know that they are, in anticipation, licking their chops at what’s going to happen from January 20 on.”
[Western Journal]
[Cain Gang]

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Line Will Be Forming on the Right

Once upon a time, archaeologists dug up a Babylonian clay tablet describing a ceremony where the Chief Priest of Marduk slapped the King, as hard as he could. If the king cried it was a blessing on the nation. Now I'm not saying I want to try out a god-king theocracy or anything like that you see, but this 'to restore cosmological order, slap the king around a bit' concept intrigues me.  Let's explore, shall we!
When he [the king] arrives before Bel [also known as Marduk], the high Priest leaves, taking the mace, the loop and the scepter. He [also] takes the crown of his kingship. He then brings them before Bel and places them on a pedestal before Bel. He leaves and strikes the king's cheek.  If, as he strikes his cheek, tears flow, Bel is friendly. If tears do not flow, Bel is angry. The enemy will arise and bring about his downfall.  He places [the king] behind him and brings him before Bel. He drags him in by his ears. He forces him to kneel down on the ground. The king says the following only once.
"I have not sinned, Lord of all Lands. I have not neglected your divinity. … I have not struck the cheek of those under my protection, I have not belittled them."
After [The High Priest] has spoken, the king retains his dignity as usual. [The High Priest] retrieves the mace, loop, scepter, and crown and hands them back over to the king. [1]
The ceremony has a heavy focus on warding off abuses of power. Along with things you'd expect from an old-timey oath of office like military defense and religious duties, it covers not being an asshole to the powerless.

In any case, the symbolic message is clear. Even kings are helpless, naked mortals before the gods.  The political message is also clear. If this looks like priests making the head of state their lil bitch, well … yeah.

Why is this ceremony relevant today you ask your Editrix?  First, it's a lovely reminder that people have always been kinky.  But second, an most importantly, in modern terms our educated Founding Fathers made "We The People" the Priest,  and the "King" the nation's elected leader.  And just like the Babylonian's priest, the founders insisted America's leaders "not be agents of chaos who interferes in the daily lives of ordinary people."

Correct power imbalances are so traditional, the old gods made kings kneel for it.  So be careful, "Mr. President-Elect". Watch who you let influence you or else the line to slap you around could soon be forming.

[1] The Babylonian Akitu Festival: Rectifying the King or Renewing the Cosmos? Benjamin D. Sommer. Northwestern University. Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Studies 27(1):81-95.  

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

In a Normal Election Year, Biden Would Be the Laughingstock That Even The Media Couldn't Defend

Stepping off his plane in Beijing 2011, Biden was met by a Chinese military honor guard
before being whisked off to the U.S. Embassy

 I don’t know how much Jen O’Malley Dillon gets paid, but it’s not near enough. Having the embarrassing job as manager for the Joe Biden campaign, O’Malley Dillon is charged with making sure her candidate says and does the right things, and fix things when he doesn’t. She's fighting a losing war.

In a normal election year, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign would’ve been the laughingstock of both sides. It’s a campaign so filled with gaffes, blunders, outright lies and teleprompter issues that, at times, it’s hard to take it seriously. While DJT has been criticized for not being “presidential,” the Biden campaign has been anything but.  Both before and after the banshee Kampala Harris was added to the ticket.  Every time Biden speaks in public, or from his basement, I’m sure his campaign staff is biting their lip, fingers crossed, hoping he doesn’t F**k up or, even worse, say something that is sure to alienate the masses.

In all fairness, a campaign for any political office is a grind, especially the presidency. When a candidate is constantly in the public eye, mistakes are going to happen. The President, who is in the spotlight more than anyone, even messes up on occasion. But while many of Biden’s gaffes are seemingly harmless, even if they send his campaign staff scrambling, there are some recent statements from the former VP who should know better, that are downright troubling – mistakes or not.

For example on Oct. 10, during an interview which Biden mistakenly addressed the people of Arizona while in Nevada, he said voters “don’t deserve” to know his stance on expanding the Supreme Court.  It’s unfathomable to think that someone running for the highest office in the land would tell voters they don’t deserve to know his position on the most talked-about issue at the time.

In the span of three days, Biden said voters don’t deserve to know his position on court-packing, 56 percent of them probably shouldn’t vote for him and, to top it all off, they don’t have good memories. To witness a presidential candidate have such a dismissive attitude toward the backbone of our democracy – voters – is concerning. To see Biden display such behavior on multiple occasions indicates his intolerance and disdain for anyone who disagrees with him.

That doesn’t seem very “presidential” to me anyway you look at it.

[Western Journal]
[Dank Archives of DMF]

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Toughest Job in America - Joe Biden’s Sign Language Interpreter.

Thanks to a Marie Claire magazine article published earlier this year, we know Biden isn’t a drinker.  But you wouldn't know it by his slurring of speech as he navigated his opening comments while addressing what looked like a small crowd of used car and trucks in Toledo, like a crazy scene one might expect to find in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

No one has ever accuse Joe of eloquence, he lacks it in every way, shape and form. Here it appears Biden was attempting to lament the decline of America’s automobile industry relative to where it was just a few decades ago. Or something......
“Well, I tell you what. I uh — my dad was a modelbile man. I got through uh — school, and we got through uhhh — being ableduleadt after we lost a job up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, eyadda move down to Delaware Because uh, by cause it’s Ellen General Motors products— and so uhhh, I’ve known and my state — used to have the largest percentage of auto workers of any state in the nation.” 
It was a bit hard to understand, probably mostly for Biden’s sign language interpreter. That’s gotta be a difficult job. God bless him. The look on the interpreter's face at times is golden.

Biden’s opening remarks, laughably, were delivered from a podium which read “Build Back Better,” which is a slogan Biden apparently ripped off from British prime minister Boris Johnson. 

I know it might seem a bit callous to rip a frail man for his syntax, or lack of lucidity. But remember, Joe Biden is the chosen leader of the Democratic Party, and that party has spent more than four years attempting to utterly destroy DJT with lies and vicious personal attacks. He's the leader of people who viciously attacked you too for your support DJT. 

As far as presidential remarks go, DJT's ad libitum approach to speaking is preferable to the empty speeches of politicians such as Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama and so many others. He’s a man bogged down by himself.

Something is going on in that head of his, and he can’t always tell us what it is. God only knows.....

[Western Journal]
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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Joe vs Joe

It's not hard to see from this illustration why the media isn't throwing a hissy fit about the tight control of events and lack of availability to question Biden. They Understand Why.