Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Sniffy & Cackles Announce Plans to Finish the Job Of Finishing America

This morning America woke to a slick, cloying video by the faceless collective operating the Biden Administration announcing its intention to continue embarrassing us on the world stage and running America into the ditch. The putative president provided a slurry voiceover for the three-minute ad, though he himself only appeared in the video for seven seconds. The rest of the ad was divided between footage of scary “magger extremists,” as the alleged president derides half the country, and older footage of Biden along with cackles and his old lady, and a host of good progressive Americans. There was even a one-second glimpse of Biden alongside Saint Barky, recalling the good ole days.

Since Democrats do nothing but raze norms these days, we shouldn’t be surprised that their figurehead announced their 2024 campaign in a cowardly pre-dawn video release rather than a raucous in-person live appearance, replete with flags, pounding music, and a thrilling balloon drop. If you still haven’t realized that the “leaders” the people “vote for” aren’t really doing the leading and that the American Left has become a headless monster, then I can’t help you.

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