Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Biden to Return From G7 Early, Reducing Opportunities for Regular Embarrassments on World Stage

With surely a temporary sigh of relief by his staff, the White House has announce the President has decided to cut his trip to Japan short and return to the Washington on Sunday immediately following the completion of the [Group of Seven summit], to pretend to arm wrestle over the debt.

Biden had plans to meet with leaders in Australia and Papua New Guinea to discuss China and climate initiatives after the meetings. The summit is to be held in Hiroshima, Japan, where Joe will embarrass America to our economic allies answering for his potential coming wreckage of the global economy, then before leaving Biden will meet with victims of the atomic bomb drop that help defeat Japan in WW2, which opens up a gigantic window for Biden as usual, say something really really stupid and embarrassing. 

After watching Biden from afar, the Japanese probably picked Hiroshima thinking he's bumbling and ignorant enough to actually do something.......... like apologize.  Or maybe he'll just tell a good 'ol Biden story about how he used to witness atomic tests in the Nebraska desert while everyone gets sloshed on sake.  One thing is for sure, from shitting his pants, to forgetting where he is, nothing is out of the realm of possibility when Joe is involved.  You know the State Dept & WH press offices hold their breath every time he leaves the sight of a teleprompter......

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